The Coupon Book Pt. 03


A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to post. I’ve had some issues with migraines, but I’m doing much better now! I hope you enjoy.


When Jacob woke up the next morning, he was contemplative. Looking at the beautiful woman sleeping next to him was a bit of bliss. He was sore, and he was afraid he wasn’t going to be able to use that free use coupon he’d promised to use today.

But then Amanda let out a little sleepy moan, rolling over and pressing her lips to his dick through his underwear. He started to stiffen despite himself. But, instead of letting her wake him up the way he liked best, he slid his hand into her hair and pulled her up.

“Free use today, Amanda,” he said softly, before kissing her.

She kissed him back with a lot of heat. He chuckled and pulled away, making her pout.

“The past couple days have awoken your libido,” Jacob commented to her, his thumb running over a hard, bare nipple.

She moaned softly, eyes lidding gently. “Yeah. I’m… It’s because I know I belong to you, utterly, and while we may open the relationship later, right now I’m all yours.” She kissed him below his ear. “I love you, Jacob.”

“I love you too, Manda.” He groped her a bit more, before getting a little rougher. “My sweet slut,” he cooed against her ear. “I’m going to use you every time I want to, today. You’re going to wear one of your clubbing miniskirts without panties underneath, and that fishnet top you have. Nothing under that, either.”

Amanda blinked. She seemed to struggle with herself for a moment-after all, they lived on the first floor, and only had sheer curtains outside the bedroom. But, after a stern look, she acquiesced.

“I need to shower first…”

“Absolutely not,” Jacob said to her, still groping her. “You’re going to stay covered in my spunk today. You may shower before work tomorrow.”

Amanda let out a sigh and a groan before nodding. “I hate it, but for you, anything.” And she smiled a bit crookedly.

“Good girl,” he murmured approvingly, and kissed her. “Now get dressed. I want you to go about your day normally. Except, you know, ready at any moment.” He grinned.

Amanda nodded as Jacob reluctantly let go of her delicious tits. “I want you back here in five minutes, to show off what you’re wearing. And I want you to wait for me while I shower.”

“Yes, sir.” Amanda stood up as she spoke.

“Good girl,” Jacob said again, and got up to take his own shower.

He emerged ten minutes later, clean, and looked for Amanda. She was kneeling by the bed.

Dressed in an electric blue fishnet top and a black miniskirt, she looked like something from the 90s. But the pair weren’t exactly in their late teens anymore. Jacob walked over to her and lazily grabbed her hair in a tight fist. His cock bobbed before her perfectly-glossed lips.

He didn’t have to say a word. He just stood there, holding Amanda’s hair while she kissed his dick reverently, from bottom to top, then licked the underside slowly.

There was no worship today. Yesterday’s slow and sensual blowjob had been nice, but today he needed to fuck her mouth.

Amanda’s eyes flew open as he started to do so once he was ready. She’d barely gotten her lips around his cock when he started to use her lips and tongue for his pleasure, not her own.

It wasn’t long before the curvy brunette was choking on his cock. It made his cock twitch, knowing she had canlı bahis şirketleri her hands behind her back and ached to rub one out while he facefucked her.

But, he didn’t. He pulled out, slapped her with his cock on both cheeks, then shoved his prick back into her open, waiting mouth. She closed her lips and he was fucking her relentlessly again.

It wasn’t long before the stimulation of her tight throat and her gagging noises got him off. He pulled free of her mouth once more and shot his jizz onto her face. The first spurt hit her just above the left eyebrow. The second hit the side of her nose. The third hit her lips, which she immediately licked and moaned at the taste of.

“Yes,” Jacob panted at her. “Good whore.” He helped her to her feet, where she stood wobbly for a moment in her black heels, before he took a third picture of her cum-painted face. “This may be tradition, now. Me taking pictures of every facial.” He chuckled darkly at her.

Then he pulled up her skirt and pushed her back onto the bed.

“Jacob,” she moaned, legs spread and pussy glistening.

“What, slut?” he asked her, caressing and weighing a breast through the “fabric” of her top.

