Surreptitious Love Ch. 18



It was the beginning of June now, and Tuyet would be back from Hue soon. But I wanted to see Nguyet one more time before that. Over the summer, Tuyet and I would have a bunch of outrageous, funny adventures again, I was certain. We hadn’t spoken much during the last months, but we would have plenty of time to catch up during the summer.

A few days ago, I had asked Nguyet about her health and her pregnancy, and she had told me that everything was fine. Interestingly, she had confessed to her parents that she was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to hear the details.

On Wednesday, she texted me saying she was horny. Plain and simple. She added that she was masturbating every day now; she often did it twice, but she was yearning for a dick, a man, a real fuck. As I couldn’t just leave everything, I told her I’d come over the next day during lunch. On Thursdays, I worked til 11 in the morning and then again at two o’clock. Nguyet didn’t live far from our school.

When she opened the door, someone was stepping out of the neighbor’s apartment, which wasn’t ideal. But Nguyet would move to Saigon in a month and then my visits would stop anyway. She was visibly pregnant now; not that her tummy was large, no, but her whole body was softer and her skin was glowing. She was wearing loose pants with a matching, generously tailored top, all made from the same dark green material, which suited her nicely.

“Well, come on in,” she said.

“Your mother made that outfit?” I asked right away.

“Yeah, of course. She obviously doesn’t want me to shop for maternity outfits in town,” she said somewhat nervously.

She went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Presumably, we’d have tea in a minute. We could hear the kettle working and sat down on the bed couch while we were waiting. We kissed, and I put my hand on her belly. I admired her glow, which I have only seen on pregnant women.

“Is he moving already? Or she?”

“Not really. And, yes, it’s a boy.” She smiled.

“Did you go to our former boss’s brother? He’s the chief ob-gyn in town, as you probably know. All pregnant ladies I knew go to him.”

“No, I went somewhere else. He doesn’t need to know that I’m pregnant.”

“But everything’s alright? What did the doctor say?”

“No complications. I gotta go back tomorrow for a blood test, but that’s routine.”

She got up and went to the kitchen. I pulled the small coffee table closer so that she could put the tea tray on it, which she did. She sat back down and we continued our conversation.

„So, tell me what your mother said,” I requested while I was stroking her back. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Well, of course she blamed our affair for my pregnancy. With your help, so to speak, I discovered sex, so I kept fucking every month, and then it happened because I’m too interested in sex. That’s basically her argument.”

“Well, that’s obviously nonsense. Everyone is interested in sex,” I chimed in.

“Well, yeah, sure. But you’d asked what she’d said. Anyway, now she wants me to raise the baby at her house until I find a husband.”


„Well, I do have my best friends here in town, sure. Financially, it would be better too, obviously. My mother actually seemed to be looking forward to the child, but my dad was just bitter and didn’t want to listen. I could actually see myself living with my mother with the baby, but not my dad. Although, he’d be out of the house most of the time,” Nguyet mused. It was a sober moment.

“You know what?! Once the baby is here, they both will peek into the cradle and make cooing sounds fifty times a day,” I predicted.

“Well, yeah, that would be the best-case scenario,” she concurred.

“And what did the father of your child say? Is there any news?”

“Well, he’s still sore that I led him on, that I didn’t tell him that we only fucked because I wanted a child. He also said he didn’t have the impression that I loved him, or at least not enough, which would be his precondition to get married.”

“Well, I’d be sore too if a woman lied to me about her cycle, so that she can conceive. But did he ever bother to ask if the two of you needed contraception?”

“No, he just fucked me like it was completely my responsibility. But, look, I know that if I had told him what my plan was, we probably canlı bahis wouldn’t have had sex,” Nguyet summarized what happened.

“I understand,” I assured her.

Just when she wanted to reply, the phone rang. She got up to get it, and I admired her figure. Still. She was just perfectly shaped, plus a pregnant belly now. She chatted in Vietnamese, laughed, giggled, looked at me, nodded, and then hung up. She took off her camisole and said: “Hey, let’s fuck! Quickly! Hurry up!”

I was staring at her belly, still admiring it, together with her larger breasts and nipples and asked with mock surprise: “The caller told you to fuck?”

“Ha, nonsense,” she laughed. “It was Thuy, and she wants to come over in half-an-hour.”

“Oh. We could wait for her and then all fuck together,” I suggested.

“No, first I want you to fuck me 100 per cent, with no one else in between. I don’t even know if Thuy wants to have sex,” she added.

“Sure, she does. Anyway, I wasn’t totally serious. Yes, let’s do it. That’s what I’m here for. What position is the most comfortable for you, though? Not missionary, I guess.”

“Certainly not. I don’t want your 240 pounds on top of me,” she giggled. “I’ll lie on the bed and you kneel in front of the bed?”

“Kneel? Oh, I don’t know. What about the dinner table over there? You could lie down and I fuck you standing.”

“OK. Yeah, would work,” she laughed, taking off her top.

Her large breasts looked enticing. Now, she folded a blanket, put it on the table, and took off her pants. Her panties were white, and her belly looked overly cute. Good Lord, was she beautiful! I also took my clothes off, and when I looked at her again, my dick got stiff instantly. Well, almost. Her breasts and nipples were not only larger but also pointier.

