The Cabin


I’d been happily married to my wife, Erin, for more than a decade. We’ve both enjoyed a reasonable degree of success within our careers and enjoy a comfortable life with two beautiful bi-racial children who wanted for nothing. I am a black recreational bodybuilder, just under 6 feet in height and usually weighing around 240 pounds, usually with at least four visible abs. My wife is a white brunette about 5’5″with a pretty face and mannerism. While I still find her attractive, she has 25 pounds or so she could stand to lose. Our home life was generally positive-perhaps less sexually active than it used to be, but free from drama and infidelities.

One of our rituals had become vacationing with other families. While some trips were more elaborate than others, generally they involved renting a large home in a fun location for a week or so where we would all hang out together, hit up the beaches, BBQ-enjoy life. The kids could practically entertain themselves as the adults had fun of their own. Our trip last November, however, broke the mold.

We’d planned a trip to my wife’s family cabin in the Berkshires. The plan was to get the kids skiing (or at least sledding) and enjoy some time with another family of four we had grown close to over the years, Alison, Shawn and their daughters. The respective wives were best of friends and us husbands got along well too. While I consider Alison and myself close as well, there was always something just a click off-I don’t want to call it a tension, we all loved each other really, but somewhat of a guarded feel.

Anyway, we had planned to stay a 4 day weekend at “the cabin” which I’d seen before but never stayed at. The cabin itself was a relatively small space, maybe 400 square feet with a queen sized murphy bed, no frills gas kitchen and decent sized table with chairs and a seemingly out of place flat screen television mounted opposite the wall with the bed. There was also a cramped bathroom with standing shower physically attached to the cabin, which you needed to enter through a different door.

It wouldn’t be luxury living, but the plan was to bring a couple of air mattresses, live out of suitcases and enjoy all the Berkshires had to offer by day and hang out in the cabin, play games and drink our faces off by night… All the ingredients for a successful trip.

We were all pretty excited in the weeks leading up to it, but as we came down to the wire, logistics became a bit complicated. Turned out I was going to have to be in NYC on business for two days before we were planning on leaving LI. Similarly, Alison needed to be at an obligatory funeral the day before we would be leaving. When it comes to planning, my strategy is to let the wife do it, or else let the chips fall where they may-seriously, I’m bad at it. In my traditional fashion, I took a hands off approach to the obstacles ahead of our trip.

It was decided for me that I was going to attend my trip as planned and in the morning take a slight detour to pickup Allison. Our families would travel together in our large SUV and meet us up there late that evening. Sounded pretty painless.

Time raced forward as it tends to and before I knew it my work obligation was over and I was ready to decompress. I thought about heading home the night before and wished it was an option, but recalled I had to pick up Allison the next morning and head in to the cabin so I settled in for an early night and managed to pass out at a reasonable hour.

Comfort clothes were the name of the game the next morning. After 2 days in a pinstripe suit, my sweat-suit was calling me and I happily threw on my planned ‘driving outfit’ tossed my overnight in the backseat of my Bimmer, queued up some tunes, cracked open an energy drink and set out to get Allison.

I drove on the faster side as there were warnings of potential snowfall which I dreaded in my rear wheel drive sport sedan. I got through the Bronx faster than anticipated and was able to snag Allison in CT by late morning which was good. Some minor flakes were starting to come down, but nothing I couldn’t handle at this point.

Allison is what I’d probably call a ‘mom next door.’ She is a blonde (usually not my thing) about 5 foot 6 with a cute round face and ‘serious looking’ brown eyes. She wasn’t particularly busty and her ass was on flatter side and her stomach a tad lose after having a couple kids, though cleans up exceedingly well when the effort is made, but even without the effort, something about her draws me in.

The drive was mostly uneventful. We made small talk and exchanged pleasantries, joked around a bit. It was a bit more than topical, but perhaps a touch strained-that is until we got to a bit past our halfway point and decided, as the snow was only a light dusting, that we could afford to stop for some food at an interesting looking Mexican place.

