Tell Me About Your Wife… Ch. 02


There was never any intention of a second part to this story when I first wrote it. Because of much feedback from readers wanting to know the fate of Ken, I have written Part Two. I hope you enjoy!

* * * * *

Ken walked in a trance behind Orchid, his eyes mesmerized by the sway of her hips. During the short trip, he could not help but wonder what awaited him. His wife would be there, aware and with proof of his wandering ways. The whole set-up had been ingenious. He wasn’t sure if he should be offended that his wife had been cheating too or unbelievably excited of the possible finale of the evening to come.

Could it happen? The chance to fuck this blonde goddess and his newly sexified wife. It was probably a long shot. Things like this did not happen. But, then again, nothing like tonight had ever happened either. It was unimaginable.

The seductress who had whispered in his ear all night had remained quiet during the walk to her loft. He wanted to engage her in conversation, but her last words to him in the bar had left him hesitant. Sacrifice his ass? What exactly did she mean? As much as he worried about the state of his marriage, the sexual expectations of the evening urged him on. By the time they reached their destination, he was rock hard again.

They rode up the elevator in silence. Orchid spoke as they stepped through the door, “Ready to meet your fate, Ken?”

He could not answer, his attention immediately caught by the large four-post bed in the middle of the floor. Spread leisurely across it was his naked wife. A mysterious grin played around her lips. “I see you’ve met Orchid.”

“Um, yeah, listen. I can explain.”

“Quiet!” Orchid’s voice rang out in the room. “You will not explain anything. Simply undress and do as you are told.”

“Yes, Ken,” his wife chimed in, “it’s time to pay the piper.” She rose on her knees as Orchid approached the bed.

Ken undressed while he watched Orchid’s mouth devour his wife’s full lips. The kiss between them fueled his lust as his erect pole attested. He stood in silent need while they continued. In a hushed voice, Orchid whispered, “Prepare him, then find your place. I won’t be long.”

“Over here, Ken.” The way she said his name made him tremble. It hadn’t been said in anger, but he had detected malice. Second thoughts ran through his mind as he contemplated his situation. Should he run or hope for the best? Common sense told him to flee but his lustful fantasies of the evening canlı bahis to come propelled him toward his wife.

He attempted to read her eyes as he approached. It was when she moved slightly that he noticed the stockade at the side of the bed. His blood ran cold, then hot, as he stared at it. How had he missed it? The moment of truth was here. Only the knowledge that he would have a full frontal view of the bed allowed him to be put into the stockade by his wife. The snapping of the lock sealed his fate.

Momentary panic set in until the vision of a near naked Orchid emerged. She had changed into a black lingerie-style catsuit. It wasn’t the tight fit of the suit that had his attention, but the strategically cut-out holes that revealed her naked breasts and pussy. A tuft of golden hair gleamed above her nether lips in the softly lit room. He longed for her to turn and show the ass that had kept his cock hard all night.

His attention diverted back to his wife when she climbed onto the bed. She knelt on all fours, her ass inches from his face. The scent of her pussy, so palpable before, invaded his nose. He groaned as the blood surged through his cock.

“Wiggle it for him, lover. Show him what he’s been missing at home,” Orchid purred as she crossed behind him.

His wife thrust her ass back to his face, allowing him to stroke her asscheek with his tongue before pulling away. Her swaying movements excited him. He desperately tried to reach out to her perky ass while she teased him.

The first lash thudded against his backside. He jumped and tried to turn his head to see what she had hit him with. The stockade disallowed this as another strong thud connected with his ass. It hadn’t hurt, but left a stingy sensation. His attention returned to his wife’s pussy which was creeping closer to his mouth. Yes, this was worth it. Let the blonde bitch swing away. He would enjoy his wife’s cunt and then show the blonde what a good fucking was all about.

“That’s it, lover, back your pussy up to his mouth. Eat it good, Ken. Make sure you pay it proper attention.” Ken moaned as Orchid’s sultry voice continued. “She tastes good, doesn’t she, Ken? Such sweet nectar. I can’t believe you would stray, Ken, when you have such a slutty little honey pot at home.”

Any attempt to answer was thwarted by his wife’s thrusting into his face. She wiggled so his tongue could find her wet slit. He flicked her clit which drove her deeper back. Trapped, he could do nothing but bahis siteleri allow his tongue to drive deeper into her inviting pussy. Not that he was complaining. Although his position could have been more comfortable, he was taking full advantage of his wife’s offering. The evening was turning into a dream come true. How often had he fantasized about two women? He just never imagined his wife as one of them. His misjudgment of her had been a mistake.

