Swingers Pool Party

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Swingers Pool PartyJustin loves parties. Good looking with a solid build, my husband is in his element meeting women and having them fawning over him. I don’t mind — I enjoy the attention I get from men.I confess I was both surprised and amused that Justin seemed taken aback by my dress as I prepared for our latest party night. Okay, it revealed a bit more flesh than usual but I had a nice body for my age so why not flaunt it? Justin made a few comments but I simply told him to remember who I would be coming home with. It was all light-hearted banter.The party was in full swing when we arrived. Usually we’d go our own way shortly after arriving but, because Justin loved his scotch, I’d always be careful about how much I drank. Otherwise, we’d need a cab to take us home.Having left my wrap with an attendant, I accepted a drink from the tray of a passing waiter and joined a group of friends. Being the owner of one of the biggest real estate companies in the area, I knew people from all walks of life and, at parties, I flittered from group to group.After a time, with so many people in the room, I felt it was getting a bit stuffy and I walked out onto the terrace.”Damn, I’ve left my lighter somewhere.” As I put the cigarette back into my case, I heard a click to one side and a flame was offered. Turning, I saw Mr. Madison, that night’s host. It was the first party he’d thrown since becoming a client of mine.I helped Mr. Madison purchase properties for his expanding chain of bookstores. Currently, I was seeking suitable premises for his fifth store and he was always particular about his surroundings and how the buildings were laid out. He wanted this store to have basement living quarters and I did wonder why he’d need that facility. Little did I suspect that I would find out one day.The raised terrace overlooked a beautiful pool area where the reflections of coloured lights danced on the surface and water flowed from a large central fountain. Mr. Madison certainly seemed to be doing very well for someone who sold books.”Good evening, Mr Madison,” I said and leaned toward the flame to light my cigarette. “Thank you.””Good evening, Mrs. Steadman,” he said, replacing the lighter in his jacket pocket. “How are you this evening? Enjoying the party, I hope.”“Yes, indeed,” I said, blowing smoke into the night air. “But, please, call me Paula. There’s no need to be so formal.””Thank you, Paula… I’m Travis.””This is a beautiful view. Your pool is magnificent and the fountain in the middle… well, it’s just gorgeous.””Thank you. Maybe you and your husband would care to join my wife and I sometime for a night swim.””I would love that. I will definitely get back to you and hopefully we can arrange a suitable time.”Travis was very attractive. Well built, he had salt and pepper hair, mustache and goatee — my weakness — with a five-o’clock shadow. I felt sure he’d look good in a pair of bathing trunks — better yet, naked.“Paula… Paula, did I lose you?”“Oh, I’m sorry. I got carried away with the beautiful sight.” And, by that, I really mean naked you, Travis. “Your pool is just so beautiful, it takes my breath away. I can imagine standing under that fountain with the water cascading over my body.”His eyes sparkled and I knew I must excuse myself and head back inside before I went too far. Being alone with Travis could sure get me into trouble.“I think I need to rejoin the party,” I said, stubbing out my cigarette in a large glass ashtray. ”I just needed a breath of air. ““Of course,” he smiled. “By the way, your husband, he isn’t with you?””Oh, yes, he’s somewhere inside, no doubt being the center of attention of the many women he’s met at parties like this. I assume your wife is here?”“Yes, like your husband, she’ll be mingling with different people she’s met along the way.”“Right, maybe I should go in and retrieve my husband from all his admirers.” I chuckled“I guess I should do the same.” Travis smiled. ”I do hope you can make your way very soon to my latest store and see the changes I’ve made to the place.”‘I will, Travis. Thank you for the invitation.”It was some time before he came inside and I watched a beautiful young woman with long brown hair walk up to him amd kiss him on the cheek.An hour or so later, I’d had my quota of drinks and I went to find my husband and my wrap. As we were saying our goodbyes, Travis approached and said, “You sure y’all will be okay to drive home? I’d be happy to call y’all a cab and have your car brought to you tomorrow.”“No, no, I’m fine to drive. But thank you for the offer.”When we arrived home, Justin was already sleepy so he went to bed. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the patio thinking about Travis. What was it about him that was so intriguing?~~~~~~~~Next morning I woke to the smell of coffee brewing. Dressed in my robe, I walked into the kitchen and Justin handed me a cup and said how much he’d enjoyed the party, meeting different people and some he’d met in the past.“Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself,” I said. “I’m taking my coffee out by the pool if you’d care to join me.”“In a bit, maybe. I have some calls to make but, if you’re still outside when I’m finished, I’ll join you.”I put on a swimsuit in the bedroom and then relaxed by the pool, enjoying the fresh morning breeze. As I lay on the lounger, my mind again drifted to Travis. He was so handsome, he could do some serious harm to me. His piercing blue eyes had gone straight through me last night, so much so that I’d felt my dress uşak escort falling away. He’d definitely captivated me.Maybe I should go to his book store. He’d asked me several times. Perhaps tomorrow would be the day.