While the food was average, the margaritas were pretty darn good and lubricated conversation nicely. The rosier Allison’s cheeks Anadolu Yakası Escort got, the more we laughed and started to flirt teasing over who would be the “little spoon” in our shared bed. By our second round it was starting to feel like a really good first date. Our respective body language seemed to invite one another and the eye contact between conversation had intensified in that semi-squinty eyed-frankly speaking, I was beginning to want this girl!

By the time we were settling up almost two hours had passed and we realized that the snow had been picking up. My car (and my ability to drive) were still adequate in the weather, but if it is persisted, the drive in would be the white knuckle type. Realizing it might be the last stop we were comfortable making, Allison ran a couple storefronts down to a liquor store to grab some supplies while I pulled up the car-within 5 minutes we were back on the road.

We should have gotten in around 3:30-4PM, but between the stop for lunch and the weather which continued to intensify (and get slushy) it was after five as we were arriving in town. I’d spoken to my wife from the road and in light of the weather, Shawn and the kids were going to spend the night at my house and leave the next morning together to meet us, rather than leave that evening.

I’m not sure whether we were lucky to make it this far, or unlucky not to make it further, but as we approach the drive, my car finally said no more of this weather, getting stuck half hanging out of the drive on a snow bank from a local plowing effort. The front wheels had made it over, but my rear tires spun in place. Left with little choice, we were going to have to walk about 1/8 mile, the rest of the way up the drive to the cabin in the cold and precipitation. We quickly gathered up our stuff, which wasn’t much as our respective spouses were supposed to bring the rest, and collected our overnight bags and booze and stepped out into what was supposed to be 23* but in reality that felt generous.

Our respective clothes were getting wet in the elements as we approached the outline of the cabin, when Allision increased our urgency to get inside by tripping forward soaking the front her pants and shirt in cold slushy water… We had not planned on that and I felt really bad about-I helped her up and we approached the door. With some fiddling, I was able to get the door unlocked and we hurried inside and kicking off our soaking shoes.

I found the light switch and thermostat and immediately turned on both. The stat reported the present temperature as a brisk 53 degrees. My sweat pants were soaked up to just below my knees while the top of my hoodie was also wet and I was the better off of the two of us. The entire front of Allison’s outfit was soaked.

Alison huddled over the radiator to warm up while I put the few things we’d brought on the table and opened the murphy bed. I fired up the television as well for a little background noise, but was quickly reminded the DVD player and movie streamer were in tow with our respective families. Luckily we had alcohol and Alison’s IPAD so it looked like we’d probably survive.

At this point Alison was noticeably shivering, even standing near the heating unit and I suggested to her she should take a hot shower to try and warm up which she readily agreed to. Neither of us had much in terms of extra clothes to change into. Aside from her funeral dress which was still in my car and a wife beater and tiny ‘boy shorts” (which I was looking forward to sneaking a peek at) her clothes were soaked. My case was similar, though I tried to drape my sweat shirt over the heater in an effort to salvage it.

Alison quickly exited the front door of the cabin and into the bathroom through it’s own quirky entrance. As I heard the water turn on I sat on the bed and picked up her IPAD. Being somewhat of a curious voyeur, I found myself sneaking a peek at her browser history. While most of it was pretty tame stuff, I noticed as I went to type in the address bar, that predictive type filled in the address for for me. Curious I followed the link and lucked out to find she not only had an account on the page, but that her password information was saved in the browser and I hurriedly logged in recognizing my limited time.

Sadly, in my hurry I wasn’t able to find any fun amateur contributions from her, but as a consolation prize, I was able to see the videos she’d marked as favorites. Interestingly, the majority of it seemed to be girl-girl videos, which I already knew I’d be imagining her watching the next time I masturbated. In second place, however, I noticed she seemed to be a fan of watching black men with white women… Wow.

It had already been a couple minutes and I closed out the browser, realizing she’d be back in soon and that if I didn’t break the excitement, the raging erection in my boxer briefs would be tough to conceal, so I clicked over to Netflix and skipped a few minutes Kartal Escort into a standup comedy to give the illusion that was what I’d been watching.

