Susan and the Professor Ch. 05


“It was two weeks later, and I was drying off after showering, feeling refreshed and happy. Don had been in the study working on our bills and, I had heard vaguely, talking on the phone. Suddenly, I heard him command, ‘Jean, come out here!’ I had an immediate premonition that I was in trouble, and, as I came out, naked except for a towel, I knew I was right.

His face had a stone-like, angry look – you know the one I mean, you’ve seen it – and he just stared at me for a moment that seemed like forever. Then, he said, threateningly, ‘I’ve just spent ten minutes with the phone company trying to ?gure out why we were being charged for a twenty-minute call to Roanoke, Virginia – which turned out to be a person-to-person call from here to Janine Doyle! If there’s an innocent explanation, I’d better hear it right now! “‘

“You must have been scared to death! What on earth did you say, and what happened?”

“Scared is hardly the word for it – terri?ed and paralyzed is more like it! You know, these happened years ago, but I can remember every detail as if it had been yesterday. . . . .


Jean stood there, her mind in complete turmoil, trying desperately to think of something, anything, to explain the unexplainable. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out, until, ?nally, she gasped, “Don….I….Oh, Don…”

“Obviously, you have no innocent explanation! Come here!” With that, Don grabbed her and, without any further comment, turned her over his knee and began a vicious spanking. Her towel had fallen off, leaving her completely naked, her ass completely exposed mid completely vulnerable. Don didn’t utter a word as he brought his hand down with a resounding smack, the ?rst of many blows to hit her bare buttocks.

Smack..smack..smack..smack.., each smack with the full power of his arm, sending waves of pain through her as she kicked and squirmed, begging him to stop. Don paid absolutely no attention to Jean’s cries or her efforts to free herself. He was completely intent in punishing her for her obvious unfaithfulness, continuing to belabor her bottom as it turned pink, then red and, ?nally, ?aming crimson.

At last, after thirty thunderous blows, his hand began to tingle, and, looking around, he picked up a large, but thin, hardbound book from the bedside table and began using it as a paddle. It made a loud “twack’ noise as it smashed against her ass cheeks, stinging the already sore ?esh, magnifying the agony she already felt. The twacks seemed to go on forever: thwack… thwack… thwack…. thwack…. thwack….., on and on, each one worse than the one before, hitting the same in?amed area, the pain shooting through her like lightning.

By this time, Jean’s struggles had ended. All she could do was lie there, draped over his knees, and absorb the punishment. She was crying piteously, moaning and pleading for him to stop, gasping out, “Please, Don, I’m sorry! Please stop…it hurts! Please let me explain!”

“Oh, you’ll explain, all right! But your ass is going to be blistered ?rst!” The spanking continued, and, while her ass might not have been literally “blistered,” it took on the deep red color of subsumed skin that would blister. Thwack…thwack……..thwack ……….thwack. Finally, Don’s fury diminished, the spanking slowed…..and stopped. Jean just hung there, sobbing, tears ?owing down her cheeks and dropping to the ?oor. Don did not take pity on her as he heaved her up onto her feet, from which she collapsed on the bed, hiding her face in the covers. “All right, Jean, let’s hear that explanation – and it had better be honest or you’l1 be right over my knee again!”

Crying profusely, Jean, with little choice, began recounting the events described above. The words poured out, starting with the New Year’s Eve celebration and her subsequent adultery that night, her long sex ?lled weekend with Dennis, and ending with her fearful efforts to conceal her sins. She very frankly described the intimate relationship but insisting that all of it had been nothing but “recreational” sex.

“Damn it, Jean, you’re still missing the point. I don’t care if Dennis fucked you once or one hundred times! You can suck his cock all day if you want to! We went through this four years ago on our second anniversary. I told you then that I wouldn’t mind if some guy fucked you at the party, but, don’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri lie to me about it! Despite that warning, you deliberately told me that Dennis left after taking you home.”

“But, Don, Dennis was right there! How could I tell you that we’d just had sex and that he was going to sleep with me?”

“You know that you could have let me know that he was still there. I could have ?lled in the details myself. There’s just no excuse for lying to me, and you’ll get an even harder spanking if you ever do it again!”


“We talked a long time about it, and I had to admit that I was completely wrong. I knew, of course, how he felt about me not telling him the truth about something, and he’d told me several other times that he wouldn’t mind if I had a purely sexual encounter with someone else, and I told him about it. I guess that I just didn’t want to risk it – having sex and sleeping with Dennis for three days seemed like just too much. I just didn’t dare to see if Don really meant it. Boy, was that a mistake! That’s what made my freezing when John had me in Maine so stupid. I had no reason not to tell him and I certainly should have, but, for some reason, when I should have volunteered the information. I didn’t, deliberately misleading him. As you know, I paid for it too!”

