That Night

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Our arms and legs were laced together. Our bodies pressed close in the softness of the night. Perhaps if we kept our eyes closed for a few more moments’ time really would stand still?

I had come to her room after arriving late in the afternoon. Alone at last! And we had held one another tightly and kissed; oh how long it seemed since we last said goodbye three months ago – an eternity.

We were both hungry and had enjoyed a light meal and a beer at Marlowe’s on 16th Street Mall – it was so, so good to see and hold Kathy again. We talked and chatted over dinner but now we were back in her room. We were both tired after the day’s travelling but we were elated to be together.

I sat facing her as she lay on the bed; we both knew what we wanted and we really didn’t have to say anything but I needed to know that she still wanted to make love as we had talked about a few days earlier. We looked into each other’s eyes as she pulled me close to reassure me and to tell me that she wanted me to stay with her.

I had brought a book of some stories we had both written and shared; she lay down on the bed to read them while I ordered a bottle of Moet and two glasses. I sat on the bed next to her while she flicked through the pages and read quickly through the stories; I gazed at her in awe as my fingers traced over her shoulders and caressed her as she lay there.

A knock at the door and the champagne had arrived; we were alone at last! Popping the cork I poured two glasses of chilled Moet, which we sipped eagerly; it tasted so good.

We lay down on the bed together again kissing and caressing one another; our lips brushing against our open mouths as our tongues teased and played together. Our eyes locked together as if savouring the increasing passion of each moment; we were both becoming increasingly aroused.

I was the first to move. Quickly taking off my clothes, I stripped down to my Calvin’s while Kathy disappeared into the bathroom; she returned a minute later looking absolutely stunning in a white silk negligee. I reached up and pulled her down to rejoin me on the bed.

I treasured her – her beauty, her fun-loving spirit, and the love we shared; everything about her. I knew that this might be the last time we would see one another, maybe forever, and I was going to be lost without her; my life would be incomplete. My craving would be so very desperate in the loneliness of my life without her; I struggled to choke back my own emotions.

Finally, in a whisper, I broke the silence.

“I’m going to carry the memories of this night with me forever, Kathy”

I gently caressed her forehead and pulled my fingers through her long brown hair. She looked through her tears and deeply into my eyes.

“We fit so perfectly together” I continued.

I felt her breasts nestled gently against me. “Yes, we truly are like one body;” she replied softly and squeezed even closer to me.

I kissed her hair. In our hearts, we knew the day was coming when I would have to return home to England but until now we had refused to face it. Now we had no choice. I would be on a plane in just a few canlı bahis şirketleri hours.

I started to say, “We may be physically apart but…” she put her finger to my lips and stopped me. Her eyes never left mine as she shook her head. My throat began to tighten with emotion but somehow I whispered, “I love you, Kathy”

Leaning forward I kissed her. The kiss lingered and then deepened until we could no longer contain the emotions that welled up within; suddenly our passions were aflame.

Her hands began exploring every inch of me as if it would be their last touch. Her mouth opened itself to me as if she wished to pull me in, body and soul, and never let go. I responded in kind by plunging my everything into her kiss. Our bodies writhed wildly in response.

My hands caressed her body, gently pulling the silk negligee up to allow my fingers to touch her soft skin beneath. As my hands moved over her I felt her legs part as my fingers traced a line downwards and found her – she was so wet. “See what you do to me?” she said.

Her body arched in response to the caress of my fingers over her clitoris; her mouth pulled itself free from mine as she whispered “Oh David, I want to feel you inside me” She moved herself onto my finger which slid easily across the surface of her G spot as she sought to find greater pleasure by the movement of her own body against my fingertip.

I wanted her so much; to feel her under my touch. I wanted to hear her call my name and feel her claw marks in my back as a reminder of her. In the months to come, I hoped desperately that the memories I held within me of these things would see me through the long empty nights.

With our fingers entwined, I pulled her wrists up above her head and pushed her firmly down on the bed. We gripped each other tightly as her back arched again and she pushed her body upwards towards mine; pressing down, I held her hands in place while I licked and nibbled gently at her neck, her ears, her shoulders and finally caressing around the edge of her soft lips.

She was beginning to thrash and moan in earnest. I sucked and nibbled her firmly as my lips caressed her neck and shoulders again before plunging down to her left breast. Letting her hands free, I gently twisted and flicked her right nipple with my fingers while I sucked and caressed her left nipple with my mouth. She pushed her fingers in my hair, telling me how she loved to feel me caress her breasts.

My aching cock was still imprisoned in my pants, straining with anticipation and sensing this, Kathy slipped her fingers into the band, silently encouraging me to slip them off; in a moment we were both naked.

I lay between her open legs, my cock now released and throbbing as I began to gently rub myself against her – our eyes locked together again as the sensations we felt pulsing through us began to heighten. We were grinding and kissing deeper and deeper until I became so totally lost in her. The sounds of our lovemaking increased in the stillness of the darkened room.

Then suddenly I felt her rake at my back and begin to shudder beneath me. My cock pressed canlı kaçak iddaa at the opening of her pussy and so easily slipped gently inside its warm and moist interior; deep inside.

