The Anal Invaders 05: 39.000 B.C


Well, this is the fifth chapter. I had it written with another scenario when I changed my mind and made this one, a tribute to Ancient History and Evolution… if something like that had existed LOL (sorry Darwin, you deceived us). Thanks to Thanos, who’s tired of snapping his fingers without results, and getting wiped at the end (I promise to publish the replaced story ASAP… or not?).

We hear it everywhere. Schools, universities, television, books; our world and universe began with the “Big Bang” and that crap but, whom have heard about an explosion that created something? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Anyways, the theory of evolution and Big Bang are taught as true science, but no one cares if is real or false science, we all accept an argument when someone says this, “Matter, space, time… blah, blah, blah… pay your taxes ape-man… or alien-dude” I, for example, came from my dad’s ballsack, and that’s 100% true.

But I’m not going to discuss about evolution, or religion (I respect everyone’s beliefs *laughs*. I remember once I made a funny argument to a friend, who is an atheist, when we were watching football. The QB couldn’t pass the ball and he said, “Oh for God’s sake!” I laughed and told him, “Hey man, why did you said that, if you don’t believe God exists?” I’m still waiting his answer). No, we are not here for such debate; however, as the title says; if evolution had been real, how would you imagine the world hundreds, thousands, million or billion years ago (trillion also counts)? Imaging our “ancestors” or dinosaurs (those were real *O*), maybe the mythical Missing Link? Well, it’s time for a quick journey to the past. Hold tight and put on your seatbelt.

Now, with the miracle of futuristic science, I’ve used a machine to travel back in time. The year, 39.000 B.C. Why that year? Some atheists believe God hadn’t even born that year, but I can’t tell; now seriously, the time machine took us back in that year for one reason. If we search the web or read a book about evolution, it will say that 40.000 B.C, the homo sapiens-sapiens walked on Earth for the first time among the Neanderthals…

A small group of five neanderthals were sitting at the border of river. They were washing their hands after painting a close cave, all of them were adults, around 30 years old. One of them, auburn hair, corpulent body, around 5’3″ tall, big brown eyes, yellow skin (lack of vitamin E), sloping forehead, big nose and skull. He also had a reduced chin and chignon on the back of his skull.

His gang “called” him Orrgh, making animal sounds. Suddenly, one of them lost the balance and pushed Orrgh into the river, and the fight began… it was typical among that group of neanderthals, or every group. Orrgh waved his hands, but the response he got was a punch from one of his mates, he joined the fight either.

Everything ended in a matter of minutes, all noses bleeding and making funny pain noises, trying to apologize to each other and cleaning the blood. One of them, an average black haired dude with the most perfect black eye waved his hands, asking attention, “Hu… arrg… rah…” he muttered and his friends nodded. The gang left the river and walked uphill, to gather their stuff in the cave, a few bones and spears.

Once they were ready to go, Orrgh was waiting outside the cave with some bones in his hands when he felt a little object hitting his back. He turned around and saw a small stone, he kneeled down and took it with his free hand, and smell it. A normal stone, but he detected another smell, way different of the normal stones, but Orrgh wasn’t sure of what it was.

He couldn’t investigate more, because his friends came out; so Orrgh dropped the stone and followed them. The gang of neanderthals walked for two hours downhill, and found a flat valley with some trees, they were careful to check the environment seeking traps or other fellow partners, a gang with a large number of individuals wasn’t the best and they avoided every group; lack of food was big in those times.

Orrgh barked furiously and dropped down in the floor, tired of walking. The black haired pal, Rrash; raised his hand and the rest stopped, while Orrgh was recovering his breath and Oarrghkh, the tallest and ugliest of all looked around seeking any potential menace; the other two, Barkaaagh and Huuaargh; (the first, brunette and the second with dirty hair, due to lack of personal hygiene that his partners had forgotten the color of his hair) were working some bones and stones for their tools.

When the gang recovered some strength, they took their weapons and went hunting. After waiting for long time, they were able to take down a deer. They carried the creature back to their place and got it ready for the yellow heat, a strange substance created by the ancestors. Rrash was quiet, thinking deeply that his gaze had a dumb appearance; his mates were on the deer, pulling out its skin.

