Sweedish Pleasure


I had just moved to Washington DC and had found a pretty good job for a publishing house, I was 24 making a lot of money but still felt pretty lonely not knowing many people in a new area. Moving from California I had no clothes that were weather appropriate for the east coast weather, so I found myself on a Saturday afternoon shopping for sweaters and a coat.

I found a high end store that did not seem as daunting as the others I had walked into. It was big with a lot of different choices and no pesky workers all over you all the time. I had tried on a few items already and loved their huge and private dressing rooms.

Walking around the store I couldn’t help at stare at some of the other customers. Everyone seemed to be into themselves and no one seemed interesting enough to try to get to know. That all changed when I took a wrong turn and ended up in the woman’s section. There in front of me stood a beautiful young girl. That’s all she could really be a girl. She could not be older than 18, maybe 19. She was short about 5’3, blonde, blue eyed and wearing a ridiculously short skirt. I couldn’t help but stare and felt my mouth go dry.

I hadn’t been with anyone since I had moved, and just staring at her legs I couldn’t help but get a little excited. I made a move towards her, and an older woman joined her in the aisle. She was older and shared the same blonde hair, I guessed it was her mother. She noticed her daughter holding a pair of what looked to be a very expensive and slutty looking bra.

“Sophie!” The mother said. She had a distinct accent. She had to be from Europe, from the look of the two I would guess Swedish or Norwegian.

“You cannot have that. You may be 18 now but you are still too young to be wearing that kind of thing”

There it was, she had just turned 18. She argued with her mother and tried to coax her into buying it for her but her mother would not budge.

“I am going to find clothes with your younger sister, we will be back in 30 minutes. Make sure you pick something appropriate, if not you will get nothing today understood?”

With that her mother left holding the hand of who I assumed had to be her younger sister. Again same blonde hair. Sophie looked at the bra and had the cutest little pout you could imagine. Her lips were full and covered with lip gloss. I could only imagine her taking me in between them.

At that moment she looked up and finally noticed me. Our eyes met and I smiled at her. At first she just looked away, but looking Bostancı Escort down at the bra she was holding she looked back up at me. She gave me the sexiest smile ever. Showing off all of her pearly white teeth. This girl was a hottie and she knew it.

She walked over to me with a sexy shimmy of her hips.

“Hello!” She said to me, with a similar accent to her mother’s.

“Hi, how are you?” I said feeling a little nervous, and very warm under my collar. She lifted the bra to my eye level.

“Do you like this bra?” she asked in the most innocent voice. Taking an extra step closer to me so I could smell the sweet body mist she had on.

“It’s a very sexy one”

“Do you think I would look nice in it?” She said this wrapping it around the top she was wearing.

“I think you would look great!” I felt like such a nervous wreck in that moment. Really smooth, very very smooth.

“Thanks, but its hard to tell with this top on. What if I showed you wearing just the bra?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This sexy 18 year old Swedish blonde bombshell wanted me to see her in just a bra! I must have been dreaming.

“Oh yea, you are absolutely right. Its hard to get a good idea with it over your shirt.” She smiled again.

“If I model it for you. You have to promise to pay for it.”

It hit me then. She wasn’t interested in me at all. She just wanted me to pay for her damn bra. Probably so she could look good for her boyfriend or whatever chump she was into at her high school. Screw it, if she thought she could play me I’d show her.

“That’s a pretty expensive bra you know? I don’t think just modeling would be enough for me to pay for it.”

She was surprised she had not expected that at all. She was probably used to getting whatever she wanted from the boys at her school, or easy grades from her male teachers for showing a little leg. I started walking away, then she grabbed my arm. She looked at me almost as if she was making her mind up about something.

“What would you want?” She asked me, seeming a little out of her comfort zone all of a sudden.

“I don’t know, How badly do you want that bra?”

She bit her lip and thought on what I had just asked her. I didn’t think she would want the bra that bad, it was just an overpriced piece of cloth. Then I remembered she was just 18 and the bra probably meant a lot to her.

“How about… How about if I gave you a blowjob?” She was not very sure of herself. I was glad I had wrestled Erenköy Escort control back from the teenager and felt my confidence come to me.

