The Chance to Change Ch. 03


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Chapter 3

The morning started off well. We went through all of the software that we use in the building and I explained what does what. It helped that she was somewhat used to this kind of work. We had regular breaks which involved coffee and talking about random parts of our lives.

It was strange. I didn’t realise I was doing it but I was talking to her like a person, not like a boss. We had been sitting there for hours now and we still hadn’t had food, but neither of us cared. I didn’t know if she was enjoying the company but I knew I was. I had no intention of ending our conversations too early either. By late lunch time I had asked one of the receptionists to grab us some food. It wasn’t a usual thing but they owed me a lunch from a few weeks back.

Throughout the day I had managed to avoid flirting, staring and any major physical touch. After a moment of silence, Karla broke it with a question I was not expecting.

“Why don’t you relax?” she asked in a judging tone.

I answered honestly. “I do, just not at work.” I avoided eye contact even though it felt like I should be looking at her.

“Yeah, but why? I mean even the boss is allowed to take it easy from time to time, inside and outside of work. Have a little joke and get to know some of the employees a little. The games yesterday were a good start, but I noticed that you didn’t get involved. They all tell me you’re a stiff.”

I didn’t have much of an answer for her. “Because work isn’t a place for fun and games. They were a quick moral boost and a way to make this boring place bearable, nothing more.”

“Do I really believe that? Why don’t I relax at work every now and then? I should be allowed at least a little freedom.” I thought.

Karla looked at me from across the desk. “Maybe you’re right, but then again…”

Before continuing she scrunched up a piece of paper into a ball and threw it at my head. It hit me straight between the eyes as Karla burst out into a fit of laughter.

I wasn’t sure how to process what had just happened. An employee had just thrown a ball of paper at my face and is now laughing. It should have made me angry but her laughter had hooked me like a fish.

I remained silent for a moment, just to throw her off. As that doubt set into her mind that I might be angry, I grabbed the ball of paper from my desk and hurled it directly at her, bouncing it straight off the tip of her nose. She had a look of shock on her face, but before I could enjoy it I grabbed another piece of paper, quickly balled it up and repeated my earlier action.

Karla grinned, bounced up out of her chair and ran behind the nearest desk. “I’m going to get you for that!”

Before I knew it we were throwing anything we could find: pens, paper, plastic cups and notepads were all being launched across the room.

The game had completely taken over my thoughts. I was no longer in work. I was on a battlefield with the enemy hiding behind the walls in front of me. She had gone quiet, no longer throwing anything. Suddenly from behind me I heard a ‘woosh’ then it all went dark. Karla had tipped an entire bin of paper onto my head!

“Take that!” I heard her chant in triumph.

“What the fuck?” I shifted the through the pile and turned where I crouched to see her standing above me.

“I said I would get you back!” she pronounced as if she’d won the game.

Without thinking I bolted up and tackled her to the floor, harder than I meant to. She landed with a thud as I towered above her smirking. She squealed at the surprise attack as I shifted my body onto hers with my legs either side of her as I gazed down at what I had caught.

Karla burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, trying not to laugh.

“I don’t think this is how a boss is supposed to act to an employee,” she said smiling a gorgeous and seductive smile at me.

“Shit. I just tackled an employee to the floor and I’m now holding her down!” Part of me panicked but the rest of me was enjoying the closeness and the sudden fun I was having.

Karla could tell I was a little bit worried about what I had just done. “Don’t worry. I wont tell anyone,” she said looking me dead in the eyes, “as long as you don’t.”

Before I could react she jerked forward, throwing me off balance. I immediately tumbled to the floor and with incredible speed Karla had jumped on top of me, resting her legs either side of my hips.

Our roles had reversed, but this time I could feel the sexual tension in the air. My mind went blank. All I could think about was her and all I could see was her, so I decided to stay still and see where it went. Karla’s rear was planted perfectly above my crotch and it took all of my strength not to güvenilir bahis get too excited.

“You know, for a boss you’re actually ok. I’ve had to work for some of the worst people, but this place is a major step up!” Her arms had moved to my chest, pressing her bust together. “And it helps to have a cute boss,” she said catching me off guard and began to lean down.