“Oarrghkh… har arrk barrgh,” olgun porno Rrash shouted.

“Marrh? Dabarrh Orrgh,” Oarrghkh protested and kick the deer’s head away and took a pair of stones to create the yellow heat.

While Oarrghkh was hitting the stones between them and trying to make friction, the others removed the deer’s fur completely and put it aside to wash it later. Rrash brought some dry logs and left them right in front of his mate, who was struggling to create the yellow heat and was frustrated. The gang was in expectation and angry, Oarrghkh threw the stones away and barked.

Rrash sighed and took another pair of stones and in less than three minutes the yellow heat was shining and dancing happily in the logs. Huuaargh cut some parts of the deer and digging two logs in the floor, he wrapped one of the logs with the meat and put it on the yellow heat. The neanderthals watched the supernatural substance when it was burning the meat. Oarrghkh came back and sat down between Rrash and Barkaaagh, his leader pushed him and he fell back; Rrash waved his arms protesting for his behavior and Oarrghkh just complained but nothing happened.

Huuaargh took the first cut of meat off the yellow heat and put another on it. He gave it to Rrash and he smell it before putting his teeth in it. Within thirty minutes, all of them were eating their piece of meat, barking and smiling; none had what we called today modals, so everything was allowed during the meal. Rrash bit a burnt section of his food and spat it, Orrgh laughed and dropped his food in the floor, and it became a chain. Without any concern, Orrgh just lifted it off the ground and opening wide his mouth, ripped off a big portion, which it had some dust.

Apparently, he liked the taste and howled and shouted excited, making some signs to the others to put their food in the floor and then eat it. One by one, did what Orrgh suggested and Rrash jumped up and down happy, it had a great taste; nodding his head like crazy and throwing some meat to Orrgh. That meant his suggestion was great and had his approval, Orrgh grinned and did what Rrash did to him.

“Harr…! Ug…” Huuaargh said seriously and all stopped eating.

They stood up and grabbed their spears. There was someone or something close to them, Orrgh sniffed noisily around him, trying to identify what thing was out there; but the darkness didn’t help them to track down what disturbed their food. Staying for some minutes with their weapons and guard up, they gave up when they couldn’t watch anything; Oarrghkh hit Huuaargh in the head with his spear for the false alarm and he cried out but he didn’t react back.

The gang finished their food and laid down around the yellow heat. But Orrgh stayed in silence, wondering about the recent incidents of the day; and the cause of them. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t find a clear explanation of any of them, the stone, and the whispering noise from the small forest close to their camp. Tired, Orrgh fell asleep like his friends did before him and he dreamed with a sneaky deer and the yellow heat.

All woke up with some cold, as the yellow heat had disappeared in the last hours of the night; the group stood up and stretched their muscles. The first thing to do in a normal day of a neanderthal; find something to eat. So Rrash grabbed his spear and some stones wrapped in a small piece of fur he cut off from the deer, the others carried their spears and long sharped bones. Leaving the rest of the deer in their camp, Orrgh and his friends walked in silence and watching the environment; with the spears ready to attack.

Sometimes, hunting and collecting was hard, and that morning was one of those days. The main key of it, was having lots of patience and good dexterity to kill an animal and avoid mortal wounds. The neanderthals kept walking without luck and Oarrghkh began to feel impatient, he squealed angry and Rrash kicked him, and he calmed down. Suddenly, Barkaaagh paralyzed and Huuaargh crashed with him and fell down; Orrgh waved his hand and Rrash screamed wildly and ran close to them.

In front of them, an enormous black bear roared. Barkaaagh dropped his spear but Rrash didn’t hesitate and yelled out, the bear stood and roared again and Rrash threw his spear, hitting the bear right in the middle of his stomach. Orrgh did the same and the spear impacted in the upper side, close to the throat. The animal stumbled and let out a lament before a third spear thrown by Huuaargh hit him and the beast fell down, dead.

Getting closer, they buried their sharped bones into the bear to extinct its life. Once the bear was dead, they barked and jumped around the animal, celebrating their victory and kicking the bear. However, the big problem appeared very soon. In spite of their victory, it was nearly impossible to carry the bear to their camp; pushing as hard as they could, it was hard to move. Spending a lot porno of hours in that task, they were able to return, but exhausted and really hungry.