“A blowjob? You seem a little young. Have you ever done that before? Are you even legal?”

“Yes I am!” She took her drivers license out of her wallet to give it to me. ” See I told you”

She had indeed just turned 18.

“Okay so what you’re 18. You haven’t answered my question. Have you ever given head to a man before?”

“Yes to guys at parties and stuffs. I can make it worth it.”

“Fine, if you give me head and swallow, I’ll buy the bra for you.”

“Swallow that’s disgusting, I’ve never done that before.”

“Do you want the bra or not?”

Again she hesitated. I saw her looking at her watch thinking she had lost enough time and her mother would be back in about 20 minutes. Just like that she made up her mind. Grabbed my hand without saying a word and led me towards the dressing room.

She went in first, I walked behind her staring at her legs and noticing she had a great ass coming along. Walking into the dressing room, she unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers. She looked down and saw my cock and opened her eyes wide. I wasn’t huge but I had a pretty nice sized 8 inch dick. Obviously bigger than any she had seen in her small experience.

“That’s way too big! It won’t fit.”

“It will, don’t worry. You don’t have to take all of it. Just show me what you can do. It’ll be fine.” I said as reassuringly as possible. I guess it must have worked because she dropped to her knees in front of me and wrapped her warm little hand around my hard dick. I was incredibly turned on by all of this and it showed as precum began leaking from the tip. She started pumping it slowly, and seemed impressed and mesmerized by the dick in her hand.

“It’s so hard! So big.” She licked the slit and tasted the precum. She seemed surprised by the taste. Not finding it as disgusting as she would have thought. She kept licking my dick and it felt really good, sending shivers all through my lower body. She seemed to get braver as she heard me moaning.

“You’re doing real good. Come on now take it into your mouth.”

She took a beat almost as if to get her courage together. I then watched as she opened her mouth wide and put the head of my dick in her mouth. Her mouth was amazing. So soft and wet and warm all at once. She was very inexperienced, I could tell by the way she just started bobbing her head up and Göztepe Escort down. Thinking she could get me off like one of the high school boys she had made cum in probably a couple of minutes.

“Not like that. Go slow, move your lips up and down, wrap them tightly around the shaft.” She followed instructions incredibly well. She did as I told her and there was an immediate difference.

“oh yea, good girl. Just like that. Now use your hand and jerk off the rest that doesn’t fit in your mouth” Again she did as was told. She build a rhythm and really began going to town on me. She looked up at me and her eyes were beautiful. She really seemed into it all of a sudden. I put my hand on the back of her head and starting guiding her on my dick more and more. Making her bob faster and jerk me off.

“There you go, just like that. You’re a natural. Use your tongue now.” Like the perfect student she started licking the head of my penis while alternating sucking the head. Still jerking it. I looked down and saw her nipples poking through her shirt. This little vixen was getting off on giving head. She would be a hell of a slut. I saw her other hand was in her panties. Rubbing her pussy as she continued to suck on my dick.

“Oh shit. You’re gonna make me cum. Are you ready for it?” She didn’t even bother answering my question, she only continued sucking harder and moaning around my dick. She started jerking me off faster and pushed her head down on my cock. I could feel the cum building up inside of my dick. I could not hold it back any longer and unloaded all of my pent up cum into her mouth. She was surprised at first but quickly adjusted and began swallowing my seed down her throat. I kept shooting string after string of cum down her throat, and she just kept sucking and rubbing her clit. Her body stiffened and relaxed and I could tell she had cum herself.

When she was done she continued licking my cock making sure to not miss a drop. Like she didn’t want it to go to waste.

“I can’t believe I got so horny just giving you a blowjob. Did you like it?” She asked me looking for approval as I got myself presentable once again.

“Yes I did, you did a very good job. You still can get a lot better.”

“Thank you so much.”

“No thank you, you are sexy and you made my day today. Let’s go pay for that bra you’ve earned it.”

She left the dressing room first and I met up with her a few minutes later. I had already paid for the bra and I handed it to her along with my card.

“There you go, you were great.”I told her. “If you want to see me again my card is in there. If you ever want to meet up again.”

I smiled again, and left the store. As I was walking out I thought to myself that DC would be a great place to live.