The Adventures of John Law Ch. 07


Saigon 1971 ©

When I first went to Vietnam in 1968, I had to go through a bunch of bullshit at Oakland, California, before being sent to an in-processing station at Long Binh, Vietnam. I was assigned to a lot of menial details because I was a low-ranking enlisted man. I was now a Warrant Officer and the Army flew me directly to Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon. When I arrived, I was taken to MACV Headquarters where I had to sit through some lectures about living in Vietnam, even though I had just been there a little over a year ago.

I was listening to a lecture about the current status of the Communist forces, when someone opened the door and called out my name. When I walked out with him, he told me a Major wanted to talk to me. When I got to his office, I recognized him as the former operations officer of my CID Group. He said he saw my name on a roster of new arrivals and he had a job for me. He told me I would be working with a group of CID agents working to stop the flow of narcotics, investigating black market violations, and working fraud cases. He said we would also handle any other cases as they presented themselves. I would be living in a Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ) which was located in a former hotel, wear civilian clothes, casual, not a suit, and pretty much work my own hours.

The Major signed my orders and told me I didn’t have to attend any more lectures. He called someone at my new unit and told them to come pick me up. We then sat in his office and drank coffee until my ride arrived. When the guy came into the office, I recognized him as a classmate from CID School, named Randy.

Randy took me to the BOQ and helped me take my bags to my room. It was a typical hotel room with a bed, night stands, table lamps, easy chair, and a desk with chair. There was also a bathroom with a bath tub/shower combination. He then took me to the office to introduce me to the rest of the team. The office consisted of an outer office with several desks, where I was surprised to see some Vietnamese girls sitting at the desks, busily typing.

If that surprised me, I was really surprised to see an American woman sitting at one of the desks. She was about 35 with dirty blond hair. I couldn’t tell much about her body because she was sitting behind a desk, but I could tell she had nice breasts. They were straining at her starched white blouse, that I noticed had the top two buttons undone. The back office was laid out much like the front office except for the absence of any women. Randy explained that the girls in the front answered the phones and typed all of our field reports.

I asked, “Who’s the blond?”

Randy laughed and said, “That’s Ms. Fields, the office supervisor, and you can forget it. We call her the ‘Ice Queen’.”

Our job was pretty routine. Over the next couple of months, we worked a major theft from the Regional PX at Cholon, several fraud cases where soldiers were buying more money orders than they were allowed, and some black market cases where soldiers were buying high-end items from the PX and selling them to the locals. The Major had told me we would be working drug cases, but I soon learned there was a special Drug Suppression Team that took care of that.

Every chance I got I would talk to Ms. Fields. Randy was right. She was very cold. It was hard to get a smile out of her, but I did learn her name was Mandy and she was originally from Dobbs, New Mexico. She opened up a bit when I told her I was from Tucson, Arizona, and we laughed about growing up in the desert without much to do.

One day I walked past her desk and I said, “I need a cup of coffee. Can I get you one?”

She said, “I’ll go with you”, so we walked over to the coffee station at the back of the office. I poured one for me and one for her. I drink my coffee black, but I asked her, “Cream and sugar?”

She said she would fix it since she was sort of picky. She poured the correct amount of cream and sugar in, stirred it several times, and then we stood there and chatted for a while. She told me she had married young, but before they had any kids, her husband had been shot and killed in a robbery. She said she was devastated, but after a while she pulled herself together and started getting her life back together. She went to the local community college where she got a degree in Business Administration, but the only jobs she could get was as a secretary. She saw a job announcement for an office supervisor with the CID, she applied, and was hired. She said she had been with the CID for five years in Virginia, and when a job opened in Saigon, she volunteered and had been in country for six months.

I was very surprised, but pleased, that I had actually gotten that much information out of her. Before we walked to our respective desks, she put a hand on my arm and whispered, “I know what the guys call me behind my back, but since I lost the love of my life so early, I’m just not interested in getting involved with another man. Most of these guys have hit on me, even though canlı bahis they are married, and I let them know, sometimes forcefully, that I am not interested. You seem like a nice guy, and I appreciate that you have not treated me like a piece of meat.”

She patted me on the arm, and we went back to work.

