The Birthday Card


The Birthday Card

Two people, wronged by those they loved, take part in an act of revenge, with an unexpected consequence.

This is a standalone story, written in the first person, in which, for the most part, neither character speaks. I’ve posted it under Erotic Coupling, but, like many other stories, it spills over into other genres, including, in this instance; Anal Sex, and Romance. There is also some humour, buried in the twist at the end.

If you don’t like it, tell me. If you do, please also tell your friends.

The knock on my door, came with an air of surprise that failed to move my lacklustre mood. When I answered, I couldn’t find the interest to ask why Carol was here, outside of the fact it was my birthday and in her hand she held a card.

I hadn’t seen Carol in more than a year. Not since my slut of a wife, had run off with her toad of a husband. The fact the two women had been best friends, wasn’t my problem.

When Carol didn’t offer the card, I figured she wanted to come in, so I stood to one side. The unspoken gesture was taken up, and she dashed past into the house. I attributed her haste, more to the fact it was bitterly cold outside, than any eagerness she might have to see me.

I closed the door, and remained there for a moment, still holding onto the handle. It gave me a chance to think what was behind this unexpected visit. It wasn’t as if Carol and I, knew each other. She, and her rich douche of a husband, had moved in different circles. Her friendship with my now ex-wife, merely a hold over from their youth, and hadn’t, at least before today, been extended to include me.

Having come up with nothing that made any sense, I figured I’d go get the answer, and followed her into the sitting room.

Carol’s discarded coat lay over the back of my sofa. She, herself, stood between that and my log fire, which, as far as I knew, was the only source of warmth in the room. Carol turned her gaze to me, but was yet to utter a single word. I couldn’t take issue with that, as neither had I.

I stepped around the couch, and stopped a couple of feet away. We were lit only by the flames from the fire, as I had allowed it to get dark outside, and hadn’t been arsed to turn on the light, still wasn’t. Even in the flickering light from the fire, and despite the flawless make-up, there was no denying she was attractive.

She had dressed in a pale, well fitted blouse, a dark, just above the knee, pencil skirt that cinched to her waist, black stockings, and four inch heels. All very smart, but then, when you have money, smart is just everyday. Had she been wearing jeans, a thick jumper, and stout boots, all of which made more sense in weather like this, I’d have been more impressed.

Carol drew a deep breath. I couldn’t fail but to notice the swell it caused beneath the expensive silk of her blouse, and spoke of what it concealed. A hand raised from her side, and offered the envelope it held. She presented it flat, so as to display her perfectly manicured fingers, tipped with blood red nails, who’s mirror finish caught the flicker of the firelight.

Despite my pause in taking the envelope, she held the pose until I did. I took an even longer pause to examine her expression for some sort of motive behind her visit, and found none, beyond a hint of nervousness in her eyes. Maybe the card itself would furnish an answer? If not, then I guessed we were done.

With one eye on Carol, I slid my thumb under the flap and tore open the envelope. As I drew the everyday card from its paper confines, she remained expressionless. On the front, it said, ‘Happy Birthday’, and had a random smattering of cartoon fireworks and streamers, on a white, semi gloss background. It couldn’t have been more ordinary and indistinct, so if she was expecting me to be pleased, or grateful in any way, she was mistaken. And yet she remained, statuesque and blank.

I flipped the card open, and folded it back on itself to more easily read the inside. It was one of those, ‘Blank for your own words’, affairs, that I never send, because it meant making an effort to write something personal and witty. Not that she’d followed through on that point, her exquisite script just said, ‘Happy Birthday, Jake’. There was no solitary ‘X’, that most would consider an obligatory norm, nor did it bare her name.

Puzzled, I closed the card, looked it over, then reopened it. Carol had made this card the focus of her visit, therefore, it must have greater significance than I had yet established. It was then that I noticed, in the top left corner of what was the inside of the front cover, a folded down post note. It’s pale yellowness having failed to stand out against the white of the card, due to the yellow flames from the fire being the only illumination in the room.

