Taking Care of Cupid


“THAT’S IT!” Val Romero shouted as she slammed through the door of Cupid Headquarters. Or tried to. It was difficult to slam a door when the walls were partially made out of clouds.

She marched through the main lobby, heading straight for Venus’s office, ignoring the startled looks thrown her way. She knew she wasn’t looking her best today.

Her dark coloring was flushed with rage, and her long, jet black hair hung in limp ringlets. What was once a designer dress now clung to her lithe form in tatters. The red material gaped open in several places, giving tantalizing glimpses of honey-brown skin.

Every other Cupid’s wings were pristine white, each feather in place, glowing from within and radiating love… or at least lust. Not Val’s.

The tip of her right wing was bent at an odd angle, the feathers holding a dull, lifeless hue. Her left wing was worse, dirty gray, with bits of grass and twigs stuck here and there. As she walked, loose feathers fell from her wings, drifting softly to the floor like dying leaves.

Val was nearly to the office when Venus’s secretary, Flora, made the mistake of trying to stop her. The petite woman stepped between Val and the door, her tiny wings fluttering nervously. Val drew herself up to all of her five foot, nine inches, and glared down at her, sure her brown eyed gaze was shooting fire. Flora blanched and backed away, scurrying to hide behind her desk. Val looked around to see if anyone else would be so foolish. No one else stood in her way.

Val entered the office with a flourish, letting the door close slowly behind her. She stopped in front of the big desk, propping her hands on her hips. She cleared her throat. The big, plush pink office chair slowly swiveled around. It appeared Venus wasn’t in the office today. “Val, what happened?” The voice was rich and sweet, flowing over her like warm chocolate. Desire poured through her veins to pool in her sensitive nether regions. She took a deep breath to calm her suddenly raging hormones, reminding herself that he had that effect on everyone. He was, after all, the original Cupid. He’d given his Roman name to the ‘business’, and now went by his Greek name. Eros. With wheat gold locks, eyes bluer than the heavens around them, even the strongest of Saints couldn’t resist him. A long sleeved, deep blue shirt made his eyes appear darker. It was half-way unbuttoned, giving a great view of a muscular chest covered with golden blonde hair.

“Bad day,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t shake as bad as her insides were. “I have really had some rough assignments.”

“Really?” Something in his voice prompted her to reveal more.

“In three words? J. Lo, Christina and Britney.” A smile curved his full lips, and she found her anger returning full force.

“I don’t remember them being…. difficult.” There was a hint of laughter in his voice, and something else. Memories of long, sex-filled nights. Figures he would have had the three of them.

“Oh, really?” Val swung her pack of arrows off her back and turned it upside down over the desk. Some glittering Angel dust drifted to land on the surface, along with some stray feathers. Other than that, it was empty. “I have been using more arrows than Zeus uses lightning bolts!” She dropped the pack on the desk. “And just look at me! My wings Pendik escort are sore, my dress is ruined, and I am starting to look like a plucked chicken!” She picked up some feathers off the floor and threw them in the air. The look of amusement was gone from his face, now replaced with a look of concern.

“I’m sorry, Val, but Mom isn’t here.” He steepled his hands in front of him. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Yes, there is.” Reaching into the tiny purse at her side, she retrieved her official Cupid I.D. card and dropped it in front of him. “Tell your mom I quit!” Turning on her heel, she stepped toward the door. He was in front of her with a beat of his wings and a whoosh of air, deftly blocking her escape.

“Val,” he said, his voice once again oozing over her. “You can’t quit. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day.”

“And your point is?” Val was trying desperately to hold onto her anger, but it was receding under the onslaught of his voice. “The rest of the team can handle it. I’ve had enough.” She tried to step around him, but he grasped her arms. Warmth from his hands radiated out, dancing over her nerve endings.

“Come on Val,” he said softly. “You don’t want to quit. Tomorrow is your day, your namesake.” His hands traced her arms, the touch light as the feathers in their wings, but one she felt to her core. “Isn’t there some way I can convince you to stay?”

He pulled her to him, threading an arm around her waist as he cupped the back of her neck. His lips touched hers for the briefest of kisses. She tried to shake her head, but only succeeded in brushing her lips back and forth against his. Each sweep of his mouth sent little shockwaves dancing up and down her spine. He pulled away and she felt a chill at the loss of his heat. But he didn’t go far. Reaching back, he locked the office door, the turned to her with a soft smile.

“Eros, I can’t.” Val shook her head, even as she moved toward him. “Venus will be furious with us.”

“Don’t worry about Mom. I can handle her.” He pulled her into his arms.

Desire roared through, brighter than a comet and hotter than the sun as his mouth claimed her lips with a kiss that sent flames dancing along her nerve endings. She gasped, breathing in the heady scent of Eternity cologne and the spicy scent that was all male. She reached her hands into his shirt, running her fingers through the springy curls on his chest. A growl rumbled in his chest when she raked her nails softly down his chest.

Cool air tightened her own sensitive nipples, and she realized with a shock, that her dress was pooled around her ankles. His gaze raked her body, clad only in lacy red bra and panties and smiled, his eyes darkening with desire. She reached behind her to take off her bra, but he stopped her.

“Let me.”

He lightly grasped her shoulders, easing the straps off slowly. His lips touched her cheek with a whisper of a kiss, then moved to her neck. He traced a path down her sensitive neck to her shoulders, his kisses leaving a trail of fire. His hands cupped her firm globes, and she arched toward him, begging him silently to touch her. He didn’t disappoint.

