The Boss

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The BossA few people have sent me messages to ask me what I do. I’m a project manager. Since last year I work for the local council, but before that I worked for a small private sector company. I left for better work/life balance, looking after the k**s and my husband, but I loved that job. And I was good at it. This particular time was from when I’d been working with one of the directors on a bid for what would be one of the largest projects we’d have ever delivered, pulling together a joint proposal with another company that had complementary skills.We were shortlisted as a potential supplier and had to present our proposal to a selection panel in Edinburgh, and a couple of weeks later the director I’d been working with came to tell me that we’d landed the contract. Which was both very exciting and daunting! We had a lot of thinking in the next week before going back to Edinburgh for a kick-off meeting with the client.The day of the meeting I made sure I was dressed in my best office wear, and the boss picked me up early for the drive to Edinburgh. He commented on my outfit when I got in the car and I thanked him – it was nothing sexual, just a nice complement from a colleague. We chatted on the drive up to Scotland, and he said that he was had offered to take the client out for lunch to celebrate our contract award, and would I mind driving back if he had a drink with the meal. I was happy to – he drove a BMW M5 and I liked the thought of driving it back to Yorkshire. The meeting went well – all the preparation we’d done paid off – and four of us (me, the boss, and two of the client team) went to eat at a lovely restaurant. Wine was ordered, but I stuck to water – since my husband’s accident I won’t drink any alcohol at all if I’m driving. When we said our farewells back at the client’s office, the boss handed me the car keys and I slipped behind the driver’s seat. He helped me adjust the seat and his hand accidentally brushed my thigh as he did. He apologised, and I said it was fine. The SatNav guided me to the motorway and as I joined the sliplane trabzon escort I pressed the accelerator to get up to speed. The acceleration felt great. The boss seemed quite dozy and we chatted quietly, working through the occastional traffic, making good progress on our journey home. We were on the A1 nearing York when the boss commented that I handled the car well, and it was lovely to see such a confident woman driver. I smiled and thanked him. Then he said it was even more lovely to see a woman in stockings. I glanced down – my skirt had ridden up a bit as I used the pedals, and my stocking top was visible, but no thigh. I moved my hand from the wheel to smooth down my skirt. His hand came down on top of mine. “Please don’t, I have been enjoying the view and imagining what else you’re wearing under that dress.”His hand was still on top of mine on my thigh. There was a queue of traffic up ahead to exit to the A64 so I slid my hand out and moved my right foot to the brake pedal to slow the car. As I did so my legs parted slightly and he slid his hand between them. “Don’t, I might have an accident,” I said, bringing the car to a safe stop in the traffic jam, then clamping my legs on his hand. “You have such great legs,” he said. “I’ve always admired them. I’m envious of the guys you’ve allowed between then.I blushed. Just then the traffic started to move and I had to move my foot again, and he slid his hand higher up my leg, over the stocking top, onto the bare flesh, so that his right hand little finger was pressed against the fabric of my panties. My mind was starting to wander onto other things than driving. I looked at his lap and sure enough there was the outline of a stiff cock in his trousers. I indicated to leave via a country road.”Where are you going,” he asked. “We’re not at the ring road yet””I can’t concentrate,” I replied, pulling into the parking area near a woodland walk my husband and I used to enjoy. We were the only car there. “Either we need to fuck, or you need to stop touching me while I’m driving. Which is it?” He moved his escort trabzon other hand to nudge my knees apart and I let my legs open. He fumbled his way into my panties, and moaned when he felt my wetness.”OK,” I said. “There’s a spot just up ahead where we are unlikely to be seen. You need to move your hand so I can get out of the car.”He took his hand from between my legs and tasted me on his fingers. I locked the car and put his keys in my handbag and led him to the place I was thinking of, less than a minute from the parking area. The pressure on my bladder from drinking a lot of water would make the sex more enjoyable, but I didn’t want to be peeing over my best work outfit when I came (I hoped I was going to come!) so I told him I needed to pee before having him inside me, and asked him if he wanted to take my panties off for me. He nodded and squatted down in front of me. His hands slid up under my dress and then he was pulling my panties down over my thighs. When they were around my ankles I stepped out of them, and he stuffed them into his trouser pocket. I was about to squat myself to pee when his hands were on my again, raising my dress, and then he kissed my thighs and he tried to get his tongue into my wet slit. “I said I need to pee. This isn’t helping””Please let me watch,” he begged. I love seeing a woman pee”OK,” I said. Just give me some space.He backed off and I squatted down, back against a tree, hitching up my dress and looking him. He was starting intently at my pussy, unzipping his trousers to release his cock. I let the pee start to flow, just a trickle at first and then quite a long stream – I really did need to go. All the time I was peeing he was slowly wanking his cock. When I was finished I asked him for my panties to wipe myself on, but he just said “No need, just stand up”. I stood and he moved in front of me, and told me to hitch my dress up high. He pressed the tip of his cock against my pussy and slid it in, and I watched his face to see his look when he was inside me (which I always find to be a turn on). He didn’t trabzon escort bayan last long – about 15 thrusts – and then he groaned as he came inside me. He went soft quickly and his cock fell out of me.”Is that it,” I asked. “I needed that. Let’s go to my house, it’s more comfortable.” When I’d parked up at his, I held out the keys. He moved to take them but I didn’t let go straight away. “I’m expecting you to make me come. I think I deserve it, don’t you.””Of course,” he said and I released the keys.He let us into the house and led the way upstairs. He told me to lie on the bed and then he lay beside me, and we kissed as his hands traced my curves through my dress, and as I unbuttoned his shirt. His hand bunched up my dress and then slid underneath the fabric to my stocking-clad leg. I eased my legs apart to allow him access, and he moved upwards over the outside of my thigh, pausing when he reached the flesh above my stocking top. Then he moved to the inside of my thigh and started to move upwards again, until he reached my pussy and slid a finger inside me, before moving on and pressing on my clit before circling it while his tongue explored my mouth. I reached down and unzipped him, releasing his cock -still sticky with my pussy juice from earlier – and bringing it back to full hardness in my hand.He was good with his fingers and soon had me eager to have him inside me again. I moved to roll onto my back, pulling him on top of me, and guided his erect cock into me. He started to move slowly, still using long strokes of his cock with each thrust, then speeding up as my breath started to increase in speed, telling him to fuck me harder as I got closer and closer and then I moaned into his mouth as my body shook with orgasm, and he released a second load of cum into me.He asked if I could stay for another but I had to get home for the family, so he ordered my a taxi while I cleaned up in the bathroom. We did it a couple more times – me bent over his desk, skirt or dress pulled up, panties around my thighs is his favourite. He always likes me to keep my clothes on, just like that first time. Since then I’ve changed jobs, after making an exhibition of myself at my leaving do … it wasn’t just him that had me that night.And, in case you were wondering, that contract was a great success.