Teach Me Ch. 09


The bus stopped and off loaded the 30 or so loud and rowdy high school kids it picked up on the way to school. It contained mostly freshmen, some sophomores, 3 juniors and me, the loan senior. I felt like an idiot that I had to ride the bus and I didn’t have a car. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a driver’s license, the drill sergeant wouldn’t let me have a car. So here I was, the only senior riding on the bus.

The bus emptied out and I got off in the back of the pack. Instead of turning right and heading to my first class, I turned left and headed around the back of the building and out towards the football field. They were cleaning and mowing from whatever event they had over the weekend. I passed by the groundskeepers and headed into the wood line behind the visitors seating. There was trail that led through to a strip mall.

I had breakfast at the diner, worked out at the gym for a few hours, and then had lunch at the pizza shop. I decided that I would return back for my favorite class, history of course. I checked the time and found if I left now I could get back as the bell rang. I reversed course and traveled back down the trail. I checked out the field and saw nothing. I walked quickly across the field and back into the open hallways towards the cafeteria. I heard the bell ring signaling that class had let out and students would be filling the campus on their way to the next class.

I changed course quickly and finally made it to one class for the day. I sat at my assigned desk and waited for the short lecture to end and the busy work to begin. It didn’t take long, 5 minutes at the most, before she was done talking and headed back to her desk. That was my signal to take my other seat and have one of our chats. I loved history.

“Where have you been today,” she asked?

“Whatever do you mean,” I played dumb?

“Your name is on the list of unexcused absences,” she scolded light heartily.

“I made to the most important class of the day didn’t I,” I joked?

“Hmm,” she growled.

“I fixed it though,” she added. “I marked you as here and that your first class teacher must have missed you.”

“It is gym,” I said. “He could have.”

“Somebody else is also MIA,” she said.

I couldn’t think of anybody important that we would both know so I shrugged and waited for her explanation.

“Asshole,” she said softly.

I thought she was calling me an asshole at first, then it clicked as to whom she was talking about.

“Where is he,” I asked?

“I don’t know, hence the MIA status,” she replied.

“No call or anything,” I asked still astonished by the recent turn of events?

“Nothing,” she said. “I left him two voicemails but I haven’t gotten anything from him in return. I’m not concerned yet since he has done this before.”

“Maybe he got wind of the impending divorce and decided the pain of facing you outweighs just running away so he left,” I suggested.

“Yeah….. no,” she laughed. “He wouldn’t give up on controlling me that easy. I won’t get away easy but I want to that’s for sure. I will wait him out until Wednesday, if I don’t hear anything by then, then I will start to get concerned.”

“Probably got caught up doing something with Eduardo or something,” I teased. She snapped a cross look at me that said how do you know about that and don’t fucking joke about it either.

I spoke before she could. “I overheard his phone conversation, don’t worry I was already warned about everything I heard.”

“He knows people that make bad things happen,” she asked?

“Yeah, that one,” I said.

“He’s not bluffing,” she whispered.

“I didn’t say I was going to test it,” I replied.

We were interrupted by a few students coming up to ask a few questions about the busy work. I sat and waited patiently as they drug on and on about something. It went on for so long that class was over before we had a chance to finish what we were talking about.

We did the ‘I love you’ sign and out the door I went. I caught the bus home and went to training shortly after I got home.

Call it senioritis but I had had enough of school. I made it to my first class and my second but the third wasn’t so lucky. I skipped it and returned back to gym class again. We had a substitute so she didn’t have a clue I wasn’t really in the class. I waited until the class was almost over before I snuck out again. I made my way to her class just as the lunch bell rang. The class emptied out as I waited by the door. I popped in and caught her just before she was about to head off to lunch.

“Yes,” she asked questioningly?

“I got a boner that I can’t seem to get rid of,” I said. “You have anything that can help?”

She giggled. “You are so bad.” I knew I didn’t have a chance but it was worth a try.

“I might have something in the closet that we could use to fix it,” she said coyly.

Was I hearing this right, was she taking me up on my offer? I started for the closet door as she started for the front door. Just as I had thought, it was her canlı bahis playing a cruel joke on me and she was going to leave. I turned away and started towards the front door.

“Where you going,” she asked?

