Testing René


Sean’s company had been hired to help Millennium Corp move all their associate’s computers, printers, and other miscellaneous peripherals into their new headquarters in a complex called the Crystal Palace where a lot of modern buildings were clustered together to make one large complex. The job involved several nights and weekends to get everyone moved in without any disruption in business. Although Millennium Corp had a fairly large staff of help desk and computer support people, it required a much larger group to physically move, setup, configure, and test all the equipment in the new site. That’s where Sean and his group came in. Most of the guys in his group were overqualified for this type work, but the extra money would come in handy, so he accepted.

The first and second parts of the job were boring, disconnecting and setting up the equipment. The fun parts were testing everything and setting up the software and connections to the new LAN and printers. This is where everyone got to use his or her knowledge and skills to make everything work. This is also where René first appeared.

Sean first glimpsed René over in a corner cubicle with a laptop PC, where she was busy doing whatever it was she was doing. It was a Saturday, so he guessed that she was probably one of the IT people from Millennium. Later, the groups were all introduced to each other and his guess was confirmed. She was, indeed, one of the administrators there and a primary contact for Sean’s people to take issues to work out. ‘Well, I hope I have a lot of problems,’ Sean thought to himself.

Things went smoothly for a couple of hours, and then Sean had a problem mapping a printer on an associate’s computer. He went straight to René for help. He had seen her only from some distance, and never up close, but he could see that there was something intriguing about her. She was in her mid twenties, about 5’6″, and didn’t have a bit of makeup on that he could tell. Her long brunette hair fell to a wide “V” between her lower shoulder blades. She wore baggy pants and a loose-fitting shirt covered by a sweater in the early morning chill that day.

“Hi, what can I help you with, Sean?” she smiled as he came into the cubicle.

Her face was like an angel’s, pale and slightly freckly. Her long, smooth neck met wide shoulders held back with the grace of a model, as she looked up at him with her disarming smile. The sweater had been removed, showing her bare arms flowing down from the loose short-sleeved blouse. Sean had to mentally jog his brain to pull himself back to reality and speak.

“Hi, René. You remembered my name! I’m impressed! I have this color printer that I can’t seem to get mapped to one computer. Can you help me with it?”

“Sure, have a seat and I’ll check it out.” She said, already typing in the user’s name to search for the problem. “Let’s see if this user is set up properly first.”

“Ah ha! There it is. This user is a lower level associate and doesn’t have permissions to use a color printer. Only managers and certain users with an approved need can use the color printers. They are very expensive and we can’t let everyone use them who want to. Just set her up for a black and white and tell her she’ll have to get approval from her supervisor if she still really needs the color one.”

Sean barely heard what she was saying, as he was watching her long fingers type, and noticing that there didn’t appear to be any bra lines under her shirt, but it was so loose that it was hard to tell. He could tell that she didn’t appear to have any excess flab that she was trying to hide under the baggy clothes. In this job, on this day, comfort was most important to her, he assumed.

“OK, I see what you mean. I’ll leave her a note explaining that to her. Thanks for your help.”

“No problem. That’s what I’m here for. If you have any more trouble, just come back and see me any time,” René responded, smiling again and looking him right in his eyes.

Wow, was she cute! He had never seen a woman in the business world who had such natural physical and inner beauty. Most women here in California wouldn’t even go out of canlı bahis their houses to pick up the newspaper without putting on makeup or fancy clothes, especially one this pretty. He wondered if she knew how beautiful she was. ‘How could she not know?’ he thought. She wasn’t wearing a ring, or any other jewelry, for that matter. ‘She must have a steady boyfriend, or maybe girlfriend?’ He had known many lesbian girls who dressed and looked this way in public, not concerned with what guys thought about them. ‘Hmm, that could be it. I wonder if she likes guys? She treated me very nicely, at least. So that’s a positive thing, even if nothing else happens.’ And he returned to his work.

Over lunch, Sean had an opportunity to talk to one of the guys she worked with about her status.

“Hey, you know that woman, René? I think she’s very pretty. Does she know it? She seems to be so down to earth and plain, but under it all is a beautiful person.” Asked Sean.

“Oh, yeah, she knows! Guys are hitting on her all the time. She has to fight them off with a stick. But she is a great person to work with. Real sweet, and smart.”

