The Conference


As the party was rolling along, the knock at the door almost wasn’t noticed. Luckily, you happened to be headed to the bathroom at the time and heard it. With no one else around you check the peephole and see that it is being blocked. Still curious you slowly open the door so that only the chain separates you and the unknown guest. Your eyes light up as you see me standing there. Squealing with delight, you quickly shut the door, remove the chain then throw it open as quickly as you throw your arms open to me too. As we pull each other close we can feel the heat and passion that has been building in us. Suddenly realizing that you still have to go to the bathroom, you pull me with you into the restroom.

As you slide your pants down, you firmly place your lips to mine and pull me close again. I gently walk you backward, guiding you towards the seat. Slowly I slide you down til seated. Once again you realize your initial plan before the knock at the door. As I step back slightly, you reach out to pull me close. I gently block your hands. Once I start to unzip my jeans you realize what’s about to happen and you lean forward, taking the zipper from my fingers and slowly lower it yourself. As my cloth covered dick slowly appears, you pull me close, lean in and gently start nipping, nibbling and licking. Once fully unzipped you shove my pants completely down. Now free to attack your new target, you go for it with gusto. Yanking my underwear down, almost tearing it with your force, you take my dick completely in your mouth. Knowing your previous apprehension, I am thrilled and almost lose my balance as I lean back to enjoy more. Using your hands and mouth you’ve gotten me extremely hard and wet. Nearing an explosion, I let you know about it. Figuring you weren’t ready to swallow, I start to pull away. You grab me by the dick and say “Not so fast….I know where I want that next.”

Harkening back to last canlı bahis year’s conference, you turn around and bend over the sink saying “Give it to me now and give it to me hard. You’ve got me so turned on I have to have it all right now.” Being the good person that I am, I slide my dick into your dripping pussy as far as it will go, then I push some more, making sure I get maximum penetration. Starting a nice, slow and hard rhythm, I make sure you can feel every inch of my dick. I can tell you’re starting to enjoy yourself as the volume of your moans raise, your head leans back and your back arches like a cat. Leaning down, I start to nibble and nip at the back of your neck, causing your moaning to get even louder. Realizing I can’t hold out much longer, I slam my dick hard into you and flood your cavern til the juices run down our legs. Collapsing onto the floor, we revel in our juices and enjoy just holding each other for a couple minutes.

Our dream-like state is suddenly broken by a knock at the door and Sandy asking you if everything is ok. Suddenly we remember the party. Scrambling to our feet, we redress (what little needs done) and head to the door. Stealing one more quick kiss, before we open the door. Standing there in semi-amazement, everyone is waiting and watching to see who emerges. No one seems really amazed to see us, except for the fact that no one else knew I was there. Being your normal self, you start to turn beet red from your chest to your forehead.

We slowly make our way through the crowd, grab another drink and continue to enjoy the get-together as if nothing happened. I think all there know the reason for the giant smiles on our faces….other than the fact that we are finally in each other’s arms again. After catching up on the latest news, we decide that we need some “us” time. Saying our “good-nights”, all smiling knowingly, everyone wishes us a good evening.

Before bahis siteleri the door even finishes closing, clothes are flying across the room. We fall together on the bed. Pulling you close, I finally feel your soft tender body naked against mine. Slowly we start to massage each other and enjoy the feeling of each other’s nakedness. Finally having the chance to relax, we slowly move together in a graceful carnal dance exploring each other’s body as if we have never felt each other before. The sexual tension mounts as we kiss, nibble and lick each other’s extra sensitive spot. You start to go crazy again……reaching for my dick, stoking and pulling it to its hardest. You roll me over on my back and quickly mount me, dropping your juicy pussy on my cock until you’re filled again. Knowing what turns us both on and, without releasing; you turn around facing away from me. You gently take my balls in your hands and massage them….coaxing my cum to start flowing again. I feel it as it moves towards its goal. Remembering the feeling you get, I reach around and take your clit between my finger and thumb. Gently at first then harder as your passion rises. Reaching down I slip a finger next to my cock and into you, making you even tighter. Your moans are now at full volume. You finally go over the edge, flooding my hand with our combined seeds.

Finally taking the time, we curl up and express our love for each other. Exhausted, we drift off to sleep holding each other close. In our sleep we roll and start to spoon. Realizing our position, our bodies soon respond. Your hips gently grind your ass into my limp cock. Rapidly rising, my cock gently slides between you cheeks. You unconsciously spread your legs to allow my now roaming hand free access to your luscious love canal. As I massage your mound you grind harder into me. You reach back and gently start stroking my now rock-hard love sword. You gently pull bahis şirketleri me closer and guide me back into your pussy. Lying still for a couple minutes we enjoy the electrical connection. Slowly I start to move in unison with your grinding. We start to regain consciousness. Without pulling out, I lift your leg and spin around into the missionary position. Wanting to feel every inch of you, I lift your legs to my shoulders.

Driving long and hard we both enjoy the feeling. Pulling out slowly, intending to just leave the tip in, I accidentally slip out completely. Pushing to slide back in, I accidentally poke at your virginal asshole. The tip, being completely soaked, slips in just a little. Starting to pull back out, you grab my hips and say, “Let’s try.” Surprised, but pleased at your attitude, I start pushing in. Slowly, but surely, I gently slide into your extremely tight ass. Knowing the sensitive nature of your ass cheeks, I grab a cheek in each hand and squeeze firmly. I start to drag my fingers across the cheeks causing you to moan louder and grind into me. Not being able to handle the tightness I soon feel my cum rising again. Wanting to enjoy this new feeling even more I try to resist, but can’t. Suddenly I release yet another load into you. You continue to moan and push as you continue your rise to a climax also. Reaching around, I take a nipple in one hand and your clit in the other, massaging and squeezing each til they reach back to me. Because of your wetness, I easily slip two fingers into your sweet pussy, while continuing my work on your nipple. With the new position I take my thumb and push directly on your clit while also massaging it from the inside. This throws you into a thrashing orgasm like you haven’t had in a long time. Gently pulling out, I slump onto you. Rolling to the side, we once again curl up and enjoy the wonderful afterglow.

Suddenly awakened we both realize that there was a knock at the door. Using the light from ESPN on the TV, you quietly slip to the door. Once again peeking through the hole, this time it’s not blocked. You turn and in a surprising voice tell me “It’s Sandy.”