I lifted the edge of the note, which revealed more words in the same hand. The writing was smaller, so I tilted the card to catch more of the firelight. The canlı bahis flicker from the flames made the letters dance, and I had to read it more than once, before what it said became clear.

‘I have a gift, that I hope you will accept, but only once you’ve destroyed this note.’

I peeled the note from the card, and read it again. Still none the wiser, but aware of what it demanded, I scrunched it up between my fingers, then flicked it into the flames. There followed a flare up that brightened the room for a moment, and I swear a small smile formed on Carol’s lips.

As the light dimmed back down, Carol made her move. The hand raised itself again, this time to take back the card. She turned to face the fire, and placed the card on the mantle, where it joined three others. One from my parents, another from my sister, and the third, my work colleagues. I had placed them there more out of tradition than celebration. That, and the fact I was a tidy person who felt there was a place for everything, and everything should be in its place.

The distraction the cards created, led me to miss Carol stepping back, to sit in the middle of the sofa. I chose to return to the armchair I had occupied before her arrival. It was positioned to the side of the fire, but faced where she sat.

The silence, we continued to maintain, was joined by stillness, made all the more surreal, as the logs on the fire had started to burn down. Soon, we would be in almost complete darkness, barely aware the other was there.

I contemplated turning on the light, but instead tossed another log onto the fire, and gave the embers a good rake with the poker. The flames grew large again, as they licked at this new source of energy. Sitting back down, I could now see my visitor in the light from the fire, while I sank back into the shadows, where my face remained unseen.

Another deep breath from Carol, repeated the swell of her chest, and caused more movement beneath her blouse. Her smile broadened to show perfect white teeth, then she slipped her hands into a bracing position, either side of where she sat. Sure I was watching, her knees started to part, and my eyes dropped to follow this motion. There was little to see at first, but then the darkness between her legs grew bright, as the light from the fire reflected off white thighs, from beyond the top of her black stockings. Her narrow skirt tightened, and progress came to a halt. She slid her hips forward, which caused the skirt to ride up high enough for the show to continue.

As carol’s legs spread further, I tried to make out what kind of underwear she was wearing. Then it became clear, she was not. This revelation completed the task of fully forming my erection, which she may or may not be able to make out, as it tented the front of my pants.

Again the tight skirt forced a halt. This time her hands came into play, and she hitched the hem to her hips, then slid right to the edge of the couch, fully exposing her clean shaved, and perfectly formed, pussy.

Carol held that pose for a moment, before her now freed legs continued to spread, until they were almost one hundred and eighty degrees apart. I watched, enthralled, as the moisture holding her outer lips closed, parted without aid, to reveal soft and rosy pink inner lips, which glistened in the fire light.

In silence, I slid to my knees and crawled towards what was being gifted me. As I neared the prize, my head blocked the light from the fire, and the vision of loveliness vanished. Small price to pay, I thought, as the heat emanating from between her thighs, and the heady scent of a woman aroused, combined to replace the loss.

When my nose made contact with her folds, I drew a deep breath through my nostrils, and my eyes closed to enhance the experience. I pushed forward, to press my lips to hers. It had been a long while since I’d been this close to a woman, and a pre-orgasmic shudder ran through me. Carol’s hands flew to my head, and pulled me closer still. Had it been as long for her?

My tongue slipped from between my lips, used for the first time tonight, yet still not to form words, the absence of which now heightened the excitement I felt. I somehow knew her sweetness would be intoxicating, and the flickering glow of the fire, caught only in my peripheral vision, added to the hypnotic atmosphere.

My osculating lips, triggered a flood of pussy nectar, that only increased my hunger for more. With the tip of my tongue, I explored every delectable crease and fold it could reach.

Every one, that is, except the one her pressing hands and reactive hips tried to steer me to. It mattered not, as Carol broke into a series of shudders that threatened to bruise my lips, as I fought to keep contact, aided by the firm pressure of her hands.

I continued my ministrations, which prolonged her orgasm, and pushed her to peak after peak. Despite this, Carol still fought for control of where my lips went. In the end, I caved, and allowed bahis siteleri her to guide me to the one spot that was screaming for attention, her clitoris.