“Oh fuck!” I thought. Other than that I had nothing to say as she made her way to me. Our eyes were locked and our lips were mere inches apart. Time moved annoyingly slow as her eyes closed and she approached her target.

Just as I prepared for the inevitable we heard the elevator ping. Karla’s eyes went wide as we both looked towards the elevator.

“Oh shit!” I looked at Karla once again and then around the room. There was rubbish everywhere, paper scattered on the floor, chairs tipped over and I had Karla on top on me.

“If someone catches us then its game over!” I panicked. “That’s what happens when you try to have fun!” I thought to myself.

“Well it was fun while it lasted.” Karla leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. “Rematch next week?”

I was tongue tied as my mind went blank. The elevator was getting closer to our floor. Karla got off me and shifted behind the nearest desk on all fours with her ass pointing straight at me.

“Kill me, kill me now,” I thought as I shifted behind her to watch for the door to open.

“Who else comes in on Saturdays, Wyatt?”

I noticed she used my first name but let it slide this time.

“No one this time of day. The only people in the building would be either one of my bosses or the receptionists. Either way it’s not good!” Every second felt like an hour until it finally hit our floor. We hid ourselves away and only peaked around the corner to spy.

The door opened and my face felt like it was on fire. It wasn’t one of the bosses. A man came out in a green one piece and a broom. “Oh thank fuck. It’s only the janitor,” I whispered.

He looked around the room in shock at the state we had made. “Those dirty bastards. Expect me to clean up their shit. Always pushing my patience. I should get a raise for this shit,” he kept mumbling away to himself for a few minutes as he started sweeping.

“What do we do boss?” Karla looked at me with a wide excited smile.

“Unbelievable, she’s enjoying this!” I thought.

“We have to get to the stairs. We’ll wait for him to move to the other side of the room and then make a break for it.” I spoke quietly and without realising I was checking out Karla’s rear the entire time.

“Hey,” Karla caught me ogling, “leave that to Monday.” She smirked as my face went red.

The janitor moved slowly as he swept up our junk and flipped the chairs right. After several minutes he was far enough away that it was possible to make it to the stairs.

“Karla,” I whispered, getting her attention, “we should go now. Get ready to move.”

She responded with a nod.

“When I say now, we crawl between the desks and head straight for the door,” I whispered.

“Let me guess, you want me to go first?” she asked.

I immediately imagined her crawling on all fours which got my heart rate souring up. “Well, if you insist,” I coyly smiled back at her.

“Fine. But try not to enjoy yourself too much!” she whispered, and before I could respond she took off without even looking to see where the cleaner was.

“Oh shit!” I checked to see where he was but luckily he was looking away towards the window. I quickly followed suit behind Karla, crawling toward the exit, all the while enjoying the view Karla gave me. She wore a skirt but it had ridden up her legs enough to excite me.

We finally hit the last desk before the door but this was no time to celebrate. It was a straight run from here to the exit, but if we timed it wrong then we would be caught.

“Ok, this time wait for me to say ‘now’.”

Karla looked at me over her shoulder and seductively replied, “Yes boss.”

“Oh man! She’s unreal! Concentrate, this is real. You could lose your job. Focus on getting the hell out of here.”

After one last look to see the janitor facing the other way I whispered, “Now!”

Karla bolted straight forward. Quickly followed by me and within seconds we were out the door and running down the stairs. We stopped about ten floors down to catch a breather.

“That was insane!” I said between breaths.

Karla moved closer to me. “Nearly getting caught like that really got my heart going!”

She looked at me again with those adventurous eyes. I couldn’t tell if I was excited or furious at the situation. Probably both.

“Karla, that wasn’t a good thing. We could have been caught, or worse lost our jobs. I know you might not mind but I’ve worked too hard to just have that thrown away for a little bit of ‘fun’. That was too close!”

“Well, we will just have to be more careful next time wont we?”

She looked cute mere inches away.

“What!? No, that isn’t happening again! I’m türkçe bahis your boss, and come Monday that’s all we are. No more risks, no more flirting and no more Saturdays working alone.” My words were harsh but they spoke the truth.

Karla took a minute to answer before looking at me. “Fine, if that’s what you really want…”

I nodded as a reply and continued my way down the steps, slowly followed by Karla.

