Tami’s Tale


I have been waiting for over 2 hours at the bar of our favorite club. After 3 drinks, I am getting rather upset at the fact I always have to wait for you. After having fended off the advances of 4 different women whom after this length of time wouldn’t even give me the time of day.

I finish the last of my drink. I am tired of waiting and angry. I head for the door. And guess who I run into? You! Quickly you approach me with those sad brown eyes, and apologize. I have every intention of being mad at you but you quickly grab me and kiss me with soft sensuous lips, Gently running your tongue along my lower lip and playfully biting it.

I melt and can no longer be angry, in fact the anger has developed into desire for your young sexy body. You grab my hand and head for the dance floor. I hold you back and tell you not right now and find a table where we can sit and talk for a while. I ask where you have been, especially since I told you to meet me half an hour earlier than I really expected you to show up?

You tell me that you couldn’t decide what to wear and what to wear underneath that. You stand up; you are ravishing in the out fit you have chosen. I am the envy of every guy in the club, and some women too I suppose, by being with such a beautiful woman. You have on a mid thigh length black skirt with a slit up the right side, a turquoise sequined top cut low as to bring attention to your delicate cleavage. A pair of 4-inch stiletto heels with black nylons that have the seam running up the back. Your long auburn hair is at full length in tiny ringlets framing your beautiful face.

I have to kiss you and as our tongues meet in each others mouth I can’t resist running my hand up your thigh, and notice that you are wearing thigh highs, so being adventurous I run my hand around to your front an notice you didn’t have on panties either. I stop and look at you and you tell me ” I told you I couldn’t decide what to wear underneath.” pressed together you can feel my reaction by how hard my cock is getting. You reach between us and give me a squeeze just to assure me of what kind of night it is going to be.

You sit down while I go and get us something to drink, I return and you have your legs crossed, but as I sit down across from you, you uncross your legs giving güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me a quick look at your freshly trimmed pubic hair and the wetness that has formed at the opening of your swollen pussy. You are making my cock harder by the second and you know it, you also love the fact that no matter how mad I get at you all you have to do is smile and kiss me passionately to remove any anger I might have.

We get out to the dance floor and we dance for a while, until the music really heats up. You start to grind your ass against my growing hard- on. Felling me get hard each time your tight ass rubs against me. You keep this up until you finally are just rubbing your ass into me feeling the heat coming off of my now throbbing cock. I reach up your thigh and run my hand between your legs. You slightly spread your legs allowing my fingers access to your wet pussy. I slip one finger in between your legs and find your clit, it is swollen and hard, and you jump as my touch sends an electric shock through your body. I keep rubbing your clit, as the beat of the music increases in tempo and intensity so doe s the pressure I administer to your pulsing clit. I can feel your breathing get heavier and faster as you near the point of no return. Just as the music is climbing to a climax, so are you. I slip a finger inside of you and rub your clit with my thumb. I can feel the muscles in your pussy tighten and your juices running from inside you and down the back of my hand as you start to tremble, and knees start to buckle. You scream but no one hears you over the music as you cum.

As you slowly recover the music dies down to a slow song and we steal away to the table. Your blonde curls stuck to your neck and face from the sweat we have built up dancing. I suggest we go out side, and you agree.

We go out to the patio and the cool ocean breeze feels good against our sweat-covered bodies. I grab your hand and we walk down the steps to the sand and around the corner the club to some rocks, which form a cove. I sit down and you sit on my lap. Your hand brushes across my lap and you notice that I still have a raging hard-on and you tell me we must do something about this and start to undo my belt, kissing me deeply our tongues doing a dance of their güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri own, you unbutton my trousers, and pull down the zipper to my pants. Breaking our kiss you kneel in front of me and open the fly to my trouser exposing my throbbing cock.

You softly wrap your delicate hand around my cock and slowly, teasingly stroke me until I think I am going to cum and you stop, only to lower your head and lick the head up and down tasting the sweet pre-cum that is running freely now. You open your mouth and start to suck my cock like it was the last one on earth. Up and down your head bobs, your tongue swirling around the throbbing head, you r hands squeezing my balls. I can feel the cum boiling in my balls as you suck my cock, harder and faster. I tell you I am going to cum but you keep sucking. As the first shot of cum shoots out you don’t hesitate to suck harder and you don’t miss a beat. You suck me until there isn’t anything left, release me from your mouth and stand up. I kiss you deeply, tasting my cum on your lips and tongue.

You can feel me getting hard again as we kiss, now it’s your turn as I turn you around and set you on the rocks. You immediately spread your legs causing your skirt to rise and expose the wettest most beautiful pussy, I have ever seen. I start o lick your thighs on the inside making my way up to your pussy, but you are not in the mood for teasing and tell me to “stop fucking around and eat my pussy”. So I oblige and head straight for your clit. My tongue wrapping around it, sucking on it, all the while I rub my thumb up and down the place between your pussy and ass, gathering the juices on it and move it down to your puckered ass and rub the tight opening.

With my other hand I reach up and open your blouse and start to rub your hardened nipples pinching them until you gasp for air. I continue the oral assault on your clit and move my tongue down to your wet opening and start to tongue fuck your pussy. I shove my as deep as it will go and you start to cum, screaming “ohhhhhhh god, fuck me with that tongue, shove you r thumb up my ass, fucking A make me cum!” who am I to say no so I push my thumb past your tight ring and fuck your ass with it. Licking the inner folds of your pussy, I release your tits and güvenilir bahis şirketleri start rubbing your clit, which takes you over the edge. You cum, and cum hard as you squirt my face with your cum. I lick as much as I can before rising up.

You kiss me tasting yourself on my mouth this time, and the flavors are terrific.

You try to stand but have difficulty and notice my hard cock standing at attention and tell me “this will not do, and you need to be fucked and fucked hard!” So I grab you around the waist and turn you around so your ass is up in the air and you can lean on the rocks for support. You reach between us and grab my hard cock and guide it to your wet opening. With one thrust I push all the way into you, felling my balls slap against your clit you gasp, and I wait a second or two so you can get used to my size buried in your tight pussy. Slowly I pull out half way and move forward again pushing in deeper, you gasp as you cum again. Slowly I fuck your pussy harder and harder, my balls slapping your tender clit again and again. You take your hand and start rubbing your clit just to complete your orgasm, as you flood my cock with your cum.

I’m not finished, and you can tell. You reach around and pull me from your tight pussy and tell me “Fuck my ass.” You guide my cock to your ass hole wet with your juices. You push back slowly until the head of my cock pops past the tight ring of your ass. I hold still waiting for you. After a minute you begin to push back wanting more. Slowly but deliberately my whole length disappears inside you. I thought your pussy was tight, but this is mind bending. Slowly at first I pull out, and then push in you start to rub your clit again burying two fingers inside your dripping pussy as I start to fuck your ass faster and harder. You are cumming again and I can’t hold on any longer, you scream and tell me to fill your ass with my cum. Shot after shot I cum in your ass as you scream that you are cumming.

As we separate, and collapse on the rock the cool breeze from the ocean cools us off. I kiss you, zip up my trousers, and help you to your feet, we hear a faint applause. Looking up we realize we didn’t walk quite far enough to be out of sight of the club.

Not to be embarrassed we simply straighten up and walk back to the club, sit down and relax on the patio. Two drinks come to us, which we didn’t order. I tell the cocktail waitress that we didn’t order these. She says they are on her. And on one of the napkins is written, “I get off at 2:00 call me, Colleen” along with her number.

But that is another story!