“You’re just a tease,” I replied.

“Tease,” she asked seductively? “Shall I leave the door unlocked so Mr. Cooper can just walk on in and find us?”

“Or maybe he could join us,” she teased? “I would watch my butthole if I were you though.”

“Yuck,” I cringed. “Maybe you better lock the door.”

“You think,” she asked?

I was walking back towards the closet already. She opened the door and took a quick look around before slipping the key into the door and turning it to the locked position. The door clicked shut and she started her way back towards the closet.

“You better be quick,” she ordered. “I’m horny as hell but I don’t want to get caught.”

“Don’t moan so loud and you will be fine,” I joked.

She slipped her get lucky panties down her slender legs and dropped them onto the floor around her ankles. She turned and presented her ass to me. It was covered by her skirt. I lifted it and admired her tight ass that framed her pink and very wet pussy.

“Hoping to get lucky,” I teased as I dropped my shorts.

“I knew they would work,” she sighed.

She pressed herself down over the small table and presented more of her pussy. It was already wet and parted slightly in anticipation of a good fucking. I poked my cock out of my boxers pee hole and pressed the tip hard at her tight entrance. I gasped as I slipped inside easily and my hips bumped into her ass.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned.

“Fuck yeah,” I cried. “Dam, you’re fucking soaked.”

“I told you I was fucking horny,” she sighed.

I pulled back until the tip was at her parted lips. My cock was soaked with her juice. My boxers were already sticky from her wetness as I pushed back down her tunnel and bumped her ass again.

“Yes, fuck me,” she cried.

I spread my restricted legs apart as best I could and started pushing hard into her.

“Yes, just like that,” she yelped. “Fuck my little pussy.”

We started slapping together as my hips met her ass hard. She started bucking back into my thrusts. I smacked her ass hard and watched it ripple. She jumped and flattened out on the table. She was slipping and sliding around on the table as she brought her hands back to pull her ass cheeks apart and prevent me from slapping her further.

She started to slip away and I couldn’t get all the way into her wet cunt. I reached up and grabbed a fist full of her ponytail. I pulled her back and steady. I felt the deep end of her cunt as she yelped with pain and pleasure.

“Fuck, yeah,” she cried. “Don’t pull to hard.”

“Hush and let me fuck your hot little pussy,” I grunted.

“Yes, fuck my little pussy,” she begged. “Make me cum on your fat cock.”

I released her hair and grabbed her hips. I pressed and turned them so it tilted her pelvis up and gave me just a little more room to penetrate.

“Oh fuck,” she cried. “Yeah, that’s it, fuck my pussy. Fuck me and make me cum.”

“Shhh,” I hissed.

“Sorry,” she cried in pleasure.

I started pulling her into my thrusts making the table creak and thump softly on the floor. We were being way louder than I thought she would let us get but she was lost in pleasure so it was not at the top of her list.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” she cried. “Keep fucking me and cum with me.”

“And cum so soon,” I asked jokingly?

“Yes, fuck me and cum,” she cried. “I don’t want to get caught but gawd this feels good. Fill my pussy, I’m cumming.”

I pulled harder into her now. Her cunt lips were a blur as my cock rammed in and out of her creaming hole.

“Fuck, you’re fucking my pussy good,” she cried.

Her cunt was just starting to settle down from her gushing orgasm when my nuts started to fire.

“Here I go,” I cried.

I blasted shot after shot into her soaked and waiting cunt. I buried myself deep into her hole as I finished and continued to buck softly inside of her as I came down.

She rested flat on the table. Her arms were resting at her sides as her hands had released her ass cheeks. She was limp and almost looked lifeless except for her rapid breathing. I rested too and admired the tight ass resting against my hips. I thrust gently and felt how soaked she was. My cock slipped easily around inside her wet box.

“Fuck,” she puffed. “That was fucking exactly what I needed.”

“Me too,” I sighed.

She flipped her head around and looked back at me. Her face was flush but had her big smile across it.

“Come on,” she ordered without moving. “We have to get going.”

I quickly pulled back and stepped away. I knew what was going to happen. She quickly stuck her hand under her pussy and caught the rush of white that left her. She pushed her legs back and stood to keep the mess from dripping into her underwear and shoes. A long string dripped to the floor before dropping and the smaller bahis siteleri portion retracted back to her swollen lips.

