The Apartment Ch. 1


For Holly

* * *

Author’s note: The characters and certain events referred to in this story are from the story The Blissfield.

“Say, Hon, what’s up?” Holly asked as she came into the bedroom. David was sitting over on the bed, his legs stretched out under the covers, his laptop on his lap (of all places), tapping away intently. When he didn’t respond, she sidled over to the bed beside him, reached her hand out to touch his shoulder, saying, “Hey, you.”

“Just a minute, Babe,” he replied almost automatically, his long slender fingers nearly a blur as they passed over the keyboard.

“Still working on that stinking report?” she asked jokingly.

He didn’t answer but her glance at his screen told her everything. She smiled and gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. She leaned over and planted a sweet little kiss on his head and moved over to her dresser and sat on the bench. Picking up her hairbrush, she drew it through her red hair, still tinted strawberry blonde from the summer sun, even though it was now late September. She thought about the last few months and the great changes they had brought.

The memory of her rendezvous with David at the cottage of her parents and his promise seemed so long ago. And now that time had begun to slow down again, she found herself sharing an apartment-their apartment-with him. He had promised to do something to change their long-term relationship into something more meaningful. He had changed jobs and moved to a city much closer to her and found a great apartment that made her extended commute worth the time because she would be with him.

She loved the feeling of knowing that he was there with her, that she didn’t need to check email all the time looking for messages from him. In a small way, she did miss the long chats that had kept their relationship going for so many months, and the long sexy phone calls late at night, but now that they were together, the real thing was so much better and the rewards more than she had ever dreamed.

He had encouraged her to re-enroll in school and complete her degree. She had begun to teach him Yoga and the meditative arts. They went for long runs in the park nearby, they showered together and slept closely, arm in arm for nearly the entire night. When she came down with a late summer cold, he had insisted on making her homemade chicken soup and waited on her hand and foot for an entire weekend, propping pillows, mopping her runny nose, and sitting with her reading a favorite old story. She would never forget one moment when she had awakened from a nap and found him still sitting beside her on the bed, his warm marvelous hand caressing her cheek, his fingers running through her hair, and his face creased in such a deep loving smile.

After dinner, they had taken a long walk, and she had showered before finishing some homework, while he worked on a report for work. And now, she looked at the mirror and could see the happiness in her face. She could also see him stretched out on the bed, typing away. His face looked so serious and his eyes so intense. She rested her elbows on the dresser and propped her face in her hands for a moment watching him. She began to think of someway to distract him from his work Her long trim body tingled at the thought of his touch, his kiss, his wonderful lovemaking, and she could see the outline of her nipples begin to protrude through the thin little pink tank top she wore. When she looked back to him on the bed, she saw that he was reading now, perhaps scrolling through the report one last time.

She rose up from the bench and stretched her arms up over her head. The gap between her top and pajama pants widened and she swayed back and forth trying to get his attention. For a brief moment, she thought she caught him glance over in her direction when she swayed her hips back and forth. She knew the sight of her ass always turned him on, especially since she was wearing just a little g-string panty and her trim curves were nearly unobstructed.

She brought her hands down to her face and neck and shoulders, then down over her breasts, feeling how stiff her nipples had become. While one hand lingered on her breast, her other hand wandered down over her tummy and down toward her pussy. Her middle finger could feel the warmth between her legs as she continued to swing her body back and forth.

When she saw that his eyes had risen from the screen of his laptop to watch her, she began to dance for him, suggestively. She ran her hands over her body and began to fiddle with the drawstring on her pajama pants. David was trying to stifle a smile, but she knew what her dance would do to him. Slowly she turned around to face him while she moved, letting him see her hands slip up under her tank top and play with her breasts. She brought both hands back down toward her pussy.

David had shifted his position on the bed, pushing his laptop off to the side. She smiled and licked her lips when she saw canlı bahis the lump growing in his lap under the sheet. Tugging at the drawstring again, she began to untie it and felt the waistband loosen up. She looked in the mirror and noticed that his hand had slipped under the sheet and was rubbing his crotch. She licked her lips again and began to ease the pajama pants down over her hips, slowly and teasingly, taking her time exposing the curves of her ass, covered only by the thin elastic strip of her little purple g-string.