When my lips enveloped the target, I held still, all the better to appreciate the wonder of what was the firmest clit I had ever known. It felt perfect for sucking between lips, and caressing with a tongue. For the sake of thoroughness, I set about doing just that. The rapid panting that then emanated from between Carol’s other lips, seemed to indicate she too felt the union of clit and tongue, to be perfection.

After a while, I sucked her clit deep into my mouth, and flicked my tongue across the tip. It triggered a tsunami from inside her, flooding my face with her cum. To begin with, her hands, which now gripped my hair, held me close. But soon came the point she could stand it no longer, and pulled my face away. Having lost all control, Carol’s hands dropped from my head, and she collapsed against the back of the couch.

Never one to exceed my welcome, and despite my own desire to continue, I let her have her wish. Despite the appearance that she’d got all the attention, while I was left still waiting, Carol could have got up and left with no protest from me. Neither would I have felt short-changed in the encounter, as I had never taken so much pleasure, in satisfying a woman, as I just had with her.

I remained between her legs, but moved my head to one side, allowing the flames to relight the spot that my lips had just vacated. Her heavy breathing matched the throbbing that still coursed through her body, pulsating the object of my gaze. I was captivated by the sheer beauty of it all.

When Carol had recovered enough to regain the use of her legs, I moved back to allow her to stand. Instead, she lay flat on the sofa and lifted one leg onto the back, while leaving the other on the floor in open invitation.

I stood up with some difficulty, my straining erection, and prolonged time on my knees, had conspired to stiffen the muscles in my legs. If Carol found my actions amusing, she didn’t laugh.

Having steadied myself, I began to undo the buttons on my shirt, hoping what little blood remained in my legs, would soon recirculate.

All too soon my task was complete, and I shrugged the shirt off, before folding it flat to be placed on the seat of my now vacant chair. I intended to expend a lot of energy in the coming minutes, and wanted to be free of all constraints. It seemed that Carol, was content to stay fully dressed, including her heels, and just watched as I prepared for round two.

The buckle on my belt was next, and having released it, I pulled the narrow strip of leather clean out through the loops with a flourish. There was a flicker of fear in her eyes for a moment, but she didn’t flinch.

I found Carol’s response interesting, in that it confirmed to me this was all some twisted act of revenge, to get the bragging rights over her former friend, in the, ‘Who had fucked who’s husband the best,’ stakes. Her leaving now, would not give truth to that brag.

I knew then, in return for the fact her husband had been so unsatisfied, he’d had the energy and inclination to screw my wife, that whatever punishment I exacted on Carol’s body, she would take without complaint.

With my face hidden by the backlight coming from the fire, Carol, never saw the smile form on my lips. I unbuttoned, then unzipped my trousers with slow deliberation. In one steady action, I pushed them to the floor, taking my boxer shorts with them. When I straightened back up, my erection, as hard as it had ever been, sprang free. My legs had recovered themselves, and I raised each foot in turn to remove its sock. Stepping clear, I picked up the trousers, shook out the creases, and folded them up. They joined my shirt, before I then did the same, with the socks and boxers.

A look of both fear and anticipation now filled Carol’s face, as I again knelt between her legs, this time on the sofa. The steel rod that was my cock, was directly above her waiting cunt. I steadied myself with my arms above her head, and held my body horizontal, in readiness to plunge into her depth, and jackhammer her into the middle of next week.

That flicker of fear returned, but again she did not move. I could not deny, that a part of me wanted to confirm her belief I would brutalise her as an act of revenge, and maybe she felt somewhat responsible, and wanted to be punished. But that was not who I was, and would never behave that way.

Instead, I lowered my hips until the tip of my cock nestled at the edge of her opening. Despite Carol’s obvious trepidation, she was slick to the touch, and I hovered there, savoring the moment. Under the belief that I was about to pound her, and was just extending the agony, she bit her lip. I continued to penetrate her sopping wet pussy, and felt her tremble beneath me. At a steady pace, I let myself sink into her cunt, until our hips met. Still convinced I was bahis şirketleri yet to release the demon in me, she lay her head to one side, and closed her eyes in total submission. Her vulnerability touched my heart, and spoke volumes of the woman inside her confident exterior.