“Well, we both knew that you should tell him about John, but the video tape came too soon and caught you. Obviously, Don doesn’t mind – and he shouldn’t considering the number of times he’s had me. How did it turn out with Dennis? Did he ever ?nd out that Don knew?”

“Oh, yes. A few months later, Don had to go to St. Louis again, and he actually asked me if I wanted to invite Dennis over. I admitted that I thought I would enjoy it and I did call him. He stayed with me two nights – working during the day – and I told him then that Don didn’t mind. That relieved him since he had felt somewhat guilty about screwing his friend’s wife. After that, the three of us got together like old times, with the subject of sex never coming up. Later that year, we had to move to the Midwest for Don’s business, and I started free-lance writing while still having connections with the Globe. Once or twice a year I would have to ?y back to Boston and, when l did, Dennis would pick me up at Logan and I would stay with him at his apartment – very pleasant and very sexy!

“There is one thing, however. I never told Don about Dennis fucking me while we were talking on the phone. I still don’t see anything wrong with it as long as only Dennis and I knew about it – but I was afraid that Don would somehow think I was putting something over on him when that certainly was not my intent. It would have been wrong if it had been done to hurt him or, as with Janine, to spite him, and I would never do that! As I told you before, I feel the same way about you sucking Robert while Jim waits in the car – it’s fun, you feel sexy doing it, and, since Jim doesn’t know about it, no one is hurt. I think that it all depends on your motivation! You know, though, I think that there is always a little feeling of guilt, a sense of doing something ‘wrong’, or, even, a slight element of danger, that makes doing something like that exciting.”

Whether Jean’s arguments were rational or just rationalizations, they made sense to Susan and she came to really enjoy sucking up till the last minute before Jim arrived. On several occasions when he came in to the apartment’s foyer and rang the bell, she was still on her knees awaiting Robert’s ejaculation. One time, in fact, he was kept waiting outside the door for several minutes until the cock sucking was finished. Certainly, Jean was right in one respect – the element of danger, doing it when she knew that her husband was very near, made what might have become a routine activity quite stimulating. In fact, musing and philosophizing aside, that is usually the real reason people do things like this – it provides a tingle, a little thrill from doing something totally outside normal bounds of behavior. Something new, something different, that made adultery even more attractive.

This extra stimulation was particularly evident from one small incident that occurred the weekend after their discussion about Susan’s guilty feelings. Robert was at Jean and Don’s for dinner, something that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had become fairly common as the semester went on. The meal was over and everyone was sitting around talking until the school’s basketball team’s game came on television. Jean served dessert at half time, with Susan assisting, of course.

When the second half started, the two women, with, surprisingly, Robert’s help, carried the plates back to the kitchen and cleaned up. As they ?nished, Jean turned to Susan, with a knowing grin, saying, “Why don’t I wait outside and guard the door for a few minutes, honey.” Actually, she and Susan had agreed that she would do so if an opportunity arose, so her suggestion was no surprise to Susan, but it was to Robert.

He was, quite reasonably, puzzled, not being aware that Jean knew of his and Susan’s sexual activities, but recognizing an opportunity when it was presented, he began playing with Susan’s breasts while remarking, “I assume that Jean knows something of what we’ve been doing, and that she approves.” Then, looking quizzically at her, he asked, “Will it be safe?” Nodding, Susan knelt down in front of him in obvious invitation, and, without further hesitation, Robert took out his cock, now quite hard, and inserted it into her open mouth. The circumstances made it almost certain that the cock sucking would be short – a lovely married woman kneeling at his feet, sucking, while her husband sat in the next room; another married woman, his hostess, standing guard just a few feet away, obviously aware of what was going on.

The idea of doing something immoral and dangerous combined with the physical and psychological impact of Susan’s sucking mouth soon had Robert’s cock approaching climax. She held his cock between her ?ngers as she moved her head back and forth, her mouth serving as a cunt. He had a hand on each side of her head, guiding her as his hips ?exed, driving in and out as if he were fucking her. Finally, the inevitable occurred, and he ejaculated, the cum spurting into her mouth and, as she swallowed, down her throat.

For Susan, the entire performance was exhilarating – kneeling down like a slave girl or concubine servicing her master; knowing that Jean was just outside the door, aware of what she was doing; knowing, also, that her husband was nearby, totally unaware of what she was doing! All of these things combined to give her a thrill, an elation that the simple act of cock sucking never could do alone. It was that feeling of doing something totally out of the ordinary combined with the delightful sense of doing something dangerous – but not too dangerous! Dissolute, licentious, immoral, wanton – a delicious sense of doing something totally beyond the pale.

She became more and more in?amed and, running her hand up under her skirt, she masturbated her cunt, rubbing the clit as her excitement grew. When she felt Robert starting to come, she actually reached orgasm herself as surges of sexual heat ?owed through her body. As the cock began to spurt, she held it tight between her lips, welcoming the ?ood that poured into her mouth and down her throat. At the same time, her hand clamped hard on her clit, her pelvis moving almost as if she were being screwed, her climax almost matching his in intensity.

