The All-America Virgin Ch. 02


Edie drives like she’s at the wheel of a Philadelphia taxi, so we made it from standing in the William Penn lobby to here in a Morgantown parking lot on campus in one hour. Her 1972 Dodge Charger dashboard clock says 9:32 pm. I’m actually on schedule, according to the 10:30 pm arrival I gave my high school buddies Donald and Ronald. That allows time for a little more sex if Edie can get her sister Joan to leave the room for a few minutes.

When asked why she was going ninety-five at the crest of the hill on Interstate 79 South near Laboratory, Pennsylvania, Edie told me great sex makes her drive fast and take chances.

“Have you ever gone ninety-five?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said. “Fastest I’ve gone is eighty.”

“Poor girl. I am honored and humbled, by the way,” I said.

“Just don’t stop giving it to me,” she said.

“Stop giving it to you? It don’t see that happening. I could give it to you right now.”

Edie reached for my crotch with her right hand. She grabbed my cock, discovering eight inches of its stiff and erected splendor.

“Oh, my God,” she said with a lump in her throat. “Promise you’ll fuck me one more time before you leave to be with your friends,” she said. “Please. One more.”

“Send your sister Joan out to Kroger and I’ll give it to you all you want,” I said.

I would never have thought anyone would have the balls to get a 1972 Dodge Charger up to one hundred MPH in the black of night, but my Lover did it.

And, we survived.

That’s kind of sexy, in a death-defying, dangerous sort of way.


We’re parked in a back lot near Towers dormitories on the Evansdale campus of West Virginia University. I’m sitting in the front passenger seat of the Charger, sporting another large hard-on.

Edie has a handle on this one, though.

I’ve gone from virgin Ivy League student to college football All-America stud in record time.

And, since the KDKA-TV announcement, my sex-based minutes grossly outweigh those not associated with sex. In other words, in a four-hour time slot, I’ve either been pursued for sex, talking about having sex, actually having sex, talking about how the sex felt, or planning for the next sex.

I could stand more of this.

“Here,” I say, pulling my right foot up to my lap. I remove the cordovan Weejun so I can roll the black sock down my calf to the ankle and off my foot.

Edie takes the sock from my hand and places it over my massively erected cock, the one that’s completely visible through the windshield by any one of the Friday night revelers who might be interested.

“Looks like a big floppy black wool condom,” Edie says with a snicker, making light of my idea.

“Whatever. It’ll work like a charm. No mess, no fuss.”

“Yes,” she says, wrapping her right arm around my shoulder and laying a kiss peck on my face. “So, you’ve done this.”

I sigh. “Yes. You’re telling me you’ve never done this?”

“I don’t have any equipment to put a sock on,” she says. “Now shut up and let me stroke your cock sock.”

It’s cold outdoors, so the sock will hold in the radiant heat. Never thought the college course Physics for Liberal Arts Majors would be useful while getting a handjob.

Never thought I’d get a handjob.

“Good thing I found this parking space so near the dorms,” Edie says. “We’ll just have to hurry up and take care of this very attractive boner. Very attractive. Can’t let my sister see your magic knot.”

She goes back to the matter at hand. Edie’s settled on a oneMississippi pace, one up, Mississippi down, fast enough to get the job done and slow enough to make me totally batty.

“How’s that? How does it feel to get your cock stroked by a gorgeous buxom woman right in the middle of the campus of the nation’s number one party school?”

“You are gorgeous. And buxom. That’s for sure. You are such a gorgeous buxom woman you have used your powers to encourage me to fuck a sock,” I say.

“What do you do with the other sock?” Edie asks.

“They’re a pair, so I throw them away if I’m on the road like today. Jeez, Edie! You’re driving me berserk! Fuck. Oh, fuck.”

OneMississippi, twoMississippi, threeMisssissippi…

She brings her face close to my cheek. “What would you say right now if I told you that I think I love you? And, on a related topic, you said you’re going to give this to me one more time before you see your friends. Is that still possible?”

OneMississippi, twoMississippi, threeMisssissippi…

I smile. I’m going to come in a matter of seconds. “Right now, Edie – oh, God, my cock feels so giddy – now I’ll pose the same question to you. And, yes. I promise to give it to you.”

“That’s a pretty good answer,” she says. “I have a suggestion.”

“Two things: a) what’s your suggestion? and b) stroke me just a little faster…that’s it. Yes.”

“My suggestion is, but first a question: are you doing another female right now? On a regular basis? Or just occasionally?”

“Answers: no, no, and no.”

Edie smiles. The pace is now oneMississippi Maltepe Escort up and down, twoMississippi up and down. That’s twice as fast.

“Thank God for socks, Edie! Fuckfuck! I – “

Oh, fuck! It’s my fifth orgasm in seven hours, but I’m still heavy artillery.

