Susie Ch. 33


Pool Party

I admit to having a fascination with male sex organs. I think looking at and playing with them turns me on as much, if not more than a guy playing with mine. It began when I was a young girl. Like many girls I was fascinated by horses. I had several toy horses. One was a rearing stallion complete with male parts. It fascinated me. Once I got a video from the library about raising horses that contained a brief section showing a woman preparing a male horse to impregnate a female. She soaped up the male’s huge member and allowed it to mount the female. I watched it repeatedly, watching her soap up that thing that looked larger than I was and then amazed at how it disappeared inside the female. It seems kind of perverse to me now but for years I said that I wanted to work on a horse farm when I grew up. What I wanted, but never really said, was to be that girl soaping up horses’ penises.

I also invited a few neighbor boys to play, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” but was always disappointed in the small size and the fact that they seldom seemed hard enough to penetrate a girl. In high school I felt my date’s penises enlarge when they held me close. Then I watched a friend’s father’s porn tapes with a group of girls when we were supposed to be doing homework. I saw how big and hard guys’ penises could get and watched them penetrate women who writhed in pleasure. I wanted that myself and went along gladly when the girls decided to invite boys over for sex.

I discovered that very few boys had penises to match the guys in the porn videos but reveled in the variations in size and shape, testicles and pubic hair as well as penises. I had many penises inside me including both a huge penis and a small penis and I liked them all.

I was reminiscing about this as I lay in a chaise under an umbrella at the Daniels’ Mansion. Kaitlyn Daniels, my best friend since high school, was “working her way up” in her father’s PR firm. I say “working her way up” since it seemed to be a foregone conclusion that he expected her to be a partner with him and take over the firm. She had started as a receptionist about a year ago and was moved to a variety of different jobs over the year. As the summer began, she was responsible for setting up small events for clients to meet and greet.

Somehow she got her father to agree to hold weekly parties at his mansion every Friday evening. She invited some of the actors who were firm clients and also producers and casting directors. The firm specialized in B or C list personnel. You know, the ones you recognize as having been in one film or another but whose name you don’t remember. And there were a few of the previously well know who were now relegated to cameos and appearances on TV game shows or reality shows.

The producers and directors at the parties were all independents with lists of films I had never heard of who were looking for talent.

Kaitlyn was nice enough to invite me and told me that she was continuing the policy Corey and I had started that clothing was optional in the mansion pool. “It really gets out the indy directors,” she said. “Especially if I can get good looking talent on display.”

I passed on the first couple of weeks but then attended one of the parties. I found that more than looking was going on. Kaitlyn had a half dozen large cabanas off to one side. I peeked in and each had a mattress inside. “No public fucking,” she told me. “And I make it clear that couples are to use the cabanas only with mutual consent.” She also pointed out the bowls of condoms by each bed, “I got the idea from the swingers parties I went to.”

“Casting couches,” I said, slightly disgusted about it.

“I suppose,” she admitted. “But I always tell the talent not to assume that they are likely to get a part just because a producer beds them. And I think most of the use is talent on talent activity.”

I didn’t really feel like part of the group and so just lay on a chaise and watched the show. There was a wide variety of penises on display.

The Director

I was admiring a particularily long penis with large testicles attached to a hard body when a short, overweight guy, maybe 40, with a short, fat penis, and hairy balls came over and interrupted my inspection, “With your hair and body you could be a sensation.”

I barely had time to respond and he introduced himself with a name I don’t remember and rattled off a list of movies he had directed, none of which I had ever heard of. Then he dropped the name of some actress I had also never heard of and claimed to have made her a star, telling me about the three or four major movies she had appeared in. At least I recognized the names of those movies but had no idea what parts this “star” had played in them.

“Come on over to the cabanas. We can talk about your career,” he ended.

“I’ll bet he wants to talk,” I thought and said, “My career is doing just fine. I’m not interested in being in the movies.”

“Oh?” canlı bahis he responded, and what are you interested in?”

“Opera,” I said. Not a lie, but definitely misleading.

“Oh,” he responded. I watched the wheels turning in his brain until he came up with a line, “I’m thinking about a musical, maybe you would be interested.”

“I don’t think so,” meaning both that I wouldn’t be interested and that I didn’t think he really planned a musical.