The entire scenario didn’t last very long. Robert put his cock away and helped Susan to her feet, the two of them casually leaving the kitchen as if nothing had happened. Jean was standing just outside the door and the three of them joined Don and Jim in watching the game. Nothing was said at the time, of course, but Susan said later, and Robert surprisingly agreed, that having Jean as a knowledgeable co-conspirator a few feet away had added a real spice to their illicit assignation. She also admitted that it gave her a secret thrill to sit next to her husband on the couch a few minutes after sucking another man’s cock in the kitchen! Whether it was Jean’s advice or merely coming to terms with her own desires, Susan’s conscience hadn’t stopped her from enjoying that illicit tryst.

So, with that conscience being eased, things went very well for most of the semester. Regrettably, though, there was one signi?cant complication. As one would be expect, throughout most of her life, she had been a “good” girl, doing what was proper, treating people with courtesy, and meeting all of the güvenilir bahis şirketleri standards of etiquette. This was particularly true with appointments and schedules – she always was on time. However, when she retired from teaching, punctuality seemed much less important, and, with the birth of the baby and its irregular schedule, she came to regard being on time as less important. Consequently, by the second or third week of meetings with Robert, she began arriving ten, ?fteen, or, once, twenty minutes late.

As might be assumed, Robert did not take such behavior with equanimity. With his background, punctuality was to be assumed. He saw being late without very good excuse as gross discourtesy, something just “not done” and, thus, totally unacceptable. Such behavior indicated that the late comer considered the appointment, class, etc. as less important than his or her other activities and that there was no need to worry about inconveniencing, in this case, Robert. He would not countenance such behavior, a fact that his students in class soon discovered – as soon, also, did Susan.

The ?rst time she was late he excused it while showing his mild displeasure. When she was twenty minutes late because Jim, Jr. was not feeling well, he excused it without hesitation. However, when the tardiness was nothing more than lack of discipline or, worse, a feeling that “it doesn’t matter,” he was much less forgiving. At first, he merely scowled and said that he expected her to be on time just as for a regular class, but, by the third time, he was politely irate (if such a thing is possible), telling her that he expected her to be there at 2:00, not 2:10 or, worse, 2:20. When she was ?fteen minutes late the next Monday, he ?nally had enough, and as she came in, said, “All right, Susan. You’ve de?ed me about being on time long enough! Now, take off your panties and come over here – you’re going to get a spanking that may remind you of the value of punctuality!”

“Robert! You must be kidding! You’re not going to spank me!”

“You do as I say, or leave!”

“I won’t do it!”

“All right, we will drop the course right now. I won’t have anything more to do with you if you don’t value the material enough to show your respect for it – and me!”

Furious, Susan grabbed up her purse and headed for the door. However, once outside and sitting in her car, she broke down and cried, thinking about what she was losing. She loved the reading and the analysis, and she loved doing it with Robert. Also, how would she ever explain not having the tutorial alter bubbling over about much she enjoyed it. Finally, in desperation, she slowly went back inside and knocked on Robert’s door. Obviously not surprised (but secretly relieved – he was giving up a great deal too, of course), he let her in. Clearly having the advantage, he intended to make the most of the situation.

“Please, Robert, I’m sorry.”

“That is not signi?cant, Susan. The matter is closed!”

“Oh, please, Robert, I’m really sorry. Please let’s go on with the work – I really want to!” Getting no reply, only a haughty look, she added, “Please, Robert, don’t make me beg you!”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do, beg me to punish and forgive you, and to promise to be on time in the future

Susan didn’t know what to do, her pride forbidding her to beg, yet wanting desperately to have him give in. “Oh, Robert, I can’t!”

“Then leave!”

Tears welled up in Susan’s eyes again, and sobbing, she dropped to her knees and pleaded, “Please, Robert, forgive me. I promise not to be late again if you will forgive me!”

Robert was startled, not expecting her to kneel down, but, hardening his voice, demanded, “Tell me how I should punish you. Ask me to do it!”

Absolutely crushed and humiliated, Susan found herself in a position of which she never had dreamed. Always before when she had been spanked, a physically stronger person, Jean, Don – and Robert – had simply turned her over their knees and, despite her struggles, had punished her. Now, she was being forced to ask to be spanked. He was demanding her total submission before spanking her, abasing herself completely – she couldn’t do it, but she had to! Finally, as the tears began rolling down her cheeks, she broke down and stammered, “Please, Robert, spa…span…spank me.”

“Say it clearer Including the panties!”

Blushing furiously and crying as she did so, Susan said, “Please Robert, take down my panties and spank me!”


“PLEASE, ROBERT. TAKE DOWN MY PANTIES AND SPANK ME!” Susan practically shouted the demeaning request, then slumped back on her heels, her shoulders and head falling forward, her face hidden.