Susan in NYC Ch. 01

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Back when I was a senior in college, the only thing necessary to get me to attend the wedding of a distant relative was the promise of an open bar at the reception. Because I was in college, even the idea that there might be a young lady or two around my age to potentially hook up with wouldn’t have been as much of a draw because I was already surrounded by such potential at school. I was attending college in New York City, where alcohol was expensive, so I agreed to attend the wedding with the rest of my family and figured they’d be the only ones I’d embarrass if I drank too much since I didn’t really expect to know anyone else. I also figured it was an opportunity to wear the only suit I owned to determine if it would be appropriate for interviews as graduation drew closer. If it didn’t look professional enough, perhaps my parents would spring for a new one.

Rather than catching a train from Manhattan to Connecticut, where somebody would need to pick me up anyway, I just took a train home to New Jersey and bummed a ride to Connecticut with my brother. As anticipated, the wedding was a snoozer and I didn’t know anyone aside from my own immediate family. I was ready to start getting bombed when I saw her. It wasn’t one of those moments where the clouds parted and a single ray of sunshine illuminated a blond woman around my age causing my heart to go pitter-pat. I just happened to notice a conservatively attired woman with shoulder length blond hair who appeared to be about my age and made a mental note to maybe say hi before I was hammered. As it turned out, because the bride and groom were older relatives, there were not many people in attendance around my age so she had notice me, too.

Whether it was serendipity or skilled planning on her part, it wasn’t long before we bumped into each other and introduced ourselves. Her name was Susan and, in addition to the shoulder length blond hair and conservative attire, she was on the slender side with smallish boobs and, though she was cute, I didn’t think she was probably the type to attract a lot of attention from guys. Of course I hadn’t taken into account that she was at a wedding surrounded by her relatives, which it turned out she was much closer to than I was, so she wasn’t likely trying to attract attention. We got to talking and ended up enjoying each other’s company so we also danced a bit. There weren’t sparks flying or anything like that; it was more about it being nice to find someone around the same age to hang out with. When it was getting later, she let me know that her mom was ready to leave and she had driven so she had to go. I ended up walking out to the lobby with her and her mom and, seeing the guest book, I grabbed the pen and jotted the phone number of my dorm room on one of the wedding programs.

“If you are ever in the city,” I told her, “or feel like hanging out in the city, give me a call. I think it’d be fun to get together.”

She surprised me by giving me a quick kiss followed by a hug then smiled at me before leaving with her mom. She never said anything about actually calling me so, as I pondered that, I figured I’d never hear from her again and I was okay with it. This was back in the early 90s so there were no smartphones, no texting and no social media so it was easier to just let things slide, especially when you didn’t really have any other option. She had been fun to hang out with at the wedding but it wasn’t like we’d become smitten with each other. I went back up to school after that weekend, told my friends about the wedding and the cool chick I’d met but just made it sound completely casual. When I got a call a couple of days later, I had to answer the phone to find out who it was since this was also before caller ID. I was definitely not expecting it to be Susan.

She sounded a little tentative at first but I was happy to hear from her and I guess my voice reflected that so it didn’t take long before we were chatting just like we had at the wedding. I caught her up on what I’d done since we’d last seen each other and she did the same, though hers sounded a little more mundane compared to mine. She did say that the wedding and meeting me had been a nice change of pace for her and made her realize that she’d been in a little bit of a rut socially.

“I’ve been thinking about what you’d said about hanging out in New York,” she said, “and I was thinking it might be fun to do that but, since it’s kind of a long train ride, I was wondering if you’d be okay with doing a whole weekend rather than just a day.”

“I think it would be a blast to spend a weekend here with you,” I replied, “then we could see the whole city as well as the campus.”

“Oh great,” she replied, sounding relieved.

“I have to warn you, though,” I said, “my dorm room is pretty small and there’s just one bed.”

“Well that’s part of the college experience, isn’t it?” she replied, “Even if I could afford a hotel room in New York City, I’d feel like a tourist, but hanging out with you in your dorm and getting the insider’s tour of the city, I’ll feel like I’m part of the college scene again.”

“Okay,” I replied, “sounds great. When were you thinking of coming down?”

“How about this Friday?” she asked, again sounding tentative.