He was ready with the response, “If you would be interested we could discuss which operas might work well on film.”

“I think I’ll stick with the stage,” I fibbed and attempted to return my attention to the hard body with the big package — where had he gotten to?

The “producer” continued to mumble lines but when I failed to respond he gave up and moved on to another prospect. Unable to locate the hard body I watched as he managed to get a big breasted, small hipped blonde into a cabana. She was there for less than five minutes and came storming out. He emerged with a hand held against a reddening cheek. I laughed to myself.

“Now where is that package attached to the hard body?” I wondered again, looking around.

A shadow fell over me, “Hi, mind if I sit here?”


“Now what?” I thought looking over. There were five or six inches of semi-hard cock above a large dangling set of balls. My eyes moved up to six-pack abs and then to a fabulous chest. The ‘hard body’ was standing there. His face was a chiseled matinee idol face, unshaven — more accurately an intentional, well maintained, three or four day beard, unkempt hair falling over his ears and casually brushed back from steel blue eyes. “I’ve seen that face before,” I thought and then realized faces like it stared out from most of the paperback romance covers.

He broke the silence again, “Maybe I could refill your drink. What are you having?”

“Oh. Sure.” I said. “Orange and Pineapple Juice.”

“No alcohol!” I shouted at his back as he picked up my glass and moved to the bar. “He spends time on his ‘glutes’ too,” I thought, watching his his rock hard buttocks ripple as he walked.

“Here you are,” he said, returning, “I added a bit of vodka, I think it adds to the flavor. I’ll get another if you don’t want it.”

“That’s okay,” I responded thinking it as a bit rude of him to do it. I took a sip and the warmth and very slight salt-sour taste of the vodka did add to the flavor.

“I’m Wyatt,” he said, “You just sitting here?”

“Susie,” I answered. “I’m watching the guys.”

“Like this?” he asked, displaying himself. Taking in the big picture the only incongruity was that his arms and legs, though very nicely proportioned were thin in proportion to his body. “The guy overdoes his workout time on his pecs and abs, and spends too little on his limbs,” I speculated.

“Well, yes, I’ve noticed you.”

“Go ahead touch them.”

I was surprised but at the invitation reached out and cradled his balls in my hand. They had been sitting right in my face and rotated gently inside his scrotum.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed, “I meant the abs but you go right for the nuts, I like a woman who knows what she wants!”

“Oh, sorry.” I released them.

“Don’t be sorry, You’ve got plenty of parts I’d like to touch too.”

I felt myself blushing, “Oh?”

“Movies or TV?” he asked examining my body, spending extra time gazing at my crotch.


“Have you been in any movies or TV shows?”

“Oh, no, I’m not an actress.”

“You’re not a producer?” he stated incredulously.

“No, I’m not in show business. I’m a student, a friend of Kaitlyn’s.”

“Oh,” he smiled. “You should be.”

“Should be what?”

“In movies or TV. Look at you.” Once again his gaze traveled down my body, again lingering at my crotch.

I felt the warmth of my blush increase and a responsive tingle in my vagina.

“And your hair! What a beautiful color!” He wasn’t looking at my head.

“Natural,” I said, clenching my vaginal muscles then lifting and slightly spreading my knees. I was enjoying his attention and getting warmer by the minute. It wasn’t the sun.

“I’ve modeled a bit but haven’t gotten any acting jobs,” he told me. “What about you?”

Didn’t he remember what I told him. “I’m not an actress or a model,” I responded. “I’m a pre-med student at USC.”

“Pre-med?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m going to be a doctor, an Ob/Gyn.”

“Oh Bee Gee Why En?” He asked. “Awb-Jinn?”

The guy was built like a brick wall and just about as smart. “Ob/Gyn, an Obstetrician and Gynecologist.”

Big words weren’t his forte. He mispronounced them so badly I can’t spell what came out and then asked, “What’s that?”

I hoped the third grade explanation would work because I wasn’t sure I had a pre-school level answer. “An obstetrician works with pregnant women and their unborn babies. A Gynecologist work with women’s sex parts.”

“I can do bahis siteleri that!” he said, pushing his hips forward in an obvious manner to jiggle his penis.