Doing a great effort, Orrgh and Barkaaagh cut a good portion of the stomach and clean it the best way they could. Then Barkaaagh shook Huuaargh by the shoulder and he stood up, and cooked the fresh and exquisite meat. The problems vanished when they tasted the sweet meat of that bear, all of them ate their food with a big smile on their dirty faces; Rrash found more logs and the yellow heat was bigger than the previous night and comforted them.

Orrgh put on his fur coat and sat down close to the yellow heat, while his friends were sleeping and making loud throaty noises. The night was cold but not like the white times, as he called it in his mind; he thought that after all the problems of the day, everything was fine and now he was relaxing with his belly full of delicious meat.

He watched the flames dancing happily and keeping him warm and comforted, there was no wind and night was quiet. Orrgh was falling asleep when suddenly he heard a low whisper from some brushwood and he stood up. He had one of the sharped bones close to him and open wide his eyes, trying to recognize the environment; he also breathe deeply to identify any smell.

The neanderthal did not woke up his friends and faced the unknown danger alone, he turned around in the same place he was stood to observe all the angles and directions. After checking for some minutes, Orrgh perceived a different smell in the air: sweet and delicate, it was a smell Orrgh haven’t perceived before and he felt curious to know what it was. But he saw his sleeping mates and he was aware that going into the unknown, alone and at night; wasn’t the best thing to do so he threw his sharped bone and sat down again.

Before falling asleep, Orrgh thought seriously about what it would be the mystery of that smell, but in all his experience with the nature; he never smell something like that. In his dreams, he saw many creatures and imagined also a large number, with just the smell he had discovered that night and he rested his body. At the same time, the same noise was heard again, but none of the neanderthals heard it; a dark silhouette covered behind some branches was watching them.

The bird’s song woke them up and Orrgh was nervous at first, but then they prepared the yellow heat to have their food. The group ate in silence and Rrash broke it when choked a few seconds because sometimes he was desperate when eating, the river was close and they moved to clean up the deer’s fur. Orrgh jumped into the river and stood there with water up his ankles, it was very cold and he was afraid of a shower.

But the fur was cleaned fast, and they returned to their camp. Everything was fine when Huuaargh saw that his spear and sharped bones had disappeared. The neanderthals shouted and barked angrily trying to find out what had happened, of course Huuaargh pointed his finger to Oarrghkh and hit him. The others joined them and the fight ended quickly, Oarrghkh spat a tooth and had some blood in his chin.

The tension could be filled between them, when they ate the second food of the day. Poor Oarrghkh tried several times to put his tooth back in its place but his attempts were in vain. Orrgh was with his gaze in the floor, trying to ignore his friends; Rrash and Huuaargh were working on another spear, while Barkaaagh watched the place. Temperature was nice right at the end of afternoon, Orrgh decided to get more logs to feed the yellow heat in the night; so he stood up and left the gang.

Without any weapons, he walked away of his fellow comrades and followed some small creatures into the forest. But he wasn’t feeling safe during his excursion, every three minutes he stopped and watched around him; somehow the neanderthal had the strange feeling he wasn’t alone in that forest. He wondered if there were some other groups around but no traces of objects in their last walks made him believe that it was probably the big fauna the reason of their hysteria. He explored the forest, smelling some of its flowers and watching all the birds flying above him or resting on a branch; Orrgh was so far that he couldn’t hear the noises of his friends, only the sound of the animal or an occasional mumble from his mouth, to add something to the semi-permanent silence.

The colors and forms were exotic, the ground was soft and good for his bare feet and he enjoyed digging his feet in the dust. But then, once again Orrgh heard a strange sound in the silence of the forest, a noise that wasn’t cause by him and his guard was higher; but he couldn’t see anything. When he decided to turn around and returned with his friends, he saw a dense brushwood and a strange silhouette behind; Orrgh stopped and got closer to it, trying to see what was behind the burnt branches.