“Oh, Jeez! Oh, fuck! Oh, you’re good. Oh, thank you!” I’m banging my head back on the headrest. Oh, Jesus…my first handjob.

Never had a handjob until now.

“Oh, my God!” Edie shrieks. “You’re firing mortars! I’m impressed! You’re all man, Travis…Travis…Travis – “

“Rook. And, thank you for the great handjob, girlfriend. Wow. Orgasms clear the male mind! Yes! And, to repeat, my Edie, no. I’m doing no other female, regular basis or otherwise. Or, even occasionally. Really, I’m not even kissing.”

“How can that be? You’re a handsome athlete!”

“I’m too busy for kiss-face. Classes and football take me from the alarm clock to passing out with fatigue. It doesn’t let up.”

Edie examines my face. “You’ll have women all over your body when you return to campus, you Time Magazine college football All-America, you,” she says, laying a kiss to my lips.

“I’ll explain some day.”

“Well, I’m not either, stud. No man. Regular basis or otherwise. Or occasionally,” she says. “I do think I love you. I mean, I’m not a virgin. Lost that on my eighteenth birthday. And, I was satisfied. I thought I was getting enough good sex until I met you. I’ve never had sex with a man three times in two consecutive hours, then gave him a handjob. Not complaining; like to do all that again. Really soon. Never had sex with a man as handsome and muscular as you. Never had sex with a college football All-America. Have now. Makes me feel sad for the rest. That’s Carly Simon from The Spy Who Loves Me. And, that’s my sex history in one hundred words or less.”

I carefully remove the sock from my semi-flaccid cock and ball it up with the clean sock. No Love Juice escaped, not a drizzle, not a drop. That’s great, since I am to meet Edie’s younger sister and I don’t want a stain on my fly to interrupt the pleasantries.

We exit the Charger. The dorm lobby where we are to meet Joan is fifty yards away. I fetch my backpack from the back seat and walk around the front of the car to Edie.

It’s time for a well-placed, wet-faced kiss.

I approach her, rest my backpack in the grass, and gently touch her face with my fingertips, bringing her lips to mine.

That has to be a superb wet-faced kiss, especially by a nineteen year old man who kept his virginity until just four hours ago.

Edie moans. “Ohhh, Travis. Oh, my. That’s a great kiss. Oh, Travis. Ohhh, yes.”

We embrace. Her tits are pressing into my diaphragm, imploring me to place my hands on them. I do. Oh, dear. I had forgotten just how large and firm they are. Oh, damn. There goes my dick again. Edie’s not wearing a bra and they’re G-cups up on their own.

“Fuck, Travis!” Edie exclaims with a smile. “Here’s the knot again. What am I going to do with you?”

“You decide, Ms. Coltan. I’m up for it.”

“Yeah! Like twenty four seven! You keep saying you’ll take care of me. You continue to say we’ll fuck. You keep asking for alone time. You make promises, and l believe you, all the way, without a doubt, because I’ve never seen a man get it up like you! Every time I look up, you have an erection!” she says. “And, as you alluded to earlier this evening: I make things happen. So, let’s make this lovemaking happen!”

“Lovemaking?” I say. “Does that mean I can’t say ‘fuck’ anymore?”

“There’s a direct correlation between the number of times you say ‘fuck’ and the gallons of dampness in my Hot Slot,” Edie says, definitively.

“Then, fucking join me,” I say. “Let’s walk to the dormitories, the location of our next tryst.”

Edie takes my right arm with her left hand. My backpack is strapped over my left shoulder. We stroll across the grass. It’s cloudy and low 30s cool now, yet she and I are warm.

“Warning: Joan is a looker. She’s nineteen and gorgeous,” Edie says.

“That makes sense,” I say. “She’s your sister. Of course she’s gorgeous.”

“No. Double warning: Joan’s slender. I’m round.”

“Edie, you’re beautiful! I love your black hair and dark eyes. You look French, straight from Paris. Then, there’s the matter of your boobs. Boobs with a capital B. I’ve never met tits as large and firm as yours. That can’t possibly happen that often. Frankly, I don’t give a damn how gorgeous Joan is. And, finally? You think you love me? Well, I think I love you. So, whatthefuck. There are four aces in our hand, girlfriend.”

We’re silent and walking.

“I’ve never heard it put that way, Travis. You have a way with words.”

“Words come easily,” I say. “when I’m sincere. And oversexed.”

“Oh, my God! You’re super, Mr. Rook. And, hilarious!”

“Thanks. Anything else you need to know?”

“Quick! Questions, before I introduce you to Joan. Oh, shit! Question 1: where do you go to college?

“Penn. University of Pennsylvania. In Cevizli Escort Philadelphia.”

“Question 2: for what position were you named All-America?”

“All-purpose back.”

“What the fuck’s that?”

