The Audition


His heart was beating so hard inside of his chest that he could no longer think clearly. He just realized they really did not plan out this scene ahead of time. He was so drawn to her energy that most of his rules regarding safety were ignored. For some strange reason he trusted this stranger, as if they were intimately involved in a former life. He was beginning to question his judgement.

What on Earth does the Queen have in store for me today? He wondered to himself as he struggled to see or hear any clues in the quiet room.

He was bent over a pyramid shaped bench with his hands tied behind his back, his bare ass presented to her. She bound his ankles to the wooden legs of the bench with rope so that his legs were spread wide apart. He wore a new penis gag that filled up his mouth well. She even took the extra time to tie his neck down using his collar and a short chain on the front of the bench. The ever familiar collar seemed extra thick and constraining in this position. He wondered how something that is usually so comforting and soothing to him could easily feel like a burden. His mind raced with these thoughts as well as anxiety as to what was to come next.

Earlier today he came to her dungeon as he had numerous times before. She asked him to perform very specific tasks for her in preparation for this meeting. He had to memorize and perform different kneeling and standing submissive positions. He was asked to stretch his asshole as much as he could this week for her. In addition, he was to make sure his hands and ass were well moisturized. He completed these chores diligently for her as requested.

He hated to let her down in any way, not so much because of the punishment he received but the way it made him feel so shameful. He loved his Queen and would do whatever he could to please her. She has been a kind and loving Queen yet she knew how to give him just the right amount of torture and discipline to keep him in line. He relied on her greatly for this in his life as serving her made him feel complete. He recently earned her collar and the two of them had a lovely ceremony and celebration of their mutual admiration and love for one another. He was so proud to wear her collar and to be her bull, her first pet.

But today he wondered just how far she would push him to test his devotion. As soon as he arrived today he removed his clothing and stood in the center of the room in the ‘wait’ position as he was instructed by the Queen. He was not to speak unless when asked a question by the Queen.

To his surprise, it was not her who entered the room first to receive him. Another man walked to the center of the room in front of him. They locked eyes in a steely gaze as the strange man walked across this space that was so intimate and familiar to him. He was tall, well-built with a dark complexion and cold green eyes. His hair was short on the sides with a slight pompadour up on top. He wore a leather jacket with a striped button up shirt and jeans.

The two men sized each other up as he walked, wondering if they were to give one another any pleasure or pain as per the Queen’s commands. The stranger walked silently to the center of the room and stood to face her bull. He couldn’t help but get a little flushed watching the stranger undress as it has been so long since he had played with another man. He shifted his stance while he watched the stranger undress, becoming visible aroused. The stranger held her bull’s gaze as he undressed, smirking slightly when he removed his pants to reveal a large, throbbing cock. Her bull couldn’t help but let out a soft moan at the sight of his cock for it was all he wanted inside of him.

The stranger finished removing his shoes and stood next to her bull in the same ‘wait’ position. The two men stood there breathing heavily and trying to catch a glimpse of one another again. They waited for their Queen for what seemed to be an eternity.

Who is this stranger and what is to be done with him? Her bull wondered. His mind raced to try to figure out what role he was to play in this scene. He hated surprises as it triggered his anxiety. The Queen loved to surprise him in hopes it could help him overcome this issue. He hoped she was finally going to follow through with her threats of forced homosexuality as he has subtly mentioned to her many times before.

Suddenly he hears her quiet heels walking across the room to meet them. He instinctively stand up straight and looks forward, stiffening his body into the position she instructed him to remain in. He catches a glimpse of the stranger next to him, mirroring his posture. He could not help but to puff up his chest a little to make himself stand out next to this beautiful stranger. He wanted to be the first one she greets, the first to pleasure her as she sees fit.

“Ah, my sluts have arrived.” she says, smiling, as she walks up to greet them. He watches her every move so carefully, admiring the way she Maltepe Fetiş Escort takes care of her appearance. She is wearing a new leather corset today and he can tell it makes her feel beautiful. She is rather smug today for some reason and that worries him slightly. She is carrying something in one hand behind her back.

