Sweet Dreams


I came home from work and he was sitting on the doorstep.

“Finally,” he said and he walked over to me. He hugged me gently and kissed my cheek. “How was work?”

He took my hand and guided me into my house while I told the stories I had gained from another lovely day in retail. I started walking directly to the bedroom but he stopped me, guiding me to the couch in the living room.

“What are we doing?” I asked. It’s not like all we ever did was have sex but when he just showed up like that, sex was normally the purpose.

“I just wanted to hang out. Maybe watch a movie,” he responded. He turned on the tv and popped Django into the DVD player. When he walked over to me on the couch, he sat on the other end and grabbed my hand. I was feeling very confused by the situation. Normally, movies meant cuddling. And cuddling meant eventual sex. All of the subtle cues of our sexual relationship were present but none of them were being followed through on.

My body was becoming hot just from the normal habits. As Django started he let go of my hand and watched the screen intently. My confusion was getting more intense. I leaned over to him and pressed my face into his lap and felt that he was completely soft. He did not react even slightly to my breath over his lap. I started to move for his jeans and he caught my hand.

“Watch the movie,” he said.

I felt rejected and strangely turned on by the situation. I had bahis firmaları never been stopped in my life. When I tried again to reach for him, he gave me a stern look and threatened to leave if I could not behave.

We sat silently through the rest of the movie.

When it ended, he stood up and leaned down to kiss me gently. He left the house and hardly tossed an “I love you,” over his shoulder as he shut the door.

I was beyond confused and even more so horny. Being rejected was completely new to me. I walked up to my bedroom and stripped down. Slowly, I ran my hands from my breasts to my knees and back. I could feel my body tingling everywhere it wanted to be touched. My nipples tingled and I rubbed them gently with my thumbs. I slid a hand slowly down to my clit and began to rub in slow circles. My eyes closed and I surrendered to my senses. I dipped one finger into my wet pussy and slowly pulled back out. As I slid back in, I heard my bedroom door open.

There he was.

He walked over to me where I was still laying open on my bed, one hand teasing my pussy and the other still playing with a breast. “I knew I’d find you like this,” he said in his gravely sex voice. “I knew you couldn’t handle sexual rejection.”

He took off his shirt and pulled my hand from my pussy, replacing it immediately with his mouth. I gasped as he shoved his tongue deep into my vagina with no warning at all. He was not there kaçak iddaa to be gentle. One hand reached up and roughly handled my other breast and the other hand began to unfasten his pants. His tongue was sending shock waves through my body and making me moan.

I heard his pants hit the floor and he climbed right on top of me. “You need to be needed, don’t you baby?” he whispered into my neck. I moaned in response and he bit my neck. This was not part of the routine. I initiated any biting or roughness. He continued biting my neck and down my chest to my collar bone and I was trembling beneath him. His hand ventured down to my pussy and he shoved two fingers deep into me. I cried out from surprise and pleasure.

“That’s right, baby girl,” he said. “You need me as much as I need you.”

I pushed down harder into his fingers and he pulled them away. “Not that easy,” he laughed. “Show me you need me. Beg.” He bit down hard on the skin under my collar bone and I could feel the skin break. I cried out.

“Please….” I moaned. “Oh my god, please.”

He laughed and bit the same place again. He kissed me roughly and I could taste my blood in his mouth.

“Not good enough, babe. Convince me,” he said into my mouth.

I moaned. He shoved another finger into my pussy and worked me harder. I rocked into his fingers and began begging mercilessly. He still did not comply. I was frustrated and horny and needed his dick in kaçak bahis me right at the moment. My begging was not working and I was not in control of the situation. It made me even more needy.

“You are perfect,” I whimpered. “I need your amazing cock to love me so hard I forget my name. Nobody can make me feel how you do and nobody else knows how to make me beg. Fuck me. Right. Now.”

Then he was in me, hard. He sucked in a sharp breath of air as he bottomed out. I screamed. He was thrusting into me so hard that all I could hear was skin smacking together and our sounds combining to form an erotic soundtrack. I was rubbing my clit as hard as he was fucking me and we were both lacking any rhythm, in desperate need of hard and fast.

“Harder,” I moaned.

He was able to ram into me even harder. There was nothing romantic about it. We were fucking for our own pleasure. He bit where my shoulder meets my neck and I screamed. I launched into an orgasm that felt like it lasted for several minutes. Juices squirted out where his dick was still pounding into me and he shoved his tongue down my throat to catch the screams. He fucked into me for only a little while longer until I felt his entire body tense and release as he shot deep into me. The sound he made sent the chills of a mild orgasm through my body.

Once he gathered himself, he pulled himself from me and collapsed next to me. The motion of the bed as he collapsed woke me up.

I looked around confused. I was still in my work clothes, sitting on the couch and holding his hand while the final scene of Django unfolded before us.

Needless to say, I begged him into submission.