“Right!” I said. I decided not to use the answer I used for jerks at school where their usual statement was something like, “Gynecology, my favorite profession. I’d be glad to demonstrate my skill.” To which I would usually answer something like, “You like examining genital warts, vaginal sores and bleeding and you like to check out pustules? Shall I find someone with a yeast infection for your demonstration? Or would you prefer full blown syphilis?” But this guy was hot! I had been watching him for maybe an hour. My vagina kept telling me it wanted that cock inside. I was anxious to feel that hard body next to mine. So I said, “Maybe you’d like to show me?”

He didn’t delay. I decided he was used to come-ons. “Have you seen the cabanas, Susie?” he asked.

“No,” I lied and took the hand he offered..

“They’re a good place to relax.” he claimed.

In the Cabana

Kaitlyn was sitting nearby and as we walked by she lowered her sunglasses and watched me, raising her hand slightly and wiggling her fingers in a farewell gesture. Inside the cabana I sat down on the mattress, grabbed a handful of condoms, showed them to him, and said, “It looks like more than just relaxing goes on in here.” I laid on the mattress, legs spread.

His cock had been growing during our walk and he came forward, putting it at my face, “pick one and put it on,” he said.

I selected a ‘strawberry flavored’ one, pretended to fumble with it and said, “I don’t have much experience with these, I’m only 17.”

“What!” he backed off.

I laughed, “Just kidding, I’m 21, and have plenty of experience, come here.”

I tore the package open and as he came forward, caressed his member lightly bringing it to full hardness and length of eight or nine inches. I unrolled the red vinyl all the way down and took a few licks. “yum!” I said, rolling his balls in my hand. Actually the flavor of the vinyl overwhelmed the strawberry. It wasn’t that great.

I sucked as much of the nine inches as I could into my mouth and then released it, saying, “show me those gynecological skills.”

“What? Oh yeah, gone-o-loco-jack-all skills. What do I do?”

“You might stimulate my vulva,” I knew that was a mistake as soon as it left my mouth.


“My clit, my slit, my cunt!”

“Oh you wanna 69?”

“Yes I ‘wanna 69’,” I said trying to hide my frustration and wondering whether his body was worth it.

I immediately had my answer. His hard cock pushed at my face, I grabbed his even harder butt and he began pulling my labia apart with his fingers and licking up and down my slit. I jumped as if hit by an electric shock every time he hit my clit. I don’t think he was that skilled, it was the result of my anticipation and desire.

Somehow I had forgotten about the cock in my face. I was reminded of its presence as it began bumping against my nose. I pulled it down and began sucking it like a strawberry popsicle, continuing to hold onto his hard ass as it moved up and down.

His fingers suddenly entered me and I had to gasp as he stroked in and out with his thumb at my clit. I don’t think he knew anything about a ‘G-spot” but his fingers fully stimulated me and I began clenching my vaginal muscles and rotating my hips, unable to concentrate on the cock he was rhythmically thrusting into my mouth.

I was gasping and had trouble breathing as a sudden orgasmic shock shot up my vagina. I gasped repeatedly. As my vaginal throbs lessened I managed to get the huge cock out of my mouth to request, “fuck me.”

He stood up, flipped me on my stomach and lifted my hips. He knelt behind me and I felt his cock slowly enter. He grabbed my hips and began thrusting in and out, pulling my hips toward him as he entered and pushing them away as he withdrew. I began moving my hips without his help and he moved his hands to massage my breasts. At the same time he began randomly changing the position of his entry, from the right, then the left, then from above, then below, then straight in. Every part of my vagina was being contacted by the hard tip of his cock. He then began changing his position mid-thrust so the tip was swirling around inside me as it moved in and out. I moaned in pleasure and realized that he was not doing any of the thrusting, I was entirely in control of how fast his cock was moving in and out. He was only controlling its position.

I moaned again and he moved one hand to my clit and began softly stroking it, then harder. I realized that he may not have understood the words for my parts but he knew something about where to touch and how to stimulate them. He grabbed my clit between thumb and forefinger and a tingle shot into my vagina. I moaned again and thrust hard against his hips, feeling his balls bounce off my butt. This time he helped by pushing further bahis şirketleri in and squeezing my clit, rolling it between his fingers.

I let out an involuntary yell, “Aahh!” as the tingle increased and with another movement of my hips caused his cock to slip out and then jam into me again. The tingle turned into the rapture of orgasm. I continued to swing back and forth, his cock penetrating and withdrawing as the pulses of delight throbbed through my vagina and abdomen. I heard him groan as he gave up his fluid.