Sean saw her walking around the rest of the day and could tell that there was a nice body hiding behind those work clothes. Her waist was small, her butt nice and round and tight when she bent over, and her breasts were definitely freely bouncing under the shirt. They were not large. Nothing about her was large. However, they seemed to be a full and firm “B” cup, which was perfect for her. Every time he saw her, she smiled at him. This was one babe in disguise!

Nothing of significance happened the rest of the weekend. On Monday, she wore nicer clothes, some makeup, and had conditioned and combed her hair. She looked even lovelier. Sean had gone to lunch in the private food court under the middle of the Crystal Palace and sat with several of the other IT guys, when René came and joined them. They all chatted about work and friends. The other guys left early to get back to work, leaving Sean and René alone to get to know each other. She was easy to talk with and they developed a nice rapport.

On the way back up to the floor they were working on, she asked Sean to come by her office, which was in a different building. There was something there she needed to pick up before returning. He had no choice, as she was the only one who had a security card to get back in the building. She wore a tight pullover pale yellow blouse that day, with shiny black pants, the wet look material. They weren’t real tight, except over her butt, where they hugged every curve, which he admired as she rode up the narrow escalator in from of him. Her tiny thong was clearly visible, as were her firm cheeks, which he now knew were only covered by the thin material of her pants. He wondered what they would feel like in his hands. They were so close in front of him that he could have easily touched them.

She found the spare monitor and asked him to carry it for her. As they were going out the door, she reached around in front of him to open it for him. In the process, she pressed her right breast into his bulging bicep, seeming to struggle with getting the door to open. His penis responded by twitching inside his pants.

“Sorry, this door is hard to open sometimes.” She blushed.

The nipple on the breast that had pressed into him was now showing through her demi- bra and blouse. ‘Well, if the touch was accidental, at least it affected both of them,’ he reasoned.

The following week was more of the same, as far as the move was concerned. René was back, looking better than ever, wearing a button-up red print blouse, sans bra again, with snug denim pants and her ever-present smile. It was the final weekend and all the problems and issues needed to be resolved before the associates came to work Monday morning. One issue was a missing projector. René’s supervisor organized teams to hunt for it in a systematic way.

“René, why don’t you take one of these guys and go over to building 4400 to look for it, OK?” he asked.

“Sure, boss. You want to go with me, Sean?” she asked, looking him square in the bahis siteleri eyes.

“OK, Let’s go. If it’s there, we’ll find it.” Sean replied enthusiastically.

And off they went to search for the lost item. Building 4400 was deserted. The move there had been completed previously, but the projector could have been placed anywhere.

As they walked, René spoke to Sean; “I’m so glad you came with me. I’m not so sure I could trust being alone in that building with some of those other guys. Some of them are really weird, you know? I CAN trust you, can’t I?”

“Of course you can. I would never molest you, or anyone else for that matter. That is, not unless you WANT me to,” He laughed, letting her know that he was interested in her.

René let the comment slide without comment and continued on to the other building. Now, Sean was not a bad looking guy. He was 30 years old, fit and trim, with longish blond hair. He definitely didn’t look like the typical nerd that many in his profession portrayed. The look was more like a surfer dude. Most women would find him desirable.

They split up and started their search on opposite ends of the floor, looking in cubicles, offices, meeting rooms, and storerooms. Meeting in the center hallway, they searched the final storeroom together. It had many boxes and shelves that required two people to move and reach everything. As she stretched up to grab a box, he noticed that she had unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse, probably to stay cool in the search. Half her breast showed above the lapel, and through the opening between the remaining buttons. It was even whiter than the rest of her skin, showing that she had a pale tan, at least.

‘Oh, yummy. Her skin is so creamy.’ Mused Sean to himself. ‘Man, I’d love to lick that!’

Now, it was his turn to climb up on a two-step stepstool and move the boxes on the upper shelf. René was standing beside him, his crotch at eye level to her. She could see his penis clearly pressing into the front of his Dockers.

‘Yes, he noticed my breast, and apparently likes it!’ She thought, excitedly.

René wasn’t sure if he had gotten the hint the week before, when she pressed her breast against his arm, that she had desire for him. If she was going to get Sean to notice her, she had to see if he was interested, so she had unbuttoned two buttons to give him a peek at her breast. It worked. He WAS interested, and was showing it in the best way he could.

‘Oh, I want to touch it. It looks impressive there. It’s so close, I could almost bite it.’ She swooned.

As Sean reached around the top shelf, he almost stumbled one time. René quickly reached up to support him, pressing both hands into his hips and keeping him from falling.

‘Oh, God, his butt is so hard it’s making ME weak in the knees.’ She moaned to herself.