“I returned punts and kickoffs for yardage and touchdowns. I played running back on offense, like Archie Griffin at Ohio State, for yards and touchdowns, and spent a lot of time playing defensive back, where I intercept passes and run the ball back for yards and touchdowns. All in all, this season I scored 42 touchdowns, by far an NCAA season record.”

“I can sort of appreciate that, but I don’t really know what it means. Are 42 touchdowns a lot? I’m just impressed you’re an All-America. And, you’re a sophomore?”

Well, fuck. At least Donald and Ronald will understand completely and think I’m great.

“Yes. Just a sophomore.”

“You’re six years younger than me! You’re barely out of high school!”

“Yes, but you and I fuck really well.”

Edie pauses. “You hit that nail on the head. Ohh, shit. Question 3 is important: what’s your major?”


“You can’t be serious,” she deadpans.

“Seriously. Philosophy.”

“Ivy League Philosophy. Tell me. Gotta ask. What were your SAT scores?”

“Get ready,” I say.

“Oh, fuck. Here we go. Go ahead.”

“SAT verbal 800, 1570 overall.”

“Handsome. Athlete. SAT 1570. You could sell your sperm for thousands a pop, with a picture on the bottle of you naked.

“You have my first, second, and third pops, babe.”

“Your sock could go for eight hundred easily,” Edie says.

“Yeah. To think I’ve been beating off for free. How stupid.”

“No you don’t!” she says in disbelief. “College football All-Americas don’t need to masturbate!”

“Yeah. You’re right.” When will I ever tell her The Truth? Maybe never. I’m doing well with this lie.

“Well, twenty questions is over, because here we are at the doors to WVU’s Towers dormitories. Prepare for mayhem.”

“Well, Edie, I’ll prepare for you if you figure out how to get a room for fifteen minutes.”

“Damn it, you keep saying that!”

“Sorry. I’ve had sex all evening. I’m rather confident right now.”

“I benefit directly from your confidence,” she says. “Very much so.”

I open the glass doors and hold them for Edie. She saunters through.

The lobby is spacious, with steel-framed modern furniture placed about and against the walls. The outer wall through which we entered is all glass, maybe one hundred feet long and twenty feet high. A couple dozen people are milling about in the lobby. Some are walking through. All the co-eds are pretty.

In dormitories like Towers, the residents are almost exclusively freshmen and sophomores. And, this is a huge weekend for the freshmen and sophomores, the biggest and most of appreciative of all football fans. West Virginia’s football team has an 8 and 2 record this season, a number fourteen national ranking, and are hosting tenth-ranked and one loss Boston College tomorrow. WVU is coming off a bigger-than-life upset of its number six ranked rival, hated Pittsburgh, and all Mountaineers are smelling a bowl, quite possibly the highly-respected Gator Bowl in Jacksonville! Or The Big Fruit Stand For The Big Studs, Miami’s own Orange Bowl!

F-L-A! F-L-A! F-L-A!

That’s why I’m here. My high school buddies Donald and Ronald invited me down for the game, and I’m looking forward to sitting with the fans in the stands and watching one loss Boston College, especially since we at Penn handed BC that one loss.

This is going to be the best weekend of my life. Little did I know I was going to be named to an All-America team and have sex for the very first time. I have so much to talk about.

‘How was your day, Travis?’

‘Oh, the same old shit.’

But, hey! In September I scored seven touchdowns at Boston College. That was a pretty good weekend, too.

Seven touchdowns versus three, possibly four fucks with a big-breasted French woman? It’s difficult to choose. Depends on who’s listening, I guess.

Edie called Joan from one of the black wallphones. I mounted my backpack on my left shoulder. She looks at me.

“Joan’s bringing two girlfriends with her. I swear to God Almighty, Travis, if you even lend any of them a smile that even looks like it might be sex, I’m pulling up my sweater and breaking out the huge, firm, and luscious 38Gs, just to remind you, who’s your girlfriend! Don’t make me do that!”

I’m laughing uncontrollably! Three college girls will be here in seconds and I cannot get a grip!

“Get a grip, Rook!” Edie exclaims. “Stop, or you’ll make me lose it.”

Too late. Edie loses it. “Oh, fuck, here they are! Stop laughing!” she whispers.

I reel it in, enough to meet the girls without being rude.

“Sis! Hello!” says the girl who looks like Edie. They hug. She’s gotta be Joan.

“Hi, baby girl,” says Edie says to Joan.

“I’m not a baby girl,” Joan says, landing a slug on Edie’s shoulder.

Joan’s right. She’s Atalar Escort an inch taller than Edie and slender with long legs, displaying the smartest set of 34Ds I’ve seen since Linda Steele got married on me in May. Joan’s a world class knockout, and I’m barely paying attention to her.

Just following orders.