She groaned hard when he began to fondle her again, before kneeling to eat her out.

Amanda let out a soft, shuddering gasp when his tongue touched her sweet, swollen sex. He licked slowly and sensually for a while, before diving in with abandon.

He wanted to force the orgasms out of her, make her sit at her Sunday computer volunteer bookkeeping work all spent and shivery. He kept going, eating her as if she were the last meal of a dying man.

Amanda was practically thrashing, her hands on her full tits and playing with her nipples as she came for the first time of the day. He groaned in pleasure and ate her through that orgasm and four more. Amanda screamed through each orgasm so loudly he was turned on to think the neighbors could hear her cumming, all for him.

He had to stop after that because his jaw was in pain.

Before she could move, however, he had slid his once-again-hard dick inside her, and was fucking her hard.

Amanda was nearly insensate with pleasure. The brunette squirmed under him, her tits jiggling as her screams went quiet. It wasn’t that she wasn’t enjoying herself, he realized after a moment of slowing.

She’d screamed herself hoarse.

That sent a thrill of arousal through him. He realized as he fucked his girlfriend that she was ready for it, loved it. The expressions of lust-hazed passion on her face were enough to get him close to the edge.

“That’s it,” Amanda muttered in her now-hoarse voice. “I’m so close, baby, use me until I can’t stand!”

Jacob groaned and fucked her harder, his hips slamming into hers relentlessly. His rhythm started to go out, and he grabbed her tits, groping her wordlessly as he came inside her, painting her insides with his cum.

It was a moment later that she came with him, squirting her arousal on his cock.

“Do you have any video meetings with the volunteer group today?” he asked, cock still buried in her quivering cunt.

“No,” she breathed up at him, tired, shaking a little.

“Good whore. You’re staying like this, then.” He gestured to her clothes. “And when I want to fuck you later? You’re bending over the desk.”

Amanda let out a little groan of tired pleasure. “Yes, sir,” she breathed canlı kaçak iddaa up at him.

He lightly slapped her right breast, watching it jiggle. “Good girl,” he said affectionately despite the mild slap and the degradation earlier.

“I’ve got a big project,” she whispered, voice still tired. “I need it done today.”

“Well,” Jacob said with a wicked grin, “You’ll just have to work while being plowed from behind. Whenever I want you. As many times as I want you today.” Another, softer, grope of her ample chest followed.

Amanda let out an aroused whimper, but it was tempered with exhaustion.

Jacob slipped free, and leaned in to kiss her. “Good girl,” he said again, soft, loving. “You enjoy it, don’t you?”

“Despite myself, yes,” she murmured.

“I think you deserve a nap before you start the project. You said it has to be done today-are they implementing it first thing in the morning?” He smiled down at her softly.

She nodded as he carefully laid beside her, cuddling her close.

“I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the world,” he whispered in her ear. “I’m sure a bit of a nap won’t hurt.” It was more command than anything.

“After all,” he continued, “seems like I overshot my mark.” He grinned. “I want you to be shaky, not completely wiped out while you’re working.”

Amanda was already fading, but offered a faint nod before falling asleep in his arms.

The two fell into a brief, but restful nap. It only lasted a half hour or so, but by the time Amanda stirred in his arms, he was awake and smiling at her.

“Better?” he asked with a hint of satisfaction in his smile.

She stretched, yawned, and nodded at him in rapid succession. “Not 100%,” she said in a slightly less raspy voice. “But much better.”

Jacob smiled again and kissed her softly. “Okay. I’m going to shower again. You need to get to work, if you can.” He grinned before detangling himself from her arms, even as she clung a bit tighter.

“I won’t leave you alone all day, princess.” He kissed her again, before smiling and getting up fully.

Jacob took a long, luxurious shower, thinking about how Amanda enjoyed the way he took her. Just took her, without anything beyond blanket consent.

That was hot, he mused, his cock stirring a bit despite himself. He resisted masturbating, though, waiting for his chance to give his cock to his adoring submissive of a girlfriend.

The dominant in him shuddered in pleasure. He loved just taking her, using her for his pleasure, and leaving her drained and sated.

