The Bar


I walk into the crowded bar with some friends of mine. Almost immediately I see you in the corner playing pool. At first all I see is your nice ass in a snug pair of jeans bending over the table to make a corner pocket shot. The way that you handle the stick makes me wonder how you would handle your cock if I was the hole that you were aiming for.

Faintly I hear my name being called and then a tug on my arm…I had been caught daydreaming, just standing there staring at a complete stranger’s ass. I turn and follow my friends deeper into the bar to find a table.

The three of us are sitting at a table, talking about our college days and all the trouble that we got into. The bartender brings over some drinks that we did not order and points to a group of guys waving to us.

“These are from them,” he says and walks away.

My breath catches in my throat as I see you stride my way. I cannot help but undress you with my eyes as you get closer. By the time that you actually reach me, you are down to your boxer. You and your friends chat us up a bit and then before I know it we canlı bahis are left alone and our friends are out on the dance floor.

I have never been a shy person but suddenly I am very bashful around you. Maybe it is because I feel that I have already seen you almost naked in my mind. You reach across the table and grab my hand. I look up at you. You stand up and come sit next to me, very very close to me.

Leaning over you whisper, “does my ass look good in these jeans?”

Before I can stop myself, I place my hand on your inner thigh and start caressing. I nod, working my hand towards your crotch.

I grab your hand and place it on my inner thigh and tell you to match my movements. You do, perfectly. I grown increasingly more aroused and wet. My nipples go hard and you venture farther up my skirt. You find my soaking panties and I blush. You bit your lower lip and from that gesture I know I shouldnt be ashamed that im dripping wet. When did my hand start stroking you cock through your jeans? I can”t remember. It feels as if we are the only two people in the room.

You curl bahis siteleri your middle finger around the edge of my panties and slip your pointer finger in. I gush on your hand, I cant help myself. Just the single motion of your finger sliding into me makes me want to cum. You feel the heat baking off my pussy. I close my eyes and grab harder at your extremely erect cock through your jeans.

I cannot contain myself. I tell you that if you dont stop fingering my pussy im going to cum. You smile and speed up. Is that the response I was hoping for by saying something? I bite down on my lower lip and try not to cry out. I shutter from the explosion in my pussy. I dont want to open my eyes, knowing that I have made a mess on your hand. I can feel you looking at me. I open my eyes and you are licking your fingers. There is no denying it…I want to fuck you….NOW!!!

I take your hand and lead you to the womens restroom, open the door, check to make sure it is empty, pull you in, and lock the door behind you.

By the time I turn around your cock is already out, throbbing wet and waiting bahis şirketleri to be buried deep inside me. I walk over to the sink and start to hike up my skirt. Before i have the change to start to take down my panties, you spin me around to face the wall, tear off my thong, throw it aside, and ram your cock balls deep into me!

You slam my pussy, hard! I brace myself with my hands against the wall, taking the delicious impact of your cock. I want to cum again and you know it. You reach around and start playing with my tits. I cant hold back and I cry out in passion. As im nearing the end of my orgasm I feel your cock harden and your balls tighten up on my ass. You cum with such force you drive me almost flat against the wall.

When you pull out of me I can feel your hot cum running down my legs. I can barely stand, my legs feel like Jell-o. You look at me and smile, tuck your cock back into your pants, pick up my thong, smell it, kiss me on the cheek, unlock the door, and walk out, leaving me dripping wet and trying to compose myself.

After I cleaned up a bit and made myself presentable, I walk out of the bathroom and go to try to find my friends out on the dance floor and have a great rest of my night knowing that somewhere you are smelling my soaked panties and getting hard over it.