She walks to the front of her bull and looks up to his kind blue eyes. She looks over his face and walks around him to check his posture. She nods and feels his hands and buttocks to ensure they are nice and smooth.

“Hello my pet. I see you have been doing the chores I have asked you.” she says sweetly.

“Of course my Queen”, the bull says nodding down to her. He can feel his skin tingle in her presence, awaiting her soft touch that he often craves.

“Such a good boy, my pet. Thank you.” she says kissing him on the cheek as she puts a blindfold over his eyes. She tightens the blindfold on the back of his head and caresses his neck lovingly. She touches his hair on top of his head and pats him gently.

“And I see you’ve met our new friend. We will call him puppy for now. Puppy this is my pet, SlutPuppet…Slutpuppet, this is the puppy.” she says happily. The two men nod in mutual acknowledgement.

She reaches up to place a matching blindfold over the puppy’s eyes. She kisses him gently as well, reaching up to pat his head. She notices her bull tense up his face a bit when she kisses the puppy and she finds this amusing.

“Aww, my little slutpuppet. You do get jealous very easily don’t you?” she says with a smug smile.

She reaches out quickly to smack his ass with the riding crop she has been concealing while commanding “In your inspection poses my sluts.”

The two blindfolded naked men snap into position and await further instruction.

“Now my bull has been spoiled so far receiving all of my attention. I am going to try to fix that. After all, nobody likes a brat.” she explains. “Today the two of you will be competing for a place in my kingdom. According to the surveys I have asked you to complete, there are a number of items on your bucket lists. In order for me to provide you with these opportunities I need to know just how much of yourself you are willing to devote to me. The winner today will receive the honor of top slut in my kingdom for the next thirty days. Of course, this will incur some privileges, but you will have to work hard to earn this position. Do you understand my little sissy whores?” she says sternly.

Both men nod and say “Yes, my Queen.” They are each visibly aroused by the threats of pain and pleasure. They find themselves wondering what she had planned for them. But before they get to far they hear the sound of shuffling feet and heavy equipment being carried into the dungeon.

“Right on time.” says the Queen with a large grin. “Shall we begin then sluts?” she asks.

He hears the equipment being placed of the floor in front of him and what sounds like a similar sound from the man next to him.

“Thank you gentlemen! Now please tie each of my Sluts hands behind their backs.” she says. He feels two sets of hands holding him and binding his wrists together.

“Very nice, now add this to each of them” she says coyly.

He feels someone clip something to his collar wondering for a moment what it is until he feel something cold touch his bare chest and realizes it is a chain.

“Now place them in position.” she says.

He feel a hand grab each arm and then lead him forward till his legs contact the equipment in front of him.

“Bind their ankles to the legs of the bench” the Queen commands with a sharp tongue.

He feels his legs kicked out to each side a bit and then bound tightly to each leg of the bench. He realizes there is no way he can get away now. He is still unsure what his Queen has planned for him and the other man but does not want to disappoint her.

“Mouths open my Sluts!” She says with a smile as she looks down to admire them.

He opens his mouth wide and then feels the now familiar feeling of the penis gag being inserted into his mouth and the strap tightening around his head. The stranger’s hands work quickly and efficiently to secure the cock gag deep into his mouth.

“Bend forward my Sluts!” the Queen commands.

He feels the chain tighten and his collar jerk as he bends forward and lays his chest on the cool padding of the bench. The chain is pulled taught, causing his collar to tighten slightly around his neck. He immediately feels his heart begin to race as he slips into that all too familiar headspace. He knows that he is securely bound to the bench and completely at her mercy. He cannot help but become aroused as he begins to feel increasingly vulnerable and without options.

“Now my sluts, you are going to compete to see which of you will be my top pet for the next thirty days. My, my, aren’t you the luckiest Maltepe Gecelik Escort little sissies in all the land? The four men who I have invited to my dungeon today have been hand picked by me for their particularly delicious attributes.” the Queen explained with an excited grin on her face.

