The Bonds of Trust


Chapter 1.

“Deeper, Matty, much deeper. I can take more. It’s ok. You can do me deeper. Please, Matty, deeper.”

“Yes, baby, however you want it.” I held her hips firmly, and pounded her good & proper.

“Oh, my God. Yes, Matty, yes. Just like that. Please, please just don’t stop.” She laid her head on her pillow thus raising her bottom higher in the air. My goodness, she was lovely.

On the third evening of our honeymoon Kori had shyly requested I make love to her from behind as we readied for bed.

“You mean doggy style?” I’d queried in wonderment. I immediately apologized for my crudeness.

“Yes, Matty. I want to be a good wife & a good lover to you. You waited so patiently for me. But, I too also have waited, Matty. And now that we’re married I don’t want to miss a thing. I want to be everything for you. Your enjoyment will be my enjoyment and vice versa. That is an important part of what being married is to me, Matty. And I want our marriage to be that way for you as well.”

And as I worked inside of her velvet sheath she worked her bottom making it untenable for me to continue.

“Kori I’m going to come, darling.”

“Please, Matty, come deep, sweetheart. I’ll hold still so you can plant it inside me. Now, Matty, now. Give me your seed, darling, now.”

The orgasm hit me solid. I drove all the way in on the final stroke and held still. I released against her cervix. Kori squealed adorably as she felt me fill her. She was just a little sweetheart. My little sweetheart and I loved her so.

“That’s it, Matty. All of it. I need all of it inside me. Please, don’t move. Let me have it all.”

We’d booked a large suite at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas for 2 weeks. Swimming, sightseeing, gambling, eating, spa’ing, we were going to thoroughly enjoy ourselves & each other as we bonded husband & wife.

Kori had insisted that we refrain from sexual activity during our over one year courtship. And I solemnly respected her wishes in this matter. Her parents were a big influence upon her and even though I had no such strong parental guidance I wanted to do right by Kori. I abided her decree without carping, or, trying to change her mind. We would hold hands, kiss, some light petting, but, nothing beyond that. It was very difficult as one can imagine. Kori is a very attractive girl: early 20’s, 5’7″ tall, 135lbs, medium length dark brown hair and the prettiest hazel eyes I’d ever seen. Plain & simple, Kori is a knock-out.

I consider myself good looking as well. I’m rather a Marc Anthony knock-off. His physique & overall appearance are strikingly similar to my own as many people have made the comparison. Also in my early 20’s, I’m 5’9″, about 175lbs, with brown hair and hazel eyes as well. My name is Matthew. I answer to Matt.

We’d returned from dinner at Smith & Wollensky’s across The Strip from the hotel and had just finished making love that evening. We were in bed sharing talk when Kori suddenly became pensive. Truth be told, I could tell something had been bothering her all day. She seemed distant and preoccupied, but, I’d granted her space and time, figuring it was probably sensory overload after the wedding, the reception, the drive up from San Diego and the total increase in our physicality. I wasn’t even going to pursue her this evening, figuring to leave her be, but, she’d eagerly insisted. Then her request for the position with me behind her. I was thrilled as I basked in the afterglow of our best night of lovemaking yet. It seemed a very fun time for us both at first blush, but, now she’d fallen into morose silence on the other side of the bed.

“What’s wrong with my little girl?”

“Matt, I feel just awful.”

“Is it something you ate at Wollensky’s, perhaps Smith’s? I feel fine.” I said jokingly.

“I’m serious, Matthew. I have to tell you something.”

Her use of ‘Matthew was very disarming to me. She never used it unless things were of a serious nature.

“I did something terrible. Something terrible to you. I am so ashamed of myself, Matty. I didn’t trust you and now I’ve hurt you.”

“You’re scaring me, Kori. What is it?”

“I’ll tell you. I need to tell you. But, you have to promise to hear me out. To let me tell you in my own way, in my own words. And to let me finish before you decide what to do. Will you promise me that, Matt?”

My stomach lurched, but, I answered her in the affirmative.

“I saw you, Matty.”

“Saw me, what?”

“I saw you that day, at your apartment.”

“What day at my apartment?”

“When you thought I’d driven to Los Angeles to visit my mother a couple weeks before our wedding. I saw you.”

Oh, my God. In that instant I knew. I knew beyond all doubt what she’d seen, but, I couldn’t help myself. I brazened it out.

