the club’s “bike”


the club’s “bike”A sperm filled condom, the third of the evening, flopped with a dull thud into the receptacle set next to the arm of the couch that I was bent over. Glancing behind me, I was dismayed to see that the queue of guys waiting to take their turn with me had grown. I cursed my boyfriend Eddie and my own foolishness for agreeing to join a private swingers club. What I hadn’t known at he time was that as a newbie, I had to take a turn as the club’s “bike”, which involved my going bottomless and dr****g myself over the arm of a special sofa so that any single guy without a partner – and a few with partners – could fuck me whenever and as often as they wanted to.There were still five guys waiting for a turn and istanbul escort it wasn’t long before another latex clad cock was pushing its way into the folds of my cunt. This one was thicker and longer than the others and I gasped as he pushed it firmly home and began to fuck me. I was conscious of his heavy ball sack swinging up between my legs and slapping against my belly in time to his thrusts and the slight squelching sound as his stiff cock rammed its way in and out of me. A few seconds later and I heard the cock’s owner mutter something about ‘this one’s nice and tight…reckon I’ll bareback her’ and then pull out, only to thrust back in avcılar escort a few seconds later after he’d binned the unwanted condom. He took his time fucking me and if truth be told, I was close to orgasm when I felt him stiffen and three distinct loads of sperm splash against my cervix as he ejaculated into me.Over the next two hours, seven more guys fucked me, two of them bareback and one more had me take him into my mouth and swallow his seed. Once back home, Eddie went down on me, sucking on the lips of my cunt and probing at my gaping vagina with his tongue. As I finally reached my orgasm, I vaguely wondered if the fact he was licking up another guy’s sperm meant he had şirinevler escort ‘bi’ leanings, but as I went over the edge, arching my back and pushing his head into my groin, giving myself over to the orgasm, it didn’t seem to matter.The next morning Eddie rolled on top of me and began a leisurely missionary fuck. He liked to take his time over sex in the morning and often would remain mounted on me for up to an hour. As he thrust slowly in and out, I took the opportunity to let him know that the previous night had been the first and last time I’d go to the swingers club with him. He seemed dismayed at first and admitted that watching strangers fuck me had been a huge turn on for him. I could tell he was telling the truth by the way his cock seemed to grow harder and bigger in me and when he confessed he wanted me to keep having sex with strangers he came almost without warning and deposited a huge load of his cum into me. I was so surprised that I found myself agreeing to letting Eddie find someone to fuck me “once a month or so” while he watched.