“Fuck, that’s a lot,” she laughed.

“Been a few days,” I offered.

“Get me a towel,” she ordered.

I stuffed my cock back into my boxers through the pee hole. The front of my boxers were soaked with her sticky mess all the way out to my hips. I was going to have to head to the gym and get my spare pair from my locker. I pulled my shorts up a little and gave myself enough room to move. I got the paper towel roll and handed it to her. She cleaned her cunt while I took my shoes off and got out of my boxers. I would skip the gym and just go commando for the rest of the day.

“Not a bad idea,” she teased. She watched me stuff my soaked boxers, wrapped in towels, into my backpack.

“I dare you to go without panties for the rest of the day,” I said.

She had that smile but she slowly reached down and pulled them up her legs.

“You are so bad,” she cooed. “That would not be a good idea, I would tease you later on and probably get caught.”

I smirked.

“Come on, we have to get out of here,” she said. She straightened herself up a little more and headed from the closet. She wobbled a little as she stepped and stuffed the towel back down her panties.

“You’re still leaking from me,” she sighed.

“Shall we make this a daily thing,” I asked?

“Hmmm, maybe,” she smiled wickedly.

“I’m going to head to lunch,” she said. The fun was over, she was now more serious. “You stay put for a few minutes and leave out the back door. See you in class later.”

I pulled her to me and pressed my lips against her soft lips. We softly kissed for a minute.

“Love you baby,” I whispered.

“Ditto,” she smiled.

She opened the door and disappeared. I was left in the mostly dark room so I sat quietly and rested. I didn’t feel like eating so I sat lost in thought.

The bell rang and lunch was over. I left out the front door and headed to my next class. I would be back to her classroom after that.

She lectured longer than normal today but still handed out busy work. I left my desk and arrived at my normal spot. We acted as if nothing had happened in the closet an hour and a half ago.

“Any news from asshole,” I asked?

“Nothing yet,” she said without a hint of worry.

“You worried yet,” I asked?

“Not yet, tomorrow remember,” she said?

“Just checking,” I said.

We made small talk while the class worked. The bell rang and another day was done.


“I heard from him last night,” she said.

“And,” I asked?

“He isn’t due home until Friday night,” she said excitedly.

“What are you saying,” I asked?

“Maybe you could come over tomorrow night so we could have some fun,” she said. “I miss you.”

“I don’t know about tomorrow night,” I said. “The drill sergeant has me on lock down and the coach has me working hard training for Saturday.”

“Please,” she begged in her cute little way.

“I want some pussy so I will see what I can pull off,” I said.


Thursday was a no go. Just as I had suspected I was on lock down.

“Friday is the only day I can get away,” I said.

“That won’t look good with him coming home and finding another guy staying at his house,” she whispered. “You think he took a long time to leave the last time, he won’t ever leave if he comes home to that.”

“What if I go home with you,” I suggested. “We have a little fun, you know what I’m talking about, and then you take me to practice before he comes home. He will never know I was there and we all will be happy.”

“Well,” she thought. “I think I can make that work.”

“Ok,” I cheered. “I will bring my stuff and head home with you tomorrow after school. Pick me up at the gym behind the school over there at the strip mall.”

“Ok,” she said.


I walked into class on Friday and did a double take. Holy shit was she looking good today I thought. She looked more like a student than a teacher. She had a tight polo shirt on, the ones with the short little sleeves and the tiny pocket over the breast. It clung to her body and stopped abruptly at her hips. I continued down to the tight black lycra skirt that hugged her curves like a finely tuned sports car. It was testing the dress code for length as it just passed mid-thigh. I could just barely make out the top of a thong panty line as she turned away to walk to her desk. It had to be a tiny piece of dental floss splitting her ass cheeks. She had sex on her mind for sure by the way she was dressed.

There was no talking today. She had work on every desk except mine. My work was at her desk in my usual spot. I walked up and sat down.

“I’m using his SUV today so nobody will recognize it’s me when I come to get you at the gym,” she said.

“Why, is somebody on to us,” I asked?

