Taking Her In

Big Tits

My wife’s sister and her husband were killed in a car accident. Their daughter, Cassie, eventually came to live with us. At first I wasn’t to happy about the arrangement. My wife and I were in our fifties and Cassie was just 19. I eventually warmed up to having a younger woman in the house. One day when my wife was out, Cassie came over to where I was sitting, and gave me a big hug.

“What was that for?” I asked. “You and Kelly are so good to me, I love you both,” she told me. Cassie was squeezing me so hard her tits were poking my chest. I got a little embarrassed when my cock got hard in my pants. I just hoped that Cassie didn’t see that. Cassie was a hottie as far as I was concerned. She had a tight ass and had firm tits that always seem to push through her t-shirts. I had to control myself most days.

It wasn’t too much later I heard the shower running. Cassie was getting cleaned up. My mind began to wander. My wife hadn’t given me any sex in such a long time. I was thinking about what Cassie actually looked like naked. A few minutes later I hear the water shut off and Cassie’s bedroom door closed. I knew I shouldn’t, but I walked down the hallway and stood at her door.

My wife wasn’t expected for another couple of hours. I felt the front of my pants and my dick was rising. I reached for the doorknob. It took a few minutes to build up my courage, but I opened the door. There was Cassie güvenilir bahis still drying off her naked body. I stepped into the room and Cassie let out a squeal.

“I’m sorry Cassie, I just had to see you.” I took steps toward her. She just stood there startled. Her nipples were all hard and still dripping with water. Her bush was damp as well. I just knew I had to have her. I took the towel from her hands and threw it on the bed. “You love me don’t you Cassie?” I asked her. Cassie nodded her head, yes. “I love you as well,” I told her. “Lovers sometimes share with each other,” as I moved closer to Cassie.

I stood there and pulled my shirt off. I threw it to the floor and then shed my pants and underwear. Cassie never took her eyes from me. There I was with my half erect dick standing out. I took Cassie and laid her down on the towel. I spread her thighs and crawled in between. I lowered my face and I began to lap at her wet folds.

Cassie just went crazy. She began to moan and run her fingers through my hair. I think we both just lost it. I had my tongue buried in her quim. I licked up and down and tasted her hot juices. I lost track of how long this went on, but I lifted my head eventually. I got up on my knees and stared down at Cassie’s body.

God, she looked hot and wanton lying there. I had to have her. I took hold of my dick and I pushed the head towards her pussy lips. I started türkçe bahis to push in , but Cassie was so tight. The light bulb went off I and I realized she was still a virgin. It took me awhile to finally break through. When I did there was a little bit of blood, but it wasn’t too bad. Then I buried my throbbing cock as deep as I could.

Cassie did what was natural and strapped her legs around my back. “Please Bob, fuck me,” she pleaded with me to do the deed. I stretched my legs out to get deeper inside her love tunnel. I went nuts ploughing into Cassie’s tight pussy. We basically fucked like two wild animals. I didn’t know where all my sexual energy came from. My wife and I hadn’t fucked in months. I almost forgot how to do it.

I could hear Cassie’s pussy making slurping sounds as I filled her with cock. My nut sacs were bounding off her ass cheeks as well. A moment of realism came up when I remembered I wasn’t using any protection. I was damn sure Cassie wasn’t protected either. In the back of my mind I knew I should pull out when I got close, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I just kept thrusting into Cassie and damn the consequences. My nuts were starting to pinch and I knew I was getting close. I told Cassie I was close to cumming, that I should pull out. “No, don’t!” Cassie screamed at me. That was it. I pushed my mushroom all the way to the bottom and I exploded inside Cassie. Hot güvenilir bahis siteleri ropes of my seed scalded her pussy walls. I had a lot stored over the past weeks.

Cassie cried out to me to keep my cock inside her, don’t pull out, she begged me. I was too far gone to pull out. I kept seeded her belly until some time later I got soft and slipped out of Cassie. I just laid on top of her and kissed her upturned nipples. I couldn’t stop making love to Cassie. There was cum leaking out of her pussy and down her ass. I really blew a giant load. There was no sense in worrying about protected sex now.

We used the bath towel to clean up some and Cassie went back and took another shower. My wife did show up eventually, but the damage was done. Cassie and I were lovers and there was no turning back. I was very uncomfortable when all three of us were in the house. Cassie was always horny and wanted me to fuck her whenever I could. I sometimes prayed my wife would leave on an errand.

We even took chances late at night. After my wife was sound asleep I would steal into Cassie’s bedroom. At first she just gave me head. That wasn’t so noisy. Later we fucked while my wife was just down the hall. I know we got loud a few times, but we didn’t get caught then. In the back of my mind I knew unprotected sex would catch up with us. For now, we are fucking at least twice a week and more on the weekend when my wife goes out.

Cassie says she could never live without my cock being in her pussy. I feel the same way. My cock fits perfectly and I love to push Cassie over the edge with my thick dick. I hope to continue my story another time.