The Big Girl Ch. 06

Female Ejaculation

I’ve been having a good time with this story, so I hope you have fun reading it.

In this chapter, Brent gets an interesting wake up from Sarah and Tracy, Tracy gets what she’s been wanting, with some help from Sarah…twice, and learns just what has Sarah so head over heels for Brent.


I awoke to the sound of female voices, and the smell of coffee. It took me a minute to realize that I was really awake, and not dreaming.

‘That’s a really big dick.’ one of the voices said, followed by a second voice saying, ‘Yeah it is, you should see it when it gets hard. And when he puts it in you…oh my god, you go right to heaven, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.’ The first voice laughed and said, ‘Can I touch it? He’s still asleep…he’ll never know.’ There was a pause, then the second voice said, ‘Okay, but just touch it, don’t go playing with it or anything.’

I felt the bed move, and realized that I wasn’t dreaming, it was really happening. I opened my eyes as I turned my head, having to blink several times against the bright light coming in through the windows behind me.

After a few seconds, I could make out Sarah and Tracy standing beside the bed.

“Does he always sleep naked like that?” Tracy asked, looking down at me.

“Yeah, he never wears underwear.” Sarah giggled. “That trouser snake needs all the room it can get.”

“It looks like it. I still want to touch it, is it still okay?” Tracy asked, looking at Sarah as she took a sip of her coffee.

“You’re gonna have to ask him, I think he’s awake now.” Sarah giggled. “You might have blown your chance.”

“I wish I was blowing that big dick.” Tracy muttered

“Maybe later.” I groaned, trying to sit up. I looked over at them as I finally managed to sit up on the side of the bed. I noticed that they were both wearing oversized t-shirts, and looked like they had showered. “I don’t suppose you brought me coffee before you came up here to ogle, and have your way with me.”

“No, we had a cup each before we came up here, then we emptied the pot with these.” Sarah said, holding up her cup. “We’ve been exploring the house.”

“Yeah, this place is fucking huge!” Tracy laughed, sitting beside me on the side of the bed and holding her cup out to me. “When are you going to let us move in with you?”

“Tracy!” Sarah gasped.

I took the cup and muttered ‘thanks’, then looked at Tracy as I took a sip.

“When does your lease expire?” I asked.

“The end of next month.” she grinned

I nodded and looked up at Sarah.

“You gonna dump me anytime soon?” I asked.

She shook her head, then glanced over at Tracy.

“Do you still want me to do that thing we talked about?”

She nodded, keeping her eyes on me this time.

“Just once, or would it be a regular thing?” I asked.

She shrugged, glancing at Tracy, then back at me.

“Oh for god’s sake, use your words, Sarah!” Tracy exploded, leaping to her feet.

“Shut up. She’s doing fine.” I said, glancing over at Tracy. I looked back at Sarah as I asked my next question. “Do you want to live here with me?”

“Yes.” She said softly, her eyes locked on mine.

“Good.” I said getting to my feet and handing Tracy her cup.

“Do you want this room, or do you want to sleep downstairs with me?” I asked Sarah.

“I wanna sleep downstairs with you.” Tracy laughed. “I don’t care where she sleeps.”

I couldn’t help laughing, but Sarah didn’t think it was funny.

“He was talking to me, Tracy.” She said, her voice dripping with venom.

“Oh, take a chill pill, girlfriend!” Tracy laughed. “I knew he was talking to you. God, get a sense of humor, wouldja?”

Sarah glared at her, but after a moment, a smile started to creep across her face.

“That’s better.” Tracy grinned, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek. She walked over to the door, stopping before she went out. “Ima go make another pot o’ coffee. Either of you interested in food?”

“I could eat.” I said

“So could I.” Sarah said.

“Okay. But one of you is gonna have to come cook it.” Tracy laughed as she stepped out into the hall. “I can’t cook for shit!”

We looked at each other, grinning as we listened to Tracy laughing as she went down the stairs. I patted the spot beside me, and Sarah sat down. As soon as she did, I slid up into her lap.

“Hold me.” I said, putting my arm around her back.

“Anytime.” She said softly, putting her arms around me and squeezing me gently. “I missed having you sleep on me last night. I woke up a couple of times, and I was really bummed that you weren’t there.”

“You were both really out of it.” I said, then groaned when I remembered what had happened last night. “I have to clean the bathroom off the parlor. Tracy barfed last night. I think she got most of it in the toilet but…”

“We already did that.” Sarah said, rocking me back and forth. “When we woke up in the same bed, with splitting headaches, we compared notes. Tracy said you were a perfect gentleman. We were canlı bahis both out of it, and you could have done anything you wanted to us, but you didn’t.”