“Really?” Bostancı Escort I replied, “Sure, why not?”

She had already looked into trains and, since I didn’t have any classes on Fridays, I was good with her arriving earlier in the day, before the commuters were heading home since she was going to take the entire day off from work anyway. We agreed on where to meet up at the train station on Friday afternoon and I told her not to hesitate to call me back if she had any questions about what to bring along. When we hung up, I just sat there for a few minutes, contemplating what could potentially be in store for the weekend but convincing myself that there was a good chance we’d be sleeping platonically in a small dorm bed. At the very least, I was sure that it would be fun to show her around my favorite parts of the city. Maybe we’d end up too pooped for any kind of hanky-panky, anyway, or maybe sleeping together would lead to at least some light petting. Since there was so much uncertainty, I didn’t let it distract me and figured it’d all work itself out in the end.

As I stood in the train station that Friday afternoon, waiting for Susan to disembark from her train, I was wondering whether a kiss was appropriate given that she’d planted one on me when she’d been leaving the wedding reception. I figured a hug was a foregone conclusion but the kiss had me stymied so I figured I’d just go with the moment. As it turned out, I didn’t need to worry about it because she apparently already had a plan. When she came through the door from the train platform, it took me a moment to realize it was her because she didn’t look nearly as conservative as she had the wedding. She was wearing a snug pair of faded jeans and a form-fitting t-shirt that showcased her body more as athletic than slender. A pair of sunglasses held back her blond hair and overall she looked more relaxed and comfortable than she had in her conservative wedding attire. The next thing I knew, she was in my arms and her lips immediately met mine. This kiss was a lot less chaste than her goodbye the previous Saturday, though we weren’t making out there on the train station concourse. It definitely sent a surge of blood to my groin and had me thinking much more positively about the potential for this weekend.

“I hope that wasn’t too forward,” she said when our lips finally parted.

“I would say pleasantly surprising,” I replied, “but it was a nice way to set the tone and make sure we’re on the same page.”

“I wanted to let you know what page I was on when I left you on Saturday night,” she said, “but I couldn’t in front of my mother. I hoped that inviting myself to stay with you made it a bit clearer.”

“The important thing is that we’re clear now,” I replied then kissed her again, enjoying it more with the element of surprise removed. This time, however, even though we still weren’t making out, it was suggested by a passerby that we get a room. Since I already had one, we got moving instead and, while she slipped her jacket on over her t-shirt, I took her bag and carried it for her. We headed to the subway and caught the line back up to campus, chatting about a lot of things, including how little she’d actually been to the city despite not living that far away. I promised that I had a lot of things to show her so she’d be an expert rather than a tourist by the time she left on Sunday. It was a short walk from the subway station to my dorm, where I signed her in before we headed upstairs. My floor was pretty quiet at that time of day so we were soon in my room with the door bolted behind us where I set her bag down and we slipped out of our jackets. This time when we slipped into each other’s arms we felt more comfortable making out, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

My hands dropped down to her ass, which I’d taken a couple of opportunities to scope out in her faded jeans and had found to be pretty sweet; that conservative attire at the wedding had done her figure no favors in general but certainly had hidden a sweet ass. While pulling her against me, she had to have felt my throbbing cock between us. We ended up lying on my bed, continuing to make out, and I took the opportunity to fondle her tits through her t-shirt. They were on the smaller side but perky and I could feel her hard nipples through both her t-shirt and bra. It wasn’t much longer before my hand was up under her t-shirt, feeling her boobs through her bra, then on her bare tits after unfastening the front clasp. She expressed no resistance to my progress and seemed to be pretty into it based on the occasional soft moan or gasp while we continued to make out. When I slid my hand down from her tits, over her flat stomach to the waist of her jeans, she still didn’t protest, even as I started to unbutton and unzip them. With no indication that I should stop, I slipped my hand into her jeans, first caressing her pussy through her panties then slipping inside her panties as well.