“No, I don’t think so anyway,” she replied. “I’m not taking chances though. I know some of the kids like to go to the gym and the burger bahis şirketleri joint after school and I don’t want any of them to notice it’s me getting you.”

“You worry too much,” I said.

“I just don’t want to fuck this up,” she said sharply.

I nodded.

“I got to work on some grades,” she said. “There will be time for us after.”

That meant two things. One, she was horny and was trying to distract herself from the fucking that was coming and two, she really had work to get done so I needed to leave her alone and ‘work’ on my work. I mostly sat and watched the small gap between her skirt as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. I could just barely see up it and saw dark panties on but nothing else. I would see them later but for now they drove me nuts.

She noticed me watching but didn’t acknowledge it. She wiggled her neatly painted toes in her flip flops and worked diligently. Such cute little feet I thought as I watched her toes dance. I traveled up her silky smooth legs and studied the gap again. She slipped her leg down the other one and popped them open quickly. Her panties flashed into my view briefly. Black with a white lace trim, very nice I thought before she crossed her legs opposite from what she had them. She had a mischievous grin on her face. She was obviously horny as her nipples pressed hard against her shirt.

I shifted in my chair and adjusted. She smiled and pointed her finger at my paper. I stopped staring and pretended to work all the while watching the gap. She switched them a few more times and teased me a little. Her desk was tucked into the corner but with her outfit today she had to know that I wasn’t the only one trying to get a peek under the hem line.

She pushed back in the chair and opened her legs hard. The thong flashed again into my view. Fishnet black material with a cute white lace bow at the top with the lace trim around it. Puffy and probably wet lips stretched the middle, dam I wanted her. She smiled her smile as she stood. She shimmied her skirt back into place and walked to the front of the class. All eyes were either on her ass, legs, or the predominantly hard nipples pushing against the polo.

“We have 5 minutes, so let’s get the worked passed up and collected so I can look it over,” she ordered. “Like normal, there won’t be any homework, so have a wonderful weekend.”

Papers shuffled and the chatter picked up as the last class of the day was almost over before the weekend. All the papers reached the desks at the front of the rows and she walked down them and collected them. She returned to her desk and set them down.

“Like what you saw,” she asked?

“I’m going to need a closer inspection,” I replied.

“Later bad boy,” she cooed.

The bell sounded loud and proud signaling the end of another long week and the start of a busy weekend for me. My fun would start soon and last till late Saturday afternoon. The class emptied out with me in the middle of the pack. No need to stick around since I would be seeing her in a few minutes. I glanced back to see her hustling to gather her things. I hoped she realized I had to walk a while before getting to the gym.

“There you are,” she cried. “This is like the fifth time I have circled the parking lot. And what the hell are you doing down here, I thought you said the gym.”

“Sarah, I had to walk all the way from your classroom, across the campus, over the athletic area and through the woods to get here,” I barked. “I was making the turn from around back to go to the gym. This is probably a better spot to get picked up from anyway since it’s the side of the building and nobody is here.”

“Sorry, you’re right,” she said. “I wasn’t thinking about how far you had to walk. I’m sorry.”

“I went as fast as I could,” I said. “You think I was going to stand you up or something? You have to be crazy if you think that.”

“I know, I know,” she sighed.

She turned out of the parking lot and we drove quickly down a side street to get to the main drag. It took us the average 40 minute drive to get to her house. The school district wasn’t that spread out, it was just she lived so far away from her job that it took a little while.

She pulled into the driveway and pressed the button to open the garage door. She waited until the door opened and pulled into the garage to park. She reset the odometer and pushed the button on the side of the seat. The mirrors changed around and the seat adjusted to his liking before she shut the engine down and climbed out.

“Go ahead inside,” she ordered. “I have to move my car back onto the driveway.”

I nodded and entered the house. It was sad that she wasn’t allowed to use his things without getting into trouble. I walked to the kitchen table and glanced at the stack of mail she had sitting on the table for him. The house was tidy as normal besides the mail sitting there.

“Come on,” she cried as she hustled inside.

She was in a hurry to get a good fucking. I wasn’t about to let her down so I followed. She slid a basket full of his folded and clean clothes off the bed and into the corner. I grabbed her as she stood and started gently kissing her soft lips.

“Umm,” she moaned. “I’ve missed this, I’ve missed you.”