Tattoo Hunter


As she stood before me, she smiled that same soft shy smile that she used so rarely back when we in college, but the mischievous gleam in her eyes told me she was as excited about this as I was. “And what are you going to do as you find each of them?” she asked?

“That depends on where they are,” I said, watching that gleam in her eyes. 18 years earlier, when we’d met, I’d have never imagined talking her into letting me strip her down on the bed, searching for all the tattoos she had. And not just because she didn’t even her first one until we in our last year in school. But because I had never thought she and I would find ourselves in such a pleasurable situation.

“Hmmm,” she said, “ok, since none of them are in the most intimate places.”

“Ahh,” I interrupted, “so I’ll have to make sure I check those ares even more closely!”

“WHAT?!” she exclaimed. “I just said there weren’t any there!”

“Exactly,” I said, taking my first step toward her. “And that sounds like you’re trying to throw me off the trail.”

“No, I already said I have eleven, so you have to find them all in areas that are…Playboy pictoral viewable.”

“Playboy pictoral?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she answered, taking a step toward me. “Nothing where you’d have to be a gynecologist or proctologist to see them, like Hustler magazine does.”

“Ok,” I said, and I reached out to take her hand in mine. As burning with need as I was and eager to begin stripping my oldest and dearest friend, her beautiful hazel eyes sucked me in. Looking deeply into them, I moved my hand up and gently used one finger to brush her short black hair back off her neck. I leaned around her, looking at her neck for any signs of a tattoo, but all I found was a small freckle, sitting along at the base of her skull. I doubted she even knew she had it.

As my hand grazed the base of her skull, she gently shivered, and gasped slightly. ‘Sensitive spot,’ I thought to myself. ‘I will have to remember that for later.’

When my hand was cupped gently around the back of her slender neck, I leaned me head over and kissed her gently on the cheek, unable to stand being this close to her and not feel her skin with my lips. I stood back and sat down on the edge of her bed, taking her by the hands and moving her around in front of me, with her back to me. I lightly tugged the hem of the t shirt she was wearing out of her pants, and slowly lifted it up, admiring the creamy whiteness of her skin as it came into view. And here, I saw her first two tattoos, a Celtic symbol and a small heart with a tear drop falling from it. I leaned over and kissed them each gently. “That’s two,” I said after I had kissed them. She turned her head to look down at me. Her smile was growing almost as much as the bulge in my jeans. My eyes met hers, and I realized what I took earlier for mischief was turning swiftly into a lustful gaze, and smiled, glad that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I moved my hands around to the sides of the shirt and resumed moving it upward until the strap of her bra came into view. I paused, admiring the soft curve of her back, and how her nicely round buttocks swelled out from the base of her spine. I knew then that I was going to have a harder time doing this than I thought. I leaned over to examine each side of her torso, and was pleased to see that with the slight bit of weight she had put on since school, her ribs were not as prominently visible as I had imagined they would be.

Chris was a size 12 now, but had been a size 4 when we were in school, and I have never found such skinny women attractive. I’ve almost like size 12s and above, and after more than ten Kartal escort years married to a severely obese woman, I drank in this vision of perfection like the Neil Armstrong seeing the sun rise over the Earth for the first time. I tried to resist the urge to caress her stomach, because I wanted to see its beauty without any previous contact spoiling it, so I continued to lift the shirt up till it reached her arms. But as my hands reached the outstretched bottoms of her arms, she pinched my arms between her arms and torso.

“Not yet,” she began. “The clothes stay on till I say otherwise.”

“Then how am I supposed to check your entire body?” I asked, almost pouting from having this door slammed in my face.

“You’ll wait till I take them off,” she said, turning around and placing one of her feet on the bed in front of me. “If you want to help undress me, you start here.” She rotated her foot in front of me.