Her bush felt like it was well-groomed, which I appreciated because I was now hoping to have my face buried between her thin thighs at some point, but her pussy was absolutely flooded. When I slipped a finger into her, she moaned like she was completely pent up. Her pussy was fairly snug Erenköy Escort but, due to all of the juices she was producing, my finger slipped easily inside. I slid it in and out a few times then gently caressed her clit, causing her to moan again. As I alternately caressed her clit and slid my finger in and out of her snug, slippery pussy, she gave up on trying to continue making out. She was lying on her back while I was on my side with one arm still around her shoulders. I was watching the expression on her face as I continued stimulating her pussy because it was varying between intense concentration, smiling broadly and pure passion.

She’d occasionally brush her hand over my throbbing cock through my jeans but I was just fine with her focusing on herself because I was feeling pretty confident that she’d take care of me once she’d experienced some relief. The longer I was stimulating her, the louder she was getting, though she did make an effort to contain herself as much as she could. She was also starting to tense up and, though it appeared like she was trying to make herself relax, the closer she got to cumming, the more difficult it was getting. I was happy to be able to have that effect on her, especially since she’d really made all of the overtures to get us to this point. She finally let out a gasp as her body relaxed and started shaking.

I continued to lightly caress her clit as she was cumming, hoping that helped her experience an even higher level of pleasure. Her orgasm appeared to be highly pleasurable and lasted pretty long so I was happy to have been able to help get her there, not just for the anticipated quid pro quo but also because it seemed as though she really needed some tension relieved. When she went still, I slipped my hand out of her panties and tasted her flavor on my finger while thinking again about getting my face down in her pussy. She was lying there with a smile on her face as she was recovering but, before I made a move to get her out of her jeans and panties, she rolled toward me and brought her lips to mine again. As we went back to making out, she was massaging my cock through my jeans then started to open them. She reached in once she had them unbuttoned and unzipped, feeling my throbbing tool through my briefs. Instead of just reaching into my briefs and extracting it to stroke me off, she got up on her knees and began to work my jeans down.

Once they were down far enough that my briefs were able to tent outward while trying to contain my rigid tool, she then slid my briefs down as well, my cock popping out and standing straight up. She gripped it loosely and slowly stroked it, which felt really nice so I was perfectly fine with the thought of spewing all over her fist, but she surprised me. Rather than lying beside me again as she stroked me off, she lowered her head and engulfed my cock in her mouth. I moaned as she sucked me off while gently pumping the base, her cocksucking leaving nothing to be desired. I pulled my pillow up under my head so that I could easily watch her, which was incredibly arousing. I never would have thought after that afternoon at the wedding reception that I’d eventually see my cock disappear into her mouth. Given her skill and the visual, I wasn’t anticipating lasting very long, which was fine because now I wanted to reciprocate, then I expected to be ready to go again. Having experienced one orgasm before we progressed to fucking would definitely help my staying power and, given how snug and slippery her pussy had felt, I was going to need all of the help I could get.

She appeared to be totally into sucking me off, not just like she was completely focused on my pleasure but like she was enjoying the opportunity to do it as much as I was enjoying the opportunity to have her doing it. She clearly was not sucking my cock because she felt like it was expected or because she was assuming I wanted her to; there was no doubt in my mind that she was sucking my cock because she enjoyed sucking cock. Naturally, it crossed my mind that, if she was enjoying it as much as she appeared to be, her pussy was probably becoming even hotter and wetter as a result. The thought of devouring her pussy just added to the level of arousal I was already feeling as she skillfully blew me.

As my orgasm was drawing closer, my cock was becoming even thicker but she just continued, completely unaffected. Even when I started spurting down her throat, she just swallowed my load as she continued to suck my cock. Only once I was completely spent did she let my cock fall from her mouth and look up at me, though it wasn’t expectantly, like she was awaiting my assessment; it was more like the cat who ate the canary, a look of satisfaction.

“Wow, that was amazing,” I said, giving her my feedback anyway. She smiled at me as though she already knew that but was happy to hear it anyway. I was eager to devour her pussy so I sat up and we maneuvered ourselves around until she was lying propped up on my pillow and I was kneeling beside her. Rather than pull my pants and underwear back up and tuck my spent cock away, I slipped them both off, leaving me in just my shirt, which felt silly so I removed that as well. Since I was naked, before I slipped her jeans and panties off, Göztepe Escort I helped her out of her t-shirt and bra while feeling the blood trying to return to my spent cock as I admired her perky titties and hard nipples. When she lifted her ass, I slid her jeans and panties down together, revealing a very blond, well-groomed bush. As soon as she was fully naked, I was lowering my head toward it as she parted her legs for me.