A few days later, we were drinking coffee again, and I said, “Listen Mandy, I don’t want to offend you, and I’m not hitting on you, but I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner. I’m tired of eating soup and noodles, and there are some really nice restaurants in Saigon. I just hate eating alone.”

She looked at me, started to say something, but stopped. I thought I had pissed her off and probably ruined a nice working relationship I had really worked hard to establish. But instead of telling me to go to hell, she just asked, “Where?”

I told her I knew of several nice places, but if she had somewhere in mind, we could go there. She said she didn’t have any place special in mind and then asked, “When?”

We agreed to 7:00 the next night. I picked her up at her room in the BOQ, and since it was a nice night, we walked the block and a half to a place that was supposed to have the best steaks in Saigon. The meal was really nice, and it was indeed an excellent steak. I walked her back to her room and when she opened the door she said, “I have a bottle of excellent cognac. Could I interest you in a nightcap?”

We had several glasses of wine at dinner, so I wasn’t sure if she was a little buzzed because of that, but I wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity. We went in her room, which was a copy of mine, and she immediately kicked her shoes off. She said, “Make yourself comfortable.” She then poured us each a glass and sat on the edge of the bed. I started to sit on the easy chair, but she patted the bed next to her, so I sat next to her.

She made a toast, clinked glasses, and we drank about half of the cognac. She looked at me and said, “Thank you for the dinner, John. That was an excellent meal.” She then asked, “John, why haven’t you ever hit on me?”

I told her I knew she didn’t like it when the other guys had hit on her, and I never wanted to offend her. I then said, “Don’t get me wrong. I think you are a very desirable woman. But I don’t make it a habit of trying to seduce a woman when they have already indicated they weren’t interested.”

She was quite for a few minutes while we both sipped on our drinks. She looked at me and said, “You are a very nice guy, and you are obviously a gentleman. The only time you touched me was when you held my hand to help me out of my chair, and then you held out your arm for me to hold as we walked back home. I appreciate that you are a gentleman, and I appreciate that you didn’t try to seduce me.”

She then let out a long sigh and continued, “Would it offend you if I tried to seduce you?”

“Mandy, we have had a lot to drink. I told you that you are a very desirable woman, but I don’t want you to do something you might regret because of the alcohol. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you, because I really value our friendship.”

“I have always been able to hold my liquor. It’s not the alcohol talking. I want you to make love to me.”

She sat her glass on the night stand then took mine and sat it down. She scooted over and put her hand behind my head and pulled me toward her so she could kiss me. I opened my mouth to accept her probing tongue. I very tentatively reached up and cupped her breast. She let out a little moan, broke the kiss and said, “Undress me.”

I reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. She pulled the shoulders free to allow me access to her bra. I unsnapped it exposing her beautiful full breasts. She stood up allowing the dress and bra to fall to the floor. I reached up and pulled her panties down so she could step out of them.

I was wearing loafers, so I kicked them off, pulled the socks off, then stood up and removed my shirt and pants. Ever since my first tour in 1968, I had discovered that I liked going commando, so there was no underwear to bother with. When we were both nude, we sat on the bed again and embraced. Mandy put her head on my shoulder and said, “I haven’t been with a man in a really long time. I hope I still know what to do.”

I kissed her then said, “Why don’t you lie back and let me take care of you.”

She lay flat on her back and held her arms out. I got on my knees between her legs and reached down to her waiting arms. We kissed for a few minutes until I started kissing her neck, shoulder, collarbone, and finally feasting on a perfect tit. I gently kissed, nibbled and sucked until her nipple was as hard as a marble. I heard her breath catch in her throat as I continued to suck, and then I heard her giving an approving moan.

I gave the other breast the same treatment. She apparently enjoyed it because she was breathing hard, almost panting, and letting out almost continuous moans and sighs. I took my time as I moved down her stomach, bahis siteleri kissing and nibbling, until I reached her fur covered mound.