Pushing the lace down, he kissed his way to her brown, pebble hard nipple. He closed his mouth around the taut bud, suckling gently at first, the Kurtköy Escort harder. She gasped with the pleasure, burying her fingers in his golden locks to pull him closer. Need, raw and primal, nipped at her nerve endings. His mouth moved away from her, and she growled in frustration, then moaned in delight as he turned his attention to her other breast.

His arms encircled her, hands at her back, unhooking her bra with one deft move. His lips never left her as he pushed her panties down her legs, his hands cupping the firmness of her ass. His lips trailed down her flat stomach. He looked up at her, a mischievous gleam in his eyes, then licked her navel.

A gasp was torn from her lips at the erotic sensation. There was a restless ache at the juncture of her thighs, and she spread her legs in a silent plea. Knowing what she needed, he explored the soft, damp folds with his fingers. She opened to his caresses, a flower opening to the sun.

He was on his knees before her, one strong arm holding her up as he opened her woman’s flesh to his touch. He breathed appreciation, his warm breath sighing over her throbbing flesh. She squirmed against him, needing his touch with the intensity of an addict needing a fix. His mouth kissed her nether lips, and her knees buckled. Only his arm held her upright.

He kissed and licked her, savoring the juices that dripped from her moist tunnel. When his tongue found the sensitive bud at the center of her thighs, she screamed, thrusting against him for a more intimate kiss. He licked and suckled the tiny button, slowly pushing one finger into her damp folds. She moaned, liquid fire racing through her veins like an errant comet. She rose with the comet, higher and higher, until she was almost at the peak of the universe. Slowly, he pulled away and stood up.

“No!” she growled, but he shushed her with a finger to her lips. She smelled her own musky smell and opened her mouth to lick her juices from his finger. His eyes widened and she grinned, then frowned. “I was almost there.”

“I want you to come with me inside you.”

She moaned at the erotic image he invoked, then pulled his mouth to hers to brand his lips with a kiss. Her hands pulled at the shirt he still wore, then yanked harder. The shirt opened with a soft pop, and the sound of falling buttons. Grinning in victory, she pushed the shirt from his shoulders, her hands running restlessly over the muscles that were revealed. Her arms went around him, and she softly fondled the place where his wings met his body. He shuddered, his head thrown back in ecstasy, then gently touched her own. A wave of heat jolted through her, crashing in her abdomen like a thunder cloud. She leaned her head on his chest, hearing his heart beat in time with hers.

“My sweet Valentine,” he whispered.

She looked up at him and smiled. “Oh, I’m not through with you yet.”

She reached for his jeans, the last thing standing in the way of their lovemaking. Locking her gaze with his, she slowly unbuttoned them, then eased the zipper over his fullness. The feel of his rigid hardness made her insides quiver. He jerked away from her, making her jump. He tore the jeans from his hips and tossed them aside, walking toward her nude, and she licked her lips at the sight of him. She stopped him Maltepe Escort before he reached her and turned him around, bracing his ass against the desk.

“My turn,” she said saucily.

She took him in her hand. He was large enough for both of her hands, but so thick, she wasn’t sure she could take him all in her mouth. She kissed the tip, licking a drop of salty pre-cum from the head. She kissed her way to his sack, then slowly licked back to the tip. He jerked, a gasp escaping his lips. She took the head into her mouth, gently sucking as she used her hands around his hard length. He moaned, reaching down to grasp her head. She cupped his balls, gently squeezing as she sucked. Suddenly he pulled her to her feet, spinning her around until she was against the desk. He picked her up, sitting her on the top, then spread her legs.

“I want to cum inside you.”

She widened her legs as he brushed the tip of his shaft against the soft hair that protected her treasure. He rubbed against her lips, covering himself with her moisture. Then he pushed into her sheath.

She gasped as he entered her, oh, so slowly, letting her get accustomed to the size of his rod. He pushed forward, inch by inch, until he was fully immersed in her moist heat, and groaned in pleasure. She sighed at how full she felt, his shaft like pure, burning steel. He pulled her face to his for a tender kiss, rocking gently against her.

“Please, Eros,” she said softly.

The pressure built, growing like a star in the heavens, as he moved inside her. She arched into him, meeting each of his thrusts with her own. Bracing her hands on the desk, she let him find the rhythm. She moaned his name, urging him faster, harder and deeper. He moved over her, bracing his own hands on the desk as well, pounding into her, their gazes locked, as they sought a higher release.

The star within her grew, flames licking through her whole being, until she thought she would surely die from the heat.

“Cum for me, Valentine.”

Her name on his lips was almost her undoing, but she held back from the precipice. She leaned up and breathed in his ear.

“Cum with me, Eros.”

His thrusts became harder, his breathing ragged. Reaching up, she touched his wings as he touched hers. Her orgasm hit her, the star exploding inside her like a Super Nova, sparks of light dancing behind her closed eyelids. She gasped, crying out his name on a sob as wave after wave crashed over her, sending her spiraling through the heavens. His voice joined hers as he followed her with his own orgasm, his seed flowing deep inside her as the pull of her sheath milked him dry. She clung to him, little sparkling waves dancing over her skin. He held her until the ripples of her orgasm slowed, then leaned back and pushed her hair from her face. She looked up at him, and he placed a tender kiss on her forehead.

“Feel better now?”

She sighed, stretching and rubbing against him like a cat.

“Definitely.” She stretched her wings, surprised she couldn’t feel any soreness. One glance over her shoulder told her why. Her wings were back to their pristine condition, not one feather lost or out of place. Turning to him, she smiled. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He looked at her tenderly, cupping her face in his hand. “Still thinking of quitting, my Valentine?”

She sighed. “I guess not,” she admitted. A catty grin curved her lips. “But I might just take ‘my’ day off.” He smiled, and she felt him growing inside her.

“And just what would you do with yourself?”

“You’ll think of something.”