When we reached the bottom I peeked to look for the receptionists. Luck was on my side and they weren’t there. “Right, lets go!”

Finally outside I felt myself relax.

Karla looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes before leaving. “I will see you on Monday, Mr. Bennett,” she spoke with a sad tone while walking away.

I didn’t have the capability to reply so we just walked away in separate directions.

As I walked away I started thinking about the last few hours. Karla’s laugh, her smile and how she made me feel. It was hard to put her down the way I did but I knew it was the right thing to do. I looked back to where she was and saw her slowly disappearing down the road. I sighed heavily. Then I heard it; a spine shattering scream from Karla’s direction!

My legs moved before my brain knew what was happening. My thoughts were racing. “What’s happened? Why did she scream? Is she hurt?” I had never run so fast in my life. The shoes I was wearing made it difficult and dangerous to go full sprint, but in that moment I didn’t care. I got closer to where she was with every second; my heart raced and my mind went silent as I got closer. I rounded the corner and searched for any signs of Karla but couldn’t see her.

I could hear something, like a scuffle in the nearby alleyway. I ran forward to the entrance and my eyes came upon her. It took a moment to register what was happening. In the shadow I could see a figure standing there. No it wasn’t just one, it was two people, side by side. I moved forward hearing Karla’s muffled voice.

“Stay the fuck back your prick!” a man shouted loudly in my direction.

My eyes adjusted to the dark surroundings. There was a tall man standing behind Karla, holding a knife to her throat.

My heart pounded in my chest. “Please don’t let anything bad happen to her!” I panicked but knew I had to stay calm for her sake.

“Listen pal, don’t do anything stupid ok. What do you want?” I spoke as I slowly moved closer to them.

Karla’s eyes were wide and full of tears streaming down her face. She looked right at me, pleading for help.

“Money! All of it! Your money asshole!” The man’s speech was slurred and breathy. Probably doped up on something which could mean he’s more likely to be unpredictable.

“This isn’t good. I need to help her right now.” I edged closer still and raised my arms up in front of me, showing I wasn’t a threat. “Ok mate, calm down. You can have my money ok. Just let her go.” I was still edging closer at this point, mere feet away.

His hand was wrapped around her face, covering her mouth. The little amount of makeup she wore was starting to trace itself down onto the man’s hand. The knife was touching the skin on her neck. It was a hard sight to see.

“Stay the fuck back! Money now prick!”

I stopped dead in my tracks, not wanting to test the man’s patience any further. “Ok, I’m going to take my wallet out. Just hold on, alright?”

He seemed to be ok with that answer.

I mouthed the words, “You will be ok,” to Karla as I slowly reached for my wallet.

The knife had moved further away from her neck as I reached for my wallet. Karla noticed as she took the opportunity and raised her leg high, only to bring her heel down onto the man’s foot. The mugger bellowed in pain.

The knife moved away from her neck. Without hesitation I lunged forward, grabbing the man’s knife arm and drew it further away. With mach speed I brought my right fist straight to the bridge of the man’s nose, and with a bone crunching squelch he began to fall.

Karla shifted from his grasp as the mugger fell backwards. A burst of blood sprayed from his now broken nose. It all happened in a matter of seconds. Karla was now safe and away from the man, so I assessed the situation.

The knife was nowhere to be seen, most probably under one of the bins. My first thought was to run, but part of me was worried he would follow with another knife. So I decided to stand my ground and wait for him to make the first move.

The man scrambled to his feet, holding his nose as it dripped with bright red blood. Karla stood behind me, holding my arm as she cowered and cried. I contemplated lunging forward and striking the man again. But before I could do anything, he turned around and bolted down the alleyway, leaving spots of blood on the dirty road.

Satisfied that he was gone I turned my attention to the scared woman attached to me side. Immediately I wanted to make sure she was ok.

“Karla, are you ok? Are you hurt?”

She barely looked at me. She had blood on her face and clothes. güvenilir bahis siteleri I guessed it was from the mugger’s nose but I wanted to make sure the knife hadn’t nicked her. I inspected her neck and wiped off some of the blood.