“I never cheated with Susan.” Susan is Kori’s supposed best friend. The girl had been after me ever since I’d met her. In fact, I’d met Kori through Susan. I’d never given in to temptation though. Not even close. ensest porno I loved Kori and would never hurt her for all the rice in China. I so wished it was that, but, I knew better.

“It’s not that, sweetheart.” Kori had begun to softly cry.

I couldn’t sit in that bed any longer. I got up and hurriedly started throwing clothes on.

“Matty, please, it’s ok. What are you doing? Where are you going?”

“I can’t stay here. I have to leave. Don’t talk anymore, Kori.”

“Don’t go, Matty. Stay here with me. I love you. It will be ok, Matty. Trust me.”

“Trust you?” How can I trust you, Kori? I gave you my trust, and you threw it away.”

“I’m so sorry, Matty. Please forgive me. Please don’t go. Stay, please stay, Matty.”

I went out the door and was grateful for the wall it instantly erected between us. I took the elevator down to the casino. I ended up sitting at the end of the bar in the Red, White, and Blue Restaurant. Sitting there on the bar stool taking Black Velvet shots one after another I visualized what Kori had seen:

I’d figured it was my last chance before the wedding to exercise my private fantasies. She’d be out of town, no conflict in schedules, no accidental interruptions. No risks. I could take my time, bring out the entire spectrum in all it’s varied forms & facets. The videos, the outfits, the makeup, the creams & lotions, the toys. One final personal orgy before I’d have to go clandestine forever. And I didn’t mind submersing my dark fetish in the brilliant light of my marriage. It was an easily agreeable sacrifice on my part. One I made without an ounce of reservation. If in the future I found totally safe occasions, fine. If not, fine. I’d miss it, yes, but, my darling Kori was worth the sacrifice a thousand times over.

I cringed now sitting at that bar reliving all that I’d done that afternoon. How Kori had borne witness really didn’t matter. She had. The more I reflected on my actions and acts that afternoon the more hopeless my plight seemed. There was no way out.

“Sir, that’s your 5th shot. Are you a guest at the hotel?”

“Yes, if it’s any business of yours.”

“It’s just that I didn’t want you having to drive from the hotel, sir.” He then proceeded to pour the 6th shot. My apologies, sir, this one is on the house.”

“Just leave me be, daddy-O. I’m fine.”

“Yes, sir.”

A couple more and I wouldn’t be fine. I’d have be carried back to the room. I finished the drink, tipped the guy, and made it into the Sport’s Book, where I ordered a fresh drink from a non-descript cocktail waitress.

Once again I allowed my memory to focus on the afternoon in question:

Oh, my God, I’d completely made my myself up. I could see it now as if I was the one watching that afternoon. The white silk g-string, super sheer full length white gown, the 6 inch heels. The video I’d put together myself so I wouldn’t have to change tapes in the middle of a session. Of girls using strap-ons & paddles on men. Of men using their cocks on cross dressers. I’d taken out & set up all my mirrors so I could see myself and the television screen from different angles while laying on my bed.

The session had went on for several hours, all afternoon. I’d even napped, woke up and started everything anew. Why not, the only other key to the apartment was in Los Angeles. I could afford to be reckless, or, so I thought.

I was just starting to recall what I’d said aloud as I was self pleasuring that afternoon when Kori walked into the Sports Book.

“Darling, I was so worried about you.”

“I’m drunk enough to talk now, Kori.”

“Matty, let’s go back to our room. We can talk there.”

“No. I can’t go back there. Not now. This is fine right here” The Sports Book was all but deserted at this hour. “You saw me, didn’t you, Kori?”

“Yes, I saw you, Matty. I’m so sorry. I’m so ashamed of myself for not trusting you and for not respecting your privacy. I failed you, Matty. I hope some day you can forgive me.”

“What in God’s name were you doing there, Kori?”

It turns out she’d suspected Susan and had stayed back to confront what she was positive was Susan & I having an affair. We’d been out the night before with Susan and her date, Michael. Susan had gotten quite loaded and had been flirting with me as a result. Michael didn’t seem to mind, but, Kori was incensed with her. Then the next morning when Susan suddenly canceled out on driving up to Los Angeles with her, Kori figured the worse. She came over, let herself in with her key, thinking she’d find us in bed together. What she found instead was me, in full regalia. She saw me watching videos of women spanking & screwing men & men screwing cross dressers.

“Please tell me you didn’t hear me.” I am very vocal during these scenarios. It’s a strong turn on for me. Nothing is sacred, all manner of epitaphs & fantastical pledges are spoken passionately aloud.

