The Art of Massage Ch. 01


Chapter 1:

I’ve always had a thing for massages. In college I would enjoy massaging girlfriends as a way to get them in the mood for sex or thank them for an enjoyable night of passion. As I look back, they most likely were feeble attempts on my part. I would rub their tits or asses and think I was doing magic. I had no idea what a real massage was until I got older and was able to experience the benefits of a deep tissue massage. It has become very therapeutic for me and adds to my quality of life. Lately I have devoted time and energy to better understand the healing effects of a good massage. In the process, I have also given thought to a better understanding of the principles of sensual massage.

My name is Robert and I live in small town along California’s central coast. I keep company with a few lovely ladies and enjoy sharing their bed. I see massage as a way to prolong our time together. I’m not one who can sustain an erection for hours at a time, pounding away at my partner’s vagina. I live in reality and it’s a triumph if I last five to seven minutes deep inside my lover before blowing my load.

I enjoy watching massage videos online, either with lady friends or alone. I know this is pure fantasy as most of the women are insanely beautiful and svelte. Many ladies have perfect Double-D tits. The men sport eight or nine inch rock hard cocks that stay erect for the entire time. But I enjoy them all the same and usually have my hand wrapped around my own shaft, masturbating to a nice climax.

When I watch the videos with a special lady, we try to mimic some of the moves on screen which adds to our pleasure. One particular friend, Gloria, is a beautiful lady in her mid-50s and full of life. Being a child of the 1960’s like me, she is into a natural and a holistic lifestyle. She is always dressed in a colorful caftan, most of the time without a bra and panties. We share many nights together massaging each other as part of our lovemaking.

Gloria is in the prime of her life and enjoys sex to the fullest. She keeps her graying hair in braids. Her body is firm with large breasts that sag just a little, but still draw my attention. Her pussy is covered with a thick thatch of brunette curls. Her soft, downy pubes cover her entire mons and inner thighs. I have offered to trim her hair on occasion, but she always declines.

She calls her cunt her jungle and demands that I venture down there often. She has no desire to experience the Brazilian way of life. It is always a treasure hunt searching for her clit. I weave my way through her dense forest to locate her thick inner labia and use my tongue to part her lips. In my quest for her clitoris I am always pleased to lap up her sweet juices and dart my tongue deep into her pink flesh.

I love eating Gloria’s pussy as much as I love burying my seven inch shaft into her love canal. Recently I spent the night with her and began our love adventure with a long, slow massage. We were naked lying onto top of her bed with plenty of towels beneath us to soak up her abundant juices that flow with every climax. Gloria was on her stomach and I straddled her hips applying a good deal of pressure to her shoulders as I rubbed and manipulated her muscles. I moved my hands down her back all the while pressing and poking certain points. Mind you, I’m a novice at giving a massage.

I moved lower and adjusted my position to sit between her legs. I spread her legs wide and ran my hands all over her fleshy ass. I gently squeezed and kneaded her buns. I used my fingers to glide up and down her butt crack tracing a path from her pussy lips to her tiny starfish, up to the small of her back and down again to her quim. She was already quite wet. I spent a lot of time rubbing her slit which created more lubricant for my fingers to use as I softly rubbed over her sensitive sphincter. I pushed my index finger into her tight anal ring which elicited a moan from Gloria. I twisted my finger about as I used my free hand to pinch and rub her puffy outer lips. After several minutes of manipulating her lower regions I asked Gloria flip over onto her back.

Once on her back I moved her legs together and again straddled her hips. By this time my cock was hard and poking up. I lowered my body to hers as we shared a long drawn out kiss. My hard cock rubbed along Gloria’s thick bush, her hair tickling the underside of my seven inch shaft. I lifted away and used my hands to massage the top of her shoulders. I ran my palms around and around her upper chest and moved down to her breasts squeezing and kneading the pliant flesh. Gloria’s nipples responded to my touch. She has lovely coral coloured puffy areole with small pencil sized nipples that harden with my touch. I ran my fingers over both nipples at the same time and felt the tiny bumps.

I grabbed her boobs in both hands and squeezed them together. As I released my grip I ran my fingers back to her nipples and lightly pinched them. I pulled both nipples up away from her chest lifting her generous D cup mounds and let them settle back canlı bahis down. I moved my hands down below her breasts and massaged the underside flesh. I continued my movements down to her rib cage and lower to her flat tummy, rubbing the skin around and around.