I withdrew my cock to the point of separation, then sank back into her depths, which moulded themselves around me better than any I had ever felt. The sensation was wonderful, and I was sure she must feel it herself, yet still Carol did not react. I held myself still for several seconds, savoring the velvet touch of her vagina, which caressed every inch of me. My cock twitched in impatience, but I told it to hold steady.

I repeated my slow withdrawal and re-entry several more times, before her face turned back to mine, and she reopened her eyes. To say Carol looked surprised, was an understatement, and, as her smile revealed, she was now enjoying this as much as I.

I wondered if she was aware, had she not taken pleasure from my efforts, I would have been unable to continue.

I picked up the pace, only in as much as the pauses between each rise and thrust, shortened. My slow, gentle gliding, remaining steady. In an embrace of acceptance, Carol’s hands raised to my shoulders, and her stocking clad legs, wrapped themselves around the back of my thighs. When her eyes closed again, it was to absorb the sensation.

Long ago, I had evolved techniques of endurance, driven by my hatred of condoms, and the fear of unplanned pregnancy, as much as the desire to extend my own pleasure, and satisfy my partner. I put that skill to good use, controlling my breathing, and varying the pace, which remained more caring than animalistic.

Even so, I could feel her respond, and several times she reached the very edge, before I eased off the pressure, only to raise it again.

The agony and ecstasy, drove her fingers into my shoulders, in emphasis of the pleasure we were sharing. Soon, her urging spurred me on to increase the pace, until the speed she had at first feared, she more than encouraged.

With no talk of her desired conclusion, and my approaching eruption, I attempted to withdraw. Only to have her slam her legs about my waist, and hold me deep inside her, as her own orgasmic release, thundered through her body.

Any thought that I could hold myself back, vanished, as wave after wave of her contracting vagina, milked my happy cock to fulfillment, depositing its seeds, deep within her womb.

All voluntary movements ceased, as we both revelled in the bliss of pulsations we couldn’t control.

I’m not going to say I stayed hard, but I far from shrank to normal, as just being inside her, had my cock reinflate within minutes.

When I steadied myself to go again, Carol had other ideas, and used her knees to encourage me to withdraw. Again, my own strong beliefs had me comply without protest, and I made to climb off both her and the sofa. However, Carol’s other idea, didn’t include me moving away, and she prevented me from going anywhere, with a firm grip about my neck.

I remained still, my cock poised in midair, and handed control of what happened next over to Carol. I didn’t have long to wait, as she repositioned her legs over my shoulders, before gripping my hardened cock with one hand, and encouraging me back in with the other. Only this time, the point of contact was her ass. As my tip hit her tightness, I held myself back in surprise. But then, confirming that her aim had been true, she urged me on.

Nothing happened at first, other than a steady increase in pressure, but she continued to push against me until the pressure gave way, and the head of my cock popped inside her. At that point she stopped pushing, and so did I. It felt, incredible.

Her lips smiled at me, but her eyes showed the effort she’d spent to get this far. I smiled back, in the hope of reassuring her she was still in control, and would remain so.

Whatever she took from our silent exchange, a minute or so later she renewed her desire to continue. Slowly but surely, I began to sink into the deepest part of her bowel. It occurred to me, that Carol must have prepared herself, should I have wanted to fuck her ass. Now, far from her submitting to my demands, as I think she had anticipated, I was now complying with her desires.

The slickness of the lubrication she had preapplied, was countered by the tightness of her ass. It was not unlike pushing down on the handle of a bicycle pump, to force the last of the air into a high pressure tyre. Progress was made, only as fast as the addition could be accommodated.

I watched Carol’s face for signs of pain, aware that should any arise, it would have a debilitating effect on my erection, and that alone would be enough to kill any desire to continue.

No such expression formed, and when I bottomed out, Carol had the grin of achievement all over her face.

No one had ever sought anal sex from me before, and despite having more than a passing interest, I’d never pushed the notion to the fore. I had concluded her instigation of the act, was due to experience, but now I wasn’t so sure. Was this another first for both of us?