She reached for my dick greedily and massaged it a few times. Now, she pulled down her panties and lied down on the bed, with her pussy close to the edge. She held her legs next to her upper body, reaching under her knees.

She looked past herself and said: “Lick me a little first, will ya?”

I went over to the table to get the blanket to put it under my knees in front of the bed. When I was between her legs, I kissed her belly, stroked it and then moved on to her bush and pussy. I was fascinated by her beauty. Her skin was glowing, as was her pussy, which was half open already, pulsating, and emanating a titillating aroma. Nguyet had closed her eyes and when I started circling her clit, she instantly began to moan. Her pussy was twitching and a little nectar was oozing out of her. After a few minutes, she moved onto the bed couch and said:

“Come inside me! Thuy’s gonna be here in 15 minutes. We need to hurry!”

I kneeled down behind her butt, almost sitting down, and pushed my dick slowly inside her. Maybe half of it. She seemed a little tight, but after I had started thrusting, my cock suddenly just went all in effortlessly. She was writhing slightly, moaning, and panting.

“This is so nice,” she whispered, licking her lips.

Now, she was holding her knees again next to her upper body, so that I could get inside her really deep. I thrusted some more, pulling her up onto my dick with my hands on her hips. I wanted to fuck her from behind a little, but she reminded me of Thuy’s visit and seemed unwilling to move and change positions. She was enjoying her trance, knowing that this was one of the last fucks before she would give birth.

As beautiful as everything was, I couldn’t hold back any longer and ejaculated profusely. She didn’t seem to be close to an orgasm yet, but with Thuy’s help we would probably get there in an hour. After she had made room, I lied down next to her.

„Sorry that I came so quickly. We’ll do it again more slowly when Thuy’s here,” I promised.

“It was good. No worries. And we had to hurry up anyway,” she smiled.

We caressed each other, and I listened carefully to her breathing. I looked at her belly again and stroked it. But as the half-an-hour must have passed already, we got dressed.

Nguyet went to the bathroom, but as I knew we would do it again soon, I didn’t shower. When she got back, she filled our cups with lukewarm tea and we continued talking.

“Well, how about you stay here after you’ve given birth and stayed at your parents’ house for a few months? bahis siteleri Your roommate wants a child, so she would probably be tickled, too. I know that’s not the same as having your own child, but she would be of great help, I’m sure. And you go and visit your parents or they come here every day. That way, you don’t have to deal with too much bickering or foul mood. Wouldn’t that be a nice compromise? You wouldn’t be trapped at your parents’ house at 31 but have a nice support network,” I laid out my view on the matter.

Frankly, I also had sex with Nguyet on my mind. I didn’t want to watch her leave for Saigon. Just as she was about to answer, there was a knock on the door. Nguyet got up to let Thuy in. When she entered the room, I didn’t believe my eyes: Thuy was glowing in her business outfit, with a blue-and-white striped shirt and a very dark navy-blue business costume. Her hair was wavy, she was wearing lipstick and flesh-colored stockings.

She looked absolutely gorgeous and was smiling at me. I complimented her immediately. For the first time, I realized that she had some freckles and that a few of her eyelashes were white. Maybe she was some sort of albino. She knew how good she looked and shook my hand. She sat down next to me, and then we moved a little to make room for Nguyet.

I stroked Thuy’s back to set the tone for the next hour; she smiled and put her hand on my thigh. My dick was already on alert again.

„Hey, how come Thuy’s visiting spontaneously?” I asked Nguyet.

„She has an appointment at one of the government offices in town,” Nguyet told me. “She worked through her lunch break and took the afternoon off.

“And the outfit? Is she going to be in a movie? Or did she dress up for me?”

“Ha, no, she didn’t know you’d be here. But you know that you’re supposed to dress up in Vietnam whenever you go to some government agency.”

“Yeah, I know, my wife always gets dolled up, too.”

I told Thuy how smart and sexy she looked and, simply, that she was a beautiful woman. I was immediately reminded of the ribald rumpuses at her house. The thing was, though, I had to leave in less than an hour. In other words, we needed to get it on right away.

“Nguyet, I gotta go in 45 minutes or so. Do you want to fuck a little?”

She briefly talked with Thuy, who seemed to be in, but then they were negotiating something.

“Yeah, she wants to. She’s ovulating, though. Well, I want you to come inside me anyway. Bus she’s also a little concerned about her clothes and her hair,” she smiled.

“I understand. Well, then she should take off all her clothes and put them over there,” I said pointing at the chair at the table.

My dick was already pretty stiff in my pants, so I got up and took off my clothes again. I didn’t want my dress pants to be ruined either, since I had to teach all afternoon and early evening. Thuy was still surprised to see a stiff dick and shrieked, clutching her hands in front of her throat, like she’d seen a spider or a snake. Nguyet took off her top again, so that Thuy could admire her belly.