My plan was to massage her pussy lips and use my fingers to dip deep within her inner walls so I scooted lower down her hips. As I readjusted my position I grabbed my cock and took several strokes up and down. Gloria smiled as I jacked myself. She told me to save that for her. In this new position I was able to focus directly on her hairy cunt. I ran my fingers back and forth through her thick pubes. The soft texture of curls was delightful to play with.

At this point I lifted my body up and spread her legs wide before settling back down. Gloria’s lovely gash opened and glistened with moisture. I ran my fingers up and down her wet slit and slid them in between her inner lips. I used two fingers to enter her warm tunnel. At 54 years young, she is still very tight. My two fingers went deep into her recesses and searched for her g-spot. I found the ridges of flesh and moved my fingers around as I massaged her center core. I used my other hand to massage the outer lips and mons, while my thumb searched for her clit. I used my thumb to stimulate her clitoris and coax it out from beneath its protective hood. I applied more pressure to her hard nub as my fingers continued rubbing her g-spot. Soon Gloria was moaning and breathing deep as her orgasm built.

Gloria was grabbed the towels and raised her thighs searching for release. She churned out lots of girl juice which covered my fingers and dripped down her ass crack. I rubbed some of the wetness all around her dense jungle. I felt her clit throb beneath my thumb so I pressed harder and moved it in a circular motion which took her over the edge. She screamed out as her climax rushed over her. Her pussy clenched my fingers as and I felt her inner flesh throb. Her hips rose and fell with each jolt of passion. Gloria’s breasts swelled and shook. I eased off her clitoris and left my fingers deep inside her cunt massaging her G-spot as she rode out this intense orgasm.

After several moments of thrashing about she relaxed and fell back on the bed. Her tight pussy flesh which trapped my fingers eased off and I pulled them from her slit. I put them in my mouth savoring her sweet essence. I love her taste and tell her often. She had a satisfying smile that told me I did well.

I looked down at my cock and saw a bit of pre-cum dripping down my shaft. I was so intent on her orgasm, I didn’t realize how hard my cock had become. I was rigid and I was ready to take her. Sitting in between her spread legs I was able to move up and position my dick at her entrance and slide right in. Her wet folds accepted me and I pushed in to the hilt. Gloria’s thick bush provided a soft cushion for my groin.

With just this quick adjustment I was on top of her in the missionary position. I supported my weight with my hands on either side of Gloria and began a steady thrusting in and out. Her tight, wet pussy felt wonderful wrapped around my shaft. I felt her squeeze down on my seven inch member each time I pushed in. She wrapped her legs around my thighs and locked me into place.

I lowered my body onto Gloria; her tits smashed between us and I felt her hard nipples poke into my chest. Our lips met in a searing open mouth kiss and our tongues played against each other. As we continued kissing, I kept thrusting in and out driving her hips into the soft mattress. I felt my climax approach with each stroke. I savored that familiar feeling that began at the root of my cock and traveled up the length of my shaft to my sensitive glans. With just a few more lunges I reached the peak and sent several spurts of cum deep into Gloria. She held me tight as my body spasmed and shook with each rope of jism filling her pussy. I was totally spent and rolled to Gloria’s side as we maintained our union.

Side by side we continued to kiss and lick each other while my cock softened and was eventually released from her grip. A light sheen of sweat covered our bodies. Our legs were intertwined as we drifted in and out of consciousness. We were both satisfied and quietly fell into slumber. I spent the night with Gloria and in the morning we made love again with her riding me to climax. Her beautiful big tits hung down for me to rub and squeeze as she rocked back and forth on my cock. It was a slow, pleasurable fuck that got our day off to a rousing start.

Chapter 2:

A few days ago I read that a local adult education company was offering several self-help classes in town. Their itinerary included photography, computer education, various art offerings and massage therapy. One particular class that caught my eye was ‘sensual massage for amateurs’. The class promised to delve into techniques that would spread pleasure over your partner’s entire body.

