The best season 2 :-P

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The best season 2 :-PWhen the best season starts you start to peek always with a little more attention, especially if you have the sis very good, like in my case :-P. It was spring when I opened the door of my palace and, at the beginning of the ladders, i’ve find front of me, sitted, my sis, with a boy sitted beside her, I do not know if he was a boyfriend or lover: -P, my sis had a nice pair of black-transparent tights, with low shoes, and a skirt more or less at central-thigh, legs bent and closed, but in the movements, they could always open themself a little :-P, while we talking i peeked and not peeked, but not because I was afraid or was ashamed of that bf or lover, but anyway I was already quite satisfied for a recent trip of commission in which I have had way of to see her for well in the hotel-room :-P, then always in that period I see them again always from the parts of ours palace that embraced each other 😛 and then another time at home (ours) seated (both) in an armchair in the dining room, that is, she sitting on his legs and she who embraced him :-P, me when step and I see them and I see that my sis had on her, much for a change :-P, a beautiful white tunic, also rather narrow, and bare legs and beautiful smalls white sports socks with low hooves :-P, I saw that that boy in effects believed himself a little or maybe he was very excited? :-P, anyway, after I had passed I thought at that moment that I really wanted to be i instead of that bf with her sitting on me that she who huged at me :-P. It was spring/begin-summer when I’m at home with two friends, we are close to the open door of the dining room, my sister comes out of her room for to go to the bathroom, she had a black skirt, enough tight, at the half of thighs and with shoes like moccasins with the heel a bit tall and bare legs, after that she passed, one of my two friends says “wow .. what a legs! .. beautiful thighs white ! …” also if, naturally, i did a bit pretend of nothing, also i not could at not to think about it :-P. It was summer when i came to my house with a friend, a little later, when us about to exit, my sister arrives and ask me a commission, and she had an habitual tunic for house, white, a little wrinkled, with the effect close-up indeed, with the form of the tits that was good, sakarya escort and then that tunic seemed to be a bit neutral namely seemed white and a bit transparent, because when I, instinctively look in down, i saw a bit the silhouette of the panties (dark-black :-P) and that looked also pretty tight : -P, and then bare legs and bare feet with low hooves, when I and my friend we are go out, my friend tells me “damn .. what good sister that you have .. wish my sister was like your sister … but fucks a lot ?!” I, of course, from friend, i didn’t angry :-P, and, making a bit of small laughs :-P, i had shared 😛 and, knowing that kind of friend was, i think he had did many of handjobs thinking to my sister, but anyway, also I have did the best handjobs thinking at my sister, because when you have a very good sister, in my opinion, not can to do without :-P. Then, always in summer, others times i had way of to observe my nice sister at home, while she had a tunic for house, like a evening, she was sitted at table with our father, i passed front her and i peek the part of her leg out the tunic, that it was from half thigh in down .-P, and bended because had the foot placed on the segment under of the chair, and she, maybe a bit angry, covered herself :-P, or an afternoon, when, in the dining room, while our mother was with the iron, she was sit near at the table and she must to talk with me, and i sit on armchair front her, and i see her that was with her usual tunic for home, and her beautiful curvaceous legs nude, and I, at a certain point, i almost can’t more turn myself toward her much that i had it already very tough and in very little time :-P, or even another summer day toward August if not remember bad 😛 when I approach the closed door of her room, I open, at normally velocity, and after a bit the door hangs because on the floor there are some stuff, I think the stuff from to clean, i asked her of to look some computer’s sheets that i had did, and she, half hidden behind the closet door, she was talking with the phone, I don’t know with who, a bf or a lover for the way that she was talking :-P, and she says at me “you can’t enter i’m naked “:-P, I, without exclaiming trivial excuses, i, closing the door always at normally velocity :-P, in that small amount escort sakarya of time, I scrutinized her, semi-hidden behind the wardrobe door, and it had seemed me of to see, or rather my flash on her had been that of to see her that had an arm bend toward up for to talk to the phone and then a bit of her hips, and, given the closet door it was a little above the floor, I had seen the she was at feet bare, then it seemed to me also that she did not have the cord of bra and neither that of the panties and for this, her phrase was, as they say, “to the letter” :-P, who knows… that guy or lover that had thought at that time, surely he was became very excited, i think right of yes 😛 :-P, and in anycase my sis had made me to do a little ugly figure :-P, that of the great voyeur :-P, but I did not care that much: -P, I was obviously very happy with that nice situation :-P, sure, if i had to made right “the intruder :-P”, she would have covered a bit, and she would even a little angry with me :-P, but anyway growed me a bit the regret (like my cock in that moment :-P) for not have could “to caught” completly she 😛 in that nice occasion :-P, also if little time before it was happened (recounted in the my previous story “a very nice trip of commission 4”) that we were in hotel-room and i had could see her that had on her, she had on her for so of say :-P, the bra and the panties only 😛 😛 :-P. and then little time after always during that beautiful summer I’m at home and I go to the bathroom and open the bathroom door and I find she, my sister, standing in the bathtub with the handle of the shower On and, of course, she turns to the side to cover a little :-P, she covers a little with an arm (the forearm :-P) a bit on your breasts but without forcing your forearm too much :-P, and with one hand she covers there below at the center 😛 but anyway it could see a little (the upper part :-P) of her big bush :-P, and then naturally i see in that brief time 😛 the rest of her namely her beautiful flleshy ass and her beautiftl fleshy thighs :-P, she does not shout at me :-P, she says so or at least it seemed to me that I felt to say at that moment “oh ..” :-P, I close the door and then later she not has nothing to laugh on me for that little incident 😛 😛 :-P, the explanation sakarya escort bayan of that little incident I had fastened it in this way, that is, hearing my mother often that tells to my sister that when you go to the bathroom to shower not must never lock the door for anything :-P, but anyway it must be advised that you go to the bathroom for to take the shower :-P, so in that case I not had been was warned or I had not heard right I do not remember 😛 😛 :-P, it was the second time that i had could have the lucky 😛 of to see the beautiful pussy of my sister :-P, the first time had been some time before 😛 (recounted in a my previously story “A very good view :-P”). from=related