“Whatever you want,” I said as I reached out and untied the laces of her running shoe. I pulled the shoe off and dropped it to the floor beside the bed, then lovingly rolled her sock down off her foot. She had beautiful feet, and I looked this first one over closely. “There you are,” I said, spying the spiderweb tattoo she wore on her ankle, just below where her sock covered it. I bent down and planted another kiss, this time on the spiderweb, then eased her foot to the floor before lifting her other leg gently so I could do the same to it. And sure enough, she had a toe ring tattoo. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much that had to hurt, but I could easily imagine how much I was going to enjoy this.

“Oh God,” she gasped softly as I took the tattooed toe and kissed the entire toe with a soft suckling kiss. I smiled inwardly as I spotted the fourth tattoo on the ankle before me. This one was a large band that encircled her entire left ankle, so I reluctantly released her middle toe from my lips and kissed my way across the front of her ankle. The jeans she was wearing didn’t allow me to view any more of her legs, so I simply grazed my hands up the backs of her legs and across her ass, savoring every second of this.

When my hands made contact with the skin just above her jeans, I slid them around to her sides again and resumed raising her shirt from her, this time watching as her stomach came into view. I still cannot describe just how beautiful her body was as it came into view that night, the slightest swell of a stomach coming into view from between the fastener of her jeans and the bottom hem of her shirt. A smile grew across my face as the sun/moon tattoo encircling her navel came into view. Unable to resist, I leaned in and blew a soft raspberry into her navel, making her jerk convulsively and laugh.

“Six,” she said, “and don’t do that again unless you want a smack! I’m very ticklish.”

“Duly noted,” I replied as I resumed moving the shirt upward toward where the slight swell of her small breasts was waiting to be unveiled. I half expected her to stop me again as I reached the point at which her bra was going to be revealed, but she had closed her eyes and was smiling, obviously enjoying herself. Not wanting to ruin the moment, I moved my hands over to the sides of her torso again, and this time when the shirt bunched up under her arms, she lifted her arms up in an unmistakable invitation. I lifted the shirt to her chin and looked down upon her light blue bra that held some of her most guarded treasures.

When I couldn’t reach any higher, she bent down at the waist, allowing me to pull the shirt off her head and arms and while I was turned to put it on the pillow behind be, Kurtköy Escort she turned around and slipped out of her bra. When I turned back to her, she was looking over her shoulder again, this time with her arms crossed in front of her, preserving her modesty. “Stand up,” she said softly. “Now it’s time for me to lay down.”

She carefully moved around me, keeping her bare back to me as she did, before she laid down on the bed and positioned herself the same way women who untie their bikinis while sunbathing do, except she was truly bare from the waist up. She had her head turned to the side and looked up at me. “When you’re done staring at my J-Lo butt,” she said smartly, “you plan on continuing?”

“Right now,” I said, seeing the tattoo that she had gotten first. From her shoulder stared a tattoo of Tank Girl’s tribal self design. It was her first act of independence from everything in life, and I remembered it well. It also helped that I got my first one, of Boba Fett, at the same time and place. “And I wasn’t staring at your butt,” I said as I knelt down on the bed and bent down to kiss the Tank Girl design on her shoulder. “I was checking your back for ink.” I watched lovingly as she moved her arms out to the side, exposing two more tattoos to me. The one of the left arm was a black cat with the moon behind it, and the one on the inside of her right bicep was another tribal symbol which I did not recognize. I moved downward and kissed the tribal one first, and then moved over to the other side to kiss the next one.

When I lifted myself back up, I rested on my knees and our eyes met. “If I’m going to have a change at winning this bet, you’ll have to take your jeans off.”

She just shook her head and said “That would be too easy. But I will unbutton and unzip them. You’ll have to take them off.” I watched as her arms moved to her sides and her pelvis tilted up slightly to allow her hands to reach her pants button and zipper. I watched as ass wiggle as she undid the snap and the zipper and got comfortable again. I stood up from the bed and looked down at her, and she tucked her arms under her head as she smiled seductively at me. She was so beautiful lying there like that, I nearly climaxed right there just form the sheer eroticism of the moment. Then she wiggled her toes, and I had to stop myself from pouncing on her.

