The Coffee Shop


As he walked in the local coffee shop, his eyes were adjusting from the bright sunlight. Once focused, he looked around trying to find an open seat. This place is packed, he thought to himself. Walking towards the back of the coffee shop, he saw 2 open booths. He sat at the second to the last booth. Before sitting he noticed a lady sitting in the last booth. Her complexion was flawless, the make up she had on was perfect, not too little or too much. Slender with an amazing tan. He couldn’t see her eyes because of the hat and the fact that she was reading a fashion magazine. She had on a white V-neck cashmere sweater, in which didn’t hide her breasts. Once he sat down, the waitress came over to him.

“What will you have today, sir?” She asked.

“I’ll have the special with a cup of coffee.” He replied.

The waitress wrote his order and headed to the table behind him.

The waitress asked, “Would you like another cup of coffee, Miss?”

“Yes, please.” She replied.

He thought to himself, “what a sexy voice to match her!”

As he looked around, he noticed the men in there looking in his direction from time to time. He knew they were staring at her. Then he heard movement behind him. Within seconds she walked past him, noticing every man’s attention was focusing on her. Her long black hair was tied in a pony-tail. She appeared to be tall by the high heels, she wore black skirt just above her knees. Her body was perfect like an hour glass, her legs were firm and tanned.

He noticed that she was heading toward the restroom. He opened the newspaper he brought with him. Shortly after she walked out, heading back to her table. He raised the paper and bowed his head as she walked by him. The scent of her perfume filled the air around her. He was in love with this woman.

One man got up from his seat after making a bet with the other man sitting with him, about being able to get a date with her. He walked over to her “Excuse me, Miss…ummm…I..I was wondering if…if maybe you would like to go out for drinks or maybe even dinner with me?” He asked.

She replied; “Do you not have confidence in yourself?”

“What?” He asked.

She replied; “Well, you are (wondering, if’s and maybe’s) like some high school teenager trying to ask a girl out for the first time.”

He remained silent for a second then replied; “what makes you so good that you have to degrade someone who just wants to go out with you?”

“The same way you degraded me by placing a $5.00 bill on my head, with your friend over there…..I mean, you could of betted at least $100.00, that way there your friend could of paid for the drinks and dinner…seeing that you are cheap!” She responded.

The canlı bahis şirketleri man apologized and returned to his seat. The man in the booth in front of her had a grin on his face, as he finished his lunch.

He listened as the two men next to her carried on how she was such a stuck up bitch. He wiped his mouth asked for the check, paid the waitress.

He stood up, walked to the beautiful lady. She didn’t acknowledge him, she continued to read the magazine.

As he sat down in front of her he said, loudly; “let’s say, that I was to take you to dinner and drinks, I know that I will be able to fuck you afterwards!”

“Sounds interesting!” Are you a good fuck?,” she replied, as she looked up at him with her ocean blue eyes. She continued to say, “I can be fucked all night long, as long as my girlfriend is allowed to participate!…I like to eat pussy as much as I love to suck cock.”

“I haven’t had any complaints yet and is she as beautiful as you?” He asked.

“Even prettier!” She replied.

She opened her purse, pulled out her book and a pen. She wrote down her number and handed it to him. “Give me a call later, I am going to pick her up now and will be waiting for your phone call.” She said, as she stood up and started walking out.

“Ummmmm….excuse me, ma’am!” He yelled out.

She turned around and headed back towards him. When she got closer, “yes?” she stated.

“What is your name?” He asked.

She bent over letting her skirt ride up to the bottom cheek, (giving the two men a view of her shaved pussy) and replying, “why do you need a name when all we are really going to do is… just fuck!” As she stood up and walked towards the door.

He looked over at the two men sitting at the next table. They were totally amazed on the conversation that just took place. The man stood up and adjusted his crotch. He looked over and said to them. “Some bitches need to be treated like bitches! Then walked out.

He went back to work, now unable to concentrate in conversation with his client. He was in the world of lust, thinking about this woman, her smell, her looks, voice and most of all, the deep sexual encounter with her and her friend.

His cock stiffened again, that was it, he had to release himself. But how? He couldn’t just leave his clients. He had to focus himself back to his meeting. Within that half hour he was back to normal. When they left, he grabbed his jacket and told his secretary he had to take care of something and he would see her in the morning.

As he was driving home, his mind replayed this woman over and over. The more he thought about her, his cock became hard. He had to release his cock, for it was becoming uncomfortable canlı kaçak iddaa inside his pants.