As my mouth closed over her pussy, I detected the slightly musky scent, and tasted her juices that were now coating her labia. She tasted so good. She let out a long moan as she lifted her hips, forcing more of her cunt against my mouth. I was eagerly lapping her juice as I explored her sweet cunt. I pulled her lips apart to allow my tongue access to her swollen clit. I licked up and down and around before sticking my tongue in her hole as deep as I could. I felt her entire body start to tremble and her cunt juices started to flow, coating my mouth and chin. She moaned, “Ooohh, jesus! That feels so fucking good!” She shuddered and her legs closed around my head as she had the first orgasm of the night.

She had said she hadn’t been with a man in years, so I was bound and determined to give her as much pleasure as I could, for as long as she would let me. I continued to lick her pussy until she said, “Come fuck me. I want to feel your dick inside me.”

I moved up the bed and latched on to her left breast with my mouth, sucking on her hard nipple until I could position myself over her, my rock hard dick rubbing her pubic hair. I reached down to grasp my dick and started rubbing it up and down her now drenched slit. Mandy moaned and gasped, her mouth pressed against my shoulder, muffling her cries of passion as my cock eased into her hot pussy. She arched her back and took a deep, gasping breath as she pushed her head back into her pillow. I looked at her face and could see her mouth open, her lips forming an O, and her eyes were tightly closed. As I continued looking at her, she opened her eyes and gave me a big smile of contentment.

I started pumping in and out slowly, but when I heard her deeply moan, and felt her pussy gripping my cock, I started stroking a little faster and a little deeper. She was bucking her ass up and down, letting out little gasps, and moaning something incomprehensible, while pulling on my back with both hands. I whispered in her ear, “Do you like it when I fuck you?”

“Oh god yes! I love feeling your dick in me. Fuck me, John. Fuck me harder!” Her body was bucking beneath me, and I knew she was close, so I continued to fuck her deep and hard until I felt her legs wrap around me and pull me tight. I felt her pussy grip my cock, and she screamed, “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck yes! I’m Cummminngg!”

Her pussy felt so good. I couldn’t believe how tight she was, and how it was milking my cock. I could feel my balls tighten, but I didn’t want to come yet. I wanted to give her the pleasure that she had been missing for so long. I continued to stroke her, giving her my full length with each thrust, and I was surprised to feel her have another orgasm so soon after her first. As much as I wanted to last, I could feel myself rapidly reaching my own climax. As I thrust into her again, I felt my hot sperm shoot into her pulsating pussy.

We held each other for a while until I pressed my lips to hers and gave her a long, passionate, tongue swirling kiss. When I pulled away, I looked into her eyes, trying to read her thoughts.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m more than okay. I had forgotten how good that could be. I’m just worried, John. I don’t want the people in the office to know about this. I don’t want them to think I’m easy and having them leering at me. Can we keep this a secret? Won’t people be able to tell that we are acting differently?”

“Mandy, I loved making love to you, and I hope we can do it again. I want you to know that I am not the type to kiss and tell. I will not tell anyone what we did tonight. And I won’t treat you any different in the office. People have already noticed that we smile and talk, so I’m sure they think we are just friends. If we just continue to act the way we always have, everything will be okay.”

She asked, “Will you stay with me tonight?”

I told her I would love to. We held each other and kissed for a while. I felt myself get aroused, and she felt it too. We made love again, slowly, because there was no need to rush.

A couple of months later, I was in my room getting ready to go to sleep for the night when I heard a loud explosion followed by small arms fire and a lot of screaming. I jumped up, threw on some clothes, and ran downstairs. The front door had been guarded by a Vietnamese police officer in a sandbagged booth. I noticed the booth was collapsed and when I checked on the police officer, I saw he was dead. I noticed some soldiers across the street who didn’t look like friendly forces. Some were running down the street and some were running across the street towards my position, carrying AK-47 rifles. All I had was a 2 inch .38 revolver. I saw a .45 caliber Thompson submachine gun that had belonged to the dead policeman, so I picked it up and started firing at the soldiers running towards the BOQ. I could hear sirens in the distance, and in a few minutes, two gun jeeps bahis şirketleri full of MPs arrived.

As they got out and started engaging the enemy, I went back inside and found several people who had been wounded in the initial attack. I drug several people outside, hoping the MPs could get them to a medical facility. As I turned to go back inside, another explosion went off. I felt pain in my right leg, and I must have passed out because the next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital bed. I had an IV in my right arm and a heart monitor beeping somewhere over my head. My right leg was throbbing, I had a massive headache, and it felt like I had a bandage around my head.

