The Cheerleaders

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The CheerleadersHe got the job as cheerleader coach. He loved being around the sexy girls. They were college girls and horny and sexy. He designed sexy uniforms for them. Tight braless sweaters and short skirts. All pussies have to be shaved. The smallest tits were C cup and there were many of them. He had a squad of twelve. He held practice at his house and the girls were to wear tank tops and very short shorts. No one wore a bra. He was thrity and had a deep thirst for sex. He was a handsome man and kept his body in great shape. Many of the girls had the hots for him already.Today at practice he told the girls, “there are scouts coming to see my squad this week end and we need a sexy routine if we want to make it to the finals. I have hand picked all of you as you have nice tits and great asses. So we need to show them off. Make them want you bad.” He walked behind the girls and pushed the shoulders back arching their tits out. He looked at all the huge mounds that looked so good in tight sweaters. He then walked back and rubbed each ass. The girl named kim, he rubbed into her pussy and she did not flinch. He would keep her after practice for a private lesson. “Now when you kick, kick high. Show some panty. When you bend maraş escort show those sexy asses, and arch your backs and show those big tits.”They then did their sexy routine that was more for a strip club than the comptetion. They shook tits and asses and any man would want them. That was what the coach was looking for. “Now we will do the routine again only naked this time. I want to see those naked bodies flaunted.” The girls squealed and got naked. Many could see the coaches cock get hard watching them as they danced the sexy routine. He then went to Pam and put her leg on the shoulder of Mary and then put Jane’s leg up there also making a triangle and showing spread pussies. He ran his hand down the girl’s legs as he positioned them and lightly brushed Mary’s nice tits. He spread Mary’s legs and put one of her hands on the leg of each girl. It was a very sexy look. “Now the rest of you make the same triangle for me.” When the were all set up he walked around them and pretended to move them but instead was feeling them up. When he got to Kim he rubbed his hand over her pussy and her ass. She seemed to like it so he got brave and fingered her pussy.As he fingered Kim’s pussy one of the girls grabbed his shorts escort maraş and pulled them down to his ankles showing his massive hard on. The girls then grabbed him and pushed him to the ground and began to rub his cock and balls as two girls at a time pushed tits in his face. He was being gang-banged by the girls. They took turns sucking his cock and rubbing tits in his face. Before he knew it he was being bent over a bench and tied with legs spread far apart in a split position. They were licking his ass clear to his cock. One girl put two fingers up his ass and began to finger fuck him. Another straddled his cock as she fucked him. “Well sexy coach. Today you get to fuck all twelve of us. If you can’t stay hard we will punish you. Now suck these tits as we fuck the daylights out of you.” For several hours he had a finger in his ass a tit in his mouth as one by one they fucked his cock. Between each fuck they would suck him till he was hard then the next girl would ride his cock.It soon was Kim’s turn. “You like my pussy so now you get to eat it for me before I fuck you till you scream.” She rubbed her pussy over his mouth as the other girls ravaged his ass and balls. Mary was sucking his cock. Kim yelled at him “Now maraş escort bayan lick and suck that nice cunt for me. I want some tongue action.” He licked and sucked her clit feeling it grow as he sucked. “Now tongue my cunt and make me cum on that tongue.” He shoved a tongue deep in her hole and tongue fucked her feeling her cum and coat his tongue with her sweet nectar.” “Your tongue is as talented as your cock. All the girls want the same treatment or we will beat that ass till you can not sit for a week.” All day he was either eating pussy or fucking a pussy as they finger fucked his now sore and raw ass. “You fuck good coach. We may have to do this every Saturday. You wanted our naked bodies and now you got us all day.”After the girls had fucked him all day they decided to leave their mark on his ass. Each one kissed his ass with dark lipstick and then left a hickey. They got a black marked and wrote their first names by each mark. The black ink would have to wear off. Then Kim took the black marker and wroter her name down his cock and the words “SUCK ME”. He would not be able to shower in the men’s locker room for a long time with that decorated ass and cock.They untied him as the day was turning to night. His cock and ass was red and sore. His face was covered with cum from the girls sitting on his face as he licked and tongued their pussies. As the girls left, they told him “See ya at the next all day naked practice.” and laughed and left.