He unzipped his pants, pulling out his 9 1/2 inch thick cock. Now, exposed and with some relief, he drove home. At times, he would stroke it enough to keep it hard but, not wanting to cum yet. He is around the corner from his home. He see’s his wifes’ Infiniti in the driveway. He uses the remote control to open the garage door. He pulls inside, once the garage closed he got out. Stripping out of his clothes completely, he walked inside the house.

He heard soft moans coming from the family room. As he approached the family room the moans were coming in louder. He got closer and had seen his wife on all fours, as the maid was fucking her with a strap-on while massaging the bosses ass with her thumb.

He grabbed a hold of his cock and began to stroke it while watching his wife was getting fucked by the maid. Then the maid grabbed a string that he finally noticed was hanging out of his wife’s ass. She pulled on the string alittle as the maid grabs his wife’s ass and spreads it open wider. She tugged again on the string as she releases her hand from the ass. Pulling a large bead (a size of a golf ball)which pops out of his wife’s ass. The wife moans loud, as she pulled again and another large bead pops out.

He loved what he was seeing, so he came in closer. He got in front of his wife with his cock in his hand. He kneeled in front of her where she grabbed his cock and began to suck it. She released his cock and requested that the beads be replaced inside of her. The maid started inserting the 2 beads that were taken out. She looked at her husband, with a smile she said, “please fuck her in the ass!”

He gave his wife a kiss, got up, grabbing the

K-Y and spreading a sufficient amount onto his cock. He went behind the maid, kneeled down, spreading her ass with both of his hands. He immediately inserted his cock deep inside her bowels.

“Ouch, that hurts!” The maid screamed out.

“You can handle it!” As he thrusted his cock harder.

He reaches around her and begins squeezing her large 36D breasts.

“These implants we paid for feels really good!” As he played with the nipples.

He continues to violate the maid’s ass and fondle her breasts. Her pain begins to subside, he removes his right hand from the maid’s breast and looks for the string. He finds it and now begins to pull on it.

“Fuck my wife, Bitch!….Fuck her hard!” He commanded. As he pulled and heard a pop. He pulled again and heard another pop. He knew his wife was now ready to orgasm, by the way she was screaming. “I AM GOING TO CUMMMMM!”

So he pulled the remaining 3 beads from canlı kaçak bahis her faster. In which this, sent her over the edge.

“I am cumming!” As she pushes herself back hard on the dildo. Once she finished her orgasm, she removed herself out from the dildo. Now, it was her husband and the maid.

He brought the maid over to the couch, kneeling her back down on the floor and told her to get in a “tripod” position. Her legs were under the couch slightly spreaded, the back upper legs were pressed up against the couch, and her breast and stomach were up against her calves. When she got into this position completely, her ass was wide open. Now with her ass completely in the air above the seat of the couch. The Mrs. laid down on the couch taking a vibrator and placed it on the outside of the maid’s clit. He, in the meantime, got over her and pulled his cock straight down to the opening of her ass. He braced himself forward resting on the arms of the 2 chairs on each side of them.

He bent forward a little more giving the Mrs. full access to his ass. He loves his prostate massage while he orgasms. The Mrs. speads apart his ass and licks the ring of his ass to get it wet. He moans a little. She wets her middle finger with her own pussy lubricant. She gently inserts it into his ass. Now, finding his prostate she massages it harder. The both began to let out moans of lust. He begins to thrust his cock deep in her ass.

“Cum on baby, fuck that slut really hard!” The Mrs. yelled out.

“Fuck that slut, I will make sure that I’d milk you enough to fill her ass up with cum!” She continue to say.

Sure enough, it didn’t take that much longer til he empty his cock into her. But still hard he want to cum more. He asked the Mrs. to fuck him in the ass with her strap on. She obliged, and strapped on her cock, lubed it up with K-Y. He told the maid to stay with the ass in the air so his cum wouldn’t drip from her.

He got down on all 4’s, she inserted her cock and began to fuck his ass like he had fucked the maid.

She fucked him for at least a half hour while he stroked his cock. He was now ready to release another load. The Mrs. withdrew the strap on from him. He stood up continuing to stroke his cock and immediately inserted into the maid’s ass.

When he entered her, some of the cum spewed out, he gave her a few hard pushes and released another load into her.

Now tired, he removed his cock from her and collapsed on the floor. The maid asked if she could go and get cleaned up. The Mrs. said yes but she wanted her to remain completely naked after she cleaned up. The maid got up and left the family room.

He looked into the Mrs. ocean blue eyes telling her how lucky he was, to have a beautiful wife that could please him in every way.

The Mrs. asked, “where are we going for lunch tomorrow?

This is a continuing chapter to the “Maid Stories” that I have been getting alot of requests for.