“Uh, René, you can let go. I’m OK now.” Said Sean. “It’s your turn to check the next shelf.”

Realizing she was still holding him, she blushed and let him to climb down from the stepstool, allowing him to brush against her as he did. Taking her turn on the stepstool, she checked the next shelf, while he checked her out closely. Now, her butt was right in front of him and he had to restrain himself from reaching out to bite it. She reached and stretched on her tiptoes to get at all the boxes. Her blouse had pulled out of her pants, giving him a nice view of her trim waist. When she leaned just right, he could see all the way up her front to the bottom of her breasts. They were beautiful and seemingly perfect.

She could feel him checking her out and knew it was time to make a move. Turning around to come down the stepstool, she pretended to trip and fell straight into Sean’s arms, her arms around his neck, their faces an inch apart.

Looking him right in the eyes, with lust forming in her own, she said, “You’re going to molest me, aren’t you?” Her head nodded up and down in a ‘yes’ motion as she spoke, turning her words into more of a statement than a question.

Silently, he kissed her soft lips, which parted to welcome his tongue inside her mouth. He felt her breasts pressing bahis şirketleri into his chest, her body pressing entirely into his. She felt his strong arms holding her up, pulling her to him closely, and felt his cock pressing into her vulva.

“Yes, I am.” Came his simple reply.

He held her tight ass cheeks while she leaned back, unbuttoning the rest of her blouse, and pulled it off to offer herself to him. He bent over and kissed each nipple, while she pulled the polo shirt over his head. He unclasped her pants and pulled them down over her hips. She stood there in her little pink thong, watching him release his belt, drop his pants and step out of them. She watched in anticipation as he lowered his boxers, revealing his firm cock for the first time. She had to touch it and reached out to stroke him. It would be inside her very soon, she knew.

Sean saw that René did, indeed, have a very fine body, which stood tall and proud in invitation to him. He reached behind her and grasped her firm buttocks, pulling her against his cock, with her hands still stroking it. Her nipples were like bullets in his chest, showing her obvious desire. He lowered her thong while running his other hand between her legs and up over her shaved pussy. It was hot and beginning to leak in anticipation.

René grasped his hand and rubbed his fingers along her clit.

“Isn’t your job to test everything to be sure it is in good working order?” she asked him.

“Yes, it is.”

“Then, test this.” She murmured while thrusting one of his fingers inside her pussy.

He sat her up on a big box with her legs spread wide, ready to take him, to test him also. He held his firm cock in his hand and pressed it between her pussy lips. She resisted, not willingly, but physically, as she was not a loose woman in any sense of the word. She wanted him inside her though, and allowed him to pull her hips up to him as he pushed forward, until his head and shaft were finally well inside her. They both pushed toward each other and started a symbiotic dance with each complementing the other’s movements. He kissed her on the mouth, face, neck, and breasts while she grasped his ass and pulled him in harder. There was no time to waste, so they pounded each other as hard as they could, each wanting to get as much as possible from this experience.

René started cumming first, over and over, while Sean continued to slam her wet pussy hard and deep. He could feel her juicy cum making his cock slide nice and easy in her tight hole. Her orgasms shook her whole body, and her pussy gripped and released him over and over again until it started to get sore from the friction, and her multiple O’s subsided.

“Please, I’m too sensitive now.”

She pushed him back until he was standing. Sliding off the box, she went to her knees and grasped his throbbing cock with one hand and his ass with the other. While pumping his meat, she licked her juices off his head, and then sucked as much as she could take deep into her mouth. Now, he was in a constant state of moaning from her talented mouth and hand. She sucked and jerked on his cock, feeling him getting closer and closer to cumming. Wanting to see and feel it, she pulled her head back right before he started, letting the first spurt hit her open mouth, then continued jerking him with her hand while he came all over her breasts. She loved seeing him cum on her and wiped his cum all over herself with his cock head.

This storeroom happened to be filled with promotional items, one of which was a box of hand towels with the company’s logo and name on them. They used several to wipe up the mess they had made from each other.

“Well, all of your parts seem to be in exceptional working order. I’ll give you an A+.” Sean told her.

“And your parts work very well also. I’ll give you an A-OK grade. It seems like we both passed the test.” René said, smiling as she licked the last drop of his cum from the corner of her mouth.

“This has been the best assignment I have ever had. Working with you has been a real pleasure. I really hope that we can do some more testing together real soon.” Gushed Sean.

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