The Classmate Ch. 02


I laid in bed, my cock hard as a rock, staring up at the ceiling.

I looked over at my desk. 2:20am. Fuck me…

It had been over six weeks since my…encounter…with Victoria. I hadn’t seen her since, but that didn’t stop my mind from imagining her everywhere. I would just be walking across campus, trying to get to class, and think I see her out of the corner of my eye. It always ends up being some other brunette or a chick with a sexy skirt. One time it was a dude with long hair. Jesus I’m pathetic.

Almost every night, I would lay in bed, trying to sleep and my mind would drift to her. Her cute way of speaking, her beautiful body, her thick cock. I’d almost always end up jerking myself until I fell asleep. Ug, what was WRONG with me!? I’m not gay! I don’t like cocks!

But Victoria’s cock…

No no no!! Stop it!

Jesus, I’m hopeless.

Later that week, I was leaving class and I decided to go a different way back to my dorm. I found another stairway and began to descend toward the ground floor. As I was passing the second floor, I spotted a brunette chick coming up the stairs past me. Probably just another random chick that my horny mind wanted desperately to be Victoria, but of course, I couldn’t help but look, just in case. I glanced her way as she passed me and my heart stopped.


The girl whirled around on the staircase two steps above me. “Eric!” She beamed at me and gave me a big hug like we were best friends. I didn’t know what to do, my feelings were so jumbled surrounding this girl. I awkwardly half hugged her back. She pulled back, still smiling. “Hey! How’re you doing?”

“Uh, I’m good! Good, yeah. How…how are you?” I stuttered like a dumbass. What’s with this girl being able to set me off balance so easily?

“That’s awesome! Great! Hey, walk with me so we can talk.” She started up the stairs. I hesitated for half a second, considering the implications of going somewhere with this girl again.

Then I followed her up.

We walked up the stairs together, me, two or three steps below her. We were silent for awhile, so I spoke up. “So, uh, how have classes been?”

“Oh, they’ve been okay, typical new semester stuff. But I’m taking this frustrating bio course, so freaking hard.” While she spoke, I watched her legs as she walked up the stairs. She was wearing a skirt again (god yes), but this one was much more bouncy and threatened to show glimpses of her upper thigh with every step. I tried to focus hard on seeing more when…

“Eric?” I looked up from her legs to her face. She was looking down at me.

“Uh, sorry what?”

A small smile formed on her lips and then she turned back, continuing to walk. “I was asking how your classes are going.” She opened a door to one of the floors and started walking down the hall. I followed her.

“Oh! They’re good. Yeah, little hard but nothing I can’t handle.” I awkwardly chuckled.

She looked back at me and smiled. “Good! I’m glad! You’re pretty smart anyway so I’m sure any class you take would be no problem for you. You were always having to help me, remember?”

I laughed. “Yeah, but you got it quick. Speaking of helping…”

“Oh! By the way, I got the job I interviewed for!” Victoria cut me off.

“Oh wow! That’s awesome Victoria!”

“Thanks! This is my office by the way.” We stopped at a door marked ‘Freshmen Guidance and Orientation’.

“You have your own office?”

“Yup!” She said as she opened the door and we walked through. “You like?

I looked around. There were three large wooden desks, each angled so the person using the desk was facing the door. There was a computer at each desk, some potted plants, a few nick nacks on each of the desks, and there was music playing on a radio station on one of the desks. There were also two extra chairs in front of each of the desks seemingly for guests to use.

“Well, okay, it’s not just my office. I share it with two other staff members. But they aren’t here today, so today it’s my office!” She giggled in that cute voice. My heart melted.

“This is really cool, Victoria. This is a really awesome position.” I said, looking around again.

“Thanks Eric, that means a lot!” She looked into my eyes. “I couldn’t have done it without you.” I saw her eyes glimmer just a bit as they had those many weeks ago. My cock started to harden immediately. My throat dried quickly and I coughed. “Um, yeah, actually, I wanted to talk to you about that…”

I suddenly heard a knock on the door. Victoria’s eyes widened. “Oh shit!” She whispered. “My supervisor! She was coming to talk to me! Shit shit shit! She’ll kill me.” She looked around quickly. “Hide! Under there! She pointed to a desk and pushed me toward it.

“What? Why?”

