All persons portrayed are fictional, and over the age of 18.


The punching bag rocked anemically on its base, punctuated by the sounds of her gloves hitting it. She was dripping sweat, a soaked hairband holding up her frizzy dark hair, and a look of frustration plastered across her face. The workout clothes and the sneakers were darker than when she started, but she didn’t feel better at all.

The sound of the sunroom door opening didn’t even penetrate the music until the heard the player click off.

“You look pretty pissed off still.” His voice, as usual, carried a subtle sarcasm to it, but not in a mean condescending way.

“Really, smartass? How could you tell?”

He smiled slowly, eyes boring into her as she felt that familiar tightening in her stomach.

“Oh, maybe because you are still hitting it and you said you’d start your workout an hour ago. Which means that either you didn’t get the frustration out, or its frustration of a different type. Wanna talk about it?”

“Bite me.” She gritted her teeth into a smile but knew that he was toying with her. No way would he actually be able to help her with her problem.

His sudden movement across the room startled her, but suddenly she felt his body pushed up against hers, and her back to a wall, and he pinned her arms to the wall.

“Bite? You?” He caressed each word before leaning dangerously close to her neck and opening his mouth, drawing his smile into a wicked grin before closing his teeth on her neck, just above her collarbone. His teeth started to close together and she suddenly remembered the other night when she had tried to feed him a piece of cake and he had bitten down on her finger. She remembered feeling his jaw muscles and the corded ridges they made when he clenched, and a part of her swallowed in anticipation.

His mouth shut fast and then opened and she gasped in time to try to twitch away, but he had backed away and was standing as if nothing had happened, canlı bahis an innocent smile on his face.

“Smartass. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t explain what my frustration was…”

He smiled again, and she self-consciously moved hair out of her face. Her heart was still beating fast, but she felt herself getting wet and wondered if there was even a chance this might actually happen.

“Oh really? What was your problem, dear?”

“Nothing you can take care of. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

He moved again, fast, and she spasmed as she tried to leap away, banging her elbow into the wall where she has previously been pinned.

“FUCK ME!” she yelled, hand already moving towards the elbow.

The afternoon sun slanted through the sunroom and she realized in the silence that followed her outburst that he might take her literally. Her stomach rose into her throat as she saw him shake his head while smiling and beginning to unbutton his shirt.

“No sir, you know that’s not what I meant…”

“Well then you should tell me what you did mean, but by the looks of it, that might get your frustration out better than hitting this bag.”

His shirt was open, collarbones visible and as it came off his undershirt followed swiftly to make a small pile under one of the couches. She raised both eyebrows as he undid his belt. He made eye contact, dark brown eyes burning into hers as her blush rose and he dropped his jeans, revealing a tented pair of shorts.

“How far down does that blush go?”

She decided to just go for it and said, “Why don’t you find out?”

He moved forward until he was just out of reach and looked at her again, tilting his head forward so that she knew he was serious.

“Are you sure? Because the last time you were teasing and said you wanted to suck on my cock, you never did it. I didn’t want you to get nervous or anything.”

She smiled wide and walked towards him, pulling her hair back again bahis siteleri and slid her hands around his abs, reveling in the tight musculature before pushing him back into a chair, sliding fingertips into the waistband of his shorts and keeping her beautiful green eyes on him as she started to slide the pants down to the floor. They caught on his cock, and she leaned forward, curiosity getting the better of her before moving her fingers in and sliding his cock closer to his body so that the shorts could come off. Her fingers encountered his dark head, and then the circumcised cock, veins visible as the thick shaft and trimmed hair were lit up by the sun. His balls were moving slightly, and she couldn’t resist the urge to gently cup them before allowing him to step out of the shorts. Her mouth watered at the sight of him, and she gently moved her mouth close to the base of it before she slid her tongue out and licked gently up his shaft, fingers following to wrap tightly around the base, feeling his pulse beat out a fast rhythm in her hand. Her mouth quickly enveloped his head, tasting his slightly salty precum and a moan slipped up and out as she licked around in a circle before popping it out of her mouth and looking up at him. He was leaned back, muscles in his body visible as his eyes were closed, lips gently parted and breath coming out in shallow spurts.

She let her mouth travel down to the bottom of his shaft and laved his balls gently, letting her saliva build up on each one as she ran her tongue and then lips around them, sucking them gently into her mouth one at a time before letting them out and returning her tongue to his head. He surprised her by how wet he was getting, the exotic feel of him in her mouth making her pussy soaking wet. She was almost so wet that the sweat and excitement would be almost indistinguishable from each other.

She felt his hands gently wind into her hair as he pulled her mouth deeper onto his cock, but as she was about bahis şirketleri to have to readjust to try to fit him he moved his hips and she pulled off him.

His hands brought her face up to his and her torso brushed up his thighs until his lips met hers. Soft, smooth lips kissed hers, interrupted by the hard bite of his teeth on her bottom lip, pulling it away until it went from exciting to painful, and then he let go sharply to kiss her again, agile tongue sliding between her gasp and tasting her tongue.

“Do I taste good?” he asked, velvet voice wrapping around her.

She smiled, lip tingling now, and shrugged mischievously.

“Maybe you’d like to taste yourself on that cock, huh?”

He stood up and moved around her quickly, that sharp change in movement surprising her as he left her bent over and with a quick movement yanked her shorts and underwear down to her knees. His fingertips spread her ass cheeks and before she had a chance to even argue, his index finger was sliding between her wet lips, being almost sucked into her hot pussy. The finger just teased an inch or two before coming out, other fingers joining it as they slid up across her clit before one of them gently went back inside her.

She yelped, fingertips digging into the cushions on the couch as his teeth bit gently into her ass cheek. His finger thrust deeply inside her, fully burying itself, and then pulled out. She turned over, red faced, to stare at him, but his finger sliding up to her mouth covered in her excitement caused her to open her mouth to take it inside, tasting her self.

“You did tell me to bite your ass once, in case you forgot.”

Her eyes bulged as she remembered, and she opened her mouth, releasing his finger, only to find that his hands were pulling up her shirt, going over and around her head in a ragged, rough way before latching together at her elbows and then being turned almost in a winch-like fashion to tighten them.

He removed one hand from the shirt that was pinning her to the couch and pulled her shorts and underwear off over one foot, sliding his body between her quivering thighs before looking at her and asking in a low, dark chocolate voice, “Fuck you?”