The Calling Card


I received the calling card on my cell. It was a text. It was him.

The message said, “My hard cock just made me have to text you that it needs some play time.”

I text him back, telling him,”On my way get there as fast as I can.”

He text back, “Door’s unlocked come on in I’ll be naked on the couch stroking myself til you get here.”

The text ended with, “Hurry Baby!!!”

As I jumped in my car, I was horny and already wet from wanting him really bad too. As I drove, I could see his throbbing cock. I could see my lips around it. I could feel it plunging wildly into me.

I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. I was wearing only a long leather coat. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t have anything on underneath. I walked in the front door and locked it behind me. There he was, just like he said, on the couch, naked. One hand was around his cock slowly stroking it. The other hand was massaging his balls.

“Mmmm,” I moaned to myself.

“I like, I like,” I said to him.

I walked over to him and asked, “Need some help with that?”

“More than you can ever know, Baby,” he said.

I knelt beside the couch. Taking his cock in my hand I leaned over and began licking up the underside from the base to just beneath the head. Then I licked down one side, up the other, and back down the underside.

“Ohhh god,” he moaned.

I whispered, “I’m going to give you a hickey on your cock.”

Before he could say anything, I began sucking the side of his cock as hard as I could. His hands gripped the couch. I pressed my finger against his back hole.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, don’t stop,” he cried.

I sucked and sucked. I pushed hard against his back hole. He squirmed and groaned. I pulled my lips off his cock and was satisfied to see I had left a large hickey. I tasted the pre cum on the head of his cock with my tongue. Then I slowly wrapped my lips around his cock and went down, all the way to the base.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. I could feel his cock all the way to the back of my throat. It was throbbing from the pleasure I was giving him. Even though I was gagging, I took every inch.

I couldn’t believe it! He got even harder. I knew it was time for me to get on and ride him.

I stood up and dropped my coat. My nipples were standing out so hard they almost ached. Wetness was dripping down my legs.

His eyes roamed up and down my naked body.

“God baby, you are beautiful,” he said.

I said, “I’m going to ride you until you pass out. Get that cock ready. You are going to get the fucking of a lifetime.”

“So are you, baby,” he said back.

He held his cock up for me to get on. I straddled over him on my knees and lowered myself slowly down his hard shaft. I sighed with pleasure as I felt his cock stretch me and slide all the way to the back of my pussy.

He grabbed my breasts and pulled me forward. He took my hard nipple between his lips and sucked softly, running his tongue over the tip. He nibbled from one to the other. When he canlı bahis şirketleri heard me moan, he sucked on a nipple as hard as he could. I let out a scream and began pumping down on his cock. He grabbed my hips raising me up almost off his cock and then driving me down. We went faster and faster. The sound of our fucking got louder and louder.

I could feel an orgasm coming.

“Slow down,” I begged. So he did.

I took up the pace. I rode him slowly. I used my legs to go up and down his cock. I wiggled my ass back and forth. I squeezed my pussy tight around his cock. I threw my head back and grunted and groaned.

He sensed I was about to cum and started to ride me from underneath! His hips hammered his cock up into my pussy.

Our bodies were in tune as my orgasm was released. My juices ran down his cock. I felt spurt after spurt of his cum in the deepest part of my pussy. The room was filled with shouts.

I leaned over him so that our chests touched. He held me tight. His cock in my pussy. Shudders went though our bodies.

When we had relaxed, I leaned my head forward and gave him a kiss. I noticed his cock was still hard and still inside.

I whispered,”You are still hard.” “Yes I am” He answered, ” Because we are not done, not by a long shot, Baby.” We promised each other the fucking of a lifetime. Let’s go into the bedroom. We’ll have more room to play.”

I got off him and we walked into the bedroom hand in hand. We laid down on he bed. I turned on my side, and watched him stroking himself while I played with my pussy. After a few minutes I could feel my pussy wanting to get back on him and ride him again. But I wanted to play him first.

So, I leaned over and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and flicked the tip with my tongue. I could taste my own juices on his cock. “Mmmmmm,” I thought. “I like the taste of me as much as he does.”

“Stop,” he begged. “It’s still sensitive.”

I just smiled around his cock, looked him in the eye, and went all the way down. Up and down until he grabbed my head. I wanted to do more so I pulled my head off his cock. I cradled his balls in my hands and licked them. I took one in my mouth and gently swirled it around. I pulled his legs up and licked his back hole. That got a moan from him! I crawled up his stomach, kissing, licking, and nibbling all the way. When I reached a nipple, I ran my tongue across it, sucked it, and gently bit it. He started squirming. I crawled farther up and gave him a passionate kiss.

I straddled over the top of his cock again.

I looked him in the eyes before I lowered myself, and asked, “Are you ready for some more play?”

“Let’s quit calling it play and call it what it is, the fucking of a lifetime.”

I lowered myself. We both sighed as his cock filled my pussy again. He sat up. We held each other. We kissed passionately. Our tongues circling each other. We alternated sucking each others tongues and pushing them as deep as we could into our mouths. I ran my finger canlı kaçak iddaa nails down his back. I began moving my hips up and down and back and forth. I could feel his cock stroking the sides and hitting the bottom of my pussy. I was ready to cum again.