“I like my lovers to be conscious and consenting.” I laughed.

“That’s a good combination.” Sarah laughed. “I prefer my lovers that way too. But I have to admit, I don’t mind getting woken getting boned.”

“I’m usually not completely awake when we get started, if you want the truth.” I said. “I wake up, and I’m already hard inside you, so moving is just the next logical thing to do.”

I looked up at her, trying to keep the shit eating grin off my face.

“And you don’t just like getting woken up getting boned, you get downright bitchy if you don’t get woken up that way. I think I’m spoiling you.”

“I do not get bitchy, you asshole.” Sarah laughed. “I might get a little testy…”

“Turn me loose.” I said, then slid off her lap when she released me. I pulled her to her feet, and held her hand as I headed for the door. “And you do get bitchy, but you’re so cute, I can’t take you seriously…”


“He says I get bitchy if I don’t get my way.” Sarah said as we walked into the kitchen.

“You do.” Tracy laughed, handing me a cup of coffee. “You can be a real cunt sometimes, sweetie.”

“Hey, that’s out of line.” I said, sitting my cup on the table and turning to face her.

“Nah, she knows what I’m talking about.” Tracy laughed. “Look at her, she knows how she gets as well as I do.”

I looked over at Sarah, and she was grinning as she listened to us.

When I looked back at Tracy, she was standing right in front of me.

“I know that I’m that thing you were talking about upstairs. She told me that she asked if I could join you.” Tracy said, pulling out a chair and sitting right in front of me. Her head was level with my crotch. She looked at my cock, then up at my face. She looked off to the side, and when I looked over, I saw Sarah standing beside us. Tracy’s eyes were back on my cock as she said, “I still wanna touch it. Tell me it’s okay.”

“Do it.” Sarah said, putting her arm around me. “I wanna watch.”

Tracy hadn’t moved, and when I looked down, I saw that she was looking up at me.

“Go ahead.” I said, resigning myself to the situation.

Her hand came up, and she slid it under my cock slowly, cupping it in her hand, her palm rubbing across the thick vein on the underside as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft.

“You’re doing it wrong.” Sarah, squatting down next to Tracy. “You’re supposed to put your hand the other way, so your fingers are underneath.”

“Leave her alone, Sarah.” I said. “She’s doing fine.”

“You like it like that?” Sarah asked, watching as Tracy moved her hand slowly up and down on my cock.

“I think he does.” Tracy said in a breathy whisper. “He’s getting hard, really hard. Fuck, I can’t believe how big it’s getting.”

“Put your hand on his balls, cup them in your hand and roll them around with your fingers.” Sarah said, pulling her t-shirt up around her hips and putting her hand between her legs. “He really likes it when I do that.”

My cock was hard as a rock by this time, and it throbbed in Tracy’s hand as she cupped my balls and started massaging them gently.

“Oh shit.” I muttered.

“Can I suck it?” Tracy asked.

I looked down, opening my mouth to tell her no, but I saw that she was looking at Sarah.

“Yeah…put it in your mouth.” Sarah whispered, staring at Tracy’s hand as it moved slowly up and down under the rigid shaft of my cock. She put her finger on the top of my cock, about mid-way down the shaft. “I can take him to about here without gagging, but I can take him to here,” She said, moving her finger another inch toward the root, “When I really get into it.”

“I don’t think I can take it that deep, it’s really thick.” Tracy said.

A shiver ran through me as her warm breath washed over my cock, and it throbbed powerfully. A small spurt of pre-cum spat from my piss slit onto her wrist.

“If you wanna suck it, you better do it soon.” Sarah giggled. “He’s really close.”

Tracy leaned forward, but Sarah grabbed her shoulder.

“Wait.” She said, putting her arms around her and pulling her t-shirt up, trying to pull it off of her. “Take this off and let him shoot it on you when he cums. He really shoot alot, and it feels really good shooting all over you. He came in my mouth yesterday, and I pulled his cock out of my mouth and let it shoot all over my face. God, that was so hot. Then he licked it off of me, and we shared it.”

Tracy whimpered as she let her pull her t-shirt off, switching hands as she pulled her arms through the sleeves. She put her original hand on me, and working it up and down, her palm rubbing the underside.

She glanced up at my face, grinning as she saw me gritting my teeth, trying to hold back from cumming.

