The Basketball Game


My Master smiled at me as he ushered me into the room. There he had setup a large screen TV to watch the Basketball game. I had known he intended to have a few of the guys in to watch the game, I had not expected to be invited. Of course, with Master, surprises were his specialty.

“Come my slave, everyone agrees you should watch the game with us.” was all he had said to me when he had come to fetch me, tossing me a tiny little sundress to put on, and unquestioningly I had followed. I stood in the doorway and smiled shyly at the four men who were seated around the room as the pre-game commentary was going on on the screen. They all smiled back generously and I felt the familiar flip in my gut, knowing that surely my Master had plans for me, more than just me watching the game.

Sure enough, Master spoke once again. “We decided we would like to have a little game of our own, my slave, while we watch the basketball. And, what is sport without a little wager happening, hmm?” He grinned at me, and my eyes followed the turn of his head, noticing that on the side table were laid out a wide array of toys…. whips & floggers and paddles of all sizes, clamps and chains and weights, … all sorts of his favorite things. I took a deep breath and looked at him once again.

“Remove your dress and kneel my slave, and I will explain the little wager you will be making.” He smiled, as I reached for the hem of my short dress and pulled it over my head, my otherwise nude body now on display to the visitors in the room, and sunk obediently to my knees, my hands clasped behind me. I kept my gaze lowered, blushing at the thought of these four men looking at me this way, and awaited my Master’s instructions.

“Now my slave… I have here the names of each team, sealed in an envelope. Please select one, which will be the team of your wager.” He held out to me a silver tray with the 2 envelopes on it, and cautiously I reached and chose one. He immediately held the remaining envelope over a nearby candle and held it till the flames nearly reached his fingers, before dropping it back on the tray. He then took from me the remaining envelope and set it conspicuously on the top of the TV.

“The name of your team is sealed, and unknown to any of us. The conditions of your wager are like this…. if your team loses, I will have the pleasure of using any of the available toys on you,.. in front of our guests of course.. until I judge the debt of your loss is paid.” I glanced up at him and felt a shiver run through my spine, noticing the vagueness of his description. “If your team is the winner… you will be rewarded, by being allowed to drink your fill from each of our visitors cocks.” His grin widened, and I followed his gaze to the guests, and noticed they too were grinning wickedly at me as I knelt there nude in front of them. I felt my skin flush, not sure which of the options presented to me was actually the best one. Much as I love to suck and empty my Master’s cock I was not accustomed to doing this to total strangers, or with an audience.

My thoughts were interrupted, however, by the cheers on the screen as the players rushed onto the court. My Master tapped at the inside of my knees with his crop until my knees were spread wide open, displaying my cunt to the men seated across the room, and settled himself in his chair beside me. As the first quarter of the game progressed, Master paid very little attention to the fact that I was there, except for the odd tap of his crop under my breasts if he deemed my posture to be failing, but I was always quite aware of the eyes of the others on me. As each team scored points I found my heart beginning to race, my breath quicken, and my body burn with the heat of the tension I was feeling. With each basket I thought “Is that my team? Am I winning or losing?” and my breath would catch in my throat, a reaction that seemed to delight our guests as they watched me squirm in this state of uncertainty.

At the Maltepe Olgun Escort end of the first quarter my Master gave me a sideways glance and casually asked me if I was feeling the strain in my back of kneeling for this lengtgh of time. “Perhaps you need a change of positon, my slave. Turn and rest your shoulders to the floor a while.”

I knew this command, and slowly turned my back to the men on the other side of the room, remembering to keep my knees wide, and leaned forward til my shoulders touched the floor, my breasts pressed against the carpet, my hands reaching back between my legs to grasp below my knees. I felt the quick sting of his crop on my ass, and quickly tipped upwards, displaying my ass and cunt to the room. From this position I was not able to see the screen, and my ears strained to hear as the crowd cheered with each basket scored, trying to keep track of the score, though still unsure who should be winning or losing. I stayed like this for the second quarter of the game.

During half time my Master casually removed his pants and thrust his cock into my cunt from behind, jamming it to the bottom with a fierce thrust. I was already so wet from having been on display before the four guests in this position, and he was already hard from my humiliation. He grunted suddenly, and came, with little ceremony, as he pounded my cunt with his hard cock, filling my with his cum, …. but he did not give me permission to do the same, and I held despirately to keep from cumming until he was finished and pulled his cock from me.

