Surprise for hubby

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Surprise for hubbyI love my husband very much but after several years of marriage our sex life was starting to become a little bit predictable so I decided to suprise him and try to spice things up a bit. After spending the morning online and on the telephone my surprise was in place, I just had to hope that I could go through with it and that Tony would enjoy it.That evening I told Tony I was taking him for a drink and made sure I was looking good. At the bar as Tony went to get our drinks I scanned the room and found what I was looking for. Adam was 6 foot with a nice taut body, short dark hair and electric blue eyes. I went and introduced myself and we had a quick chat about the night before Tony arrived with our drinks. I introduced the men without explaining how I knew Adam and as Tony has always been turned on at the thought of me flirting with other men he didnt think to ask.As the conversation flowed easily so did the alcohol giving me the confidence to initiate what both Adam and I knew was the reason we were here. Whilst we had been chatting my hand had been resting at the top of Tonys thigh but now I leant forward and slowly ran my hand up Adams leg letting my hand stop and slowly caress his crotch. I felt Tonys cock stiffen instantly and knew it was ok to carry on. “Come on then boys lets go and have some fun” I said standing and both men stood quickly and followed me out the door.Tony has a fantasy of watching me be fucked by other men whilst being humiliated by me but it was a fantasy that I never felt able to make a reality for him. The idea of fucking another man was a turn on but humiliating my man was muğla escort something I just didnt think I could do, it just felt wrong. Instead I decided to see if we could reach a comprimise.As we walked through the door to our home I realised it was now or never “right boys inside this house I am the mistress and you two are to do whatever you are told, do you understand?” “yes mistress” replied Adam and it was then Tony realised how he was supposed to answer. “Tony go and get the wine and Adam go to the bedroom and get the items laid out on the bed”. As the men went about their tasks I went into the front room and removed my dress so that when they returned they would find me in black lace lingerie with stockings, suspenders and black stilletto heels. Tony returned with the wine and started to pour out three glasses when Adam came back into the room “get dressed” I ordered and Adam handed over some of what he had brought downstairs to Tony. Both men stripped and were soon wearing outfits identical to mine only white in colour.As I sat back on the sofa with my glass of wine I left both men stood in front of me so I could look them over and decide who needed helping out. I could see through the lace underwear that Tony was rock hard as expected but Adam was only half hard so things needed evening up. “Tony on your knees”, he obeyed instatnly and I began to relax into my role. I stood and walked over to Adam and shoved him close to Tonys so his cock was close to Tonys face. I tugged down the panties and ordered Tony to suck him hard. Tony stayed very still for a second then began to speak “em”.. I grabbed Tonys hair escort muğla forced his head forward so that Adams cock was in his mouth before he could finish speaking. “I am your mistress and you will do as you are told”. Keeping hold of his hair I forced his head forward so that he had to take all of Adams cock in his mouth. After thirty seconds he found the rythym that Adam enjoyed and Adam was fully erect forcing his 7 inch cock down Tonys throat. “Fucking cissy boys enjoying it?” I asked and though Tony couldnt answer with a mouth full of cock Adam replied “yes mistress” and tried to force himself even further down Tonys throat “well you fucking well shouldnt be you are here to please me not yourselves so stop””Adam get on your knees”I could see Tonys cock throb as he thought he was now going to see the favour returned but he was wrong. I moved closer to the edge of the sofa and told Tony to come and lick my pussy.”Slowly” I ordered I was already very turned on enjoying the power I held so when Tonys tongue slowly teased my pussy I knew it wouldnt be long before I needed a cock fucking me hard. Adam was on his knees watching Tonys face buried in my pussy when I told him to move behind Tony and lower the knickers. Adam did this slowly whilst trying to figure out what he would be expected to do next. “Now you get to play with his ass” I said and Adam licked his finger. “No not with your finger, with your tongue and make sure you do a good job or you will be there all night”. Tony moaned as Adam teased with his tongue and soon was unable to concentrate on my wet pussy as he longed to be ass fucked. “Adam come here muğla escort bayan and fuck me I said as Tony came close to cumming and I didnt want this to end so soon. Adam came over on his knees and stared to slowly ease his cock into my pussy “Get that fucking little cock in there now” I ordered “and start fucking me hard, I wont feel that tiny cock otherwise”. Adam started pumping hard at my pussy, every thrust rubbing on my clit, after Tonys licking it didnt take long for me to cum and Adam was soon filling me up with his hot salty cum. Tony was still on his kness watching so I pushed Adam to the side and ordered him to clean me up. He eagerly licked enjoying the taste of used pussy and someone elses warm cum sliding down his throat. I told Tony to spread his legs and that ordered Adam to lie beneath them and take Tonys cock in his mouth. Adam obviously liked sucking cock as he quickly grew hard again and couldnt seem to get enough, neither could Tony get enough of the taste of this cum and he expertly had me cumming again causing the taste of the cum to be overpowered with pussy juice. I told Tony he needed to fuck me but to start slowly this time. As he did so I told Adam to stand and put his cock in Tonys mouth. With each thrust Tony made he automatically took more of Adams cock in his mouth. I felt myself getting closer to cumming again and ordered Tony to fuck me as hard and as fast as he possibly could. Tony slammed his cock hard and fast into my pussy making me cum very quickly and the motion also meant he worked fast on Adams cock causing Adam to cum over Tonys face and down his throat. Tony was very close to cumming and was tipped over the edge as Adam leaned forward and licked the cum from around his mouth. As I felt my pussy being filled again with his hot salty spunk I realised this could be a very long enjoyable night all round.