He finished washing in a thorough but quick manner, then stepped out to carefully dry off. He strode out into the living room, erect, not caring if she was in a meeting or not. It was Sunday, after all, and the coupon was redeemed; it was his day to use her.

But, Amanda wasn’t busy with anything he couldn’t interrupt; after all, she didn’t have video meetings or anything. It was a bit of a shame, the exhibitionist in Jacob thought, but they could play with that kink another time.

Amanda was deep into her work when Jacob wrapped his arms around her. She jumped, and he grinned. Nipping her ear, he whispered an order. “Stand up.”

Without a word of dissent, Amanda stood and bent over, revealing her slick pussy to him. He slid his cockhead against her cunt before burying himself in her in a single stroke. He fucked her, not caring if she was canlı kaçak bahis typing-she was-or if her tits were getting in the way of her accuracy-they were. She was his, and he showed her so by fucking her insensate again. Her raspy pleasured cries echoed around the room, along with the sound of their hips slapping together.

Soon, the intoxicating smell of her musk filled his nose with its heady scent as she came for… he’d lost count how many times she’d cum today, he realized as he fucked her harder, sliding a hand into her hair. And part of him didn’t care anyway. He adored her, but on a day like today, it was his pleasure that mattered.

“I’m going to make you beg me to cum,” he whispered in her ear gutturally. His hips never stopped, fucking her raw.

“Jacob-” she whined at him, arousal growing. “I need you to fill me with your cum.”

“Try harder,” he said through gritted teeth. “You know how to fucking beg. Do it.”

“Fuck, Sir,” she mewled under him. “I want you to fill me-hell, I don’t care if you give me a baby from it. Just use me for your pleasure… cum in my needy cunt, fuck I need you so bad…”

That did it. He pulled her hair back to force her into an arch as he fucked her hard, watching her tits bounce in that fishnet “fabric”.

She came with a hoarse cry as well, flooding the desk with her juices.

“Good whore,” he panted, letting go of her hair and carefully sitting in her computer desk, pulling her down with carefully so he didn’t slip free.

“I think this needs to be a weekly tradition. Sundays you belong to me more than ever, and I fuck you when I want you,” Jacob continued, nuzzled against her ear.

She tensed around him, a weak orgasm rippling through her. He groaned and bit her shoulder.

“Little whores are so good for my self-esteem,” he moaned against Amanda’s skin. “Good slut.”

She shifted to kiss him, barely able to keep her hips still. They made out a bit in that awkward position, Jacob playing with her tits as they did.

“I love you, you know,” he whispered softly, cupping her breasts. It shocked him but it wasn’t untrue. Just slightly odd timing, he mused, as he watched her face.

“I know. I love you too, Jacob. I’m wholly devoted to you.” And she gave him a blissful smile.

“Good slut.” He licked where he’d bitten her shoulder, and it was her turn to tremble.

“I’m sated for today, I think. If you’re not, that’s your problem.”

Amanda laughed. “I think I’m pretty thoroughly sated after this weekend.”

“So we’re doing it again next?” He looked at her seriously.

“Of course.” Amanda kissed him after standing. “Now I have work to do, if you don’t mind.”

“I love you, Manda,” he said again, standing and holding her close for a long moment. “Go do your important things, then come cuddle; I have a surprise for you.”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, and he smiled. He was going to save it for Valentine’s Day, but… well.

“Amanda, come with me now for a minute, if you would.”

Jacob got a quirked brow from the beauty, but she didn’t hesitate in following him to the bedroom. There was enough time for him to fumble open his dresser drawer and pull out a small, velvet box.

“Will you marry me, Amanda?” He asked softly, looking at her from his place on one knee.

“Of course,” Amanda said, but she was laughing. “Even if the circumstances are a bit ridiculous for you to propose. Yes, I’ll marry you, Jacob.”

Jacob couldn’t wait to spend his life with her. He held her close and kissed her after gently placing the ring on her finger.

Yes, he thought to himself. I’m going to be very happy for the rest of my life.