While I was trying to get my bearings, a very attractive Army nurse walked up to my bed, gave me a big smile, and said in a much too cheerful voice, “Good morning! I see our hero is back with us.” I wanted to answer, but nothing would come out. My throat felt like sandpaper. She held up a glass of water with ice and a straw in it and held it to my lips. After I took several gulps, she pulled it away and said, “Better?” I nodded my head and in a raspy voice, said, “Yeah. Thanks, but don’t ever call me a hero again! I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and apparently, I took a piece of shrapnel. A lot of people were wounded, and some may have died out there. They’re the heroes, not me.”

“Mr. Law, no offense, but you didn’t just take a piece of shrapnel. The doctors took 16 pieces of metal out of your right leg, from your ankle up to your thigh. Something struck you in the head, causing a three-inch gash. You lost a lot of blood, but despite your wounds, you managed to save a lot of lives. To me, that’s a hero.”

I am normally a pretty calm person, but I got very angry and screamed at her, “I told you, Do Not Call Me That!”

“Have it your way. Now, calm down. I have to take your blood pressure.”

She put a blood pressure cuff on my arm and told me it was a little high. She said, “Try to get some rest and I’ll be back to check on you in a little while. Can I get you anything?”

I told her, still angrily, I didn’t need anything, and she left. She came in about every hour to check my vital signs. She always had a bright smile and a soothing voice. I felt like an asshole for losing my temper and screaming at her, so the next time she came in, I said, “I’m sorry I screamed at you.”

“Mr. Law, you don’t have anything to be sorry about. I’m sorry I got you upset.” (In case you are not familiar with the Army, Warrant Officers are called ‘Mister’)

I smiled at her, probably for the first time, and said, “John. Call me John.”

“I’m LT. Wood, but you can call me Linda.” She squeezed my hand and said, “I’ll see you later.”

A while later, she came in with a bowl of water and said, “I need to give you a sponge bath and change your gown. Just lie back and relax.” She pulled my hospital gown up to my chest and ran a warm wet sponge up my left leg, from my foot to my thigh. She only washed my right foot next, and then the thigh. Most of my right leg was bandaged.

She put the sponge in the warm water and wrung it out, and then she lifted my dick and started washing my balls. As soon as she started washing my dick, Ole willy responded, and I got an erection. She didn’t react or say anything, she just kept washing. When she was finished washing my entire body, she put her arm across my back, helped me sit up, and she put a fresh gown on me. Before she left, she said, “Nice.”

I had no idea what time it was because I didn’t have a watch, but sometime later, another nurse came in to check on me. I asked where Linda was, and she said she was off duty. I noticed some of the bright fluorescent lights had been turned off, so I assumed it was night time. The nurse told me to relax and try to get some sleep, then she left.

I woke up to a very pleasant feeling. When I opened my eyes, I saw Linda leaning over me. I could feel her hot breath on my face as she whispered, “Shhh. Relax. Let me try to release some of your tension.”

I realized she had my cock in her hand and I had an erection. She was slowly pumping my shaft up and down. I reached out and cupped her round, firm ass, and squeezed. She didn’t react so I let my hand slide down to her thigh. Her skin was warm and felt wonderful. My hand was now under her dress and I started sliding back up to her ass where I could feel her cotton panties. I allowed one finger to move between the material until I could reach her pussy. I felt her hairy mound as I moved down to her slit, which I noticed was wet. I got my finger in about knuckle deep and I heard her gasp and then moan. She whispered, “I’m supposed to be relieving your tension, not the other way around.”

I didn’t answer, I just kept finger fucking her as she continued to slowly stroke my cock. I finally whispered back, “I want to fuck you.”

“We can’t right now. Maybe after your bandages are removed. Just let me finish you with my hand.”

I started fingering her faster and I curled my finger until I found her clit. As soon as I touched it, she let out a long hiss, and whispered, “Yesss. Right there.” I felt her juices flowing down my hand and realized she had just climaxed.