“Karla, look at me.” Her head rose and her teary eyes met mine. “Come on, we need to go to the police station to report this. Can you walk with me? I’ll stay by your side the entire time.” I spoke with a soft but reassuring tone.

“Ok,” said Karla, barely above a whisper.

We journeyed down the road to the nearest police station which was infuriatingly close to us, being only a few minutes from the alley. The whole way Karla held my arm. Her crying had subsided but I could feel her hands shaking and how nervous she was whenever someone walked past us.

We sat patiently waiting until we were seen. I still had Karla beside me; she had loosened the grip on my arm slightly but still sat close. I knew I shouldn’t, but I was enjoying the closeness. I could feel my arm sinking between her breasts every so often. She smelled of raspberry linen, soft and sweet which did not help my already excited mood.

Every so often Karla would look up at me, and even though she had been crying and had mascara trails down her face she still looked beautiful. I cursed myself for thinking any crude thoughts, but it was getting harder and harder to see the line I knew I shouldn’t cross.

Two policemen took our statements in pretty good time, probably only half an hour to fill in the paperwork and describe the man and incident. One of the older officers wouldn’t stop ogling Karla’s body, which added to my rage. But I calmed myself down knowing we would soon be out of there.

By the time we had finished it was nearly eight o’clock. The policemen said they’d do everything they can with our report and try to catch the man, but I had a feeling this kind of thing happens often and they were only saying that to keep us reassured. Either way we had done our part and I was getting hungry. We left the station and headed down the road.

“Do you want to grab food?” I looked at Karla who looked back at me with a look of surprise. “Ah you’ve still got blood on you, probably best to go home then. I’ll walk you to your place if you’d…”

Karla cut me off before I could finish. “I would like some food.” She spoke so innocently.

“Umm ok, how about we get a takeaway Chinese and go to my place? It’s only around the corner and I’m starving,” I spoke without thinking.

“You fucking idiot, you can’t invite her to yours. She’ll think you’re trying to take advantage of her!” I internally scolded once myself again.

“That sounds nice, but I can go home if you’d prefer?”

Every part of my brain was screaming “Say yes! Send her home. You can’t bring her to your place! Say yes!” My heart was thinking something completely different.

“No, of course not. Chinese takeaway and your company sounds amazing, especially after the day we’ve had.”

Karla blushed. I couldn’t believe I had actually said that out loud.

We walked down the road together. Karla had let go of my arm at this point but remained close by my side. I assumed she was calming down a bit from the ordeal earlier that day.

“So what do you do when you’re not working, Karla?” I had found out earlier today that she had a great taste in music and movies but I didn’t know much about her personal life.

“Well to be honest I don’t do much. I clean my flat, I watch TV and I read. I don’t really do much more than that.” Before I could respond she chipped in, “Oh! I also do yoga from time to time.”

I immediately imagined it in detail and had to kick myself back to reality.

“That’s awesome. I considered doing yoga at some point but it was between that and running. Running won.”

Karla laughed at that. “Well you’re more than welcome to join me during my session one day, if you’d like.”

Again I imagined the sexy yoga clothing and poses. I had to kick myself back to our world before I lost it.

“Yeah that sounds amazing. Can’t promise I’ll be any good though.”

Karla chuckled again. “That’s alright, practice makes perfect. Besides, everyone at work thinks you’re a stiff so it would benefit you to loosen up a bit,” she smirked.

“You’re brave, talking to your boss like that.” We were staring at each other.

“It’s ok, I’ll just make you another cup of coffee on Monday and you’ll purr like a cat for me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Better be the best coffee ever.”

We continued our walk until we came across the Chinese. We grabbed some food and headed to mine.

“You live in a flat?” Karla said in a surprising tone.

“Umm yeah, what’s wrong with that?” I responded.

“Oh nothing. I just assumed being the boss of a big company you would live in a big house or apartment.”

We got in the elevator and headed for my floor.

“I’m a boss of a big company, not the boss. Besides, it’s not your average flat. I own the top two floors and built a staircase between them.”

“Wait, how do you own the top two floors?”

“My uncle owns the building and I’ve been slowly paying the amount off. He’s given me a pretty good deal and I’ve almost paid the full amount off.”