“Let it happen little man.” She said in a husky voice, her hand starting to move faster on me. “Go ahead and cum, shoot it all over me.”

She looked bahis siteleri over at Sarah, smiling as she saw she leaning closer.

“Can…can I let him lick it off of me, and share it with him…” She paused, looking at Sarah. “Or you?”

“No.” Sarah grunted, her face inches from Tracy’s. “I want to lick it off of you. But I’ll share it with you. He can eat you out while I lick his cum off of you, he’s really good at it.”

“Fuuuuuck!” I grunted, pushing my hips forward as my balls contracted, and the first delicious spasms hit me as the cum rushed up my cockshaft, then erupted in one long, ropy strand that splashed across Tracy’s tits, coating the tops of them with a thick ribbon of jizz.

“Oh my god!” Tracy screamed, jerking on my cock frantically now. “Oh shit, it’s so hot! Fuck and there’s so…glmmmppphhhh.”

She sputtered as Sarah put her hand under my cock, pushing up on it so the next burst hit her on her upper lip and splashed into her mouth. Sarah kept lifting my cock, and the next two spurts hit her on the left cheek, then under her right eye.

“Let’s get some more on your tits.” Sarah panted, moving her hand so Tracy was jerking it off right at her tits. I felt her hand on my ass, pushing me closer, and the next blast hit the top of her breast head on, splashing up and spattering both of them.

The next three spurts went between her tits, and the next painted a thick white line across her nipples. I felt Sarah pushing harder on my ass, and the head of my cock plowed between Tracy’s tits. I started humping up and down, my eyes rolling back in my head as the soft, cum coated skin of her tits enveloped my cock.

“Oh my god, that is so kewl.” Sarah gasped. “He’s fucking your titties, Tracy. His cock is between your tits, and he’s fucking them!”

“Oh god…” I groaned, trying to pull away. “Please stop…I’m done.”

“Don’t listen to him.” Sarah said harshly, digging her fingers into my asscheek and pushing me forward. “He always says that…but he just keeps on going…he’s like the energizer bunny.”

“So much cum.” Tracy whimpered, taking her hand off my cock and pushing her tits together around it. “It’s all over me…and it’s so hot…so much cum, oh my god, I never expected…”

“It’s great isn’t it?” Sarah laughed. “He just keeps shooting and shooting and shooting…I don’t know where it all comes from!”

“Oh shit, I gotta sit down.” I moaned, my legs trembling like bamboo poles during a hurricane. I tried to pull back again, but Sarah just shoved me forward, pumping my cock back and forth between Tracy’s tits.

She finally let go of my ass and pushed a chair out so it was right behind me. I dropped into it, my ass perched on the edge, legs spread wide, shoulders against the back. I laid there, gasping for breath.

At some point, Tracy had slipped off her chair and was now on her knees, her head right between my legs.

“Now suck it.” I heard Sarah say in a husky whisper. When I looked down, she had her hand on the back of Tracy’s head, and was pushing it down into my lap.

I groaned when my cock slid into her mouth, and my ass jerked up off the seat, driving my cock deep into her throat.

Tracy gagged, but Sarah kept pushing down on her head. When her lips pressed into the curly hairs of my pubes, she wrapped her fingers in her hair and pulled her head up slowly. She drew her up till just the head of my cock was in her mouth, then pushed her down again.

“Don’t suck, just let him feel your mouth around his cock.” Sarah whispered. “Take it all the way down your throat, then pull it out until just the head is in your mouth. Use your mouth like a cunt, and fuck him with it.”

She lifted her hand from the back of Tracy’s head, watching as she pumped her mouth up and down on her own in slow, steady strokes.

“Oh god, that is so hot, girlfriend.” Sarah groaned. “You’re taking him in to the balls, your taking his whole fucking cock down your throat! Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re doing that!”

She looked up at me, her face a mask of lust fueled passion, her eyes glazed over.

“Can you shoot again, baby?” She panted, moving over so she was kneeling beside me. I could feel Tracy picking up the pace as she fucked her face on my cock. “Cum in her mouth for me baby. Look at how she’s sucking your cock, she wants you to shoot another big load in her mouth. Come on, do it for me, I want to see her choke on that big beautiful cock when you shoot a big load down her throat.”

I turned my head to look at her, and she plastered her mouth over mine, shoving her tongue down my throat. I groaned when her fingers pinched my nipple, and my hands dropped down onto Tracy’s head. I started pumping her mouth up and down over me roughly, arching my hips up off the chair as I pulled her head down.