“It’s a new employee review! You shouldn’t be here! Hide!” I quickly slid under the desk, trying to be as quiet as possible. Just as I ducked my head under the desk, the door opened. I could hear footsteps and Victoria greeting the visitor as they entered. “Mrs. Temple! Hi!”

“Victoria! I’m so glad you were able altyazı porno to meet at this time! How’re you?”

“I’m great Mrs. Temple!” Her voice was just a little bit shaky, but I couldn’t tell if she was nervous about her boss meeting her, or about her boss meeting her while a boy she had brought back was currently hiding under her desk.

“Wonderful, dear! Sit! Sit! Are you enjoying your new position so far?”

“Absolutely! It’s wonderful! Thank you again for this opportunity Mrs. Temple.”

“Of course! You were one of the strongest candidates. I would be crazy not to hire you!”

They laughed and Victoria took a seat at the desk I was hiding under. She sat down in the rolling chair and pushed herself up to the desk. I managed to move my hands out of the way so she wouldn’t run over them. I had to kind of straddle the middle of the chair so she could fit all the way in. Her feet rested on the floor between my thighs. I could hear the other woman sit down in one of the extra seats in front of Victoria’s desk. I couldn’t see her since the desk was enclosed on all sides except where the user sat, but I could hear her clearly. My pulse raced as I realized they were about to have a conversation with me stuck under this desk for god knows how long, able to be found out at any moment.

“So, Victoria, as you know this is a review on your performance since you started one month ago. You’ve done a superb job so far, but I always like to do these checks just in case there’s something I missed or if you have any questions.”

“Okay…” Victoria sounded hesitant.

“Are you alright dear?” The woman asked. My eyes widened. Oh shit, she knows!!

“Yeah, just a little nervous. I really like this job.” She replied with that adorable voice of hers. I could hear her smile.

“Oh, don’t be dear, it’s mostly just a formality. I’m going to ask you a series of questions, go ahead and answer them as honestly as possible.”

Dammit Eric, get it together, she has no idea you’re down here. Chill!

“I can do that.” Victoria still sounded nervous. I felt kinda bad for her. She must be just as anxious as I was, if not more. The woman began to ask her questions about how she felt about the job and what were some issues. This went on for several minutes. After awhile I started to tune it out and found myself focusing on Victoria’s legs. They were barely half a foot from me. I could’ve easily reached out and kissed them. She still had amazingly tan, sexy legs. She was wearing flats, the kind that slip on and off easily, which she was taking advantage of at the moment as she was slipping her heel in and out. Probably from nerves. My eyes scanned her legs, wandering up toward her skirt which was loosely draped over her delicious thighs that were a perfect combination of muscular with just a tiny bit extra to round out those curves. I tried to look higher up her skirt, but it was quite dark under the desk and even darker under her skirt. I guess I wasn’t going to get a show today…and as if she could read my mind, Victoria spread her legs.

Then, I saw it.

Beneath her skirt, the object of my obsession for a month and a half, was her beautiful cock. It had begun to grow and slipped past her panties. It was dangling out over the chair seat, throbbing with her heart beat, and continuing to harden.

No fucking way. She’s nervous…and she got hard…holy shit…it was true. She gets hard when she’s nervous!

They continued to talk for another minute or two. My eyes were locked on her cock, watching it continue to pulse and harden. Soon, a small droplet of precum began to form at the tip.

“You know, Victoria, you’re showing real promise as a long term employee of the college.” Mrs. Temple went on.

“Wow, really?” Victoria said excitedly.

“Absolutely! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a chance for you to move up a little in this department within the next year. How does that make you feel?”

“Wow!” she paused for a moment, “That actually sounds pretty awesome.” I noticed her voice had lost some of the nervousness of before, replaced by…confidence?

Then, I watched her as she took her flats completely off and lifted up her feet to try to spread her legs more. Her toes were adorably painted with pink nail polish. She scooted her butt down in the seat and, as she tried to place her feet down, they silently collided with my spread legs. She seemed to consider it for a moment, and then decided to rest her feet on my thighs. This allowed her completely spread her legs, her skirt rising even more in the process. What the heck is she up to?

“I really appreciate you saying that Mrs. Temple.”

“Of course! That’s why you have this desk. We want you to have every opportunity to prove to us and to the students of this school that you have something truly exceptional to give to them.”

