The Chocolate Room


Their eyes met as he walked toward her door, where she stood. They had not seen each other for over 18 months, and at that moment, he remembered just how beautiful and stunningly sensuous she was….the flashbacks began…..his sense of recall became vivid…..

He recalled how she once had a gay co-worker tell her that he would consider going straight for her…the fellow obviously had superb taste.

He recalled their early electronic dialogues, how she coyly encouraged his erotic advances, sensing correctly that they were having the desired effect on her, heightening her curiosity and excitement from afar.

He recalled the first time he ever saw her on that frigid December 2005 night in Reynoldsburg, how she exited her Lexus and he was just amazed at her beauty. His heart raced, and he never told her, but he was nervous, because she was even more beautiful than he had imagined. He had been with many lovely women, but not one like this.

She evoked butterflies. Dressed in black, braless, with what she called a “titty hard-on”, he had never heard the term, and her humor delighted him. Her raven hair, silky, her dark, mesmerizing, smoldering eyes, the shy way that she kissed him at first, and of course, the conversation that ensued, hours passing like seconds, getting to realize that she was smart, cultured, sensitive, introspective, strong yet vulnerable.

He recalled how badly he felt after she told him that she had cried that night after they had made love. He recalled how he wished he could hold her and comfort her right then.

He recalled when they did talk about that canlı bahis night’s sensual activity, he wanted to know how it felt for her, and she answered, while giggling, “hmmmm…big!”. He recalled how he loved it when she purred “hmmmmm”.

He recalled her invitation to the “Spa” a week or so later, and how thrilled he was to spend the night in her sanctuary, so sensuous an abode.

He recalled how every night they slept next to each other, Mother Nature howled outside, and he recalled how that made their snuggling that much more intimate.

He recalled walking behind her as she opened up wine bottles in her kitchen as she prepared appetizers, and how he nuzzled her and caressed her, and how he could feel her literally becoming hot in his grasp. He recalled her scent, the smell of her hair, her perfume, her body lotion, adding to the intoxicating sexuality permeating the air.

He recalled how she always made him cookies upon his departure, how he thought that was the sweetest thing. He recalled the pictures of her family, and how proud she was of them, another turn-on to him, her sense of values and family virtues so apparent.

He recalled the special lingerie outfits that she had always worn for him, knowing that it would excite him. He recalled how she would dance for him, a slow, strip tease, marveling at her body, just incredibly gorgeous.

He recalled how she would give him a foot massage, which she never knew how much that aroused him, her tender touch a tremendous aphrodisiac.

He recalled how she simply was not to be disturbed or distracted while Dancing With bahis siteleri he Stars was on…

He recalled how she lay prone with her back resting against a chair, both of them laying on the floor, she in her lingerie, and she slowly spread her legs and motioned with one finger for him to “come hither”, and he recalled her scent as he parted her legs, and her taste as he licked and kissed her, a taste that to this day he thinks about every day, the most wonderful pussy he had ever had the pleasure of pleasing.

He recalled her early morning phone calls. He recalled their always interrupted attempts at phone sex.

He recalled how thoughtful she was to always inquire about his son, and it was obvious that she truly cared, and respected him as a parent.

He recalled a long voice mail that she left him in early March of 2006, how her voice resonated with erotic pleasure, and she described the enjoyment that his own carnal talents provided her. He recalled how nothing made him more pleased or feel more confident in is own manhood by truly knowing how much he could turn this woman on.

He recalled how just watching her get out of her bed, her silhouette in the pale light so excited him; her perfect, full breasts remain the most luscious he has ever seen.

He recalled how she squealed with delight as she orgasmed time and again to the sensation of his mouth, her stomach heaving, her thighs tightening around his head, the muscles within her pussy vibrating onto his tongue.

He recalled the way she made love to him, alternating between subtle submission and letting him take bahis şirketleri control of her body, to controlling the lovemaking herself, slowly mounting him and riding him eveeeeerrrr sooooo slooowwwlly, bouncing up and down on his rock-hard, long cock as she looked directly into his eyes, a confident combination of desire and lust, pure sexuality, powerful yet tender.

He recalled as they awkwardly broached the subject of anal sex after he had surprised her when his fingers gently eased into her back door, as she teased him with “never would have thought you were a back door man, Mr. G”, and then proceeded him to give him some lingering food for thought by telling him that anal sex was all about trust and comfort and relaxation.

He recalled how he had probably never told her that she gave the best head that he had ever experienced, and how he missed that. The combination of watching his stiffness disappear into her red lips as he watched that beautiful face was arousal enough, but it was her technique that put him over the top. She wrapped his shaft with her mouth and tongue and lips perfectly, tightly, snugly, the best ever, by far.

He recalled her telling him how she sunbathed topless on her deck, and how he wished he could be a bird to enjoy the view.

He recalled the nude and alluring pictures she sent him from her tripod, with her clever, little double-entendre captions, and how fortunate he felt to be the recipient of this woman’s expressions of trust.

And now, as he approached her door on this cold November night, seeing her for the first time in what seemed like decades, he knew that they would surrender to the Chocolate Room for the first time, to explore new forbidden pleasures, and as she opened the door, she saw her latest attire. She had chosen wisely.

To be continued…