What he was able to see behind the compact branches Porno izle was something white, and a bit taller than him. Whatever it was that, was motionless; until he heard a small crack from the other side, the unknown creature was trying to make a hole in the brushwood, Orrgh only watched and then he could saw a small and clean hand on the other side. He tried to break some branches to see better and finally, he could detailed the unknown creature perfectly.

A woman, just a woman. However, he noticed that woman was very different of the ones he saw. Her face was not the same, her nose was smaller and stylized, her chin was sharped and the forefront smaller. Now her skull was slightly smaller and the hair, blonde and curly; Orrgh looked her eyes and he got more curious, with a dark green color that it would hypnotize you if you look at them for long time.

Such woman was unfamiliar for Orrgh, in fact; her physical feature something he never saw in any fellow neanderthal. At that moment, they looked at each other’s eyes for a second and then the woman disappeared. Orrgh mumbled confused and waited a few seconds to see her again but she had vanished, frustrated; he returned with his friends but he couldn’t stop thinking in such discovery and he was really intrigued.

But his incipient curiosity was disturbed by his gang, they were worried for him because he was exploring and they didn’t knew where he was at. Orrgh earned two punches from Rrash but twenty minutes later they all were best friends again and around the yellow heat, they ate meat and fruits together, mumbling, barking and playing with the food. Despite Orrgh was sharing with them, his thoughts were far away, the flashes of his discovery were vividly in his brain; coming time after time and it was hard to focus in anything else.

One by one fall asleep and Orrgh was the only one awake. After all, it was hard to sleep with such mystery around; he tried to sleep but nothing happened, he took a bone and a stone to work with, at least keeping his mind and hands busy would help. Of course, Orrgh dropped his tools in a matter of minutes and stood up, wondering if the mysterious creature could be closer.

Exploring during the night wasn’t a great idea, so he decided to wait the next day to move around and maybe find the strange woman. With the first rays of sunlight, Orrgh woke up and made sure his friends were sleeping, then he grabbed a spear and walked into the forest. There were so many birds flying and small creatures, but no signs of the mysterious woman; Orrgh didn’t looked back and went further.

Orrgh heard a curious sound, sweet and melodious but he couldn’t recognize its nature, but the most similar sound came from the birds. But this was different, and its volume was increasing as he was moving forward; he knew the melodious tone was closer than before, when he left behind a bunch of trees that were together he discovered the origin of the melody.

The mysterious woman was sat down a few meters away of him, her lips were close together and she was making that strange melody. Orrgh was paralyzed, he dropped his spear in the floor and was “speechless” with her beauty; long fit legs, she was dressed with a fine skin from a grey wolf, a one-piece garment, she was around 25-30 years old. Under her neck, he spotted two fine and round tits, meaty and tasty; she wore a white flower in her curly blonde hair.

She saw Orrgh and stopped whistling, the woman opened her mouth surprised and lots of curiosity in her face. On the other hand, the neanderthal understood quickly that she was very different of the females of his people; different yes, but owner of an exotic beauty. Orrgh gave two steps forward but the woman moved faster and grabbed a spear that was behind her, he saw it was very familiar; the spear stolen from Huuaargh.

Without moving, Orrgh saw her and mumbled a bit, she stood up and pointed him with the spear, Orrgh noticed she was taller than him. But there was something in those beautiful dark green eyes, a strange spark of curiosity and fear, before he could try something the woman ran away really fast. He took his spear and came back to his friends, Orrgh felt a burning sensation in the middle of his chest; he really liked the mysterious woman and he had the need to move closer to her, but he wasn’t sure if he would see her again.

His gang received him pissed for his absence, but he ignored his barks and roars. With some other fruits and the remains of the bear, they prepared the yellow heat to cook the last pieces of meat. Orrgh ate but he couldn’t focus on what he was doing and dropped the rest of his food, Oarrghkh ate it; Rrash tried to avoid it but when he noticed Orrgh didn’t complain, he let Oarrghkh consume the meat.

With energies restored, the gang hunted down a fox and decided to change their camping location to a close cave. Orrgh disagreed but he couldn’t do anything, small fight included; and followed them to the cave. The night came upon them and the yellow heat kept them warm, with their animal furs they felt more comfortable than in the forest; Orrgh thought so but he also was considering that he wouldn’t see the unknown female from the new location he was.