I was hooked and called immediately to secure a seat in the class. The class was limited to bahis siteleri ten people and was almost full. The sessions were to begin this Thursday evening. The first couple of classes are lectures followed by some hands on experience. Now is my opportunity to really learn how I can use massage to fully pleasure Gloria or Sandy or Laura, as well as any lovely lady I might hook up with in the future.

Thursday evening rolled around none too soon and I headed over to the parks and recreation complex where the classes are being held. I located the room and took a seat for the 7:00 PM start. There were ten school desks set up in a semi-circle facing the instructor. Seven people, including me, sat quietly waiting for the others to arrive. Our instructor, Anna, was busy up front preparing packets for the class. One by one the other folks found their way into the room and Anna welcomed us all to the class. We took time to introduce ourselves and I found out that six of the people present were couples attending together. If I had given it more thought, I would have asked one of my lady friends to sign up with me. Oh well, maybe next time.

So here we were five males and five females, three couples and four singles along with Anna. Anna, who is leading the class, is a buxom blonde about five feet five inches tall. Tonight, she is dressed in casual black pants with a rose colored silk blouse that is straining to keep her breasts intact. The three top buttons are undone allowing a clear view of her ample cleavage. Immediately I start fantasizing about giving her a sensual massage and running my hands all over those fantastic tits. She has a wide smile showing her pearly white teeth as she talks about the class logistics, the subject matter and how the next several sessions will proceed.

Anna passed out the course packet. We delved right into the material and were soon engaged in discussion on the topic of sensual massage. I learned that it is not at all what you might expect. It is not about grabbing tits and ass, or pumping on a stiff cock. It’s about the finer aspects of massage therapy. It’s about setting the mood, using the right music and light and smells to create a romantic, safe environment. It’s about knowing the body’s pressure points and how to stimulate them with just right amount of pressure. It’s knowing about the arch of your foot, the small of your back, the area behind the kneecap, or the nape of your neck. These are the areas to address if you want to send your mate into a flying orgasm. The discussion was both lively and informative. Before I knew it, 90 minutes had flown by and we were wrapping up the first session. Anna bid us adieu and we went our separate ways. I have no doubt the three couples were headed off to put some of today’s lessons into practice.

With the weekend at hand, I called Laura to see if she would join me for dinner on Friday night. Laura is an assistant manager at a local drug store. She is my favorite BBW and we always have amazing sex. Laura is 43 and stands five foot two in bare feet. She weighs in the neighborhood of 190 pounds, but I swear half of her weight is in her enormous boobs. Being a confirmed boob man, I appreciate larger busts and Laura’s is divine.

She isn’t a true BBW; I’d say her physique would be best described as thick. But her breasts are her number one asset and she loves for me to dole out lots of attention to them. They are large and very round with a bit of a sag to them. Her aureoles are extremely wide and very pale, but her nipples are as big as my thumb and harden up with just a slight touch. She loves for me to suck them deep into my mouth and then use my teeth to lightly graze the buds. She says that makes her pussy very wet.

As luck would have it, Laura is available for dinner. She has to work until 4:00 PM, but will come straight to my house when she gets off. She’ll be tired from standing all day, so I’ll use some of my knowledge to give her feet a sensual massage. We first met at the drug store where I shop. On the second or third time that she was my cashier, I had a 20 pack of condoms in my basket. She picked up the box to scan and winked. I turned all shades of red and hustled out of the store. I ran into her a few weeks later while she was stocking some shelves and we struck up a friendly conversation. We’ve been best friends ever since.

She’s been my fuck buddy for nearly a year, but that is just one part of our relationship. We go on outings together, confide in each other and tell each other when we think she or I is full of shit. But the sex is pretty terrific. Laura is the most adventurous lady I know. We’ve had sex outdoors, in the shower, on the kitchen sink and in my car plenty of times. When we go to a drive-in our clothes come off as soon as the movie starts. She keeps her pussy completely smooth and I’m the lucky guy who gets to shave her. In turn, she shaves my cock and balls. I leave a small patch of hair just above my shaft. Laura says it is her nose tickler. We trust each other completely. We both have sex with other people bahis şirketleri and we are OK with that.

Friday evening rolled around and I was fixing up a Caesar salad with shrimp for dinner when I heard a key open the front door. Laura walked in looking a little tired, but smiling. She remarked, “Mmmm, smells good. I love the smell of shrimp. How are you, hun?”