Now, Thuy got up and performed a really nice striptease. Not consciously, but that was just how things turned out. She unbuttoned her blouse, and we saw her beautiful white bra. I immediately jumped up again to snap it open in the back. She turned around, smiled and coyly thanked me. Nguyet found this little scene endearing. From behind, I massaged Thuy’s heavy breasts with their coarse nipples, until Nguyet jumped between us, as my glans was touching Thuy’s skirt. But, as far as I could tell, it hadn’t left any mark yet.

Nguyet took my dick and pushed the foreskin back. She told me to sit on the bed, while she squatted down in front of me and took my dick in her mouth. While she was taking care of my cock, I got to watch Thuy undress further and was in heaven. Thuy slowly took off her skirt first and then her stockings. She undressed so gracefully that I was afraid I’d come right then in Nguyet’s mouth.

Now, Thuy was carrying all her clothes to the chair and—perhaps I was wrong—I could smell this wonderful concoction of a woman wearing clothes for several hours, including stockings. The smell was similar to Nguyet’s in Hue, when she had been sitting up on that wall and I had gotten under her skirt. Marvelous! This was almost like a ‘Best of’ bahis şirketleri collection of scenes and moments! I caressed Nguyet’s face, who was still sucking my dick. She could squat for hours on end, just like every Vietnamese.

Thuy seemed shy about her panties but took them off eventually. As she was too lazy to go back over to the chair that had the rest of her clothes on it, she put them next to me on the bed. I sniffed them, of course, and the aroma was tantalizing.

I reached between Thuy’s legs. Her pussy was moist but not wet yet. She could certainly use a little more foreplay. I asked Nguyet if Thuy couldn’t take her position. Nguyet got up and took off her pants, while Thuy got down between my legs and took my dick in her mouth. Nguyet removed her panties and was standing next to us, while Thuy was sucking me artfully.

As soon as I would be in Nguyet’s pussy, I wouldn’t want to pull out again. And she wouldn’t let me. But Thuy was ovulating. The way she was blowing me was endearing. On the other hand, now that she had taken her clothes off, I might as well fuck her a little. Otherwise, she could have left her spiffy business suit on. That would have been hot too, actually. As I was mulling things over, she let my dick snap out, got up, smiled and jumped on my lap, eager to fill her pussy with my wet, erect dick.

She reached between us and adjusted my glans between her pussy lips. Strictly speaking, I should not have allowed her to do so, but I have always been a friend to giving in to the dynamics of life. We had already agreed that I would come in Nguyet, who was standing next to us and playing with Thuy’s tits. I was still smitten by her large dark nipples and the surprising heaviness of her breasts.

I wanted to lie down now, so that Thuy and the Nguyet could ride my cock. Or should I say ‘hi’ to Thuy’s pussy first? I hadn’t seen it yet, and so I lifted her off me and we rearranged our positions. I began licking Thuy, while Nguyet was behind me milking my dick and tickling my butthole with her tongue.

Now, I shoved my dick into Thuy, slowly but with determination, and then rode her missionary style for a few minutes, while she moaned frequently and was writhing excitedly. Once Nguyet had given birth, I’d fuck Thuy more frequently, I promised myself. Of course, it was a pity that we had to stop soon, but I couldn’t afford getting Thuy pregnant. And Nguyet couldn’t wait to get fucked.

I finally lied down on my back and Nguyet took a seat on my cock. She was pretty adamant. As soon as my dick was inside her, she started riding me. Her tits were bouncing for the first time ever, while Thuy sat down next to my chest and let me play with her tits. She, in turn, pulled my chest hair. When Nguyet stopped, I was surprised, but all she wanted to do was turn around. Now, I could see her hairy ass, which made up for the fact that I couldn’t see her tits bounce anymore.

I watched my dick disappear inside Nguyet periodically. There was also some whitish foam developing around it. I wanted to taste it, but Nguyet was so immersed in riding me that I didn’t dare to interrupt the process. I just held on to Nguyet’s hips and left her run the show. Thuy was fascinated by the mechanics of intercourse; I watched her watching my dick and Nguyet’s pussy creating more white foam.

Nguyet’s hair in her ass crack was soaking wet now and that I came was perhaps a relief for all of us. Nguyet climaxed; she was shrieking and yelling, and Thuy sat down on my face briefly. Nguyet’s pussy was milking my cock with its contractions until it got smaller and limp. As she hadn’t moved yet, though, it was still in her.

“Phew,” I said to Thuy, smiling.

I tried to tell her in Vietnamese that I wished I could have come in her to today, too. Nguyet repeated what I said in proper words, and Thuy laughed, saying “Next time.”

When Nguyet dismounted, a long sticky thread of cum and pussy juice developed between her pussy and my pubic hair. I thought that I’d better go and take a shower. She and Thuy were discussing something as I was leaving the room. When I came back, the two of them had gotten dressed already. Nguyet’s pants had a dark spot, but she assured me she’d shower and change as soon as we were gone.

When we said goodbye, Nguyet told me that Thuy has asked if we couldn’t do this more often. She wanted to feel a man ejaculating in her again. It had been a while. As Nguyet was expecting a child and would be out of commission for a while, Thuy wanted to take her role. ‘Jesus Christ!’ I thought to myself and nodded.