The Adventures of the Novice Dom Ch. 1


My wife and I had experimented with BDSM in the context of “how kinky can we get” for quite some time in our marriage, but never considered it as more than just a sexual activity. It wasn’t until my wife was looking up things on the internet to spice up our sex life that she came across a description of a true dom/sub relationship. She was floored by the way in which she could relate to the actual mindset of a submissive. She found a great appeal in the concept of surrendering yourself to another’s will – someone who she could trust that completely. It offered her the ability to deal with certain issues accrued throughout her life in an atmosphere of emotional security on a totally different level than that which we were used to.

For instance, although I personally considered the variety of positions, techniques, and accessories with which we had experimented over the years to be a sign of a perfectly healthy sexual relationship, she still had conflicting feelings about enjoying things that some considered “dirty”. She even entertained the notion on occasion that I was secretly turned off by her appetite and preferred a more vanilla lifestyle. The irony of this did not escape me – I was on the verge of having the most beautiful woman I know commit herself to being my sexual toy, and she was afraid that I didn’t really want it! My duty seemed clear. As her master, I was obligated to show her exactly how much I appreciated everything she did or could conceive of doing in (or out of) the bedroom, as well as teaching her a few things that she didn’t know about herself. What a tough job I had!! I could see that I needed to get to work right away.

I decided to begin in one area where I knew she felt insecure – oral sex. My wife has the most amazing mouth in the world, and I can easily get hard just by thinking about her lips swallowing the head of my cock. But she was personally not overly fond of oral sex, and had never actually gone “all the way” on a blow job. That was about to change. I knew that she would do it if I asked her to, but I wanted to make sure that she got as much pleasure out of pleasing me as a good subbie could. This meant that I first needed to get her comfortable with the idea so she wouldn’t be distracted by negative thoughts, as well as helping her to realize how much it meant to me.

I started off by emailing her a couple of articles on both fellatio and cunnilingus. I told her that it couldn’t hurt for both of us to learn more about technique in this area. The next time we made love, I took the honor of trying out my new skills first, to which she responded quite positively. Her clit is extremely sensitive, so I took my time working into it. At first, I only brushed my lips against her shaven mound, swollen and slightly moist at the edge of the lips from the extended foreplay that preceded the oral activity. She moaned softly and suddenly let her knees fall completely to sides, exposing the slight sheen of her pink inner lips. I stayed outside of her pussy, gently kissing her outer mound and applying slow, rotating pressure with my lips. She moaned lower, throatier, and pushed herself against my mouth as she dug her hands into the top of the mattress. I lightly ran the tip of my tongue along the open slit of her pussy, savoring the flavor, and she almost bucked me off the bed. I firmly grabbed both ass cheeks for support, and drew her back into me.

Within minutes I was alternating between licking, rubbing, and sucking the tender flesh around her clit until I could feel her tighten her legs in preparation for a generous orgasm. I quickly flicked Maltepe Öğrenci Escort my tongue several times across the now-exposed bud before gently kissing/sucking on it, and that was all it took.

“Sir, please, may I come?” she gasped as she frantically worked her hands into the mattress, legs trembling as she fought to hold back the rush. I had her trained well. I started to say yes, then merely nodded vigorously when I realized that my tongue was still inside her. The nodding action must have helped, because she screamed out an “Ohmigod!!!” that should have woken the neighbors, before reaching out to grab my shoulders in a death grip as she virtually came around my face. I continued to work her clit, slowing the pace somewhat as she finally relaxed around me, but proceeding with new determination once she came to rest.

“What are you doing?” she panted, sitting up to watch me in puzzlement. I didn’t answer, but started massaging her clit from the outside again, occasionally flicking my tongue back in. Within a few seconds she got the point and lay back down again with a soft sigh, wiggling her hips into a more comfortable position. I alternated this with short bouts of lightly spanking her tender mound, until her second orgasm overtook her like a strong aftershock. I didn’t object to her not asking permission this time. After a more prolonged recovery, she sat up, smiled, and asked, “Now, how may I service you?”