She bent over and drew the pants down past her ass, down along her long legs, before letting them fall in a heap around her ankles. She stepped sexily from them and turned around to face him again. His hand stopped rubbing himself under the sheet for a moment. Her dancing moves became more exaggerated as she took the elastic waistband of the g-string and pulled it upward, pulling the little triangle of thin cloth tightly against her pussy. His hand began to move on himself again, this time as if his fingers and curled around his cock and was stroking it. The thought of it, the sight of it turned her on completely. She felt a gasp escape from her mouth and she raised her arms up over her head again, knowing how it raised her breasts and pressed them outward against the thin fabric of her top.

She moved over closer to the foot of the bed while running her hands lightly over her body. Practically kneeling on the bed, she put her hands up under her shirt again and began to touch her breasts, her palms pushing them up and out, and pinching the nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. His stroking under the sheets was increasing in intensity and she could see how turned on he had become as she leaned over while touching herself.

She brought her hands down from under her shirt and teased with pulling it up, giving him just quick flashing views of the lower curves of her breasts. Then she leaned over and put her hands on the bed, looking as if she were about to crawl up onto the bed. But she got a different idea and grabbed the sheet and gave it a strong tug down toward the foot of the bed. She almost laughed at the look on his face as the sheet was pulled almost down to his ankles, revealing his hand curled around his long stiff cock. The sight of him stroking himself was so hot that she stood up and pulled her top up over her head and off.

Pulling her shoulders back, she arched her back and thrust her breasts out for him. Her rosy pink nipples were stiff and achy and she longed for his touch and kiss upon them. She crawled up onto the bed on her hands and knees, bringing her nearly naked body closer and closer to him. She rose up on her knees and straddled his hips, bringing her tender breasts up close to his face. She put her hands on the headboard and let her head fall backward when she felt his hands and then his lips touch her.

He kissed her gently, touching her in the same way, his fingers exciting her greatly, his warm moist lips brushing over the soft smooth skin of her breasts. While he touched and kissed her breasts, she settled down onto his lap, rocking her hips gently so that her pussy rubbed his long hard cock through the thin silky fabric of her g-string. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts toward his face, shifting her shoulders from side to side to move his kisses from one breast to the other and back again. He finally grabbed her more firmly and held her so that he could suck a nipple up into his mouth, letting the tip of his tongue circle her, before letting his teeth have a nibble.

After he had treated her other breast the same way, she pushed herself away from him and slipped off the bed. Toying with her g-string, pulling it up and teasing pulling it down, she thrust a pair of fingers down to touch herself, feeling the dampness in her slit. When she let her middle finger slip up inside herself, she saw his hand return to his cock and resume stroking. She could barely resist him now, and began to ease her g-string down and away from her body. It pulled away from her pussy with a silent little snap. After she slipped it off her feet, she took it in her hand and held it out toward him. He closed his eyes when she rubbed the damp little bit of silk on his face, feeling him breath her scent in deeply. David put his hand on top of hers and rubbed her panty over his nose a bit longer before pulling it away and tossing it aside.

“So, see anything that you like?” Holly asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Two or three things, actually,” he replied, looking up at her with his hazel eyes widened and filled with passion. “But then you know me.”

“All too well, hon,” she laughed.

He reached out to touch her and tried to pull her to him, but she kept out of his reach, circling the bed thinking of just which way to approach him again. She was enjoying the deep look of lust on his face as he looked at her naked body. Climbing up on the far side of the bed, she moved on bahis siteleri her hands and knees again, this time heading directly toward his cock, her mouth open, her tongue flicking back and forth over her lips. Kneeling beside his body, she reached over and took hold of his stiff cock. It was hard and hot and he gasped when she gripped it firmly and began to stroke him.

