Thanksgiving Memories


Thanksgiving MemoriesI originally posted this as a blog.If you read my first blog, I mentioned that I got a blowjob on an AMTRAK train on my way to Jesup, GA. While the bj was nice, it was the great sex I had that weekend with her that stands out. It started when I boarded the train in Charleston, SC. The train was crowded with people heading to and fro for the Thanksgiving weekend. I was married at the time and on my way to see my estranged wife. When the train stopped at Beaufort, SC, Cassie boarded the train and sat next to me. Cassie’s about 5’2″, cute face framed by red hair, and very thick. I could tell she had a killer combination of big tits and ass! Nice!! After some small talk, I found out she was on her way to a small town near where I was going. We shared some of my brandy that I brought along. Eventually buzzing from the booze, the conversation turned to our relationships. Mine was pretty much in the toilet but I was hoping to spend time with my daughter. Cassie had just broken up with her boyfriend after walking in on him and her roommate izmir escort fucking on her couch. She asked me what I thought of her. Not sure what she meant – actually the booze started talking – I said she was a cutie and that her boyfriend was a jackass. She said that was sweet and gave me a hug. I could feel the fullness of her boobs and secretly hoped there would be more. I wouldn’t have long to wait. I gave her a kiss and she practically inhaled my tongue. She then whispered that she always wanted to try some black dick. Feeling bold, I said she could check mine out. With that, she dropped her purse on the floor (I guess in the event someone might have been looking), bent to retrieve it but unzipped my jeans and fished out my thick dick. She gasped and put my dick in her mouth. Lips and tongue swirling and moving about, Cassie was a damn good cocksucker!! There’s nothing like the feeling of my dick hitting the back of a cutie’s throat! Cassie kept squeezing my nuts as she continued milk my dick with her throat. I whispered that she was going escort izmir to make me cum, to which she gave me an approving mmhmm!! It seemed like she vacuumed the cum from my toes!! It was all I could do to keep from screaming! After she swallowed my cum, she came back up with her purse and said, “there’s a motel near the train station. I got to get me some of that dick.” We get to Jesup and there was no one waiting for me (go figure). Cassie called her parents and lied about getting in to Jesup around 9 tomorrow morning. With that, we headed to that nearby motel.Once we got in the room, we were all over each other. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. We practically stripped each other. Clothes flying everywhere. I had to get a taste of Cassie’s pussy, which had a light covering of fine red hair (the carpet matched the d****s). I zeroed in on her tasty clit and ran my tongue all over. She started squirming as my hands gripped her sweet ass. Then I started humming as my tongue snaked inside her creamy pussy. Cassie started panting and locked izmir escort bayan my head between her legs. “AAAHHH SHIITTT!!!”, she screamed as she came hard. With that, I rubbed my dick against her creamy pussy. She grabbed my dick and rubbed her slit until I was wet with her juices. I put her legs on my shoulders and entered her slowly. “YEESS, fuck mee!!” Cassie wailed. I pile-drove her pussy with a nice steady beat. The bed was squeaking loudly as Cassie was cumming. After a few minutes, I flipped her over and fucked her doggy-style. She had the ass built for doggy-thick hips and a tight, wet pussy. I could feel my balls readying to let loose, but I didn’t want to cum doggy-style. I put her back on her back and placed those legs back on my shoulders. As I pounded her, I told her to look at me. We locked eyes as I pounded her tight pussy. She had a huge cum as I kept saying, “look at me”. I was screwing her soul!! “AH SHIT, CASSIE TAKE THIS NUT!!” I hissed. My dick exploded deep within her clenching pussy. After a while, we both collapsed into each others arms. I never did make it to my wife’s house for Thanksgiving and Cassie didn’t make it to her parents until Friday night as I was busy giving thanks for being able to spend a weekend with a cutie who was an awesome fuck!