The Cabin


I am sitting in a small cottage in the woods that is situated beside a large lake. The setting is beautiful with the light from the moon shining on the water. However, the serenity does nothing to calm my nerves. Tonight is the night I finally meet you. We have exchanged many emails and even chatted a few times. Somehow, you have made me fall in love with you. I have never seen your face, never felt your touch, yet I know it will be magical.

I hear a car drive up the gravel path and my insides clench with anticipation. I hear the car door slam followed by the crunch of your footfalls in the gravel. Your footsteps get louder as you walk across the porch. I hear your knock on the door and my heart leaps in my chest. I cross the room and pause before I open the door. We agreed that if I change my mind I won’t answer the door and you will leave no questions asked. I try to compose myself and I reach for the doorknob. Doubts scream in my head. What if you don’t find me attractive? What If we don’t click? My mind reels with indecision. Then I ask myself if I really want this, the answer is yes. I open the door.

My breath catches in my throat as out eyes meet. We stand there unable to move gazing into each other’s eyes. I have dreamed of this moment so many times and I am not one bit disappointed. You are more handsome than I imagined. In your hands are a bottle of wine and a dozen of roses. You hold the roses out for me to canlı bahis take. I step forward and graze my lips over yours. I whisper thank you and back away from the door. You follow me in to the kitchen and while I put the roses in water you chill the wine.

We go into the main room where I had lit candles earlier. There is soft music playing in the background creating a romantic ambience. We decide to sit on the oversized sofa. We are like two young lovers jumping as out legs brush against one another’s. We talk as if we have known each other for years. I suppose we have since we have corresponded that long. We lapse into a comfortable silence and you turn and ask me in a husky voice if I wanted to dance. We stand and put our arms around each other glorying in the feeling of our bodies pressed together. Soon we begin to sway to the music our bodies moving together perfectly. I lift my head from you shoulder and look into your beautiful eyes. In a murmur I ask you to make love to me.

You bring you lips down to mine softly at first. Then you move to deepen the kiss. You probe my lips with your tongue urging me to open them. I open my mouth and as our tongues touch a shiver runs down my spine. It is amazing, as we kiss the fears, hesitation, and doubts melt away. We kiss, our hands exploring each other bodies touching and teasing generating an intense fire that courses through our bodies.

You take my hand and lead me to bahis siteleri the rug that is in front of the fireplace. You gently push me down and cover my body with yours. You kiss each of my eyelids, your lips as soft as butterfly’s wings. You take both of my hands and place them above my head holding them with one hand. Then you move your mouth to my neck, licking and kissing as you go. You nibble on the spot between my shoulder and neck remembering that I told you I love that. My body is on fire for you. Your fingers brush across my nipples as you unbutton my shirt with your free hand. You pinch my nipples and place your mouth over them.

I run my hands through your hair as you flick your tongue over my already hard nipple. You are cupping my breasts and feasting on the tiny buds. My pussy is getting so wet I can feel the moisture seeping between my lips. You move down trailing kisses across my belly. You pause for a moment at my belly button and you delve your tongue inside it making me gasp in surprise at the sensation it causes.

As we lay there feeling each other my skirt has worked its way up my legs leaving my thighs bare. You reach your hands down and rub them up my smooth legs. You make a path on the inside of my thighs feeling the area where my legs reach my pussy. Your fingers lightly brush my lips causing me to shudder in anticipation. You slowly lower my silk panties and drop them on the floor beside us. I bahis şirketleri can feel your fingers spreading me revealing to you how ready I am. Your tongue lightly flicks across my clit slowly at first then increasing the speed. I am moaning loudly now and you won’t stop. I begin to cum screaming out your name. You hold my hips as I begin to buck refusing to let go. Your tongue is still working its magic on me. I cum multiple times until I am so exhausted I don’t think I will be able to continue our exploration of each other.

Finally you bring your cum soaked mouth to mine erasing my previous thoughts. You kiss me allowing me to taste my essence on your lips. The need to feel you inside me is overwhelming, making me beg you to make love to me. You quickly discard your clothes and lay between my legs. I can feel your cock pressing against my slit as you rock against me. Slowly you push your cock deep inside me making me cum again.

We gaze into each other’s eyes drowning in the love we find there. You move slowly inside me wanting to prolong the moment. We move together like we have known each others wants and desires forever. We belong together like this. You can feel yourself reaching your climax and quicken your thrusts. You are groaning and telling me how good it feels to be inside my cum soaked pussy. You cry out telling me you are going to cum. I need to feel your cum shooting inside of me so I beg you to give it to me, I want it so bad. Your cum fills my pussy sending me into another orgasm. We collapse in each other arms falling into a deep slumber.

We have the whole weekend and I can only imagine how wonderful it will be……