The Baby Sitter


The Baby SitterThe Baby SitterBy Frank (c) 1994It began as a perfectly ordinary Saturday night – and ended as aperfectly wonderful one; one which may have changed my sexstyleforever. Since I live at home with my parents, I often babysit forneighbors to earn enough money to continue my studies at a localjunior college. Ours is an average, middle class neighborhood and thepeople are nice, though I have to admit that until that night I neverthought of any of the people I worked for as sexy.I guess curiosity just got the best of me that evening and I endedup sampling a bit more than the Jameson’s than I’d expected. TheJameson’s — that’s Dick and Kathy, a nice looking couple in theirearly thirties. I sit for their one year old, Jason. He’s a good baby,very quiet and well behaved, and that’s why I was so surprised thatnight when Dick came back that evening after being gone only a fewhours. He said he just wanted to look in on Jason and see how he was,but I could sense that something was up.Dick finally admitted that he and his wife, Kathy, had a fight atthe party they’d been to and that he had left her there. She was tospend the night with a girlfriend, he told me, and in the meantime,could he pay me to stick around for a few hours and take care of thebaby? I’d be glad to, I said, and after I phoned my parents and toldthem the situation, they gave me permission to do whatever I had todo.When I returned, Dick had made me a drink and the baby wassleeping. I could sense that he needed someone to talk to and so Iinstinctively gave him my shoulder to lean on, never thinking that fora minute that it would lead to sex. But before long, Dick apologizedfor blabbing away about his troubles and asked me about my boyfriends,asking me to tell him what I liked about the opposite sex. One thinglead to another and soon the feeling of closeness, we became envelopedin a warm embrace.It wasn’t long before he led my hand to his zipper, I leaned in andremoved his cock. Falling to my knees, I slowly wrapped my lips aroundit. I would have given anything to see the expression on his facethen, but as it was, I had to take his throbbing erection as my soleevidence of how much he appreciated what I was doing with him. Iclosed my eyes to savor the taste and feel in my mouth, slowly runningmy tongue along the ridge of circumcision.I could hear Dick’s sudden gasp on pleasure as my mouth closedaround his cock. His hand istanbul escort dug into my hard, pulling me closer as hiships thrust vigorously back and forth. I closed my eyes again, suckinghard and eagerly at his thick eight inches. I could feel the head ofhis prick slam the back of my throat with each powerful thrust andthis excited me all the more. The feel of his hard, straining cock inmy mouth awakened a savage hunger in me I’d rarely known before. butcouldn’t wait to satisfy.He was fucking my face with short, hard strokes by then, but Iloved it and wanted more. I took him in as much as I could each time,but I wanted it all, imagining in my mind’s eye that it was my hot,wet cunt he was fucking his big prick slid in and out of me as thewet, slurping sounds filled our ears. Dick was breathing hard andpressing my face in so far my nose was pulsing vein press my cheeksout. I couldn’t help frigging my clit, I was so excited by thisforbidden enterprise!Dick’s hands tightened in my hair, but I kept his prick deep in mymouth, eagerly awaiting the hot, jetting spurts of come I could feelbuilding up in his testicles. Then I felt the hot blasts, hot and wetand sticky. I sucked hard squeezing his sperm-bloated balls and tryingto draw out the last precious drops and savor the delicious taste.To my complete surprise, I began coming myself just then. Of allthe guys I had sucked, none had ever given my an orgasm before, atleast not with out eating me as I blew him. My pussy contracted againand again, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I took myhand out of my pussy and held onto Dick’s pride for dear life, gaspingfor air through my nostrils as the final spurts of jism filled mythroat as I gulped them down.By the time I had composed myself enough to let Dick’s cock slipout of my grip, I was in for another surprise. I caught my breath,licked the last of the jism and opened my eyes. Standing in thedoorway was Kathy, Dick’s wife! Dick saw her at the same time I didand his body tensed as I jumped back, ready for anything.Not a word was spoken as Kathy came towards us. I was already on myfeet, smoothing down my skirt and looking for a place to hide, whenKathy put her hands on my shoulders and looked deeply into my eyes.”This couldn’t be what I thought it was, could it?”, was my firstthought as her hands touched my shoulders one part avcılar escort of me felt sure thewoman was going to strangle me then, while the other part felt astrange, unfamiliar tingling in my loins.I