Who’s your girlfriend, Travis Rook?

Who’s your ride back to the express bus, Travis Rook?

“Joan, meet my friend, Travis Rook. Travis, this is the Joan I’ve talked about, and tell her it’s all been good!”

“And, Travis, it is?” Joan asks.

I nod accordingly. “It’s all been good, Joan,” I say.

Everyone laughs. And, that’s good, because Joan seems to be doing a slow smoldering burn over something.

“Travis, this is Lucinda and Sue, my sorority sisters. But, nothing like my real sister! Isn’t that right, Edie?”

Joan looks at Edie’s rack and looks up to her with a quizzical smile.

Oh, fuck.

That’s it. The word’s out. Edie has eliminated a key garment and now Joan knows.


“Travis,” says Joan. “how long have you known my sister?”

“Oh,” I say, figuring a quick, truthful response is better than lying and looking completely flummoxed. “Edie and I have just met at the William Penn tavern. We were making small talk and I told her I was going to hitchhike down here to Morgantown. Well, she feared for my life and the next thing I knew I feared for my life in the passenger seat of her very hip and very fast 1972 Dodge Charger. Thanks, Edie!”

“We Coltans are from Pittsburgh, Travis. Are you from Pittsburgh?” Joan asks, pressing the issues.

“No,” Edie says, butting in. “Travis is from Philadelphia, where he goes to college at Penn. The University – “

“I know what Penn is. Did you catch the Philly-Pitt Express this afternoon, Travis?” Joan asks.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with this.

“Yes. The Express. Lots of study time on the Express.”

Ah, yes I do. Joan caught her sister without a bra, with a strange man, and she’s going for the throat.

My throat.


No alone time for Edie and me.

“This has been an exciting Friday for Travis,” Edie says.

“I’ll bet!” Joan exclaims. She’s thinking all sex now, and no one can stop her.

Fuck. She’s right.

“Tell ’em, Travis,” Edie says.

“Ahhh, you tell them, girl- Edie.”

Joan’s stare at me is laced with poisonous darts.

“Well,” goes Edie. “Travis here plays football at Penn, and I discovered just how good he is when we were watching KDKA-TV sports at the William Penn lobby lounge. The Time Magazine All-America college football team was announced and Travis was named to the first team as the all-purpose back!”

Lucinda and Sue are visibly impressed. Joan smiles appropriately, but looks as if she is calculating something.

“Oh, Travis!” says Joan. “Congratulations! I watched the same report, I think, but I didn’t catch you.”

“Oh,” I say with pride. “Yeah. That was the five o’clock news.”

Oh, now, I’m fucking stupid.

Through induction by the sleuth in her, Joan has established a) I was with Edie at fifteen after five, b) we didn’t arrive at the Towers lobby until ten o’clock, c) Edie and I most likely didn’t leave Pittsburgh before eight thirty because she drove fast, d) we therefore spent over two hours at a hotel, e) Edie is not wearing a bra, f) Travis is as handsome as it gets, and, finally, g) Travis and Edie fucked for two solid hours in a room at the William Penn.


“Oh, my God, Travis!” Sue exclaims. “Congratulations! How exciting!”

“Yes, Travis!” Lucinda says. “Congratulations! I’m sure you’re proud! Is there any way you can play for us tomorrow?”

Edie laughs. Sue and Lucinda laugh. I laugh.

Joan feigns a laugh, but after her Sherlock Holmes action, she’d probably prefer to castrate me rather than talk to me.

“Sue,” Joan says, “take Travis upstairs to our floor. I have my keys, so I’ll meet you two in my room. Okay?”

“Okay,” Sue says. “C’mon, All-America. Let me show you my room!”

Edie doesn’t like these events at all. She looks at me…well, like her sister is looking at me. No love tonight from Edie Coltan for ol’ Travis Rook.

Sue, Lucinda, and I walk to the elevators. I look back to Edie. She seems to be in an important conversation with her younger sister. Joan is waving her arms, pointing to her sister’s tits, then pointing to me.

Don’t want to be there.

My instictively optimistic nature tells me Edie and I will get together in a carnal fashion before I go to see Donald and Ronald, although I don’t exactly know how that will happen.

The three of us share an elevator car. No one else is aboard.

“Wow! Does Joan issue commands like that all the time?” I ask.

“Yes,” Lucinda says, pointedly.

“Yes, she does,” Sue says. “It’s the tits. Joan gets respect because they are nice and firm 34Ds on a slender, long-legged woman and no one argues with The Tits. End of story.”

“Well, I can say this because I’m like an expert from out-of-town, but, Sue, Lucinda, you guys each have nice boobs. Maybe you can join forces and overthrow Joan.”

“Not worth it,” Lucinda says. “Give her enough rope to hang herself. That’ll happen. That’s the best way to usurp her.”