He pulled out and I turned over. He had definitely pleasured me but I felt disappointed. I understood why he had done me doggy style — it allowed me to do the thrusting at my own pace and allowed him to move his body in order to fully stimulate me. He knew how to get a girl off but I didn’t want to just get off. I had come in here not just for a fuck but to feel his hard body against mine and wrap my arms around his muscled torso. Instead I hadn’t even been able to see his rippling muscles as he ravaged me.

I reached up and pulled him to me, wrapping my arms around him and stroking his well-muscled back. I felt his cock shrinking between my legs. He laid on top of me almost motionless. Then he pulled up and off of me, the condom slipped off and I felt the sticky moisture of his semen dripping onto my cunt.

He smiled and asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

I answered, “Yes I did, very much,” not trying to hide my disappointment.

“I did too!” he smiled and handed me a towel for my privates. He wiped himself off and dropped the almost empty condom in the trash.

As we came out he patted me on the butt. “Thanks, thatwas great,” he said. “I’ll see you around?”

“Sure,” I said with smile. That was sudden! I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had wanted a quick fuck and that’s what I got. I guess that’s all he wanted too.


As I walked past Kaitlyn she asked, “how was it?”

“How was what?” I answered with all the innocence I could muster.

She laughed, “Susie, you know ‘what’. I saw you go into the cabana with Wyatt. What do you think.”

“Okay,” I said. “I guess I got what I wanted.”

“You must not have wanted much. You were in there for, what, 10 minutes?”

“I got a quick vaginal massage,” I answered bluntly, “with climax! But I felt like I was an amusement park ride. He was too for that matter. A good ride though.”

She gestured across the pool to where Wyatt was picking up a busty brunette’s glass and carrying it to the bar. “I don’t think you should expect anything more. He’s trying on every cunt in the place,” she opined. “He always starts by getting them a drink. Wyatt’s a stage name you know.”

“What?” I was surprised by her tone, not the fact.

“His given name is Percy Simpson. You’ve got to admit ‘Wyatt Williams’ is more forceful. God, he has staying power!” she commented as he led the woman into a cabana. “She’s his fourth today.”

The tone of her voice made me realize she wanted something. I looked at her. Yes, the tone was one of desire and envy. She wanted Wyatt herself. She had gained weight and had lost most of her waist. Her breasts had filled out and sagged slightly. She had always had ample hips and they were more ample now. “You should work out and cut down on the calories if you want guys like him to notice you,” I thought. She had been a voluptuous young woman. I decided to help her out.

After Wyatt and the brunette came out of the cabana I made sure I was in his path. “If you want to be invited back, you better take Kaitlyn into a cabana too,” I whispered to him.

“Kaitlyn?” he asked.

I gestured toward her hoping she wouldn’t notice, “you ought to know her, she sets up these parties. This is her father’s place.”

“She’s Mr. Daniels daughter?” he asked.

“Yes she is, and she expects something from you.”

“She does? What do I have?”

I grabbed his genitals, “Use this,” I told him. “If you want an acting part, seduce her. She may play hard to get but she wants you. Well, this part of you anyway.” I squeezed gently. He went over to her and they were in a cabana within minutes. I don’t think he even got her a drink. So much for playing hard to get.

“So how was it?” I asked, repeating her question to me as Kaitlyn emerged from the cabanas.

She sat down on the chaise next to me. “Fun, quick, his body is fabulous but no orgasm. Like you said, a decent ride.”

“He knows how to move that cock,” I said. “Don’t you like the way he moves it to rub your clit on the way in and your G-spot on the way out.”

“I hadn’t noticed,” she said. “He did make the inside of my vagina feel good but he’s no Elliot.” She was referring to an old sex partner who had a bulbous penis tip that she called the “magic ball.”

“He’s no Corey either,” I said, realizing that I shouldn’t have said it as soon as it escaped my mouth. Corey was Kaitlyn’s brother and had been my fiance until he moved in with another woman while away for an internship. Corey had a huge, eleven inch cock.

“Still thinking about Corey?” Kaitlyn asked. Corey was back from the internship, apparently dumped by his lover, or as I thought of her, ‘the bwitch’.