She moaned, “Oh, David…” I felt her hips grinding herself hard now onto my cock as she again softly sighed at me. “David, I want you now; don’t tease me ” she whispered as my cock pulled out before slowly plunging back into her.

Sitting back, I ran my hands lightly over her thighs. She opened herself to me and I began to submerge myself in her sweet musk; our eyes still locked as slowly I lowered my head between her legs.

She was incredibly wet now and my mouth and tongue lapped slowly over her, pausing briefly to gently bite and nibble; she now opened herself completely and pulled my head closer into her as my tongue flicked and played beneath.

“I want you now”; she said as she closed her eyes, “Fuck me, David. I want to feel you come inside me. Fuck me!” she cried again.

Lying between her open legs, I lifted myself up over her heaving body and grasped her hands over her head again; our fingers tightly intertwined and now positioned over her, I began to guide my throbbing cock towards her as our bodies touched gently with the passion and excitement we both felt. Our eyes again locked together as our mouths opened and our tongues played teasingly between soft kisses.

My cock was slick now from the juices that poured from her as it touched the inside of her thighs and probed again for the opening to her pussy. It slid easily inside its warm and soft interior, plunging deeper and deeper with every successive thrust of my hips.

I paused momentarily so that we could both savour the intense sexual feelings which we both felt; and then began again gently pushing myself down and further into her. The sound of our lovemaking quickened but passed unnoticed, as we were lost in ourselves.

“Don’t stop! David, please don’t stop. I want to cum. fuck me. Please, David! Don’t stop!”

Time stood still. I have no idea how long we made love as over and over again our bodies played together in ecstasy. Our orgasms seemed to go on and on forever. Eventually we lay in each other’s arms – my cock still inside her throbbing gently as the intensity of our passion gradually subsided.

I looked down at Kathy again. Her hair was splayed wildly on the pillow as she lay there next to me. I gently caressed her, moving my fingers lightly over her body and touching her momentarily wherever my hand travelled.

Eventually I withdrew my still hard cock from her as she moaned in playful annoyance. My hand moved underneath her as my fingers searched between her ass – pressing gently and probing. She was still wet with the juices from our lovemaking as I found her tight ass. She moved as if to position herself on my probing finger as it pushed harder at the tight muscle that guarded the entrance to her.

I sensed she wanted to feel me inside her again – but this time here; at this place. Gently my finger massaged and teased around her ass until gradually it began to open to allow my finger to explore inside. Just canlı kaçak bahis a little at first; gently my finger played and caressed her before it pushed inside – just an inch, to encourage the muscle to relax and open more widely.

Oh this felt so, so good. The sensations rippled through me as I felt her body opening for me again at this so sensitive place. Kathy’s breathing quickened again as she moved herself down onto my finger – our tongues and lips played in unison with its unseen yet sensual penetration below.

Our mouths opened, kissing passionately. “I love you so much Kathy” I said. “ I want you to fuck my ass now” she said as we both sensed that her muscle had relaxed invitingly. We both moved apart now in readiness for the next phase of our lovemaking. She reached across and handed me the lubricant, which I poured liberally over my finger and cock, gently coating them with the slippery liquid.

She turned her back and knelt on the bed facing away from me with her naked ass high in the air. I caressed under her, feeling my fingers slide easily first into her pussy and then with more resistance into her now open ass.

I knelt behind her, close; my cock hard and throbbing once again as it pressed gently forward between her ass cheeks, probing for the opening it so desperately wanted to find. I rotated my hips in unison with hers.

And then it was inside. Just an inch at first as my cock eased itself deeper with every slow and gentle thrust. We were so close now – physically and in every way possible. I held her hips and gently pulled her backwards; from behind my cock drove itself deeper into her ass as the pace of our trusts quickened yet again.

The feeling of tightness around my swollen cock was unimaginable as I penetrated deeper and deeper until we could both contain our orgasms no longer.

“Oh, David!” she screamed.

“Oh Kathy, yes” I mouthed breathlessly.

She gasped with pleasure and her body began to tremble furiously as the orgasm she had craved welled up within her and then exploded inside her body. Pure ecstasy hit her in wave after glorious wave until with one final thrust we both and collapsed in exhausted silence onto the crumpled sheets.

Soon our breathing slowed and we held each again. The moonlight streaked across our nude intertwined bodies through a gap in the curtains.

Holding her close to me, I rested my nose and forehead gently against hers and waited. Who would be the first to put into words to the longing and sadness that we both felt? I wanted so much to share this last quiet night together.

Unlike mine, her eyes remained closed but I knew she wasn’t sleeping. We huddled that way for some time before in the soft moonlight I saw a sign of life – a single tear escaped its prison and begins its lonely journey. It overflowed her lower eyelid before crossing her smooth cheek and rolling down the sleek line her jaw. From there it plunged helplessly over the edge of her chin and into the oblivion of her pillowcase.

Turning to look down on her, I kissed each of her eyelids and she began to weep quietly. I pulled her closer into my nakedness until I felt we couldn’t possibly be two bodies.

“Come back to me soon,” she whispered in my ear.

“I promise,” I replied. “I will.” Gently kissing her lips.

At last, it was time to give ourselves to the night.

The end