“I can see you’ve had quite a head start,” she giggled teasingly. “Now let’s see what some read head can do.”

Holding his cock erect with her hands, she leaned over and brought her open lips down to kiss the head, the tip of her tongue circling it delicately. She rolled her lips around and around the head, kissing every side of it, feeling him try to thrust his hips upward, but she managed to keep his cock just where it was. She dragged her lips up and down each side of him, letting her tongue dart out for a quick little lick. She repeated this several times, eventually letting her teeth graze over him and felt him tremble.

Finally she brought her mouth over the head again and began to slide her mouth down onto him. At first she let her lips take in just the head, bobbing her head just slightly, feeling him again try to force himself farther into her mouth, but she used her hands to hold her position. Her tongue swirled around the head, tasting the drops of precum that her sucking brought out. Then she began a long slow descent onto him. Each time she dropped her head a little farther, feeling his cock work along her tongue and the roof of her mouth and head toward her throat.

She could easily tell how excited he was by the way he rocked his hips and moaned with pleasure. She was all hot wet mouth and lips and tongue, working her way down along his shaft until her nose finally reached muscles of his belly. Up and down she worked her mouth, sucking him nosily, humming as she went. One hand held his cock by the base while the other held his balls, fondling then gently. She pulled her head up and off, and licked her way all around him, flicking her tongue all over his cock, his balls, and the sensitive skin that lead toward his ass.

“Oh, my god, Baby,” he called out.

Then she took his cock deeply into her mouth again, the head again pushing against her throat. He was completely under her power, surrendering his body to her to do as she wished. His head was tossed backward, his eyes closed, and hard moans came from deep inside him. Able to easily tell that he was getting very close to coming, she had a devilish idea. She held his cock upright and reached over to the nightstand and pulled out her fur-lined cuffs. David was so lost in the wonderful sensations that she was bringing to him that she had the cuffs looped around the headboard and clamped onto his wrists before he knew what had happened.

“Hey, wait a minute!” he called out, his eyes popping wide open, as he pulled against the cuffs.

“Not tonight, mister,” she said with a wicked laugh. “You are all mine. Allllll mine!”

She saw a look of panic flicker in his eyes as she continued the laugh. Remembering how he had once held her captive for an hour of pleasure several months back, she had wondered about how she would pay him back and this seemed to be the moment. She knelt beside his long, slim muscled body, his hard on standing upright on its own, his hands above his head, and a puzzled look on his face.

“Hey, you aren’t going to do something crazy now, are you?” he asked.

“We’ll just have to see now won’t we?” she replied.

She took his cock again in her hand and began to stroke it. Looking down at it lovingly, she admired the sized and shape and noted how he kept himself clean-shaven. She loved the smooth feel to her touch. Then she lowered her head, kissed his cock, and sucked in up into her mouth. Keeping an eye on his level of arousal, she waited until it felt as if he was going to come, then she backed off for a minute or two before going back down on him. As she took him in her mouth again, she let her hand drift down between her legs to touch herself, her fingers working up into her wet slit.

As she went down on him, she realized how silly it was to be fingering herself while his mouth was sitting there doing nothing, so she swung her leg around him and brought her wet pussy down to his face. Being no fool, he quickly brought his tongue out to pleasure her, and wildly lapped her slit up and down. She was loving this, being so completely in charge of him like this. He had always been the one who started things and was in control. Not that she minded, but now she was in charge and able to do with him as she wished.

Positioning herself so that his mouth was right by her clit, she felt him kiss it and lick it madly. When his teeth nibbled on it, she thought she would fly through the roof. Somehow, the fact that he was restrained made him concentrate his energy on what he could move and he was all tongue and lips and teeth.

“Oh, David,” she bahis şirketleri sighed.

She pressed her pussy against him and them pulled it away. Every time she pushed herself back, his tongue was eagerly awaiting her. His tongue laved all over her pussy and wandered up the crack of her ass to circle her tight little rosebud and tease at the opening. As he kept working his loving tongue, she could feel the wetness seep down over her belly and thighs. And all the while she made sure his cock received enough attention to keep him at a continual state of great arousal. And when she felt herself just about ready to come, she pulled away from him and turned around to face him.