A few minutes later she hurriedly came back in wrapped in a towel with a second one around her hair. Apparently the shower had helped normalize her, though she complained the water was still pretty cold. She told me there had only been 2 towels in the bathroom and handed me the one which had been in her hair which I took as a cue to go shower up myself and give her some privacy to change.

When I got back from showering she was sitting on the bed brushing her hair. The blanket from the bed was wrapped around her lower body, concealing the boy shorts I had been looking forward to seeing, though she still had my attention in her wife beater shirt, make-up free with both arms up, tending to her hair. I will admit I’m somewhat of an armpit junkie-making out the outlines of her nipples didn’t hurt either.

I noticed she had poured herself a drink, which appeared to be a Rose in her solo cup, which was good to see-we’d been having fun before and it was too early to wind down. I walked over by the kitchen area to pour myself a cup and strained into reflection in a small oven to try to see if Alison was watching me as I put on my only clean pair of boxers-alas I could not tell. I also noticed while the heater was working overtime, the temperature inside still hadn’t quite cracked 60 and it was indeed chilly.

Walking back over to the bed, wearing only the boxer shorts, I jokingly informed her I was ready to be spooned which she didn’t seem overly comfortable hearing and muttered something along the lines of a ‘you wish.’ Not wanting to make things awkward, I made a mental note to pull back on flirting and sat on the bed about as far from her as I could to still see the screen, but not seem inappropriate.

As we continued to drink and laugh along to the comedy, the fluidity of earlier seemed to come back. Noticing Alison’s cup empty and not wanting her to have to expose her lower half to me, I got up to refill her glass. Upon returning, I noticed she had repositioned herself and the screen more central in the queen sized bed. I’m not sure if it was conscious or done for comfort, but I wouldn’t be able to put the same physical distance between us in the bed.

The cabin was still pretty chilly at this point and sitting back down next to her and getting my legs under the blanket I felt an almost electric shock as our bare legs touched each other. We both seemed to play it cool, neither of us recoiling, but the skin on skin contact certainly having my attention. We continued watching, but notably laughed less and were both a bit quiet. I won’t lie, being this close to her with us each wearing so few clothes had me hard as a rock-a fact I simultaneously invited while being terrified of it’s discovery. Thank goodness for the blanket in our lap.

The two of us kept busy nursing our drinks and fixing our gaze on the screen, almost afraid to look away. Neither of us were laughing much anymore, and frankly my mind was too busy running through a million hypotheticals of how this night could go to be entertained or be much use for conversation. A few minutes passed when Alison made, what I interpreted as, a deliberate effort to appear relaxed. She scooted her lower half away, breaking the skin on skin contact we’d been enjoying under the blanket and started lowering her head to rest on my abdomen/lap when to my absolute mortification the side of her face came into direct an unmistakable contact with my erection!

I held my breath, not knowing quite what to do and she cooly repositioned herself back up and stood up from the bed and walked over to the kitchen. Her lower half and boy shorts were on full display, but I was too horrified by what just happened to appreciate the site before me-though I did watch, hoping for a clue as to what she was thinking as she pour herself another drink which she promptly chugged down in it’s entirety… Leaving the dim light over the sink on she walked back over stating in a matter-o-factly way “I think it’s bedtime”. “OK” was about all I could manage to mumble back.

She climbed into the bed laying with her back to me pulling the sheets up to her shoulders. If I weren’t a black man, I’d have been beet red as I felt like a pervert. “It’s friggin cold in here” she muttered with her back to me. Not thinking I could feel much worse and not wanting to appear a total tard, I reached out with one hand, without shifting from my seated position, away from her and rubbed her shoulder to help warm her up. “Mmm” she sighed and seemed content, or at least not repulsed by the contact.

I sat in that position for a few minutes until my back started to ache and at which point I laid down, saying nothing and facing away from her as far to the other side of the bed as I could muster. We lay this way in silence for what seemed an eternity when she teasingly informed Maltepe Escort me that after before she “had earned small spoon detail”. We both laughed at joke, which really wasn’t that funny, but was what we probably needed and both shifted closer to the middle of the bed. I was no longer hard, but between the cool precum in my boxers from before and my dicks tendency to sneak out the boxer hole, I thought it best to keep my hips away.