I watched as her cock continued to pulse under the table. My own cock was hardening in my shorts. I was completely dumbfounded. Here I was, hiding under a desk, a complete stranger talking to the girl of amatör porno my dreams, and the most perfect cock in the world was hard not a foot from my face. And it was starting to produce more and more precum. My cock was throbbing.

Oh my god, what the hell!? Why am I so turned on?!

“Exceptional? You flatter Mrs. Temple. I just try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.” I could hear her smile, but couldn’t hear her nervousness anymore. Something else had replaced it, something more than confidence.

“I’m glad to hear it. I just wanted to ask you a few questions. So, what do you think is the hardest part of your job, Victoria?”

“Well, lets see…” while Victoria kept talking, she reached a hand under the desk and moved her panties more to the side, allowing her balls to come into view. They dangled nicely below her beautiful cock. My mouth started to water at the thought of what was churning in those balls.

Dammit Eric! Stop obsessing over this cock! That is not going to happen again until we talk can what happened before!

“The hardest part about my job, which is also the most rewarding, is probably working with the younger students.” I was trying to think of ways to get out of this ever worsening situation when Victoria’s feet left my thighs. Thank god. I figured she was going to close her legs and end my heavenly nightmare. “I think it’s wonderful that I am in a position to really give them what they crave.” She suddenly pressed her dainty feet down onto my shorts right above my throbbing cock.

It took every fiber of my being not to moan out loud as she pressed her feet into my member. Her cute toes found the head of my cock and curled around it, stimulating it further. My mouth was agape as I held back another moan. She was agonizingly slow as she rubbed my cock through my shorts with her toes. Oh god, how long am I going to have to keep silent?! This is nuts! She’s nuts!

“What do you mean by crave, Victoria?”

As I was being stimulated impossibly well by Victoria’s toes, I saw her bring her hand down again below the desk. She used a finger and circled the head of her dripping cock. After a second, her finger was coated in her precum. Then, she stopped rubbing her cock and starting moving her hand toward me. I watched as her pointed finger got closer to my face, precum coating it down to her second knuckle. She stopped less than two inches from my face. I stared at it, the gooey mixture tempting my tastebuds.

“They crave the college experience. I think it’s important that they know what it’s like to be on the bottom.”

She pressed her toes into my cock head again, making my head spin. Jesus, she wants me to suck her precum. Holy shit this girl is kinky. She kept massaging my cock head under my shorts and my hormones got the better of me. I reached forward with my mouth and wrapped my lips around Victoria’s precum soaked finger. That amazingly sweet taste hit my taste buds and I sucked for all I was worth.

“That way, they aspire to be the best they can be in all of their endeavours.”

I felt her slowly pull her finger back out of my mouth, giving me ample time to feel her finger run along my tongue, depositing all of her delicious cream. When her finger finally left my mouth, I almost whimpered, but then I noticed she was going back to her cock for more. Oh my god, she’s going to finger feed me her precum. God she’s driving me crazy!

“That’s a very interesting way of looking at it, Victoria. How do you feel this is able to help the students grow?”

I didn’t have time to think as she brought her finger to my lips again. This time I needed no incentive as I quickly wrapped my mouth around her finger and sucked. Her gooey nectar was like manna from heaven. She slowly withdrew her finger and moved back to her cock. She continued to feed me like this two more times, my mind was starting to buzz with the mixture of her taste, musk, and her toes on my cock.

“Well, I just keep feeding them more and more of my…experience. And they eat it right up.”

The third time she brought her finger to my mouth, I wrapped my lips around it and she started to pull back, then stopped. She started to push forward in my mouth, going back toward my throat, and then pulling back again. In, out, in, out. She was fucking my mouth with her finger, and I was loving every second of it. Each time she moved her finger in and out, she made sure to rub my tongue, mimicking the feeling her cock made the first time I had tasted her.

“Then, because of all the experience I’ve imparted to them, they are ready for the real thing.”

She removed her finger from my mouth again, but this time, she slid her hand along my cheek, in an almost loving way. My saliva smeared on my face. She continued to slowly rub my cock head, which was now soaking my shorts with its own precum, as she brought her hand to the back of my head. Then she started to pull on my head, urging it toward her lap, toward her cock.

Oh my god. This is it. This is the last chance I’m going to have to amatör porno back out, to show that she can’t just have me suck her off every time we see each other. This is where I prove that I’m a man, in control. This is where I prove that I don’t like her cock.