~~~~~~~~~Monday morning, under a warm shower, I debated what to wear. If I was going to the bookstore, I wanted to look sexier than usual. Yes, I’ll admit it, I was intrigued by Travis and I opted for black lace panties and matching bra, a silk blouse with a plunging neckline, and a tight skirt that rose to mid-thigh when I sat. With my brushed hair cascading around my face and down to the middle of my back, I applied light makeup. Overall, I felt good and, after taking one more look in the mirror, I went out of the door.On my way to work, I phoned Travis.“Well, what a pleasant surprise, Paula. So, why are you calling me this Monday morning? Good news, I hope.””I have a quiet day and thought it might be nice to take up your invitation to visit your latest store… if it’s convenient for you, of course.”“Sure, Paula, the door is always open. Come on by.”“Thanks. It’ll be around lunchtime before I can get there. If you have time to share a bite, I could stop by the deli for sandwiches.””Sure, sounds good. I look forward to seeing you.”Ending the call, I smiled. I felt something in me I’d not felt for a while.The morning went by rather quickly and I’d cleared my desk in time to be at the bookstore by noon. As planned, I bought sandwiches and drinks from the deli just a few minutes around the corner from him. One of Travis’s stipulations had been a nearby deli to enable working lunches should the need arise.Travis was dealing with a couple of customers when I arrived and I browsed around. Travis had told me that he always worked his new stores in the early days, assessing business volume and busy times before employing assistants.He put up his “Out to lunch’ sign and we went back to his kitchenette. He poured wine for us and he talked about his other stores and plans for more until he abruptly switched topic. “Tell me, Paula how did you and Justin enjoy the party?”“Oh, it was wonderful. I know Justin sure enjoyed himself. It was his main conversation all weekend. He does love his ladies and scotch.”“Well, let me ask you this: how do you think he would enjoy spending an evening with Megan?”I blinked, surprised by the inference in his direct question. Justin and Megan together? “I’m not sure what you mean, Travis.”“Okay, I’ll go straight to the point, and please don’t be offended,” he said. “Megan and I have been swingers for some time. Our sex life needed… well, let’s say it needed some sprucing up… so we thought adding another couple here and there might help us.”“And… has it?” I asked. “I mean, does it work? Truthfully, our sex life isn’t what it use to be and I would love it to get better.”“I kinda got that impression when you two separated so soon at my party. Most couples stay together.” He smiled. “Have you ever had the desire to be with another man, Paula? Frankly, I’ve noticed the way you look at me and the way you’re dressed today doesn’t strike me as being an everyday office outfit.”I felt my cheeks flush. Travis was certainly blunt and he continued, “I know I would love to spend some time with you. Let’s be honest, we’re attracted to each other, aren’t we? At least, I felt that on the terrace. Am I wrong? I won’t lie, I hoped you’d find me attractive and maybe, just maybe, something would spark between us, maybe between all four of us.”“What do you mean, Travis? All four of us having sex together?”“Yes… well, sort of. We’d exchange partners. What would you think about that? And how would Justin feel about it? You say he loves his women and scotch. Would he be in?”“Hmm… yes,” I said, “I do believe with enough scotch in him and a pretty woman available, Justin would be up for anything.”“Okay, I have an idea. What if we meet for dinner, take a chance on getting to know one another, have a few drinks, and see what happens. Believe me, my wife can be pretty persuasive.” Travis smiled as he stood. “I’d love to have some time with you and I’m pretty sure you feel the same way about me.”Travis grasped my hands and pulled me to my feet. I felt his broad chest as he inhaled deeply and I took short breaths, aware that my panties were moist. What’s happening? I don’t really know this guy. Am I that needy? Or is he just so gorgeous that I can’t say no?Then his lips were on mine. Kissing me passionately, he poked his tongue between my lips and slid his hands up and down my body. He raised my skirt over my hips and slipped my panties aside before sliding fingers into my sopping cunt. Moaning into his mouth, I spread my legs and he finger-fucked me hard and fast.I was soon on the edge and he quickly took his fingers out of my pussy, turned me around, and bent me over the table. He drove his cock deep into my tunnel, fucking me like a ravenous a****l. I enjoyed every fierce thrust.Holding my hips, he slammed into me and I soon discovered his cock was nothing like Justin’s, that’s for sure. Travis was long, thick and hard and I thought he would split me apart as he plunged into me, invading every inch of my dripping cunt. I felt a stinging slap on my ass, then again and again, while he put his other hand inside my blouse to grope my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples.He slapped my ass once more and, after one final hard thrust, we both came. I’d never felt anything like it and we slumped on top of the table. My legs escort uşak were shaking and our breath came in loud grunts while Travis held me close as we recovered.When Justin got home from work that night, I brought up the prospect of having dinner with Travis and his wife.