“Those attributes include not only their endowments but also their stamina” she says smiling.

“They will be using you at will for their pleasure until they are all completely satisfied. I am placing a large brass bell into each of your hands. If either of you feels you can no longer continue to be used, simply let the bell drop and you will end your scene” the Queen asks harshly.

“The winner of this, shall we say, contest, will be the one who lasts the longest in service to my colleagues. If you understand this, nod your head” she explains.

Not wanting to fail his Queen or lose his place as her bull, he vigorously nods his head. “I must outlast this stranger” he thinks to himself, “I cannot let him win!”

“Very well let us begin!” she exclaims while clapping her hands.

He takes a shallow breath to prepare himself for what was to come. All of a sudden, he feels something cool dripping into the crack of his ass, followed by a hand roughly rubbing around and into his anus. A finger quickly and effortlessly slides into his ass and is roughly pushed in and out several times. As quickly as it started it was over. He can’t help but moan and arch his back when the finger is removed from his asshole. He feels someone grab his hip roughly as something else makes contact with his anus.

He feels a firm but steady pressure as this object is forced inside him. At first he thinks it is a dildo, but then he can feel that familiar heat from it and knows that it is one of the men’s cocks. The sensation makes him fully aware that the man is not wearing a condom.

“Is this what I am to be today? Nothing but a receptacle for these strangers seed?” The thought both terrifies and arouses him at the same time. He fights the urge to push his ass back into the stranger for fear of the punishment that was to follow.

He feels the cock continue to slide in slowly but steadily into his ass. He cannot quite determine just how large of a cock the stranger has but he is already starting to feel so full and he hasn’t even felt the other man’s thighs touching his yet.

He feels the man grip his hips and suddenly without warning the man slams the rest of his cock deep into his ass. He lets out a moan from the pain and surprise of the sudden act. He vaguely hears a similar sound from his competition on the next bench. He can feel himself slipping deep into subspace when he is suddenly hit with a riding crop on his shoulder. The jolt back to reality causes him to jump slightly.

“Such tight little asses you have my sluts! Have you not been stretching as instructed? Tsk, tsk. You only have yourselves to blame for this.

Now that you have been completed filled I should inform you of the consequences that will be imposed upon the loser of today’s contest?” she says, raising her eyebrows in suspense.

“Directly below each of your pathetic little cocks my sluts is a container that will collect any fluids that drip out of you. You will have the cum fucked out of you by these men. Some of their cum may even drip down your tiny little balls as well.”

“Today’s loser will be forced to swallow the contents of both containers if they want to remain one of my pets” The Queen says loudly.

“So now I will not only take their cum in my ass but also swallow it? I must win to prove myself to my Queen” he thinks as his mind struggles to process all of this at once.

He feels the cock in his ass withdrawing and then slowly sliding back in; the man’s pace speeding up with every thrust. He tries to concentrate on tightening his anus hoping that it will make the man cum sooner so this will be easier on him as the night goes on. He groans as he fights to clench his stretched asshole.

The man’s pace suddenly quickens even more and it feels like the shaft in his ass has grown even longer yet. He feels the stranger’s balls smacking up against his own with every strong thrust and the feeling is electric. He is being forcibly taken by someone he cannot see.

“This is my wildest fantasy come true!” he thinks to himself, trying desperately to hide his enjoyment.

He can’t help but to moan around the gag in his mouth as the pain has turned to pleasure and he knows the stimulation will cause him to cum soon as well.

The man slams his cock in one more time and holds in deep inside. He can feel the shaft pulsate and then his ass is flooded with liquid warmth.

“I have a stranger’s cum in my ass!” he thinks trying to collect as much of it as he can.

This thought barely has time to register as the cock is suddenly removed and is quickly replaced by a new Maltepe Genç Escort one. This second man is wasting no time at all and is pounding away right from the start. This new cock does not seem any longer but it is definitely much thicker causing more pressure on his prostate. He knows this cock will make him cum at any moment.