I continued to rub her between her shoulder and elbow, not venturing elsewhere, but curiosity rapidly growing and we seemed to get into a comfortable rhythm. Eventually my arm stopped moving and found a comfortable place on her bicep which was just fine by me. I’d never cheated on my wife before and had no plans to, but I had to admit this level of intimacy with another woman was intoxicating. After a few minutes laying in silence in this position Alison shifted which I took as a fair cue to re-adjust as well. In doing so the palm of my hand stroked the side of Alison’s breast which almost instantaneously roused me. Playing it cool, I lowered my hand to her side-a more innocent, but still intimate hold. Her response to this hold was to scoot her hips back, tightening our spoon and snuggling her butt into my crotch.

No words were spoken as the two of us lay there on our sides, mentally adjusting to the feeling of my erection poking into her lower ass crack. Though I’ve replayed the situation back in my head a thousand times since, I can’t remember who started it, but over the course of the next couple minutes we found ourselves humping into each other with increasing ferocity.

Alison parted her legs to allow my cock, which had worked its way out of my boxers’ fly, to grind against her own moist, fabric covered cunt. Emboldened by the ‘not-so-dry humping’ as my dick found it’s rhythm stroking against her outer pussy lips, I let my hand begin to explore her soft midsection. Savoring the feel of her perfectly imperfect tummy, observing the tuft above her womanhood where she obviously kept pubic hair and working back up to her modest breasts. I could feel under the blanket that her nipples were longer than expected and she moaned loudly as I stroked her nipple between my thumb and fingers. The nipple stimulation seemed to put her over the edge as I felt her shuffling in the blanket, to pull down her underwear and allow us direct contact.

The room may have been cold, but Alison’s pussy was on fire. As we resumed our grinding efforts, I ran the length of my cock against lips and savored the sensations. I felt the cool wetness of our respective juices all over my lap, on Alison’s ass and sandwiched between her thighs. The slickness of our nether regions was impressive. Though I probably leak more pre cum than most, it was obvious Alison’s pussy got far wetter than my wife’s which had been my sole reference for more than a decade.

We were both moaning in our spoon position, Alison with her back to me presenting her ass, while I lay on my side, humping into her crotch and exploring her body with my free hand. I very much wanted to remove the blanket and look at what it was we were doing beneath the blanket, but the room was pretty dark anyway and I think a part of me feared it might make things too real.

I moved my hand to the front of her thighs and rubbed my fingers through our slickness, collecting some of our combined juices and cooly worked my hand back up her body slyly, take a quick detour to my own mouth to sneak a taste and smell of us.

Her scent was stronger than my wife’s, more raw, perhaps a little musty-animal like. The taste was different than I was used to as well, a bit saltier than sweet and stringier in texture… an exciting new delicacy.

I don’t think she’d have stopped me from plunging right into and God knows I certainly wanted to, feel what it was like to be inside of her, but I think mentally we’d both rationalized that what we were doing wasn’t cheating. To this point there had been no kissing and no penetration-hell, we hadn’t even seen one another naked yet-

Suddenly Alison scooted away from me and began to turn towards me with her hands under the blanket. I rolled over to my back as she hooked her fingers into my boxers and slid them down to my knees. Thankfully the room was still quite dark and I didn’t have to mentally accept the gravity of what was happening as I watched as her outline sat up to straddle me.

I panicked a bit internally as I felt Alison’s hand take hold of my dick to position it. Although I was thoroughly aroused in the situation, I was still bracing myself for the fact that my throbbing cock was about to enter the hot, slippery love tunnel of my wife’s best friend. I held my breathe as I felt the warm contact of our respective organs, but it seemed Alison had other ideas…

I laid there paralyzed as Alison ran the tip of my penis along the length of her slit. I concentrated on the ecstacy I felt as she rubbed the underside of the head of my cock in circles around her clitoris and gasped when she rested my cock against my belly and sat on top of the underside of my shaft and began sliding herself back and forth along the length of my member-a position I’ve seen referred to as a ‘camel toe slide’ in porn.