So I reached down and took each leg cuff in my hands and tried to pull. But the jeans were held in place by her legs, so I rubbed the underside of her foot. She shrieked and kicked, but got the hint. Repositioning her arms to keep her chest covered, she rocked back and forth as I worked her pants down and off. Now I had reached the point where I was so turned on by the woman before me, I simply dropped the pants to the floor and knelt back down on the bed, this time right on the edge between her feet. Starting at her heels, I grazed my fingertips up the length of the claves to the backsides of her knees, and finally to where her thighs met her buttocks. I saw no tattoos on the backs of her legs, but was much more interested in seeing if she had any hidden by this last small piece of white cotton that was covering her most intimate places. I traced the edge of her panties across the back of each buttock, and she groaned rather loudly and happily as I did. I moved my hands up to her waist and very gently took hold of the elastic waist of the panties, ready to stop if she objected, but she instead tilted her hips again, making it crystal clear she wanted me to pull them down. And who was I to deny her what she wanted?

Down off her gorgeous rump, past the point where thighs met knees met Maltepe Escort calves, and down to the ankles that led to the last change she had to change her mind. I didn’t so much drop the panties as just let gravity decide their fate after I had them past her ankles. Now, before me on the bed, naked head to toe, was one of the most intelligent, beautiful, friendly, funny, and (as I now had discovered!} sexy women I ever knew. I also noticed the small pair of lips she had tattooed on her right butt cheek. Suddenly overwhelmed with a white hot fierce desire, all my hesitation left and I bent over to plant a kiss right on the outside of her right cheek. I figured this tattoo here meant “Kiss My Ass”, a typical kind of thing for her to do, but I was quite wrong. I found it was her most excitable erogenous zone, and she backed and cried out so suddenly I jerked back, afraid I had upset her.

She had turned over onto her back, and now I suddenly found myself staring at her in all her natural beauty. The soft stomach that had indicated such beauty above it, and such wondrous treasure below, looked back at me. Our gazed down at all she had kept hidden until now, and found the last two tattoos. On her left breast, above a small dark brown areola, was a tattoo of a closed lock. Obviously to mean having the key to her heart. Clever, and I expect nothing else from her.

“Two to go,” she said, and at that we made eye contact again and the look on her face left no doubt at what she wanted from me. She had known that I would be too worried about offending her to suggest right out that we make love, so she made it fun, just like she did everything we had ever done. So I leaned down and kissed the rose, but this time I didn’t resume my search. I instead moved my lips over her nipple and sucked gently on it. She gasped and whispered “That feels so good, but if you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to scream.”

Never, in any wild fantasy, could I have conceived of this moment. But I had other plans. I have a slightly larger than average erection, measuring seven and a half inches, and have known some women who found it painful if they weren’t properly prepared beforehand. So I had become quite fond of eating a woman to at least one good orgasm before I even thought about intercourse. And if she was really enjoying my oral attentions, then I would stay at it until one of us couldn’t take it anymore. So I moved downward, kissing my way down her stomach, until I reached the apex of her pubic mound. She was hairy, but not so much that it would be a hindrance. It was there that I found the final tattoo I had been searching for. I should have known someone who was such a literature lover would have something like this. Just above her hair line was a red rose. It must have hurt incredibly, because it was done in such detail that it could easily be mistaken for a real flower.

“Eleven is a rose,” I said softly as I leaned my head down and kissed it. The groan was so encouraging, I knew there was no choice now. I repositioned myself between her legs, resting my knees on the floor and kissed her gently on the outer lips before reaching out with my tongue to begin licking gently around her pussy. She immediately began squirming and shaking, and moaning in bliss. She must have been incredibly worked up, because I barely licked her for thirty seconds before her thighs clamped around my head and her pelvis jerked violently upward.

This was always my favorite part, so I hurriedly shifted to be able to watch her abdominal muscles quiver as she orgasmed. But that’s not even close to what she did. Her abs quaked as she exploded in orgasmic waves. This lasted even longer than the oral ministrations I had given, and was even better in my opinion. When she was done, she flopped down, gasping and hitching to catch her breath. I smiled, hoping that I as a lover was able to live up to the anticipation I had just built up in her.