The leather flogger began to have an impact. Orchid’s swing had increased as well as the sting of each lash. Every time the leather tips bit into the soft part of his thigh, he thrust his tongue further into his wife’s pussy. The punishment Orchid was inflicting on his ass was not only turning him on, but his wife as well. Each sound of the lash sent her urgently back against his mouth.

“That’s it, Ken, get her nice and ready. I think that pussy needs something more, don’t you?”

His face finally free from his wife’s depths, he answered. “Oh, yeah. It needs a good fucking.”

“I believe you are right, Ken. A nice hard cock implanted in her cunt would probably send the little slut into orbit.” Orchid came around to Ken’s side and stopped. In her hand was a black dildo. “Here, baby, pleasure yourself for us.”

Ken watched as his wife took the large dildo and inserted it slowly into her pussy. She pushed it deep before sliding it fully out, leaving it teasingly at her entrance. He let out an animalistic groan while he watched her slide the juice slicked dildo back in.

“Looks wonderful, doesn’t it, Ken?” Orchid asked before repeatedly laying the flogger to his ass. It had become red and now she allowed the ends to bite sharply into the tender skin of his thighs. Ken’s breath became heavier as the leather neared his balls. He wasn’t sure if his blood was racing from the flogger nearing his sensitive sac or the way his wife’s pussy was working the dildo in front of him.

“Mmmm, she has a wonderful little pussy, doesn’t she, Ken? I love it. In fact, I could play with it for hours. But, Ken, do you know what I really enjoy? Her ass. It’s totally fabulous. Those perky cheeks, especially when they’re red like yours are now.

I like gripping them firmly before fucking her. Laying into that tender rosebud with a big dildo. And she loves it, Ken. She loves getting her ass fucked hard. Do you like it, Ken? Ever fuck your wife’s ass with your cock? Do you, Ken? Do you like ass fucking?”

“Oh, gawd!” bahis şirketleri He was sure he was going to blow his load any second. Between Orchid’s questions and watching his wife’s pussy devour the dildo, he could hardly contain himself.

“What about you, lover?” Orchid continued, “should I get the strap-on for a good ass fucking tonight?”

“Oh, yes, Orchid. Please do.”

“Then be a good girl and come for us, darling. Come for us while I get our toy.”

Ken hardly paid attention to Orchid as she rummaged in the drawer behind him. His wife’s hand was moving at a frantic pace while she drilled the dildo in and out of her cunt. Her moans and gasps came louder and faster as she neared climax. In the throws of her orgasm, she thrust back sharply and cried out. He could almost see her cunt muscles clutch and milk the dildo as she came.

“What a good girl she is,” Orchid commented as she approached the bed. “Such a good little cum slut.” She leaned in and removed the dildo from his wife’s pussy before bending to run her tongue along her soaked slit. “Mmmm, delicious as always, lover.”

Ken groaned and tried to hold back his own orgasm. The pressure in his balls was intense while he watched Orchid’s lips trace over his wife’s snatch.

“Ah, looks like Ken is ready for more.” Ken’s wife chuckled and wiggled her ass in his face once again. “Time to prepare for that ass fucking. I want you to lick her ass good now, Ken. Do a good job and make sure she enjoys it.”

Orchid’s voice was a steady stream of delicious comments and instruction coming from behind him. She urged his tongue on with her soft, yet forceful voice. It would have been unnerving following her orders if the job had not been so enjoyable.

He had never rimmed his wife before and couldn’t believe how hot it made him. His wife was obviously enjoying it too. She thrust her ass fully back onto his tongue as he glided it into her sweet hole. Her grunts and groans encouraged him further to fuck her ass hard with his tongue.

Again, he fought to control his orgasm. He wanted to wait until the moment when Orchid plunged the hardy strap-on into his wife’s ass. He wondered how many times she had done this before. How many times had his wife enjoyed having a hard prick push past her tender asshole. Why hadn’t she ever said anything? This would be a new opportunity for them in the future. He imagined himself fucking her ass while he continued to ready her with his tongue.

“Did you do a good job, Ken? Are we ready?”

“Oh, yeah, we’re ready,” Ken answered in a soft growl.

“Good, then let the ass fucking begin,” Orchid answered as she placed the lubed strap-on against the entrance to his ass.