I walked to Laura and hugged her tight, “I’m wonderful; I’ve been looking forward to tonight. I also made some biscuits with cheddar cheese mixed in. They’re almost ready.”

Laura excused herself and headed to my bedroom. When she returned she was barefoot and braless. The top three buttons on her blouse were undone and her mighty melons were swaying with each step. Laura does this all the time to drive me crazy.

I said, “Take a seat, here’s some wine. Dinner is almost ready.”

Laura related her day while sipping her wine. When I wasn’t looking she undid the fourth button on her blouse. When the shrimp was done cooking, I added them to the salad and served up our meal. We talked about our week and current events. We agreed that a night in front of the TV is just what the doctor ordered. I promised her a surprise after dinner.

After dinner, we cleared the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. I grabbed the bottle of wine and we plopped down on the couch in front of the TV. I sat on one end and let Laura stretch out with her head resting on my lap. While we watched a comedy, I ran my hands through her hair and rubbed her shoulder. Laura undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and stretched out. I felt a hand creeping up my thigh toward my cock and over the growing bulge. She grabbed hold and lightly squeezed, feeling my shaft harden.

We continued watching TV and pretending nothing was taking place on the sofa. I lifted Laura’s blouse revealing her giant tits. I massaged the side of her boob for several minutes. I surprised Laura when I asked her to switch to the other side of the couch.

“Hey sweetie, move around and lie in the other direction. You can put your feet on my lap.”

Laura responded, “What’s up, isn’t my hand working it’s magic?”

“It is, but I have another idea.”

Laura got up, removed her blouse completely, shook her boobs and lay back down with her feet in my lap. She smirked, “So, you want a foot job?”

Now was my chance to practice some moves I learned on Thursday. I grabbed hold of one foot and began a vigorous rub all around. I used my thumbs to press against her arch and massaged the bottom of her foot. I cupped her heel and squeezed and rubbed the flesh. I pressed and rubbed around her ankle, flexing her foot back and forth.

Laura was enjoying the attention. She sighed, “Mmm, that feels so good. Where did you learn to do that? I’m going to employ your services for now on.”

Her response affirmed I was doing an adequate job. I repeated the process with the other foot and ankle, then moved to her calves. I used my thumbs to press on the crease behind her knee. I hit an erogenous zone which caused her to squeal. I returned to her feet and continued to rub and knead. Laura continued sigh and murmur her approval.

When her feet were nice and warm from my touch, I did something not in the handouts. I raised her foot to my lips and sucked on her big toe. I moved my tongue around and around her toe, while I tickled her arch. That action got her wriggling around on the couch. I did the same to her toe on the other foot. Laura continued to squirm.

Laura looked back at me and said, “You are driving me crazy. I’m done with TV, let’s go to the bedroom.”

I released my hold and Laura jumped up from the couch. She grabbed my hand and lifted me onto my feet. She hugged me close, squishing her boobs into me. I couldn’t resist rubbing the sides of her huge melons.

Laura let go and led me into the bedroom. Along the way she said, “I want you to shave my pussy. It’s been a few weeks and I have some stubble.”

She knows I love to shave her pussy and when I do I pay much more attention to her quim. I bury my face between her thighs and do not stop until she has her first climax.

I sat on my bed and Laura stepped forward. Her tits were at eye level so I moved in to lick and suck her right nipple while I pinched her left with my fingers. I spent a few minutes playing while she stroked my hair. I grabbed the sides of her capris and pulled them down over her generous hips along with her panties. Laura stepped out of her pants and was completely naked. I ran my fingers along her slit and felt the wetness.

“Geez Laura, you are so wet already.”

Laura responded, “What do you expect? You’re making love to my feet and sucking on my toes! That stuff turns a girl on, besides I was playing with my boobs while you were holding my feet.”

I got up from the bed and told her to lie down while I gathered some towels, my razor and some shaving cream. I returned with the towels and placed them under Laura’s tush. Laura looked like a goddess laying there with her legs spread ready for my attention. I went to the bathroom one more time to fill a bowl with hot water and grab a wash cloth. When I returned, Laura had one hand rubbing up and down her wet slit and the other pinching her left nipple.