I grinned right back at her, knowing how she could service me, but now was not the time. I had special plans for the main event. Currently, we were still in training. I sat up on the edge of the bed and motioned her closer.

“Please,” I requested, “my cock is so in need of attention. I want you to take it in your hand.” She looked up into my eyes and smiled again, then reached out without taking her eyes off me and slowly wrapped her cool, slim fingers around my hot, engorged shaft. Dear God!! I cannot begin to describe the sensation of gazing into my wife’s beautiful green eyes, kindled with that special fire reserved for times like these, while her hand gently slid up and down my penis. She quickened the pace while making the strokes lighter, occasionally slowing to caress the throbbing head of my dick – and all the while never taking her eyes off mine. I had to clear my throat twice before I could speak. “Now, please, I need to feel your mouth on my cock. Please kiss it for me.”

She paused for a second, smiled again, then lowered her eyes demurely and murmured, “Yes, Sir,” before surrounding my organ with moist, gentle kisses while I told her how beautiful she was and how much I enjoyed what she was doing . “You have the hands of an angel and the mouth of a devil,” I uttered on one occasion. When I finally got to the point where I desperately needed to feel more of her mouth on my cock, I instructed my wife to start licking the shaft only, not the head. After a few minutes of this, the end of my cock felt like it was going to explode from neglect. “Now, please,” I hissed, as coherently as possible, “swallow the whole damn thing!”

She responded immediately, and the sudden feeling of hot, wet talented mouth on the too-long deprived head made me almost come in seconds. I controlled myself, though, and let her continue for a few more minutes, switching between sucking me as far into her mouth as she could, and working my shaft with quick licks and nips. I leaned back and watched her, long auburn hair spilling around her face and the mattress as she moved her head up and down. With this view, and after a particularly intense Maltepe Çıtır Escort bout of sucking, I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. I let her taste the pre-cum, then forced myself to tell her to stop sucking. “Please,” I blurted, “make me come with you hand.”

This was only the second time that I had ever asked her to do this, and she looked surprised for a second. But she quickly composed herself and started firmly pulling my shaft with a short, “Yes Sir”. She worked my cock magnificently, wrapping her hand partially around the glans for a fantastic sensation, occasionally rubbing it against her erect nipples. All the while I told her how wonderful the blow job had been, and how good she was at making me come. She must have heard something in my voice near the end, because she quickened the pace one last time, leaning in close to catch my cum on her tits as an added bonus while I spurted uncontrollably. I leaned back on the bed, exhausted, but not yet finished with her training.

“One more thing, pet.” I asked. “Could you please lick the cum off my cock?” She looked back at me in hesitation, and I added, “I want you to see what it tastes like.”

She thought for a moment, then nodded , “Yes, sir” before quickly finishing the task. There was only a small amount of cum on my cock at this point, but I wanted her to know how it tasted before swallowing a larger amount. So far, so good.

Needless to say, my wife was beginning to feel a little more comfortable with the idea of going down on me and swallowing my load. I had one last part left to fit into my “master plan” , and things would be all set. The timing had worked out perfectly in this, because my birthday was less than two weeks away, and I knew my wife would certainly have no objection to complying with any special wishes I may have had. I waited patiently for a couple of days until she asked me if there was anything in particular that I wanted for my birthday. Without missing a beat, I told her I wanted her to suck my cock until I came in her mouth, and to watch her swallow it all. That left her speechless for longer than she was normally used to, but she saw that I was serious and conceded that she thought she could do that for me. Between that moment and my birthday, every time we had sex I would have her suck on my cock for a few minutes while I either played with her pussy, spanked her, or stimulated her in some other fashion until she associated my cock in her mouth with physical pleasure. But I could barely wait until that special moment.

