Surprise Experience


My boyfriend was very naughty so I had to punish him in the most public and humiliating way I could think of 😉

I had booked a weekend away for me and William for his birthday in the lakes. We have an amazing sex life but had never done anything extremely public before. I knew he wanted to go skinny dipping as he’d never done anything like it before but when he was really naughty in bed for his birthday I decided to step it up a bit.

I know the lakes well and was aware of a private girls school near the lake where we were staying. I had seen them before training in an area I decided would be good to go skinny dipping however what William didn’t know was that I planned to time it when the girls would be training.

Despite low self confidence, he has an incredible, muscular body with an 8 inch cock. I knew everyone would love looking at him, as I often do. He had mentioned before about group fantasies and skinny dipping, so combining the two seemed to be something that would hopefully both embarrass and excite him.

On Monday morning we walked down to Ataşehir Escort the lake and the grassy training ground nearby. He was wearing jogging bottoms and a red t-shirt, with no idea of what I had planned. As we got closer, we started talking about the night before at the hotel. This got me a little excited so I found a hidden spot behind the trees, lowered his trousers and started sucking on his huge erection. After a while I decided I wouldn’t let him cum but instead start taking off our clothes. I began with my t shirt, then his and it wasn’t long before we were both completely in the nude. I raced down to the lake, hoping he would chase me.

William followed me in and we started kissing in the water, one of his fantasies coming true. I’d kept an eye on the time, knowing that soon there would be a whole class of girls running down towards us. William was still hard, so I continued to play with him until it got dangerously close to training time. As he got closer and closer to his climax I jumped out and ran towards our clothes, leaving him sexually Anadolu Yakası Escort frustrated, still completely naked, in the lake. I began to get dressed, ignoring his shouts for me to come back to him. Determined to finish, William has stayed in the water hoping I’d come back to him. Instead I retreated to our hidden place and found my phone ready to start videoing. He had no idea what was coming.

When he realised I wasn’t coming back to help him, William started to head back towards me, still dripping wet. It was at that moment a big group of uniformed school girls came down the hill and caught my boyfriend completely naked and alone, having just climbed out of the lake.

I caught it all on camera as they began to giggle and point, staring and crowding around his big long cock. He was completely frozen with nowhere to go as they all chatted and made fun of him. They began to take out their phones to take pictures of him, his face was bright red and I could tell he was very embarrassed but still aroused as his cock was as big as I’d Kartal Escort ever seen it. One of the girls said “it’s huge!” And all the girls began to laugh, one even went to touch it, this took William out of his frozen state and he started to panic, frantically looking for his clothes. He saw me and looked wide eyed as I smiled from the bushes, he ran over and I said “sorry girls, shows over” to which they all moaned but eventually drifted. He asked for his clothes but I hadn’t had enough fun yet, I made him walk back most of the way naked under my command. A few people saw him which made him go all red again, and I began to get anxious that I had gone too far.

As we got closer to the town I offered him his clothes back to which William gratefully accepted. At this point I realised he still hadn’t reached his climax which, in my guilty state, I felt awful about. “Come on and get them then” I whispered in his ear and jogged towards the forest next to the town. A few minutes in I stopped behind some bushes and got on my knees to wait for him. William eventually caught up, furious and demanding his clothes. I gave his t shirt back, covering his amazing abs but refused his joggers and started licking around his balls. As I took his erection into my mouth, William groaned with pleasure, and I knew it was all worth it.

To be continued…