“Sure,’” said Justin, “why not? I’m sure we’d enjoy a nice dinner out. But I don’t believe I know Travis’s wife, do I?”“I’m not sure if you do or not. You might have met Megan on the night of their party. I’m sure you’ll know when you see her.”~~~~~~~~~~We were shown to a booth in a quiet back corner and I slid in beside Travis, leaving Justin on the other side with Megan.Travis had told me that he didn’t want me to wear panties. I’d never been out of my house without panties and, normally, I wouldn’t entertain the idea. But Travis knew what he wanted and I loved his domineering manner.After a couple bottles of wine with the meal, the men started on harder stuff. I could tell Justin was feeling good. He liked to have a few drinks and he was soon engaged in what seemed a very intimate conversation with Megan. I could see her hand on his thigh and he was smiling.Travis was a lot bolder — he put fingers in my pussy. I loved how daring this was and juices ran out of me like crazy as he whispered in my ear, ”Don’t come.”I tried to close my legs to stop him. I wasn’t sure if I could hold back —and I was a screamer. Travis opened my thighs again and gave me a certain look: Don’t try that again.Travis was strong willed and knew what kind of woman he wanted. He was dominant and wanted his women to be very submissive. That was okay; I was dominant at work, but not with him. That I truly enjoyed.Travis continued to finger fuck my pussy until he had me on the verge of coming — then he stopped. Justin didn’t have a clue what was happening but he and Megan appeared to be having fun on their side of the table. I knew my husband’s reactions to everything pertaining to sex.Megan was whispering to him and he smiled. Yes, he was having a good time and maybe things would work out the way I hoped.“Hey, how would y’all like to join us over at our place for a night swim,” said Travis. “I’m not ready to end this party, I can see Megan isn’t and I don’t think Paula is either. How about it Justin? You game for a night swim?”“Paula and I don’t have suits.”I think Megan gave Justin’s crotch a squeeze because his expression totally changed as he looked quickly at her.“Come on, Justin, let’s do it,” I said. “I’m sure they have suits we can wear. Right, Travis ?”“Sure we do,” he nodded. “But who needs suits? It’s a lot more fun skinny dipping. Megan and I do it all the time. Anyway, the pool is enclosed and no one can see what goes on. Really, who cares?”Justin agreed with a grin on his face. “Okay, let’s do it.” I’m sure Megan’s hand had something to do with that decision, along with the drinks he’d consumed. He does love to party.Nobody was fit to drive and Travis slid a hand under my skirt as I sat in the cab. His eased finger into my ass. No one could see what was going on in the cab’s dark interior and, anyway, Justin and Megan seemed to be having their own little party going on.Travis managed to slide his finger in and out and that was enough to get me going again. Damn, I need this man to fuck me.When we arrived, Travis withdrew his finger and we stepped out of the cab on one side, Justin and Megan on the other.“How did that feel my darling?” he whispered. “I’m going to fuck that ass tonight in front of your husband while he fucks my wife.”“Oooh Travis, I want you to take my ass in front of everyone. I want you to fuck every hole I have.”Inside the house, Travis took Justin with him and I went with Megan to her bedroom to change. Surprisingly, she asked me how long I’d known her husband.“Your husband has been a client for quite some time, I’m sure you know that.”“Okay… maybe I should say this a bit differently. How long have you been fucking my husband?”I was shocked, didn’t know what to say.“Oh, come on,” she laughed. ”Do you you think you’re the only one?““No, I do know y’all are swingers. So I know there are others.”“Just so you know and have no doubts, I am his wife and I’ll continue to be just that. Okay?” I nodded. “Right, now, let’s go out there and have a great time. Believe me, after the way you’ve been fucking my husband, I’m gonna enjoy fucking the hell out of yours while you watch.”She grinned and walked out of the room.If Megan thought she’d put a damper on my night, she could think again. I was not only going to enjoy fucking her husband in front of her but I was determined she’d see how good Travis and I were together.At the pool, I was happy to see the guys chatting and drinking and Travis handed Megan and I glasses of wine. With everyone eager to get in the pool, we soon finished our drinks and Travis, Megan and I disrobed and jumped in. Justin watched for a few seconds, then mumbled something like “What the hell,” and dropped his trunks. His cock was already hard as he came into the water.Megan immediately swam over to Justin and planted a deep kiss on his lips while wrapping herself around him. Justin was busy feeling all around her body. I smiled at Travis. “I guess he’s enjoying your wife.”I admit I was a bit shocked to see Justin so readily enjoying himself but I was also pleased. It meant I needn’t feel guilty about having Travis.Over the years, Justin and I had made it a habit not to discuss what went on when the other wasn’t around. It made life uşak escort bayan easier but this was a whole new scene. Maybe this experience would be the change we needed to make our marriage