“I heard you, Matty. I am so sorry. I should have trusted asyalı porno you. You’ve never given me one moment to doubt you, but, yet I did. I’m so ashamed, Matty. Can you ever forgive me?”

I could forgive Kori anything.

“You have every right to hate me forever. I deserve nothing less.”

“Kori, I could never hate you. I love you. But, how can you ever forgive me for what I’ve done to you? How I deceived you.”

“You did nothing wrong, Matty. Nothing. There was no deception. You were just being you. I love you, Matty. I’ll always love you. You’re my husband. Nothing will ever change that. I’m so sorry, darling.” She broke down once again. She sat there, crying uncontrollably.

I took her hands and held them tightly. “I love you. And I forgive you, Kori. Let’s go back to the room and get some sleep. We’re both exhausted.”

We slowly walked thru the casino hand-in-hand, and took the elevator up. Once back in the room I couldn’t help myself and started a crying jag of my own. Both of us were incapable of stopping. Kori on her side of the bed. Me on mine. Both of us racked by continuous sobs. Sometime thereafter sleep came for me. Mercifully.

Chapter 2.

I heard the shower, woke with a start and sat up bolt straight. My head throbbed and I felt like death warmed over. I fell back onto the bed.

“Kori, where are you?” Oh, yeah, the shower.

I’d been dreaming. I was dressed. All in pink. A young man was pulling my pink panties down & off. He then had me bend over and show him what I wanted & where I wanted it. He’d then proceeded to enter me gently, finally releasing deep inside me. I’d had the same dream, or, close variations to it many times before. But, this time, this time was different. This time, in the dream Kori was present. And she was watching me with this man. Sitting & watching us.

“Good morning, you.” Kori came out of the bathroom in her ultra plush cloth bathrobe, courtesy of Mandalay Bay. Her hair was turbaned in a white towel. She looked no worse for wear after last night’s confessionals. In fact, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

“You should climb into the shower. In the meantime I’ll order up hot coffee and some goodies. Then we can finish our talk and re-start our honey moon. How does that sound, darling?”

“That sounds like a capital idea, Kori.” I’d started for the bathroom when she lightly touched my arm as I walked by her.

“Matty.” She hugged me tightly. As tight as she’d ever done before. “I love you, Matty. I’ll love you forever.”

“I love you too, girl. With all my heart.”

The shower felt invigorating. I was starting to renew myself. Last night seemed distant now. I donned my own cloth bathrobe, wiped the steam from the mirror and caught a close shave. When I came out of the bathroom, the food had arrived. Kori had it ready on the table close to the window. We’d gotten a suite with a spectacular view of The Strip, from both the living room & the bedroom. Though at this time of a morning, The Strip looked a bit gaudy & worn out.

“I’m famished, Matty. How bout you?” I helped Kori into her chair and then sat down opposite.

“Well, my stomach is doing cartwheels, but, I have to get something into it, that’s for certain.”

We ate while conversing quietly about everything except what was on both our minds.

We were sitting there sipping our third cup of coffee when Kori made the overture.

“Matty, I need to say this to you. I need to get it out and I need you to listen to me very carefully.”

“Sure, Kori, I’ll listen to you now, sweetheart. Please.”

“Matt, when I saw you that day I was of course totally surprised. But, I was also instantly intrigued. Yes, I was. It’s the truth. Seeing you that afternoon was something that I’ll never quite get over. You were so, so, beautiful & handsome, so honest & good, so vulnerable & yet so powerful. I was mesmerized by the sights & sounds of what I saw & heard that afternoon. I was frozen and could not stop watching with wonderment.

And I knew as I stood there and watched the scene unfold that I couldn’t tell you until after we married. I couldn’t risk losing you. I knew you wouldn’t want to marry me if you were aware of my knowledge of your activities that afternoon. Of your secrets. I was so afraid I’d lose you. That you wouldn’t trust me ever again. That you wouldn’t trust my love in the aftermath of my trespass there in your apartment. So, I made up my mind to keep the incident from you until after we married and I could prove to you what I believe in my heart & mind. I don’t want you to push that side of your life away. I want you to enjoy your desires and longings. I want to help fulfill them if I can. I believe that is what you would want for me, Matty. I know that to be true. You’re the finest man I’ve ever known.

I want our marriage to be one of giving to each other what each of us needs & desires. And I want us to now give to each other this need & desire. You need & desire gizli çekim porno these experiences in an open atmosphere, not hidden from me. I need & desire to grant them to you and experience them with you to the point that you feel comfortable with. We can find our contentment here, Matty. This is our moment. I consider us extremely fortunate to have this challenge, this opportunity that confronts us. Together. Only together can we find our happiness, our contentment.