I had forgotten the guests as he fucked me, knowing only his hard cock pounding into me, moaning wildly as he fucked me, but as soon as he pulled away from me they cheered and whistled, and I felt my body redden at the embarassment. Master sat back in his chair, ready for the second half of the game, and told me to rest my back. He instructed me to lay on my back on the floor, my feet towards the guests, and bring my knees up and outwards so that they had a clear view of my wet, freshly fucked cunt as my juices and his cum slowly began to drip from me.

As I watched the game, my heart pounding in my chest, I found myself constantly looking at the envelope on the top of the TV. I wished fervently that I knew which team’s name was sealed inside it…. knew if I were winning or loosing,… and yet in a way I was thankful I didn’t know, thankful I did not have the long knowing wait for the whip if my team were losing… or for that matter, for the public cocksucking if I were winning!!

By the fourth quarter there was a clear leader, and my tension was so strong I was felt despirate. Master smiled down at me where I lay, and brought me a low stool for me to sit on, with my knees spread wide of course, facing our guests so close I was sure they could smell my cum filled cunt, and feel my heat as I blushed from both embarassment and longing. Master also decided it was time for the guys to show me how much they appreciated my watching the game with them, and they all gladly removed their pants, so that during the entire fourth quarter I was sitting facing four extremely hard cocks. My mouth watered, and I swallowed constantly, my cunt burning with need, my belly churning with desire.

Finally, after nearly two hours of being on display to these four men, and Master, the game ended… San Antonio over the Lakers. Master shifted in his chair and lifted his crop to point at the envelope.

“Fetch it my slave, and we will see if you have won or lost.” I stood from the chair, and he immediately hit the crop against the floor, making me jump. I looked questioningly at him, and he gave me a stern look, and pointed down, for me to get on my knees and crawl. Quickly I sunk onto my knees and crawled to the TV, my ass wiggling at our guests as I moved, and stretched up to reach the envelope. I was almost breathless as I held it and looked at my Master. He nodded for me to open it. My fingers Maltepe Sarışın Escort trembled as I ripped the envelope, my heart pounded in my throat as I slid the folded piece of paper out. I hesitated, only slightly, then took a deep breath and unfolded the paper, and stared down at the words written across it.

“Read it to us my slave.” Master said, sitting motionless in his chair. I looked up at him, then nervously glanced at our guests, their four hard cocks straining out towards me, before looking back at the paper in my trembling hand.

“San Antonio” I said in a hushed voice. I looked up at Master and he smiled aprovingly at me, and nodded towards our guests. I dropped the paper and crawled towards them, reaching the first one and looking up at him. He had his hand on his cock, stroking it, holding it out towards me. I glanced at my Master, and he nodded at me to continue, so I turned back to the straining cock and reached my tongue towards it, feeling the heat of the embarassment of sucking a stranger while other strangers watched. But soon, as I felt the cock against my tongue, and closed my lips around it, sucking the swollen head, I forgot all but the fact that I was a slave sucking a cock. I moaned as I began to devour him, my desire to feel him in my mouth and drink from him so overpowering!

I slid my lips down along his cock, my tongue pressing against him, and as his hardness filled my mouth I forgot who he was, and knew only that this was a cock, that would soon fill my mouth with the cum I longed for, and that in draining it I would be pleasing my Master, and satisfying my own hunger.

My head bobbed up and down and side to side, as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. He slumped in his chair and opened his legs wide, his head resting back on the chair, and moaned in delight as my mouth worked on him, my lips fucking him, my tongue milking him, my hands caressing his shaft and his balls. I moaned longingly, feeling him harden even more, his head swelling and his shaft tensing, as he prepared to cum. When his ragged breathing turned to a low growling moan, I felt the leap in my cunt from knowing he was about to cum. My nipples hardened, my mouth tingled at the back of my tongue, and I clamped down hard on him to milk him dry, just as he let out a loud grunt and the first load of cum shot in to my mouth. Despirately I sucked, gulping down his cum as he fed me, over and over, until finally he softened and relaxed. I swirled my tongue around him a little longer, cleaning every trace of cum from his cock, then slowly slid him out of my mouth with a soft moan.

“Oh Maaaaannnnnnnn!!!!” he moaned, and for the first time since my tongue touched his cock, I remembered where I was, and what I was doing, and felt my body burn with heat as I blushed with the embarassment of having just sucked off this stranger while others watched. I swallowed hard, the taste of him still very intense in my mouth, and bit my lower lip as I glanced over at Master. He looked impatient at my hesitation, and waved his crop towards the next guest, and quickly I crawled over to him.