“You’re gonna do it! You’re gonna cum in her mouth, aren’t you?” Sarah groaned, then shoved her tongue down my throat again, her hands moving all over my body.

I screamed into her mouth as my ass lifted up off the chair, my hands slamming bahis şirketleri Tracy’s head down onto my cock. I was buried balls deep in her throat when the first fiery slugs of cum poured up my cockshaft and erupted into her throat. I could feel Tracy gagging around my cock, pushing against my thighs as she fought to get my cock out of her throat.

I pulled her head up suddenly, then slammed it back into her throat, holding her there again as my balls emptied themselves into her spasming gullet. I jerked her head up again, and felt her inhale sharply though her nose, then she was diving back onto my cock, taking it back into her throat. I watched as her hands waved in the air, finally hitting one of mine, pressing it down on her head.

My hands tightened into fists in her hair, and I pounded my cock in and out of her mouth, ramming it in till her nose was crushed into my pubes, then jerking her up till just the head was in her mouth. I don’t know how long it went on, but at some point, I realized that her mouth was no longer on my cock, and Sarah’s mouth was no longer pressed against mine.

I looked down, and Tracy was sprawled on the floor at my feet, cum running out of her nose and drooling from one side of her mouth. I could see that she was breathing, and I looked around, and saw Sarah on the floor beside me. She was up on her knees, three fingers of one hand buried knuckle deep in her pussy as she pounded them in and out, her other hand was working frantically over her clit.

I dropped off the chair and knee walked around in front of her. I grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked her head up, making her look at me.

“Was it as good as you expected?” I asked, my face right up to hers.

“Oh god, yes.” She moaned, then pressed her lips to mine as she moved forward, pushing at me till I fell onto my back, and she was on top of me. She put her arms around me, then rolled us over, her hand searching between us for my cock.

“Oh god. put it in, I need to feel you in me.” She whimpered, then sighed with relief as her fingers closed around my cock. She dragged the head of my cock around her over her cunt slit, searching for the opening. When I felt the head of my cock enter her, I pushed my hips forward, burying it to the root inside her. “Oh god, that’s perfect. Don’t move, just let me feel it…fuck, you feel so good in me…”

She kept up a steady stream of chatter, finally slowing to a stop. Raising my head off her breast, I looked down at her. She was gone…asleep, passed out, I don’t know which. The only thing I could think of right then was…what the fuck is going to happen when they wake up?


I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up, I was laying in my bed. Sarah was beside me, she was half on top of me actually. She had one arm bent across me, her elbow on my stomach, her fingertips brushing my shoulder. One of her legs was draped over mine.

I looked at her face, and saw the pretty girl I fell in love with. The lust crazed wild woman was gone. I had mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I thought it was hotter than hell. On the other, it scared the shit out of me.

I had to pee, so I slipped out from under her, making her whimper in her sleep. Sliding over to the side of the bed, I noticed that the shower was running.

Shaking my head, I stood up and walked into the bathroom. I could see Tracy through the mist frosted door. She was standing with her back to the spray, letting it hit her shoulders then run down over her body. She was bringing her hands up, cupping her breasts when she opened her eyes and saw me.

I saw her smile, then she reached out and put her hand on the glass, sliding the door open slowly.

“Come on in.” She said. “The water feels great.”

“I have to pee.” I said lamely, looking down at my dick, then back at her.

“You can do that in here. I’d like to watch.” She said casually. “And I can help.”

My feet moved on their own, taking a step toward the shower.

She took a step back as I stepped into the shower, then moved up and pressed herself against me, her hand dropping down and wrapping around my cock in a loose grip.

“So how do you do it?” She asked, just holding my cock in her fingers.

“It’s really just point and shoot.” I said, looking down at her hand circling my cock.

“Okay, I’ll point, you shoot.” She giggled.

I tried to relax, not used to having anyone watch me pee, much less having them hold my dick while I did it. It took an effort of will to get the first drops to come out.

“That’s it…you can do it.” Tracy purred, pointing my cock at the floor, then, as the stream got stronger, moved it up so it was pointing at the wall and moved it in a slow circle.

I sighed happily. The combined sensations of relieving my bladder and her gentle grip on my cock were incredible.

“Wow, you really had to go, didn’t you?” She giggled, moving my cock around, using it to paint patterns and designs on the wall.

“Yeah.” I grunted as the stream tapered off, then trickled to a stop. “Oh shit, that always feels so good.”

“Peeing, or having a hand on your cock.” She whispered. She tightened her grip around me, and her hand started moving up and down in slow, lazy strokes.