Summertime. Deirdre loved the sultry heat of summertime in her small southern town. It seemed like everything took on a rosy glow and moved more languidly in that season. She loved the feel of the noon-day sun upon her bare back as she sunbathed, such as she was doing now.

She knew that sunbathing was unhealthy. But, hell. Deirdre Chorde had done a lot of “unhealthy” things in her lifetime, and sunbathing was the most innocent among them. Her amber-brown eyes skimmed lazily across the pages of the newest Cosmo, flipping past the endless articles on how to “satisfy your man.” Deirdre was already an expert at pushing her boyfriend Gabe past the limits of ecstasy, anyway. They had always had amazing sex–usually a little rough, a little wild, tossing each other all over the bed underneath the covers.

Deirdre was lost in thought when Gabriel walked across the back yard to stand near her. His cock stiffened as his eyes took in the sight of his girlfriend spread out on that beach blanket, naked except for the tiny bikini bottom she wore. He’d always considered himself lucky that he had a girlfriend with a gorgeous, voluptuous body who happened to enjoy sunbathing topless.

“Hey.” His voice was a hoarse whisper, but Deirdre still heard him. She turned her face up to him, and her pink lips broke into a smooth smile.

“Hey, handsome. You always seem to come around at the right times, you know that?” The woman chuckled lightly and put the magazine aside. She wanted him. That was another reason Deirdre liked summer. The season made them both horny as hell. Oh, canlı bahis God, she wanted him. She wanted to feel his hands against her neck, her breasts, her thighs . . .She got wet just thinking about it.

“What . . .do you mean by that?” Gabe asked half-jokingly, crossing his arms. He knew exactly what she wanted, and he wanted it too–but he fully intended to take his sweet time, making Deirdre wait until she couldn’t stand it anymore. A little game of theirs.

Deirdre climbed slowly to her feet, her long, tan legs unfolding themselves in one liquid motion. She pressed herself against Gabe, her breasts pushing against the fabric of his black cotton t-shirt. “You know!” she said just a tad coyly. She ran her index finger down her boyfriend’s chest, smiling sweetly.

“Tell me.” Gabe whispered.

Deirdre looked up at Gabe through thick, dark eyelashes. She kissed along the outer edge of his ear and down the back of his neck before she responded to him.

“I want you to take me right here.” she said, her breath hot against Gabe’s ear. “I want to feel you inside of me, Gabriel.”

Gabe smiled lazily, pulling Deirdre closer to him, winding her dark tresses around his fingers. “Do you?” God, he loved it when she was this turned on. He could feel her nipples harden, even through the fabric of his shirt. He wanted to lay her down in the grass right that instant and fuck her then and there, but there would be none of that. That would be too easy. That wasn’t a part of the game.

Deirdre moved closer to Gabe, every muscle in her body tense. Her hands travelled bahis siteleri further down his shirt, across his stomach, and finally to the hard bulge in his jeans. “And you want it, too, Gabe.” She undid her boyfriend’s pants and encircled his cock with her hand, and started stroking it. Gabe took in a sharp breath, his eyes closing.

“Deirdre . . .”

“Do you like that, Gabe?” She continued moving up and down the length of his shaft, her speed steadily increasing as even more blood rushed to Gabe’s groin. He could only moan in response.

A wicked grin made its way onto Deirdre’s pretty face as she descended to her knees in front of him. She hesitated for only a moment before running her wet tongue around the engorged head of her boyfriend’s dick. Gabe moaned again, which only encouraged Deirdre. She took the head into her mouth, and then the rest of it inch by inch into her mouth. She moved at an achingly slow pace, torturing Gabe–and she knew it, too. She could feel it getting harder inside her mouth as she continued to take it further and further back into her throat. Her hands slid up to Gabe’s sides, and then to his lower back, and finally to his ass, when she pushed him further into her mouth, completely deep-throating him. Her head bobbed up and down across Gabe’s cock, moving faster and faster, her speed matching Gabe’s breathing.

Gabe couldn’t stand it anymore. Lightly grabbing Deirdre’s hair, he pulled her head away from him. “Lay down.” he said.

Deirdre offered him a slow, seductive smile and laid back onto the blanket, revealing bahis şirketleri her body to him. Gabe paused momentarily to take in the sight of her beautiful, sun-kissed breasts and her smooth stomach. He pulled off his jeans and descended onto Deirdre, his chest against hers, his hands pinning her arms to the ground. With a soft grunt, he drove his cock into the slit between her legs. Deirdre gasped loudly and arched her back, bracing her feet against the grass floor.

Gabriel kept ramming his cock into her, shoving it deep inside her wet slit. With every thrust, Deirdre’s moans grew louder and more urgent. She dug her nails into Gabe’s back and wrapped her long legs around his waist.

“Oh, God, Gabe! Oh, God you feel so good.” Deirdre tossed her head back and let out a loud, shrill cry. “I want you deeper inside of me. Fuck me!”

Gabriel thrust hard into his girlfriend, his cock sliding into her slit up to his balls. He brought his head to her neck and nipped at her, leaving a flushed bruise. He was getting ready to come, and so was she. He could tell by the way the walls of her cunt were contracting around him. His thrusts grew faster and faster as Deirdre’s hips bucked up to meet his, her legs wrapping even more tightly around his waist.

“Unh!” Gabriel came hard into Deirdre, the fluid bursting deep into her body as heat shot down his spine. At the same time, Deirdre tossed her head around and tried to muffle a final cry of ecstasy as she came. “Oh, God . . ” she whispered, loosening her grip around Gabe’s body.

Gabe kissed her firmly on the mouth, his tongue entwining around hers. Then, he rolled off of her, still breathless from his orgasm. He drew Deirdre close to him in an embrace underneath the blazing sun, and laid there, enjoying this very fine summer day.