“Oh no, not yet baby,” he said and pulled me off.

He turned me on my back and spread my legs wide. I knew what was coming and I heard myself moan. I felt his tongue licking the wet folds of my pussy sucking the lips, and running his tongue up and down. The feelings made me wiggle all over his face. He closed his lips around my clit. I felt a finger reach inside my pussy and stroke my G Spot.

GOD! The pleasure was overwhelming. I couldn’t hold back another orgasm. I was going to cum and it was going to be all over his face. I wiggled and moaned louder. My hands were in his hair pushing the back of his head in tighter between my pussy lips. I arched my back and released myself. Juices spurted out of my pussy leaving his face drenched with my cum. He stayed between my legs, licking every drop left on my pussy and my legs.

He looked up at me, smiled, and said,”Oh baby, you taste good.” He moved from between my thighs and gave me a passionate kiss.

Tasting myself on his lips and tongue, I replied, “You’re right, I do taste good.”

He turned over on his back, and we relaxed in the bed with my hand wrapped around his cock, and his hand on my pussy. After awhile, we fell asleep.

I woke up with him spooned behind me and his hand holding my tit. I looked at the time and realized he had to get ready for work.

“Damn,” I said, ” you’ve got to get ready for work.”

“I’d rather spend my day in bed with you,” he mumbled. “But you’re right. Want to get in the shower with me?”

“Oh, yes,” I replied.

We got up and headed for the shower. He turned the shower on and turned toward me. There he was, standing there naked, he was hard again!!

“God,” I thought to myself. “How does he do it?”

I grabbed his cock and pulled him into the shower with me. The water was lukewarm and felt so good. We took turns lathering each other up from head to toe. I loved how he took a washcloth and washed my pussy. I did the same thing to his cock. We held each other with his cock between my legs, kissing and rubbing our slick bodies against each other.

He looked at me and smiled, “It’s my turn baby.”

I knew exactly what he meant, so I got on my knees and started sucking that wonderful cock of his. God, I love to suck his cock! He put his hands behind my head and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. He pulled me up and kissed me deep and hard.

He gave me this devilish grin. He turned me around and bent me forward. There I was, hands on shower floor, my ass up in the air. He rubbed his cock back and forth across my pussy.

“Please,” I begged. ” I want you inside me now.”

He placed his hardness against my pussy and with a big growl drove his cock into me.

Damn, I could feel every inch as he hit bottom. canlı kaçak bahis He pulled back and slammed into me again. He fucked me like he was a madman. I had to beg him to go easy, but that only made him ride me harder! My pussy was getting banged, and god it felt so great!

He took his cock and pressed against my back hole. I braced myself. His cock was so slick from my juices that it was easy for him to slide his hard cock in my ass. I knew his hard cock was eager to cum but he surprised me by slowing the rhythm down. He put his hands on my hips and he started going in and out real slow. I raised one hand and began rubbing my clit.

“Oh yes,” I thought to myself, “this is pleasure, pure pleasure.”

I thought for sure he would cum deep in my ass, but he only pulled out and teased me by not finishing

Grinning he said, “Lets wash up and get out, OK?”

“It’s not OK,” I yelled.

But, he took the washcloth and started cleaning me, then he did himself. He dried us both off and led me back into the bedroom.

He asked it I would use the vibrator we keep in the drawer beside his bed. “I want to watch you play while I stroke myself.”

“Oh yes,” was all I could say.

He handed me the vibrator. I started running it across my tits and down my stomach. The slow soft hum got me horny again. He handed me some jelly and I rubbed it around the vibrator. I moved it up and down my pussy. He he stood beside the bed, stroking himself. I looked at him and slid the vibrator inside my pussy. He stroked himself harder and watched me fuck myself to another screaming orgasm.

With his hand still on his cock, he took the vibrator and put it down on the bed.

He mounted me and drove his hard cock back inside my waiting pussy.

He whispered in my ear, “Can I cum on your tits?”

“YES,” I answered.

He pulled out and stood at the edge of the bed.

He smiled. “Are you ready?”

All I could do was nod my head yes.

So there he was. Standing in front of me. Jerking off. I was fingering my pussy. He moaned. He leaned his head back. His hand moved up and down his cock faster and faster.

“Here it is baby, here I cum,” he yelled. “Oh yes!”

He released his hot cum all over my tits. Some of it hit my face! His body was quivering from spurting such a load. He collapsed on the edge of the bed. I took his hand and rubbed his white cum all over my tits and stomach. His fingers got covered with his own cum

I sucked his cum off his fingers, licked my lips and said, “MMMM, you taste good too!”

He gave me a hug, got up and started to get dressed.

“I guess I only have time to pick up quick breakfast at the drive through on the way to work,” he said. “But it sure was worth it.”

Still naked, I walked him to the door. He turned, looked me up and down, wrapped his arms around me, and said, “You are beautiful.”

I started to say something to him, but he put a finger on my lips and said, “I love you.”

I went into the bedroom and crawled back in the bed. I grabbed the vibrator and brought myself to orgasm after orgasm, all the while thinking about my lips around his hard or his cock pounding my pussy.

I made up my mind. I said aloud, “Tonight, I am going to send him a calling card.”