Please, Matthew. Let me come to you now. Let me take care of you. You need me now. They’ll come a time in our marriage when I’ll need you just as desperately. And I’ll expect to find you there when I turn to you. Please turn to me now Matty, and I’ll be here, not to judge, but, to understand & enjoy your needs & passions and help you realize them. This is us, Matty. You & I. Nobody else. Just you & I, sweetheart.

Please, Matty. For us.”

I’d broken into quiet tears as Kori spoke. I let her get it all out, to finish, as I should have done the night before when she made a similar request to be heard in total. This time I abided her.

“You’re right, Kori. I would have run if I’d a known before our wedding. I thank God & you for your silence & restraint. I owe you my life & my happiness. I’ll never forget your words of unconditional love & boundless dedication this morning as long as I live. I would like nothing more than to make this journey with you & permit you to lead the way. Thank you, Kori. You’re my wife and I’ll love you forever.”

She came to me then, sat in my lap and cried along with me. Nothing was said. We just held one another and let the tears fall.

Chapter 3.

Kori was in the bathroom fixing her hair while I got dressed and readied myself for the day.

She came out presently in her white panties & matching bra. She was so damn pretty my heart skipped a beat at the sight. I made a grab for her, but, giggling she eluded me. “Uh, uh, buster, we have many errands to run, much shopping to do. All of ‘our stuff’ is back in San Diego, and we’re not wasting almost two weeks waiting until we get back to start our fun. You come along with Kori now and we’ll spend the day putting your trousseau together. Sound like fun, does is not, Matty?”

“Yes, it sounds wonderful, honey. But, what is a trousseau?”

“You’ll find out, sweetheart. And then tonight, well, tonight is going to be something else again, Matty. I promise you.”

She hurriedly got dressed. We left the hotel, got into a taxi and headed up The Strip to the shopping district.

“This is it, driver. Thank you.” She announced. I paid the fare.

“Over this way, Matty.” Obviously Kori knew where she was going. It was a small shop, a boutique type business that was tucked away off The Strip, behind the The Imperial Palace. “Sergei’s” was printed on the door. We entered.

“Good morning, Miss Kori. How you are, this morning?” Kori was known here.

“Just fantastic, Sergei. Never better.” They clasped hands & air kissed. I went to speak, and was rendered to silence by Kori holding her finger to her lips.

“This my husband, Matthew, whom I spoke to you about, Sergei.”

The sales clerk was obviously gay and didn’t mind advertising it. He looked me over head to toe. “You right, Miss Kori. Husband simply divine. Lucky, lucky girl, are you.” The two of them shared a hearty laugh as I stood there dumbfounded. “Let me take measurements first to be sure, but, I confident that we have everything on you list. I lots of gathering after you come, as you so want so this not take long.” Kori had already been here.

Sergei instantly produced a cloth measuring tape. “Follow Sergei, beautiful couple.”

He led us to a smaller room behind the main shop. It was a stock room of sorts with a couple cloth easy chairs and a full length mirror on the wall.

“Miss Kori, handsome husband, may I get bottled water, or, other, how you say, refreshaments?”

“Yes, Sergei, that sounds splendid, please.” Kori was confidently lit.

“I be right back.”

“Kori, what is all this?”

“Just play along, darling. I guarantee you that you won’t be sorry.” She kissed my nose. “I love you, Matty, so much.” She whispered, as Sergei returned with the drinks.

“Miss Kori, you sit there. Gorgeous man, you stand straight and let Sergei measure him.”

He worked quickly, jotting on his small note pad as he went over me top to bottom.

“All done. Give me little time and I have all packaged and ready you go.”

“Sergei, would it be ok if you sent it up to the Mandalay Bay, Room 1369 this afternoon? They’re expecting it. We have so much to do today. So many stops to make. Please, Sergei?”

“No problem, pretty Miss Kori.” He quickly wrote down the information that Kori had imparted.

“You’re the best, Sergei. Just a life saver is what you are. Gotta scoot. Thank you, so much, Sergei.”

“A most good pleasure, Miss Kori, and beautiful husband. You come back and visit Sergei soon.”

He & Kori once again exchanged air kisses. I followed Kori to the door.

“Mr. Matthew, a great pleasure you, sir.” Sergei offered his hand at the front door as he held it open for us. I shook it in response. It was a firm grasp. His eyes found mine and he smiled warmly.