The day I met Olivia

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The day I met OliviaI had been talking to Olivia on the net for a few weeks finding out what she was into and just getting to know her better. She sent me a few photos of herself just in her bra and panties and she had a beautiful body, with white soft skin with long black hair. Her breast were small but still perfect in my eyes and they suited the shape of her body perfectly.After a couple more emails we decided to meet as we did not live too far apart so we agreed on meeting in town first and have something to eat and see where things go from there, so when the day came for our meet I rushed round getting my self and the house ready just incase everything went well and w locked the house before heading for the car to head into town.I arrived in town abit early but I went and waited outside kfc where we had organised to meet and it was lucky I did because I was not waiting long before I saw her walking towards me and boy did she look fantastic.She was wearing a short blue jean skirt with a tight low cut white top which showed her curves nicely.She came up to me and greated me with a kiss and the feeling of her lips pressed against mine felt like heaven and I did not want it to end so I rapped my arms round her back and held her tighly against my body letting my hands gently move up and down her back as we kissed. after a few seconds we stopped and she smiled and asked if we could go in and get some food gümüşhane escort before sitting somewhere quiet, so we went in and ordered our food before heading upstairs and over to the far corner out the way from anyone else. As we were eating we were talking about all sorts but it soon turned to talking about sex and we talked about each others experiances and that is when I found out she was a Virgin.I had also never been with a girl before mostly due to being too shy rounds girls but I had been with a few guys before and I told her this and this seemed to turn her on a bit and she asked me what I had done and I told her how I also took the role of a girl to please older guys but I was never comfortable as I always wanted to be with a girl but I still enjoyed it.She told me that she had only ever touched one cock before and that was at college but it never went anywhere as she was also abit too shy at the time. We talked for a while longer before I asked if she wanted to come back to mine and maybe stay the night if she wanted.She agreed and we went back to mine and we sat on the sofa and watched a few films before we went to bed. We both undressed down to just our underwear and got into bed where we kissed and cuddled abit before we fell asleep. In the morning I woke before Olivia so I quietly got out of bed and headed downstairs and cooked some breakfast for her and took it up too her escort gümüşhane which was a nice surprise for her when she woke.Once she had eaten we started kissing again and we both let our hands explore each others bodies and we were soon fully naked and I slowly started to move down her body kissing her soft sexy breast making her nipples harden as I teased them with my tongue.I then moved ever further down her body kissing her belly button before I got to her smooth shaved pussy, I took my time gently kissing and licking the soft lips of her Virgin pussy and very soon I could her her gentle moans of pleasure and watched as her body lifted and lowered on the bed as I slowly increased the speed that I was licking her and very soon she had her first orgasm and I then worked my way back up her body again kissing her as I moved up and again spending abit of time playing with her breast.We kissed each other for a while before she rolled me on to my back a layed herself on top of me and we kissed a bit more before she slowly moved down my body until she got to my very hard cock and she started to play with it, licking it at first before gently rubbing her hands up and down it’s full lengh and then she let it slide into her mouth and slowly started sucking on it. I watched as her head slowly moved up and down each time taking more on my cock deep into her mouth and it was not long beofre she had gümüşhane escort bayan my full lengh inside her (but then I am not well hung) and then she started gently rubbing and squeasing my balls as she continued to suck on my cock and god did it feel and look good.After a few minutes of her teasing and sucking on my cock I was getting close to cumming and she could tell so she started sucking me harder and faster and soon my cock was unloading it’s warm cum into her mouth and she did not hesitate to swallow every last drop.We kissed each other for a while before I asked her is she was ready to take it further and she said she was so I got her to lay on her back and I licked her pussy abit more getting her nice and relaxed before I gently started to ease the head of my cock into her Virgin pussy and every time it looked like she was in pain I would stop and ease back a little and let her settle down and get used to the felling of my cock inside her tight pussy. It took a while before I was fully inside her and I took my time and gently made love to her making it last as long as possible as I did not want it to end. We kissed each other as we made love and soon I could hear her gentle moans of pleasure begin to get louder as another orgasm started to build up inside her and though I wanted to speed up I did not, I took my time and as her orgasm shot through her body I started to cum deep inside her pussy and she rapped her arms round my and and gripped my tight as she screamed out with pleasure before her body relaxed and she ease her grip. We kissed for a short while but we were both tired and we soon falling asleep still rapped in each others arms.The End.