“Oh god, I am going to cum at any second and I have not had anything even touch my own cock! I thought this only happened in stories but this is about to happen to me!” he exclaimed to himself.

The feeling of the cock against his prostate is overwhelming and he feels his body tense up pulling at his bonds. His orgasm hits him harder than any he has ever felt before. Every time the strangers cock slides into him more of his cum is forced out of his own cock and drips into the container below him. He can hear it is filling up now. His anus contracts around the second man’s cock and then for the second time tonight his ass is flooded with a stranger’s cum.

He feels the world close in on him and it gets very dark. He dwells here in subspace for what seems like an eternity, losing all sense of space and time. He suddenly becomes aware of himself and his situation. He comes to thankful that he hasn’t dropped the bell in his hand.

“Is this over? Have I won this contest?” he frantically wonders. Listening hard for noise from the puppy. He tries to turn his head to the side to listen when someone grabs his neck from behind and pushes him down.

He feels another man’s cock sliding into his ass. This new cock feels as long as the first, but as thick as the second. He now understands that all four of these men plan to fuck him.

The cum from the first two men are lubricating the cock of the third as each time it enters him more of it is forced out around the new cock only to drip down his balls to be collected in the container. He hears these heavy drips reaching the container with every thrust.

“No matter what these men do to me, I must not let go of this bell!” he worries silently. “I cannot let that puppy take my place next to the Queen for a whole month!”

Suddenly he can hear the muffled screams pain from the puppy next to him. “I don’t think the puppy is going to last much longer.” he laughs to himself. “I know I can do this now. These aren’t the first men I have been with and the pain is gone now and all I feel is pleasure!”

He hears the puppy writhe in pain and pull against his chain loudly. He wonders who is inside of the puppy now. “Have we shared the same cocks yet?” he wonders to himself as he tries to focus on the events around him. Judging by the amount of screaming and the infrequent slapping comes from the bench next to him, he starts to worry there is something larger and more painful in store for him.

The third man is thrusting so hard against the bull’s ass that he is forcing the breath right out of him. The bull is finally being used as hard as he has fantasized about so many times before. “This must be what women feel like sometimes…” he thinks to himself as he feels like nothing more than an object being used for the pleasure of others today. This man’s cock is the largest he has experienced himself as of yet and it is easily over stimulating his prostate with every hard thrust. The bull’s cock is still slowly dripping cum from all of the stimulation and he can feel his spent balls covered with the other man’s cum. He is caught somewhere between pure bliss from providing pleasure for so many men right now and agony from a very stretched ass and an extremely sensitive prostate.

The puppy suddenly begins crying and weeping next to him on the bench as his fourth man enters his well used ass. “Please my Queen! Do not force me to continue…” the puppy begs of her, looking around to listen for her familiar voice.

The puppy shrieks in pain as he receives a hard crack of a dragon tail across his back from the Queen. “Did you not listen to my instructions puppy?” she snaps, lifting his face to meet hers. He cannot answer but sobs softly and whines to her as his ass is being used by the fourth man quite violently.

The bull cannot help but smirk to himself as he feels he is handling the pressure and abuse so much better than this new puppy. “He is so pathetic! I just have to hold on a little longer to prove to my Queen that there is a reason I am her first bull…” he thinks to himself, getting lost in the rhythm of the man pounding his ass against the bench.

“Are you crying sissy?” the Queen whispers to the puppy next to him, raising her ear to his face to listen for a response. He can do nothing but breathe heavily, snot running down the side of his face. She stands up and grabs his right ear with one hand and gives him a hard smack across his face with her right hand. “I asked you a question slut! Do we need to review our protocol again for you?” she says loudly so that her bull can also hear her voice over his own groans.

The puppy shudders to regain any sense of himself. He is fighting subspace too hard and is wearing himself out. He lifts his head to shake it back and forth and manages to whisper to her, “no Queen, I understand. If I give up, I drop the bell and must swallow all of this cum…”.