He was waiting, his cockhead already purple and straining from what he had just witnessed. He sat on a loveseat, with the third guest beside him, so I was conscious of both sets of eyes very near as I lowered my head to his cock. Slowly I enveloped him, and heard his moan of delight as I slid him all the way into my mouth til his head pressed against my throat. A couple of times I did this, teasing his straining cock, then he grabbed my head with both hands and pushed down fiercely, pressing into me hard and deep, then lifting again, moving my head and fucking his cock with my mouth this way.

As he did this, vigorously fucking himself with my mouth, I felt someone take my hand, and the next cock was placed there for me to stroke. I moaned in my heat and stroked the cock happily, and soon I was rewarded with the second cockfull of cum Maltepe Şişman Escort of the night, my head still being plummeted up and down as he shot. I gulped at his cum, swallowing hard between breaths, until he too softened and his grip on my hair eased.

Immediately the third of our guests pulled on my hand to bring me to him. He stood tall above me, and fed his cock into my mouth. With both hands he tilted my head and pressed down on my shoulders until my neck was extended backwards to the limit, then he pressed his cock in my eager mouth and slowly slid right to the back. He pressed purposefully at my throat, then slowly slid out again, then again and again, pressing further with each stroke, until I could feel him entering my throat with each slow thrust. He could feel it too, and the next time he slid out he returned with a hard deep thrust, his long cock disapearing completely, my chin mashed against his balls, as his cock slid deep down my throat. He pressed hard into me that way as I struggled to overcome my reflexes, then as I settled, he began to fuck my throat, my nose pressing into his hair and my chin into his balls with each inward thrust. I could do nothing but moan in delight, and press my tongue against him as he slid in and out of my throat.

From somewhere far off in the distance I heard a voice exclaiming “My god look at her swallow that cock!!!” then he tensed, his legs pressing towards me, his cock stiff and throbbing, and shot his cum down my throat. After this first burst of cum in my throat he began to fuck me again, still in my throat, and shot until he was empty and I felt him soften in my throat.

When he slid his cock out of my throat I wasted no time moving on to the fourth and last of our guests, wanting nothing more now than to suck it empty and drink his cum. He was shaking in his need, after witnessing the other three, and moaned incesantly as I began to bob on his cock. Then, I felt a cock pressed against my cunt, and strong familiar hands gripping my hips as the cock plunged deep into me. Then my Master’s hands slid slowly down my back and around my sides, over my breasts, and gripped my nipples tightly.

Master began to fuck me hard & deep, using my nipples as a grip, tugging on them to pull my body towards him as he thrust into me, while my mouth devoured the last cock. Seeing this was too much for our guest, and he let out a loud groan and shot his cum into my eager gulping mouth. Master fucked me harder as I swallowed, gulping down the cum as my own body cried out to cum. Finally Master tugged quick and hard on my nipples as he buried himself into me.

“Cum NOW my slave!!!” he said, in a husky voice, and instantly my cunt exploded in waves of orgasm. I moaned loudly around the still shooting cock as my cunt contracted and Master’s cock exploded in me, all three of us cumming together in a wave of heat so overpowering the room disappeared and I was aware of nothing else.

Eventually our last guest slumped into his chair, totally spent, his cock emptied of all it’s cum and licked clean, and my Master’s cock slowed his pace and slid out, also spent. I was in a daze now, the aftereffects of the amazing orgasm Master had managed to keep me in as long as I had a cock in both cunt & mouth. Dreamily I rolled onto my ass, and happily lapped at Master’s softening cock that he presented to me, as he often did after fucking me, for me to lap clean of both our juices in a final treat. I heard the voices but did not entirely register what they were saying, but I knew there was some referance to my wonderfull skills as a cocksucker, and his luck in having me as his slave, and that he had trained me well….. and that all of them would love to feed me again anytime. I smiled as I lovingly cleaned him, his hand resting softly on my head offering only gentle guidance in a task he knew I loved to do well.

Master smiled down at me and patted my head. “My good slave.” he crooned. “Always so thirsty, always loves to drink warm cream, always so eager to please. I am sure we are all very pleased that she won this little wager.”

If you are inclined towards the BDSM world, perhaps you may let your imagination wander to think about what may have happened to her had the OTHER team won the game.