Sweet Release


I knock on the door, trembling with anticipation. I take a deep breath of chilly air, filling my lungs with the crispness. I’m impatient. I knock again, and the door is flung open. I smile with relief and gratification. It was starting to get cold.

Without any words, he pulls me in and closed the door, kissing me passionately and deeply, pressing my body against the wall in the foyer. He takes control of me, wrapping his arms around my waist, greedily tasting me. Already I have began a river.

Without letting me go, we walk to the stairs, me backward, him forwards, taking small baby steps. One step, two, three…goddamn there are too many stairs. I have already taken off his plain white shirt and he is impatiently working the buttons of mine.

We finally make it to his room, and he hastily pushes me in, closing the door behind him. He presses me to the wall, raising my hands above my head, nipping my lower lip, his pelvis pressed against mine. I feel his cock bulging under his pants and I moan with eagerness.

He lowers his kisses, tasting the sweetness of my body, rubbing his unshaven chin in my breasts, rasping me. I manage my hands free, now able to run my fingers though his hair. I touch the side of his mouth with my thumb, feeling the softness. He kisses me again.

I pull him to the bed, him on top of me. He puts his canlı bahis knee between my legs, pressing gently, making me moan. I’m soaked. He kisses so well, half the fun of our foreplay. My lips are still bruised from the previous lovemaking session days ago. But his mouth, his lips…its all worth it to feel them now.

He manages my shirt and then my pants as he agilely un-snaps my jeans, tugging them off. I wore white panties and matching bra this time, and I was pleased when he noticed. The black light over his bed makes them glow in the dark, and my skin looks tan, a startling contrast which he takes in with his eyes. I self consciously touch my bare stomach, while he looks at me.

He removes the rest of his clothes and climbs over me, pressing himself on top of me. He is now faced with the challenge of my bra, and instead of unsnapping it from the back, he simply lifts and pulls it over my head. His mouth instantly attaches to my nipple, erect already and standing at attention. He pulls at it gently, pulling it between his teeth, making me writhe. He knows that it makes me cream, and I think he is doing it on purpose.

Again he kisses me feverishly, never seeming to get enough. Its never enough. He runs a hand over my thigh and to the edge of my panties. He slips lower, pressing the tip of his finger at the top of my mound and I arch, bahis siteleri my breath catching. He teases me momentarily before sliding fully inside me. He never breaks the kiss.

He presses deeply and then shallowly, swirling in the wetness. He adds a second finger, and I can’t breath. He continues the assault on my mouth, he lips bruising mine. I reach for his neck, his back, running my fingers down his body. He flicks the clit and drives his fingers deeper, and within a moment I cum around him. He smiles and withdraws his hand.

“Please,” I manage to say, the first thing I have said since I walked in the door. “Please, do it.” I whisper.

He makes a sound in his throat and quickly complies. He first removes my glowing panties, and he reaches between us and plays the head of his cock against my opening, looking me in the eyes, with a look of lust or greed, I couldn’t tell which, all the while.

The first thrust was slow and determined. He sinks in deeply and I throw my head back, a silent scream escapes my lips. He lets out a pent up breath, and withdraws only to sink into me again. I arch into him, letting him fill me. The pace picks up, him rocking into me over and over, a pained look in his face. I look him in the eyes, fueling him on, daring him.

I begin to moan loudly, calling his name, letting him penetrate me bahis şirketleri deeper still. He kisses me quite, so no one else will hear. I don’t care about them. I just don’t want him to stop. Oh god, I think I am going to cum again.

He grits his teeth, his arms strained at the side of my head. I feel the rise in my stomach and I know it will be soon. I want him to cum with me. I want to cum around him, squeeze him, pulse him. He leans into me.

“Cum for me.” He whispers, kissing my lips again. “Cum for me, cum for me.” He says again and again. I can’t hold back any longer, and I let myself go, spasming around his cock. I arch my back and my legs tense, and the tremble begins. It lasts for what seems an eternity, but it was only 30 seconds. 30 seconds of pure adrenaline, sensation and emotion. I relax my body, intent now on him. I want him to cum.

I again look into his eyes, and I grab his waist, my hands going to his ass. I scratch his back and arch into him, urging him to let go. I feel him getting bigger with the anticipation and he closed his eyes. He slows for a second before his release and he shivers with the orgasm.

He stops moving and leans in to kiss me. His mouth is sweet, soft and his lips part mine. Gently he kisses, drained from his performance. He lays his head on my chest, breathing deeply. I run my fingers through his hair and kiss the top of his head. He withdraws and lies next to me. We don’t even bother putting our clothes back on, we just go beneath the sheets and lay quite face to face. It won’t be long until it all begins again.