Of course I gazed upon her entire naked body until my face drew close to her pussy, when my focus was entirely on that. It was the blondest bush I’d ever been that close to and I loved how neatly it was groomed but I had no intention of just staring at it. I moved in closer and ran my tongue along her slit, tasting the pungent juices that were practically overflowing while causing her to moan. I glanced up while lapping up her juices to see that her eyes were closed but her mouth was hanging open as she continued to moan. Obviously I took this as a good sign, not that I’d thought she wouldn’t enjoy having her pussy licked, but that really was more about me. I liked to start out with just licking the juices from a girl’s slit but I knew that it wasn’t the best way to make her cum with the highest level of pleasure. For that, I soon slipped a finger into Susan’s pussy and, as I was slowly sliding it in and out, I began to lick and suck her clit.

This not only got her moaning louder and longer but she started writhing as she reached down to hold my head. Her pussy felt even wetter and more engorged than it had when I’d been manually stimulating her earlier though, of course, that was not just due to my oral attention. I had no doubt that slipping my cock into her was going to feel amazing but, since I wasn’t quite recovered enough for that yet, there was plenty of time for me to get her to another orgasm with the greatest amount of pleasure possible. I worked on approaching but not crossing over that fine line between drawing out the pleasure for as long as possible and keeping her orgasm just out of reach. This would not only give me more time to recover and be ready to fuck her but would also allow me plenty of time to indulge in my love of eating pussy, particularly a new and unfamiliar one.

The longer I devoured her pussy, the longer and louder she was moaning, to the point where I assumed she was being heard beyond my door, not that I minded. When she started to tense up as she was getting close to cumming, I was feeling pretty good that, even if I wasn’t 100% rigid, her pussy was still so flooded with lubrication that I shouldn’t have any trouble rolling on a condom and slipping into her. My focus switched from drawing out the pleasure to making her cum so her moaning switched to heavy breathing with the occasional moan. She was holding my head tightly while raising her ass up off the bed, forcing her pussy toward my face as I continued to devour it. Right before she started cumming, she went rigid and quiet then suddenly went limp as her body started shaking. I didn’t stop what I was doing, hoping that by continuing to eat her, her orgasm would be longer and more pleasurable.

When she finally went still and quiet, she let out a sigh so I raised my head and slipped my finger out of her pussy. I stood as I was licking her juices from my finger and gazing at her naked body laid out on my bed. I turned briefly to grab a condom from the stash in my dresser then tore it open and rolled it on as I got onto the bed on my knees between her spread legs. She adjusted herself slightly so that she was centered on my bed and no longer propped up on my pillow. As I lowered myself over her, I guided my nearly fully rigid tool to her pussy and easily slipped it right in. We both moaned and she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer so that we could kiss as I began to fuck her. As expected, her pussy felt outstanding even through the condom; if I hadn’t cum already, I probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a minute or so. My cock was just becoming even harder as I was slowly sliding it in and out of her. We were making out as we were fucking and she was raising her hips each time I slipped into her, guaranteeing maximum penetration.

We were very quickly in a rhythm and had a nice pace going. I’d have been more than content to continue fucking like this all night long. Her pussy felt amazing so I was hopeful that she was feeling like my cock sliding in and out of her was amazing, too. Because we were making out, there wasn’t much going on in the way of moaning, at least at first. I was doing my best to maintain the pace we’d set, not only so that I’d last longer and enjoy it for longer, but also so that we could continue making out. I was definitely in my happy place, feeling her below me with her tongue in my mouth and my cock repeatedly buried in her pussy. I got the impression that she was in her happy place, too, based on how she was moving and exploring my mouth with her tongue as well as the way she was running her hands up and down my back. I never wanted the moment to end but, when it did, I was not disappointed in the way it ended. There were no telltale signs, like any tensing up or moaning; Susan just suddenly pulled her mouth from mine and cried out as her body started shaking below me. I was pleasantly surprised but continued to fuck her as she was cumming while gazing down at the ecstatic expression on her face. It was another long and obviously very intensely pleasurable orgasm which I was pleased to have helped her to achieve.