Jesus, who the fuck am I kidding. She’s gonna get me to do this again, I know. God, why am I so turned on by this?!

I let her pull my head toward her lap, toward her towering symbol of feminine dominance. She pulled my head all the way to where my lips barely touched her cock. I could feel her wetness on my lips, smell her thick feminine musk mixed with her perfume. The same perfume I had smelled the first time I touched this beautiful cock. I was ready for her to take me, but then, I felt her hand leave the back of my head and return above the table.

She’s not going to make me do it. She’s just teasing me. No. She’s testing me. She’s seeing if I’ll do it on my own. She’s even stopped her foot from rubbing my cock. She’s leaving it completely up to me on whether or not I’m going to go through with this. On whether or not I want her cock. On whether or not I’m hers to use for her own pleasure.

“Mrs. Temple, I think it’s very important that freshmen know exactly what they’re in for so that they can make the right decision.”

I stared down at her cock, which was continuing to pulse with her heartbeat. It was in that moment that I finally admitted to myself what I had tried to hide for the last six months. With just one taste, I had become addicted to Victoria’s cock.

I pushed my head down into her lap, letting her cock to slip past my lips and into my mouth. I felt every bump, every vein, every line, and every curve of her cock as it slid into my mouth as far back as I could take it. The taste of her sweet precum was renewed in my mouth and I swallowed for all I was worth.

I suddenly heard her gasp.

“Are you alright, dear?” Mrs. Temple asked.

She stammered for a second. “Yes ma’am, just fine. Just have a little leg cramp.”

I smiled around her cock. She brought her hand down below the table and brought it to my face that was impaled on her cock. She started to caress my cheek with a tenderness I had never felt before. She slowly ran her fingers and palm along my jaw and down to my throat which I knew would soon have her cock inside it shooting hot, sweet cum down into my stomach.

I was hers.

“Do you need to stand up?” Mrs. Temple asked.

She brought her hand back above the table again. “No no, it’ll work itself out in just a few minutes.”

I knew that was my cue. I started to bob my head up and down her cock, making sure to keep adequate suction. I could feel my mouth coaxing her precum up and out of her cock and onto my tongue. I was never going to get tired of that taste. Based on the few bits and pieces I was listening to of the conversation going on above me, I could tell that she was able to keep up a pretty decent conversation with the woman while I sucked her cock, even with all my efforts focused on bringing her the most pleasure. Man she was good. At the same time, her toes started to curl around my cock head again, rubbing it ever so slightly. I stifled my moan by slamming her cock into my throat and swallowing. It was easier the second time to get her cock into my throat, but still took several attempts and several swallows to push it all the way in. A sense of pride washed across my body as she bottomed out in my throat. My nose was pushed into her pink panties, her musk thick and heavenly.

After a few seconds, I pulled back and continued to suck her cock with as much gusto as I could. I ran my tongue along the underside of her cock head and could feel her starting to get harder. More and more precum started to pour of her. I took her cock to the hilt once again, swallowing and allowing her to enter my throat.

She tensed. “Oh, man, that leg cramp. I’m just going to try to rub it out.” She brought her hand under the table dear.

“Oh no problem dear!” Mrs. Temple responded. “We’re actually just about done here.” I could hear Mrs. Temple starting to stand up. At the same time, Victoria used her hand and brought it right to the back of my head, firmly holding her cock in my throat. “I must say Victoria, you’re one of the best freshmen advisors we’ve had. I’m very impressed!”

“I’m just trying to give them what they truly need the most…” Her hand held my head down on her cock and I felt her cock expand in my throat. “…experience.” Her cock suddenly exploded in my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could as ropes of cum emptied from her cock into my esophagus. Her cock jumped again and again in my mouth as she seemed to pour more than was possible into my gullet. I continued to swallow as fast as possible but started to taste some of her cum on my tongue that had been forced from my throat into my mouth from the sheer volume of cum she was imparting into me. My eyes began to water as oxygen deprivation started to kick in, but soon, her cock started to slow its pumping and she released my head just slightly. I was able to move the head of her cock into my mouth, breathe through my nose, and fully taste her cum as it continued to dribble out of her. I had barely noticed that she had stopped rubbing my cock with her toes. But I didn’t care, I was just happy that I made her cum. And to be able to taste her cream.