Rubbing her pussy up and down the length of his cock, she reached down and positioned him just so she could begin to tease him with her wet opening. The feel of the head was almost like his tongue but she couldn’t wait and wanted to feel him inside her. She settled down slowly, very slowly easing herself over his cock. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she leaned forward and looked down at him. His face was filled with a look of pleasure. She took her time getting used to having his stiff cock up inside her, but soon she couldn’t resist rocking up and down on him, making sure that her hips were positioned just so that her clit would contact him on each stroke.

“Oh, Baby,” he called out to her, his mouth and lazy tongue an open invitation.

She leaned back forward and brought her breasts down toward his mouth. Thrusting her chest forward, she felt him suck one then the other one into his mouth as she kept humping him. Her body was beginning to quiver with excitement. When he hungrily bit down on her nipple she gasped and rose from him.

Turning around so that her back was to him, she settled back down on his cock, feeling every inch of him move up into her pussy again. With her hands resting on his legs she began to move on him hard and fast, a new set of sensation sweeping over her body. This was an urgent desirous passion that was consuming them as she moved faster and faster on top of him. Reaching down to finger herself she knew that she was ready to come at any minute.

“David,” she whispered as he tried to thrust his cock up into her, matching her pace.

She finally just posed her pussy a few inched over his body and let him pump up into her wildly. She could feel him grunt from the effort. Harder and faster and more urgently. Finally she felt herself slip over the crest and her body began to quiver and shake as all of the built-up tension was released.

“Oh, god, David,” she cried out loudly. “I’m cumming!”

He continued to thrust up into her as wave after wave rolled over her body. As the last of the tremors ebbed away, she lowered herself down onto him and felt him wiggle his hips back and forth, his cock still buried deep inside her. When her breathing became more regular she slowly eased herself up from him and sat on the bed by his side. She took his glistening cock in her hand and stroked it gently. It was still long and hard, the head had turned a reddish purple color, and it seemed to throb as she held it in her hand. When she leaned over to kiss it, she sampled the taste of her own excitement.

“Oh, Baby,” he moaned as she gently stroked him “Oh, Baby, please don’t leave me like this.”

“Oh, and just how should I leave you?” she teased him, her tongue flicking around her lips.

His face and torso were flushed, his body yearning for release. Holly fondled him gently.

“Mmm, just what to do. What to do,” she repeated. She was certainly enjoying this, but didn’t want to be mean about it. She was fondling his cock lightly with her fingers. “Well, I guess there’s only one way to put you out of your misery.”

She gripped him firmly and gave him a couple of quick hard strokes and he gasped deeply. Then she let go of him suddenly.

“I may regret doing this,” she said, feeling a bit indecisive. “But here goes.”

She reached up and released the cuffs, surprising him. His eyes popped open and he retrieved his wrists and rubbed them for a moment. He rubbed his right wrist.

“You little vixen,” he said, rubbing his left wrist. “This is really sore.”

“Oh, my poor baby,” she said in a sickeningly sweet voice. “You shouldn’t have struggled so hard.”

Like a cat springing on its prey, David suddenly leapt forward and tried to grab her, but she managed to slip away from his reach by jumping off the bed. He chased after her around the bed and down the hall. She squealed playfully as she chased her, his hand nearly able to grasp her wrist as they rounded the turn into the living room. They played a game of chase around the couch.

“Come on, Baby,” he taunted her. “You know that I’m going to catch you eventually.”

“Never!” she taunted right back. “Cuz I’m way younger and in better shape.”

She laughed nervously as he circled around trying to edge closer to her, his hard on dangling between his legs. She stood tall and wiggled her shoulders feeling her breasts jiggle as a distraction to him.

“But I’ve got age and experience on you, Baby,” he said proudly. “You haven’t got a chance!”