happier. We’re rich enough to live a very comfortable life, yet money can’t buy everything. Having such healthy sexual appetites, we sometimes desired a bit more, some other spark. Maybe this could be the answer: something we could share and not go behind each other’s back to find. I knew we loved each other but, sometimes, you just need something different.At this moment, Justin seemed totally immersed in the beautiful creature in his arms. Travis and I watched him squeeze Megan’s round ass then slide his hands over her shoulders and fondle her full heavy breasts. Then he was sucking and tweaking her nipples, stimulating them until they were protruding dramatically. God, they were big and Megan’s head lolled backward: she was obviously enjoying what Justin was doing to her.Suddenly, Justin picked her up and sat her on the side of the pool before spreading her legs wide. Of course, I knew my husband’s technique and I could imagine how she felt with his broad tongue lapping along her slit while he continued to paw at her gorgeous breasts.When he pressed his face to her pussy, I knew he’d be sucking her clit while sliding fingers into her channel. His right arm sawed back and forth, increasing in pace when Megan raised her hips, clearly wanting to have his fingers in deeper. Sucking on her clit as her flower opened, Justin must have been in heaven. Megan was moaning, bucking her hips and holding Justin’s head, pulling him close.As I watched, I felt my own urges mounting and Travis guided me down the pool toward the shallow section and presented his cock to my mouth. I wrapped both hands around his stunning erection and licked his purple helmet. He was rock hard and I decided to take my time; I wanted to enjoy his magnificent cock. Travis had other ideas and needs. He put both hands on my face and pushed his rod into my throat. “Take it, take it all,” I heard him say.I managed to get most of his large cock down my throat without gagging and he thrust in and out with overwhelming urgency. It wasn’t long before rope after rope of cum filled my mouth and throat. I swallowed all of it and though my eyes were watering and my jaw ached, I also smiled when he backed his cock out of my mouth.Travis didn’t take long to recover. He bent me over the steps and when he slapped my ass, I knew what was coming. He rubbed my ass like he was smoothing out a piece of fine silk — then smacked me again. Before I could say anything, there came another and several more until my cheeks were on fire.“You ready, Paula? I’m gonna take your ass now.”Travis slid a finger in my ass, using my pussy juices for lube. He gradually probed… in and out, up and down… preparing me for his thick, long cock. He didn’t want to hurt me and, by the time I felt the head of his cock at my back entrance, I was totally ready for him. Hands on my hips, he slowly shoved his cock into me and when he pushed harder I felt myself give way and he was in.He started slowly, allowing me to adjust to his size. The slight pain from the initial intrusion quickly faded away and I pushed back at him. “Yes Travis, fuck my ass. I want it, I need it so badly.”Travis fucked harder, his long strokes getting quicker until he was thrusting rapidly like an excited wild bull. I felt for my clit and masturbated in rhythm with his fervent thrusts. Pulling me back against him as he drove deep, I felt every inch of my ass being invaded and I screamed, “I’m gonna come… I’m coming.”I felt one last hard thrust and Travis held me tight as he flooded my insides. He rocked slightly back and forth while his cock became soft and eventually slipped out of my gaping, dripping hole. He cuddled me and I didn’t care what Megan had said. Yes, she was his wife — as Justin was my husband — but I knew Travis cared about me. Okay, there might be others but none shared the special bond we had.Suddenly, I heard Megan screaming.Looking back, I saw she was riding Justin cowgirl-style on a lawn chair. His hands were full of her ripe melons and he squeezed them before twisting her incredible nipples between his thumb and forefinger.“Harder,” Megan screeched as she ground against him. “Pull them harder.”Again, she tossed her head back and groaned loudly when Justin thrust hard into her pussy. He was panting and groaning and I saw his legs and body tense, a sure sign he was about to unload. With a loud gasp, he twitched and Megan cried, “Oh, yes, oh yes,” and I knew he’d filled her with his seed.A satisfied smile on her lips, she rocked on Justin’s lap till his cock went limp and flopped out. Megan wasn’t finished. She dismounted, crawled between his legs and licked clean his cock and balls.Megan was lying beside Justin when Travis and I joined them. We all exchanged smiles. Clearly we’d all had a great time — but, apparently, it was only the beginning. Refilling our drinks, Travis suggested we move the party inside.He led us to a beautifully-lit room with the most magnificent skylights. A bar took up one corner and other contraptions filled another side of the room. I was sure I’d find out more about their purpose before the night was over.Looking through the skylights, I saw the stars sparkling in the beautiful dark sky — but even that breathtaking view could not compare with what was about to happen.In the middle of the room, there was a huge bed. I swear it had to be a double king, I’d never seen one so big. Clambering onto the bed, we were eager for the party to resume but there would be one big difference this time: the four of us would play together. Oh what fun…