tensed momentarily, then relaxed, as Kathy’s hands cupped andsqueezed my breasts. I found myself kissing her, slowly and deeply,her tongue probing the depths of my mouth, and bringing the heat inour bodies to full flame. We pressed in hard against each other,running our cunts together as shamelessly right in front of herhusband as our tongues intertwined. I could feel her hands unbuttoningmy shirt as we kissed and soon her hands had a firm grip on my tits.She was pinching each nipple between her thumb and fore-finger as weground against each other. The focus of lust in my cunt grewunbearable.Somehow or other the three of us managed to stumble and trip ourway into the bedroom. Dick was part of it now, helping me take off myskirt as he assisted his wife out of her bra so I could touch hersoft, full breasts. Kathy’s breasts are much bigger than mine, and I’dalways envied her that, unconcousily. But now I couldn’t wait to wrapmy lips against each nipple and suck them like her infant son.With all three of us naked on the bed at last, Kathy spread herlegs for me as I hovered above her. My gaze was drawn, as if by amagnet, to her soft, warm pussy and I reached out my hand hesitantlyto touch it. Dick was behind me, his hands cupping my tits as heleaned over my shoulder.”Kiss it, baby. Eat my cunt,” I heard Kathy whisper and I wasirresistably drawn to it. Dick got around beside me and put his handon the back of my head, gently pushing me down into Kathy’s clit. Iwas immediately rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from her as shelifted her hips and pushed Dick’s hands out of the way so she couldbury my face in her own beautiful pussy. I swept my tongue across hercunt lips, up and down, and shot my tongue deep inside her when Ihardened it into a stiff pink “V”.I wriggled in to get closer to her as Kathy’s hands gripped my hairand held me firmly in place. My haunches were high in the air as Itwisted my neck and shoulders to get my tongue in deep. Anything togive her pleasure in this, my very first time with another woman.Kathy’s moans and screams of pleasure were enthusiastic, telling mehow well I was doing each time I touched her clit. The only time herhands left my hair şirinevler escort was to spread her luscious pink cunt lips wider.Dick had grown hard and stiff again from watching us. He kneltbetween my calves much as I knelt between his wife’s sweaty thighs. Heplayed with my pussy, checking it for sweat and occasionally spreadingit downwards with his hands. I sensed him taking his blood engorgedcock into his hand and testing my asshole and cunt.He would stick just the tip in my pussy and sweep gobs of lovejuice down into my anus. Then he would try me there, prodding againstthe tight, puckered opening with insistent force. Finally I couldstand it no longer the next time he put his prick in my pussy, Ilifted my head and pressed back into him, so hard that his thicknesswas embedded to the hilt.Kathy screamed, “Oh, god, don’t stop! Don’t stop eating my pussy!”,and reached up frantically to bring my head back down. But she didn’thave to worry. I had no intention of stopping. Dick began pounding mypussy, grabbing the flesh at my hips as he straightened his back andthrust into me with merciless intensity.Kathy was beside herself as the tension and anticipation of climaxmounted within us. She squirmed in such frenzy that I could barelykeep her still enough to find her sweet pussy and eat it some more.But when I did find it, her shuddering climax seemed to trigger my ownand I rushed over the edge. My pussy tightened convulsively around herhusband’s thrusting cock and I felt it leap, spraying my insides withsemen.Kathy moaned mindlessly, flailing her arms as she came and herhusband poured his load into me. As for me, all that I’d experiencedwhile blowing Dick was heightened tenfold. The three of us came almostsimultaneously, a mind-warping, bone jarring explosion that left usweary and exhausted. Dick slowly slid out of my cunt and the three ofus nestled in a panting heap of arms and legs on the bedspread.Not that any of us had the opportunity to think about the nightbefore, but Kathy explained later that she had been enjoying lesbianinterludes with some of her friends for some time and it had beenputting a strain on their marriage. Now that we were established as athreesome, and she could share me with Dick, she felt happier and moresecure about her marriage. As you’ve probably guessed, we saw eachother quite a bit in the months and weeks to come.Since then, I have eagerly pursued threesome activity whenever Ibabysit. Strangely–I would feel guilty having sex with only one ofthe marital partners. These days I’m frequently hired to babysit forcouples who never go out at all! We simply stay in each other’s cunt’sand arms and genitals. With these feverish sessions as an alternative,who wants to go to the movies?