The Bath House

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The Bath HouseI have been bi since I was 16.. A couple experiences with friends when I was young, and then not much for a couple years.. then the opportunity to explore again came up. A friend of mine told me about the local bath house, and the times to be had.I have been there 3 times.. but nothing compares to the first night I spent there when I was 23.There were about 15 other men there that night. All ages, mostly older (which I LOVE) lolI was in the hot tub with 2 other men. We were talking, touching and having a good time. Both older men, good bodies, but I was focussed on one.. a man in his early 40’s, good looking, and black… it was darıca escort true! 🙂 Great cock! Atleast 11″ and thick! after touching and playing more, he sat on the edge of the hot tub, and let me start sucking his huge tool. His cock was great.. forced myself down on it and choked as I tried to take more of it. My jaw was hurting after a while because he was so big. The other man left to go find other fun. The hot black man jerked and spasmed as he came in my mouth. I tried my best to suck him to completion with drinking his cum.. He was fantastic.. one of the most memorable BJ’s I ever gave.We left and cleaned up, he went off and I went escort darıca into the dark room. And it was that..pitch black! Just feel your way around. Moaning echoed out of the room as I entered. I just listened others fucking and cumming for a little while.. very hot. I felt another man beside me and we started touching. He went down on me and starting sucking my cock. He was non stop and an amazing mouth.. to this day the best BJ I ever had from a man or woman. I lost myself… knees were shaking, i was moaning and breathing loudly forgetting that there were other men around. I felt other people touching me as I was being pleasured. One darıca escort bayan man sucked my nipples while I stroked his cock, one man was beside me and I stroked him with my other hand, and another guy moved behind me and licked and fingered my ass. It was heavenly. One of the guys I was jerking off came all over my hand.. I tasted him and licked up his load. The guy working my ass tried to fuck me, but he didn’t have a condom, so no dice… just fingers and tongue. The man sucking my cock was amazing. I felt myself cumming and I told him… he just moaned in anticipation of my load. I almost fell over as I had fingers in me and I blew my load in his mouth. He sucked me dry hard…it was incredible! I gathered myself and left the room.. The man sucking me came right out behind me and thanked me.. he loved my cock.. He was in his mid 60’s and blew my mind! So sexy…