Finally, the day arrived with a quiet dinner, some wine, and some particularly fine kind bud that we had been saving for a special occasion. I realized that I had built things up a bit more than necessary, but it helped my wife to perceive this as a kind of milestone in our dom/sub relationship. This was something that she was doing for me, because I wanted her to, and because pleasing me was important to her. I even went to the trouble (?) of masturbating earlier in the day so that the quantity of cum would not be a problem for her. I started off by asking her to slowly strip for me, savoring the increasing amount of flesh revealed by each new garment removed. When she was completely naked except for her black collar, I took a moment to admire her perfect body, her hair falling around her breasts almost to her waist a dark contrast to her alabaster skin. I commanded her to kneel before me and remove my clothing as well as I sat on the edge of the bed. I stood up to allow her to release my belt, acutely conscious of her warm breath Maltepe Elit Escort scant inches from my growing penis. She let my pants drop to the floor, then reached inside my briefs and gently pulled my dick out while stripping off its cotton prison. I stood swaying for a moment, enjoying the feel of her cool skin on the heat of my member, and told her how precious she was to me. My cock stiffened quickly as she responded to my words by stroking it into full form. I dropped slowly back onto the bed, not wanting her to let go, then simply said, “Please suck my cock.”

“With pleasure, Sir,” was the last thing she uttered before lowering her head to give full attention to my manhood. And I think she used every technique that she could remember. I lay back, closing my eyes, and surrendered myself to the ministrations of her lips, tongue, teeth, throat, hands. Every now and then I would offer some word of encouragement, or direction, but for the most part I simply enjoyed having my cock tended to in this fashion. She took her time, teasing me with slight nibbles and licks, then making me shudder with delight as she took me entirely in her mouth. Then she would back off again, sucking on my balls as gently as possible (they are extremely sensitive) and stroking them while running a sharp fingernail up the line of my shaft. I wanted to hold off and enjoy this as much as possible, but I also didn’t want to exhaust her, so I finally allowed her to fuck me with her hand while she caught her breath.

“Are you my pet?” I asked her. She nodded her assent. “Are you my precious angel?”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered this time, keeping up her rhythm.

“Do you want to make me come?” I inquired, to which she again said, “Yes, Sir.”

I could feel myself getting closer to the edge with each answer. I knew the time was drawing near. “I want you to suck my cock once more,” I told her. “I want you to suck it so good I come for you, only for you, and you can swallow that cum that is only for you.”

This time she took me in her mouth with an almost eager anticipation, like a child opening a present on Christmas morning. I sat up and gripped her head loosely by her hair, pulling her closer to my groin as she sucked away, feeling the tight bobbing motion as if I were fucking her face. My climax began to build inside and I loosened my grip to avoid accidentally suffocating her in my frenzy, but still held on enough to gently stroke her head while she worked me like she never had before. She was such a slut, sucking me like this, but she was my good slut, and that made all the difference. I couldn’t take it any longer, and gave her fair warning.

“Oh Jesus, I’m going to come!” I gasped, relenting to the torture of her sensual mouth. She gobbled me further, trying to take me as much as she could, until I could feel the orgasm starting all the way down in my balls. She slid her mouth down one last time, then practically sucked the cum out of me as I began to shoot my load. Within seconds I was spent, my wife trying to urge every last drop of cum out of my shaft into her waiting mouth. She quietly swallowed what she had collected, then when she realized there was no more to be gotten from inside, licked me clean on the outside as well. When she was thoroughly finished, she sat back on her feet and looked up at me for the first time in a while.

“Was that satisfactory, Sir?” she asked as innocently as possible, wide eyes glinting with the hint of a smile on her licked-clean lips. The closest I could come to a verbal response at first was to laugh weakly; “satisfactory” did not even begin to describe her performance. But rest assured, by the end of the night, I had more than settled any doubts in her mind that she was, and would always be, much more than “satisfactory”. And believe me, I also rewarded her performance in kind, but I’ll leave that story for another time.