The Deflowering of Lisa


It had been a hard-fought game. We won of course, a last minute touchdown pass from yours truly. It was an away game and on the ride home, I went to the back of the bus with the other players where I fell asleep listening to the drone of the diesel engine.

I woke an hour or so later to find that I had company; Lisa, one of the new cheerleaders had joined me and was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. Lisa is a cute little redhead, with gorgeous green eyes and a hot body.

Naturally, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this! I reached over cupped her face, bringing it up to mine for a kiss. As she awakened I deepened the kiss, adding my tongue. At first she didn’t move, but then she melted into me and her tongue joined mine. I whispered “Shh! Don’t make a sound.”

She looked up at me and nodded, her eyes – green pools that a guy could get lost in. Taking that for a yes, I started kissing her face, her eyelids, her neck, even nibbling her ear.

My rising ardor eventually compelled me to slide from underneath her voluptuous body. Her midriff length cheerleading jersey slid smoothly over her head, exposing her to my gaze. The view as she sprawled across the green seat in the dappled moonlight was mesmerizing. Her fiery red hair cascaded around her face. Shadows played about her body as the bus rocked from side to side — now under the swell of her Kurtköy Escort breast, now below her upturned chin. Her full breasts rose and fell with each harried breath, their hard nipples and swollen aureole standing out from her already flushed chest. A single drop of sweat was crawling slowly down her gently rounded stomach.

After feasting my eyes on this spectacle for a moment I started nibbling around the outside of her breasts, red-hot kisses followed by gentle exhalations. As I got closer to her nipples she began to rock her hips. Soon she was panting quietly, her face and chest becoming more flushed with each passing moment. Finally, I closed my lips over the prize, taking first one then the other nipple into my mouth, nibbling and licking them. Her eyes closed and her head started thrashing from side to side as she let out little mewling cries.

The unmistakable musky scent of her arousal wafted through the locker room ambience of the bus. The aroma was driving me mad!

Sliding her panties down her slim hips exposed her sopping pussy. I considered eating her out, but she was already hot and ready, and I wanted her NOW! Unless… “Are you still a virgin?”

“Yes, I want you to be my first,” she said whimpering and biting her lip.

OK, then I would have to take it slow. “You know it could hurt when I put it in for the first Pendik Escort time?” She nodded, her face betraying some lingering anxiety. “Don’t worry, by the time I’m finished with you, you won’t even feel it. You may want to put something in your mouth though, or your screams of ecstasy will wake the coaches!”

She considered for a moment and quipped, “I’ll just bite your shoulder when I feel like screaming!”

Without further ado, I went down on her, licking her labia up and down, gently rolling her erect clitoris between my thumb and forefinger, before starting to suck on it. The effect was electric. She bucked her hips and threw her head back as a violent orgasm wracked her lovely frame. I paused for a moment running my hands down her flanks and toying with her breasts until she relaxed.

“Wow! That was something else,” she said, her voice a husky whisper, “but I want your dick!” Reaching up she yanked down my gym shorts and underwear to release my painfully hard erection. “Yummy!” she said leaning forward to take me into her mouth. The sight was so incredibly erotic, that she had no sooner engulfed my cock in her mouth than I came–hard! The spasms jolted my body for a full minute; this sex in public thing was a real turn-on. When I looked down again, she was smiling as she licked up the last of my jism and swallowed. “It would look awfully Mutlukent Escort funny for someone to find this on the bus seat tomorrow morning!” she said.

Now it was her turn. Pushing her down on her back, I ran nibbling kisses up her long legs, first one, and then the other, paying special attention to sensitive spots like the back of the knee and inner thigh. The look on her face was priceless, each time I got near her pussy she arched her back pushing it into my face and each time, I gently pushed her away, until… my cock once more rock hard; I started slowly pushing into her. After sinking the first two inches into her hot cunt, my cock ran into her hymen. I had expected this, so after working my cock in and out a little bit to get her good and wet, I removed it from her pussy and started rubbing it against her clit. In no time at all she was cumming again and I rammed my cock all the way into her tearing through her virginity as if it was not there. She looked at me in shock as she saw my cock fully planted between her thighs.

After giving her a few moments to adjust, I began to move, slowly at first–then faster. I covered her mouth with my own, smothering her moans, until… I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder as she bit down, her body shivering in one intense orgasmic spasm after another, sending me over the edge as I emptied into her womb, spraying her insides with my essence. I collapsed on top of her quivering body, unable to move.

We’ve been going steady for about a month now; luckily she didn’t get pregnant that first time, although God only knows how, he truly does protect fools and randy teenagers.